Salon Professional Hair Care Line, Eufora Intl., Celebrates 10th ...

Salon Professional Hair Care Line, Eufora Intl., Celebrates 10th ...




Salon Professional Hair Care Line, Eufora Intl.,

Celebrates 10 th Anniversary with Rebranding Initiative

New Campaign Reflects Decade Long Commitment to People & Planet-Friendly Products

Carlsbad, CA – After devoting the last ten years to creating people and planet-friendly products,

organically-driven hair care manufacturer, Eufora Intl., realized it was time to revamp their image to

better reflect their commitment to high-quality, healthy, environmentally-conscious beauty. The unique

performance formulations at the core of all Eufora hair, skin and aromatherapy products utilize

advanced botanical technology and the highest quality ingredients. Eufora is committed to innovation,

education, design and natural products formulated with the utmost concern for our environment.

Grounded in those emotional truths, the brand campaign’s intent is to define those truths visually and

graphically with clean, white packaging popping with vibrant, abstract colored prints taken directly from

photographed elements of nature.

What Makes Eufora Products Different:

• All Eufora products are based in or contain an active amount of Certified Organic Aloe Vera Gel,

which contains all 22 Amino Acids, has its own preservative properties and contributes its

legendary healing and soothing properties to hair and skin.

• All Botanical Extracts are of the highest quality grade available. Eufora only utilizes plant and

flower technology where there is a scientifically proven benefit to the hair, scalp or skin. No

fluff stuff for the label.

• All aromas are formulated with only Pure Essential Oils for a true aromatherapy experience.

There are not artificial aromas, colorants or known carcinogenic ingredients in Eufora products.

• An advanced Protein System balances Soy (2000mw), Wheat (150mw), Keratin (150mw) and

Oat proteins at their optimum molecular weights for proper penetration and maximum benefit.

• Styling and finishing products that provide a “Wear-In” Treatment benefit that promotes the

health of the hair while delivering superb hold and control.

Eufora Products with a Claim to Fame:

• Pure Cleanse Shampoo: A premier, non-sulfate cleansing solution for scalp conditions and

sensitivities alleviates the associated symptoms such as dandruff and seborrhea. $20.95

• Urgent Repair Replenishing Treatment: This protein-rich restructuring conditioning treatment

restores health and vitality to dry and damaged hair, offers soothing, healing benefits for skin

conditions and sun overexposure, and menthol and camphor to stimulate the scalp. $22.50

• Formation: This whipped styling solution is an industry breakthrough for foaming styling

products that eliminates the dangerous and damaging chemicals found in mousse products:

isobutene and propane. It also offers a true “wear-in” conditioning benefit and protection

against sun and environmental damage. $19.50

• Elevate: Advanced technology makes this the cleanest aerosol finishing spray on the market

(.001 environmental impact), meeting the strictest environmental standards with a new

propellant that dissipates when introduced to light. This layer-friendly, fast-drying working spray

provides a firm hold that leaves hair moveable and workable while protecting against UV rays.


• Color Locking System: Squalene, nature’s sealant, is an important part of Eufora’s “Color and

Perm” Locking System – Sculpture Styling Glaze & Illuminate Shine Mist – that provides a

proven method to extend the life of all chemical services and promote hair and scalp health.

Sculpture Styling Glaze: Infuses soft volume and control, while hair stays soft and

moveable without flaking. Provides wear-in treatment benefits as a blow dry solution.


Illuminate Shine Mist: Versatile shine enhancement product does not weigh down hair

or leave a greasy residue and offers additional detangling, conditioning and frizz control.


About Eufora

Launched in 1997 by hairdressers for hairdressers, Eufora Intl. is a company built on passion, integrity,

and the personal commitment of its owners, Don and Beth Bewley. The advanced technology utilized in

all Eufora formulations since the beginning is designed to protect, preserve and promote the health of

color treated and chemically serviced hair. Using certified organic Aloe Vera Gel as the base for

formulations, Eufora is the only salon professional product line to provide the legendary healing benefits

of Aloe Vera in an optimum quality concentration. In addition, Eufora utilizes the most advanced

botanical ingredients available that have scientifically been proven to benefit the hair, scalp and skin, as

well as pure essential oils to fragrance all products for an aromatherapy experience. Eufora's unique

blends of botanical, vitamin and other non-carcinogenic ingredients deliver performance that exceeds

the highest of expectations.

Eufora provides comprehensive advanced artistic and business education, motivation and inspiration for

salon professionals on an on-going basis. The curriculum addresses substantial topics in cutting edge

techniques, client service, team management, goal achievement product orientation, and more. As

Eufora continues on its journey, our vision to give back to the professional industry and fellow stylists

will remain fundamental. New products will be held to the highest standard and our commitment to

always promoting and upholding the integrity of the professional salon industry will be unwavering. For

more information contact 1-800-638-3672 or visit


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