Fall 2012 - Children's School at Sylvia Circle - Rock Hill School District

Fall 2012 - Children's School at Sylvia Circle - Rock Hill School District

Fall 2012 - Children's School at Sylvia Circle - Rock Hill School District


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The Circle

Fall 2012

Quarterly Newsletter for Parents & Students

Volume 11, Issue 1

Inside this issue:

Principal’s Message 2

Inside Story 2

Guidance/Media Center 3

Art & Early Childhood 4

New Faces at TCS 5

Congratulations 6


Fall Festival Pictures 8

Donuts for Dads 9

Safe Routes to School 10

Search for The Children’s

School at Sylvia Circle and

look for our “Children

around the World” icon!

During school year

2012-2013, Rock

Hill School District 3 is implementing

a district-wide focus on a one-to-one

computing initiative titled iRock:

Learning Anytime, Anywhere.

The goal is to have a personal iPad

or technology device in every student’s

hand to use at home and at

school to:

Instill wonder

Promote critical thinking

& Promote discovery

Construct meaning

Spark new insights

Promote creativity

Customize learning

At The Children’s School, students

are using iPads in each classroom as

a personal technology tool that provides

them with an opportunity to

learn anytime, anywhere. Literally at

their fingertips, students are investigating

and discovering Language &

Math, Science, and Cultures in other

parts of the world through Apps selected

by the Teacher.

The District believes

that the

Gold Standard

device is the

iPad, so if you

are considering

purchasing a

technology device

for your student, the iPad is recommended.

Our District will continue

to provide classroom technology tools

for our students, but our hope will be

for each student to have a personal


For more information, visit:

Special Ed Student utilizing

technology to discover

through use of an iPad


If you would like to sign up to receive your newsletter via e-mail, please e-mail Mrs. Beth

Harris at bnharris@rhmail.org

From our

Mrs. Jacqueline Jones

Page 2

Unveiling of the

new bike rack


Walk to School Day

“The human

hand allows

the minds to

reveal itself.”



Wow! The school year

has gotten off

to a great start and we

have now settled into the routine of educating

your children. As I walk the halls daily, observe in

the classrooms, attend events and interact with

students and staff, I am continually amazed by

the quality of work that is being done by students

and faculty. The Children's School at Sylvia Circle

is a great place for students and adults who work

with them. I am proud to be associated with such

a fine school!

The Leadership Team has worked collaboratively

to review data to develop our School Improvement

Plan. In the last few weeks, we have finalized

our School Improvement Plan. This year we

are focusing on 4 areas: Future Focus

(integrating the use of the iPad to enhance instruction),

Quality Work (closing the achievement

gap among students), Nurturing Environment

(implementing character education and enhancing

school-wide procedures), and Shared Vision

(maintaining a commitment to integrate Montessori

with fidelity).

Walk to School Day on October 3rd was a huge

success! Thank you to the many families and

staff that joined us for this International Walk to

School Day to promote pedestrian safety and a

healthy lifestyle.

We appreciate the Parent-Teacher Organization

(PTO) and their continued support and fundraising

efforts. This year they have organized schoolwide

t-shirts sales and iPad protective cover

sales. On October 20th, we had a fabulous Fall

Festival filled with lots of family-fun activities and

the weather was perfect for the event. Please

continue to support the PTO and their efforts to

promote student achievement through fundraising.

The School Improvement Council (SIC) has also

been very active this school year. In conjunction

with the Rock Hill Bicycle Club and Safe Routes to

School they organized the unveiling of our new

Bike Rack Sculpture. It was designed and created

by a Winthrop University Art student from Finland,

Anastasia Netrebine. Our new bike rack is proudly

displayed next to the Upper Elementary playground.

In the spring, the SIC will work with the

staff to host a Family iPad Night. In the upcoming

months, you will be receiving more details about

this event. It will be a great opportunity for families

to interact and see firsthand the impact of the

iPad in the classroom.

As we approach the end of the nine weeks, teachers

are in the process of scheduling and conducting

parent-teacher conferences. This is a great

opportunity for parents and teachers to meet and

discuss individual student progress. We are striving

for 100% face-to-face parent contact, so

please make every effort to attend your scheduled


As we are preparing for the upcoming Presidential

Election, we will have an election at The Children's

School at the end of November. In an effort to

promote school pride and community, we will be

voting for school colors and a school mascot. In

the next few weeks, you will receive a letter requesting

nominations for school colors and a

school mascot. Please return your nominations by

the deadline as we will compile information for the

ballot. Our students will have a unique opportunity

to vote using the same voting machines that

are used for community elections. Stay tuned for

more details!

Its hard to believe, but we are already gearing up

for our School of Choice application process. On

Thursday, November 15th, from 6:30 p.m. - 8:00

p.m. at Sullivan Middle School, we will have a

district School of Choice Fair Night. If you know

any families that are interested in finding out

more about our wonderful school, please encourage

them to attend. In February we will have our

School of Choice Night at The Children's School.

