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Hoe Creek

Hoe Creek

Environmental issues in

Environmental issues in UCG are complex • Contaminants may migrate in gas or aqueous phase. • Contaminants may change phase due to thermal gradients around cavity and over time • Hydrogeological regime changes during and after operations due to changes in: – Temperature – Pressure/geomechanical effects – Geomechanical changes – Fluid chemistry • Hydrogeologic regime and operations design are inextricably interlinked And the list goes on….

Environmental contamination may be from gas or aqueous phase migration • Migration of VOCs in vapor phase into potable groundwater • Organic compounds derived from coal and solubilized metals from minerals contaminating coal seam groundwater • Upward migration of contaminated groundwater to potable aquifers due to: – Thermally-driven flow away from burn chamber – Buoyancy effects from fluid density gradients resulting from changes in dissolved solids and temperature – Changes in permeability of reservoir rock due to UCG.

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