CUSP Magazine: Winter Issue 2014


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paintings reminiscent of the infamous dystopic murals at Denver International Airport, may have

appeared like political criticisms, but actually were references to his personal theology.

“I’m spiritual more than religious,” he told me. “I’m trying to express my beliefs in terms of creative

energy as the driving force more than anything else.”

One work, titled Magic Carpet Ride, portrays a group of mysterious cosmic autocrats controlling

the crowds on Earth, but being swept along by the very same forces they are extolling. No matter how real

or ephemeral the subject matter of a piece of artwork, conversation kept coming back to our worlds and

communities and how they influence art. It seemed like, despite the disparate themes, every artist agreed

on one thing; you create and are created in the process. Pam Hamilton, an artist who runs Studio Oh

on Halsted with fellow artist Erwin Overes, said, “As artists, it’s hard not to influence each other. We’ve

shared this space for 5 years, so the subtle, unspoken influences really affect your work.” Their studio is

one of the most interesting spaces along the art walk. Immediately upon entering you’re confronted with


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