I look forward to working with each of you more

and continuing on our current course together for

a successful school year. Should you ever have

any questions or need to speak with me, feel free

to contact me via email at jgjones@rhmail.org or

call the school at 803.981.1380.

Jacqueline G. Jones, Principal

Page 3


C o r n e r

Mrs. Cash


Welcome back to an exciting new

year here at the Children’s School!

We have had a great start! As the

guidance counselor, I am enjoying

meeting you and your amazing children!

I am very proud to announce our

new Student Council Members

(fourth and fifth grade students):

President: Hannah Benfield

Vice President: Zevi Hefner-Gibson

Secretary: Ella Claire Moody

Parliamentarian: TJ Robertson

Historian: Ashley King and Tobyas


We will also be having Class Representatives

at each student council

meeting. These students are:

Abby Phillips

Elizabeth Valverde

Kyla Eloi

Carmen Jennings

Robert Dacus

Juniya Pendergrass

Chyna Baldwin

Aanyiah Rainey

Javan Kehr

Jeremiah Harper

Robert Billings

Daylin Fewell

Ethan McCormick

Devin Jones

Character Traits that are taught during Classroom Guidance:

September: Acceptance

October: Fairness

November: Appreciation

December: Compassion

“The more that you

read, the more

things you will

From the Media Center

Mrs. Charlotte

know. The more that

you learn, the more

places you'll go.”

― Dr. Seuss, I Can

Read With My Eyes


Fall Book Fair, Nov. 20-30, in the media center. Sponsored by

Cardinal Lane Book Fairs of Charlotte. Volunteers are needed for all

days. Please see Mrs. Charlotte if you can help.

Tues., Nov 20 - 10am-2pm only —Special Preview sale for parents (or adult

guests) only

Mon., Nov. 26 - preview day for classes

Tues - Fri. noon, Nov. 27-30 - buying days for students.

AR Home Connect is the page the students can access from home that contains the

AR Book Finder, where you can see which books are available. There are over 300,000

tests available to us! https://hosted299.renlearn.com/47933/HomeConnect


Page 4

It’s fall!! Hallelujah! We are having

so much creativity going on in

the art room. Finger paint, watercolors,

oil pastels, ink…do you get

the picture (pun intended!)

Please make sure your child has a

cover up to put on for art days…or

at least not wear their “good”

clothes. Those are the kid’s


For those new to our school, I’d

like to tell you about our Dear Soldier

campaign. Every year since

9/11, our school has sent CARE

packages to American troops in

either Afghanistan or Iraq. Each

child in the school draws a picture

and /or makes a card. Our families

send candy, chips and all sorts

of treats. The Student Council,

Mrs. Cash, Nurse Amanda, Mrs.

Finley and I then place them in

shoe boxes and mail to the Middle

East right after Thanksgiving for

Christmas delivery. Some of the

items we have placed in the soldier’s

boxes have found their way

to village children. Together we

make a difference in the lives of

those who sacrifice so much for us.

They are touched by the words of

our children and the outpouring of

support from our families. If you

would like to contribute to our effort,

please place the items in a

bag with my name on it and I’ll

make sure they make it into the

CARE packages. The following are

some ideas for items to send to

me…please note we can’t send

canned goods or homemade


Individual bags of chips, pretzels,

Pringles, cheez-its, Slim Jims, any

kind of candy, gum, mints, tic-tacs,

puzzle books, paper, pens, Sports

Illustrated magazines, small containers

of Baby Wipes, Chap-Stick,

batteries, Pre-Paid Calling Cards

(International), Snickers Candy

Bars are the favorite!

Take care and please know it’s a

true pleasure to work with your


With Warm Regards,

Laura Ashe

Art Teacher

Ms. Ashe

Early Childhood

“To catch the reader's attention, place an interesting sentence or

quote from the story here.”

Our school year has

gotten off to a great

start! We have been

busy practicing procedures

and the importance

of rules. We

are exploring our environment

with our five

senses and we have

been practicing counting

to 25. We have

also been identifying

and analyzing 2D and

3D shapes. We enjoyed

our field trip to

Black's Farm with our

K4 and K5 students as

we learned about ani-

mals and harvesting

crops. Remember to

fill out your monthly

reading tree log.

Mrs. Page and Mrs. Thompson’s class enjoying a hayride


New Faces at TCS Page


Ms. Celeste, Early Childhood Teacher

I am the newest Early Childhood teacher. I was a

substitute for Richland School District One in Columbia,

SC for five years and I only took positions in

Montessori classrooms. I earned my Montessori Certification

in May of 2012. I am an active volunteer. I

feel that I have found my place in the classroom. I

was recruited from the volunteer mothers when my

children were small. I love children in all shapes,

sizes and descriptions.

My two surviving sons are Christopher, 13 and Timothy,

12. They are both in middle school. We are a

musical family as they play many instruments. We

have an active church life. Outside of the classroom I

enjoy walking, cooking, reading, and scrapbooking.

Cooking for teenaged boys is a must. Baking is a

pleasure that I like to share, because I should not eat

the entire batch of cookies. We are enjoying being

included in the Rock Hill community. I get good tips

from my students. Our family agrees that we have

not met any strangers since our move.

