CUSP Magazine: Winter Issue 2014


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A first-time encounter with the White

Mystery siblings conveys an uncanny satisfaction,

a feeling that only comes from meeting individuals

of genuine originality and distinction. Even the

most cursory glance belays their relation.

Francis Scott Key stands tall and stoic, with

long, red curls falling in feral tresses to either side

of his bespectacled face. A few years older, Miss

Alex White, as she is known in the music scene

for her self-titled solo work, is diminutive with a

shock of the same curls and a strikingly focused

gaze. Despite her commanding presence and

impressive resume of artistic accomplishments,

she is surprisingly soft-spoken.

When onstage, the siblings make a fierce

pair. Their live performances radiate energy

reminiscent of the glory days of rock and roll,

though their friendly and approachable offstage

demeanor speaks most to the soul of their vision.

Meet White Mystery: the brother-sister power duo

whose refusal to play by the rules is changing the

landscape of the music industry for independent

artists in Chicago and across America.

White Mystery has been tearing up stages

in basements and bars, at music venues and

festivals, all over the world since their inception

in 2008. They have four full-length albums, an

array of prestigious sponsors, and show no signs

of stopping until they reach their predetermined

10-year mark in 2018. While countless punk and

garage-rock bands call Chicago home, Alex and

Francis differentiate themselves from the pack by

the scope and variety of their projects, the power

of their live performances, and a staunch refusal

to compromise the integrity of their art.

Born and raised in Rogers Park, where they

still live today, Alex and Francis were raised in a

creative household. “What got us into music in the

first place was probably our parents’ great taste in

Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones,” Alex said.

Their mother, Chicago’s photographer

Diane Alexander White, achieved acclaim through

her street documentation of the 1979 Disco

Demolition, rock and roll’s rowdy backlash to the

disco movement. Although not musically inclined,

the Whites nurtured their children’s talents and


Photography by Diane White

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