CUSP Magazine: Winter Issue 2014


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“We are still focused on our

food, but they cook the food the way

we all decided it should be cooked.

We’ve all collectively decided on how

it should taste.” They both played coy

when asked if they planned to expand

in the near future, so for now we will

have to assume that the only location

you can get HBFC is at its location

in Avondale. However, after years

of acclaim in the Chicago culinary

realm, we can assume that Christine

and Josh are going to continue to be

examples for other aspiring restaurant

entrepreneurs of how to combine

community building and sustainable

cooking into a successful business

model. In training their staff to be

creative and community focused, we

can be sure that whether or not they

expand HBFC or the Dinner Club, that

they will have a big impact on future

leaders in the restaurant industry. One

can’t help but wonder if that might be

one of their underlying goals as well.

“Christine and I would like to

think that we are spiritual advisors—

culinary spiritual advisors,” Josh told


“Culinary priests!” Christine


“Culinary rabbis,” Josh shot


It’s clear that these two are

passionate about their restaurant. They

are not only the purveyors of delicious

fried chicken, but also community

leaders committed to making Chicago

a more socially just place. Honey

Butter offers not only an innovative

take on one of the city’s favorite dishes,

but also a social betterment project for

their customers, staff, and community.

For more information, and

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