CUSP Magazine: Winter Issue 2014


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one set of stairs that empties into a large studio space and another which leads to a thin balcony that

overlooks the studio. It’s got the aesthetic vibe of an early 90s, super-chic party loft in Manhattan.

While I was content to sit on the oval chairs and people watch, I knew that I had to get downstairs

and get a closer look at the art because Pam and Erwin’s work was quite different than a lot of the other

stuff we had already seen. Irwin’s sculptures are grandiose, colorfully complex, and skew away from

symmetry. Pam’s abstract paintings also abstain from symmetry and concreteness , but lack crazy color

which stood apart from Irwin’s pieces. In fact, what was most jarring to me about one of Pam’s painting, a

massive black and white piece, was a flash of color: a red plus that refocused my attention from wherever

I was in the room. My description, however, does not do her work justice. It is as thought provoking as it

is gargantuan and plays with the very idea of simplicity itself. “I do the background first and then I do

the black and finally, the rest,” Pam explained to me when I asked her how she did her work. “I do what

inspires me and sometimes it sits there for a while before I go back to it.” For a guy that’s not a visual artist,



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