CUSP Magazine: Winter Issue 2014


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of the restaurant, while families and teenagers make up more of the population near the front. Honey

Butter is not only a good business plan. It’s also a manifesto and a social betterment project for everyone

involved. The commitment to social justice extends beyond their ideology about food. Christine and Josh

assured me that they are “pretty progressive business owners.” They give their employees a good wage,

health benefits, and livable working hours.

They also try to do what they can to develop their staff’s leadership potential. Not only should the

food be sustainable, in their view, but the business as a whole needs to be something that can last and that

means having others who can take charge, develop ideas, and lead when they aren’t around. Although

the original chicken recipe is still 95% the same as it was when they started, they encourage their staff to

be creative with food and drink ideas. “We want [our employees] to have good careers, good lives, and

we want to spark their creativity,” Christine said. “Our focus has shifted to day to day,” Josh added in.



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