CUSP Magazine: Winter Issue 2014


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Much of White Mystery’s creative process

takes place on the road during the months leading

up to their yearly releases. The siblings take equal

charge of the material. Being poetic, Francis writes

many of the lyrics while Alex matches words with


Occasionally, a song will relate directly to an

experience, as is such with “Jungle Cat,” a track

off their 2013 Telepathic:

Midnight claws, witch of my love, under

darkness heat whispers fire, craving thunder,

prowlers stalk, fearless heroes clash eternal.

Jungle cat rawr!

Far from any jungle, Alex and Francis found

themselves driving through Tornado Alley when

beset by a crazy storm. “Texas and Oklahoma

have really intense weather. As lighting crashed

across the sky and hail hit the car, we decided to

write a song,” Alex said. As a majority of White

Mystery’s music is written during the winter

months in preparation for their yearly output,

the material often betrays a darker theme than

the melody suggests. Despite some occasional

darkness, however, White Mystery’s mission could

not be more upbeat.

“Our goal with White Mystery is to make a

positive impact on the world,” Alex explained. “A

lot of pop culture depresses people, [but] you can

be a good person and make rock and roll music.”

Alex and Francis take inspiration from

the many happy coincidences and supportive

individuals they have encountered throughout

their careers. This enduring positivity fuels the

magnanimous goals set for White Mystery in the

coming years. Short-term, the siblings would like

to play a new continent— topping the list are

Australia and Asia. Long term, however, as Alex

expressed, White Mystery intends to sew cultural

and musical vitality.

Lofty though their professional goals may

be, personally, Alex aspires to an even higher


“My main goal in life is to obtain Nirvana,”

she admitted candidly. “I guess I’ll know if I get

there, it might be in the end, but I’ll know.” With

all that Alex and Francis have achieved in the

past few years, there is little doubt that one day

she’ll realize that goal too. Until then fans, friends,

and family are left to wonder what will become

of White Mystery once they reach their 10-year

mark. Laughing cryptically Alex said, “Well, that’s

the real mystery.”

Photography by Diane White



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