CUSP Magazine: Winter Issue 2014


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sound. Technology in some genres of music tends to

futurize the sound and make it sound less genuine.

This is the opposite case for The Lemons,

who resurface a pleasing grittiness that has since

been lost in the era of digital recording and

streaming. The tapes have been re-released through

Gnar Tapes, an indie label based out of Portland,

Oregon. The Gnar crew also have a band called

Street Gnar from Lexington, KY who reached out

to The Lemons after hearing some of their tracks.

Their music can also be found at Tripp Tapes and

through Burger Records.

Recently recording a jingle for The Pitchfork

Review’s quarterly print publication, The Lemons

have found a home in creating fun tunes for an

audience with a short attention span. The band

doesn’t get too fancy when it comes to recording

equipment which allows them to release music

quickly and get instant feedback from their fans,

either on social media or at a local show.

Guitar player, singer and songwriter for the

band who goes by ‘John Lemon’, said, “Sometimes

we record on a 4-track and other times we record

on an iPhone.”

Their laid back style is refreshing, and even

inspiring, to musicians who want their music to

be heard but don’t have excessive amounts of

money to spend on production. Max’s advice is to

record at home using an iPhone and software like

GarageBand or any other multi-track recording

app. As for analog and tape recording, “For under

100 dollars, get a 4 track Tascam, get a mic, and

record,” Lemon states.

Photography courtesy of The Lemons



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