CUSP Magazine: Winter Issue 2014


CUSP Magazine is a Chicago based publication focused on helping up and coming creatives gain exposure for their brand and products. Our company is a collective of highly motivated individuals who work together to bring a new voice to the creative community.

Above the main gallery space,

a small group was discussing African

politics and munching on fortune

cookies sitting in a massive bowl. “We

had Chinese food a little while ago, but

y’all missed it,” someone told me.

Still Sane offers so much that I

have a hard time imagining someone

not finding something to do here. The

crowd is diverse and interesting and the

products aren’t the kinds that you can

find at Walgreens.

Rachel, the owner and creator

of Pear Nova Nail Lacquer, pulled out

a couple of bottles of homemade nail

polish with names like Jekyll, Hyde Park,

Boystown Blue that reflect the character

of the city. Trained in cosmetic chemistry

in Paris, Rachel offers high quality,

affordable cosmetic products.

Most of the apparel fit a similar

mold. While most of it wasn’t cheap,

prices still paled in comparison to similar

quality goods that you might find at a

corporate retailer. And when you buy

at Still Sane, you’re supporting other

Chicago kids just like you trying to make

their dreams come true.

If there is a unifying theme of Still

Sane, it is the hustle that lots of young

Chicagoans know all too well. At the

start of his performance, Roy French

told the crowd, “I go out and do shit like

everybody else. This is my escape from


It’s his method for staying sane. It

probably is for everyone there: artist,

entrepreneur, and consumer alike. And I

guarantee if you go, you’ll find something

that helps you keep it real too.



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