CUSP Magazine: Winter Issue 2014


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“We were always separated from Chicago… the [California] lifestyle was really fun but we missed

this city,” they said.

Operating under the provisional name, New Chicago Beer Company, they set up shop in “The

Plant”, a zero waste, indoor vertical farm located in Chicago’s Back of Yards. They had hoped to be

operational by March of 2012 and set the lofty goal of producing 12,000 barrels of beer within their first

year. However, due to high starting costs and complications with the building’s constant redevelopment

and shifting brand ideology, April 2012 saw them moving their operation out of the plant with no product

to show for all of their troubles. When asked about the company’s current stance on sustainability, Jesse

now says, “Its incredibly important to us. We want to make sure that we make beer, really excellent beer,

and we want to make sure we do right by the environment and right by the people. But its not who we

want to be known as and that’s what happened. We got known as the eco-brewer.” Their current outfit,

as of 2013, a slightly smaller 10,000 square foot facility in Logan Square, is much more suited to their

current needs and is, of course, operational.

By the time Jesse and Sam began renovating the Diversey building, another of the grueling

challenges they faced when getting started, their two-man operation had grown. “We wanted to create an

identity that was as true as we are,” and that meant representing the team that had helped them get so far.

Of their last and most recent name-change Jesse said “Ale Syndicate is the group of people that

make this happen, that are all passionate about beer.” After acquiring the building at the Green Exchange,

brewing was not possible right away, so even then the nascent Ale Syndicate had to rely on other friendly

brewers to kick-start their operation. The first few batches of beer required offsite brewing at the Chicago

Big Brewing Company’s facility in Zion, IL and that of Galena Brewing Company in Galena, IL.


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