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

11/9—Muffins for Mom (7-7:45 am)

11/12—Spirit Night @ Zaxby’s

11/14—Late Start Day

11/15—School of Choice Fair

(Sullivan Middle School)

11/21-23—Thanksgiving Holidays

11/28-30—4th Grade @ Camp Thunderbird

12/4-6pm—Parent iPad Meeting and

General PTO Meeting (South Pointe)

12/4 6:30 pm—Holiday Program @

South Pointe High School

12/20-1/2/13-Christmas Break

Mrs. Elmore

Lower El Assistant

to Ms. Wilson

Mrs. Robinson

Assistant to

Mrs. Gayton

Mrs. Danise


Student Ed Assistant

Mrs. Angie Elmore has lived in Rock

Hill her whole life! She married her husband,

Ron, 26 years ago on Valentine’s

Day. They have two sons, Josh (20) who

attends Emory University, and Jake (16),

who attends South Pointe High School.

Mrs. Elmore enjoying boating and fishing

and riding around in her family’s ‘69 Camaro.

Mrs. Elmore attended Winthrop University,

where she earned a Business Degree.

She has spent the last 10 years in the Rock

Hill School District as a Kindergarten Assistant

at Richmond Drive Elementary


Mrs. Melanie Robinson is excited

about becoming a part of the staff at The

Children’s School. She enjoys working

with children and watching them learn.

Mrs. Robinson has been married to her

husband, Terry, for 29 years and they

have three children, two daughters and

one son. She enjoys event planning, catering,

band competitions, and competitive

cheerleading competitions. She also

enjoys sports, due to her husband being

an umpire and an official on the district

and college level for four sports.

Mrs. Robinson joins The Children’s

School after being employed with Rock

Hill Schools as a substitute and as a long

term substitute.

Mrs. Danise Simpson is a native of

Rock Hill. She and her husband, Walter,

have been married for 17 years. They

have one daughter, Janaye, who is a senior

at Rock Hill High School.

Prior to joining The Children’s School,

Mrs. Simpson working for Rock Hill

Schools as a substitute for two years.

Prior to that, she worked for seven years

with adults with disabilities.


Page 6

Mrs. Watts' 4th and 5th grade GT

students entered a poster contest

sponsored by the York County Soil

and Water Conservation District

with the theme "Soil to

Spoon." Students discussed the role of soil to life on Earth and designed

posters to illustrate how vital soil is to all. Ashley King and Hannah

Benfield were awarded Honorable Mention in this contest, Cole Bitting

was awarded 2nd place and the overall winner was Courtney Stuart,

who received a $25 Visa gift card and had her poster entered in the state

contest. Congratulations to these students!

Safety Patrol

York County

Soil and Water



The following students

have been selected

as members

of the

Caption describing picture

or graphic.

2011-2012 Elementary

Honors Choir of

Rock Hill Schools:

Kyla Eloi

Jada Rouse

Brianna Porter

Ty’Jaiah McMullen


Fire Safety Contest Winners

Back Row (L to R)-Jade Gant, Sinclair Canty, Catherine Wellborn,

Zevi Hefner-Gibson, AaNyiah Rainey, Robert

Billings, Ty’Jaiah McMullen, E'Mari Jones.

Kieralyn Walter

5th Grade

Jadyn Wright

1st Grade

Second Row (L to R)-Chyna Baldwin, Carmen Jennings, Avery

Hart, Riley Forsythe, Kieralyn Walter, Abby Phillips, Mary Price

Pitts, Chloe Edwards

Front Row (L to R)-Dalton Smith, Cole Bitting, Jalen Harper,

Hannah Benfield

“Children must be taught how to

think, not what to think.”

― Margaret Mead

I hope you all had a wonderful summer break. We have

many activities planned this year and I thank everyone

that has taken the time to help volunteer and be involved

in not only your children’s success but the school also.

Activities that support our school:

Fall Festival

• T-Shirt Sales

• Invest In Your Child

PTO Spotlight

We held our Fall Festival this year in which we added some of the successful

Bingo fundraising ideas and it was a great success. Thanks to all

volunteers who helped with this and all other fall fundraisers.

The PTO website is still up and running! Please visit our site at

www.thechildrensschoolpto.org. We’ve posted fundraising results, meeting

minutes, financials reports, volunteer forms and other information on

the site.

Newly designed

TCS Spirit T-Shirt

Please mark your calendars for the Pumpkin Fun Run April 26, 2013.

This is a fun time for parents and children alike. Last year amazed us

with all the support and the fun that the children had being able to run

in the halls and not get in trouble. They loved it.

If you’d like to volunteer to help, please see myself, a PTO board member

or any faculty/staff.

Thank you for your support of our children,

Hope Craig

PTO President



Check your grocery items, clip those box tops, and help our school earn

money. Every box top is important!! Remember, no out of date box


This cycle ended on October 22nd, and the class who gathered the

most, and turned them in on time, will win an ice-cream party!

Keep clipping! We will have another contest in the Spring!



iPad Raffle Winners

donuts for dads

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