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From the wondrous bestseller... Of exile and flight. Of heroism and cowardice. Of allegiance and tyranny. Of love and battle. The story of a band of adventurers who faced obedience -and death. Qr rebellion -and survival...perhaps. I • SEPTEMBER 4, 1978 I I NATIONAL EXECUTIVE EDITION Includino the Sectional Nevis Pages of All Editions iririi) m^ /v Kiv MARTIN ROSEN'S PRODUCTION OF RICHARD ADAMS'S "WATERSHIP DOWN" Music composed by ANGELA MORLEY Bnghl Eyes' composed by MIKE BATT and sung by ART GARFUNKEL Mus.c Director MARCUS DODS Animation Supervisor PHILIP DUNCAN Director of Animation TONY GUY .„ A, Written for the Screen. Produced and Directed by MARTIN ROSEN NEPENTHE PRODUCTIONS LIMITED Prints byCFI DD DOLBY'stereo Soundtrack Released by CBS Records «[» r AVCO EMBASSY PICTURES Release mM Coming To You This Fall From VI AVCO EMBASSY PICTURES ..The Company that's going places!