CUSP Magazine: Winter Issue 2014


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encouraged their pursuit of music. Francis recalls

attending some of his first shows in Chicago, “[Our

parents] would drop us off at all ages shows around

Chicago, like the Fireside Bowl and backyards

where our friends would play.” Both siblings began

making music very early. Prior to forming White

Mystery in 2008, Alex had already made a

name for herself through her solo work, as Miss

Alex White, and numerous collaborations. So

far Alex has played in 12 bands and has 18 vinyl

releases. She self-released her first album at 17 on

Missile X records, a label founded with her best

friend. It was around that time that her solo project

and her band, The Hot Machines, began making

some serious waves. “The Hot Machines played

with The Kills and The Raveonettes, so we were

getting some attention. We were being pursued by

a major label but the feeling wasn’t right,” Alex

said. Turning down several major record deals in

favor of maintaining direct creative control over

her music, she continued to self-release on Missile

X Records and would eventually uphold that same

tradition with Francis and White Mystery.

Her decisions early on effectively set a

precedent for White Mystery’s later work. Of their

4 studio albums, White Mystery (2010), Blood

and Venom (2011), Telepathic (2013) and Dubble

Dragon (2014), all are self-released.

“We’ve definitely received a lot of offers from

a lot of different labels but we are committed to

independence,” Alex said, expressing a sentiment

widely shared in Chicago’s DIY scene.

“What I’ve told others and what I tell myself

is continue to follow your instincts… you might

be the right type of person for a label or maybe

not,” Alex explained. Demonstrating a presence of

mind, not often mirrored by young artists breaking

into the music industry, Alex and Francis White

have established White Mystery as an independent

creative powerhouse, blazing a new trail toward a

new definition of success. Francis also got an early

start in music. He attended his first live show at 13

(Alex chaperoned) after which he played in his fair

share of bands prior to the forming White Mystery.

“We’ve both been in other bands before and

the creative process wasn’t always easy,” Alex said.

Photography by Medium Gallery



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