Orientation to Support Services at NHS - Needham High School


Orientation to Support Services at NHS - Needham High School

Orientation to


services at NHS

How do I get help if I have academic,

personal, medical or other needs

How support is

organized at NHS...

• In order to figure out how to

get help at NHS you need to

know two things...

1. Your last name

• If you’re sick...

everyone goes to the

Health Office located

in room 607!

2. Your grade

The Guidance Department

• At the high school every student has two counselors

a guidance counselor and a personal counselor

Guidance Counselors

• Academic support

• Personal support

• Post-secondary counseling

• Schedule changes

• Most students find their counselors

when they need help - some are

referred by parents, teachers, or


Personal Counselors

• Meet with students struggling with

any social, personal, or family

difficulty...may or may not be related

to school.

• Issues include conflict with friends,

dealing with loss, depression, anything

a student feels is causing them


• Students may come on their own or

be referred by parents, teachers,

administrators, or friends.

Who is in the



Who is in the





Mr. Grannan

Guidance Counselor

9th grade

Last names:


Mr. Higashi

Guidance Counselor

9th grade

last names:

Cronin - Goldberg



Guidance Counselor

9th grade

Last Names:

gomes - L

Ms. Walker

Guidance Counselor

9th grade

Last names:

M - o’neill

Mr. Dorney

Guidance Counselor

9th grade

last names:

oetheimer - shubow

Ms. Kuskin-




Guidance Counselor

9th grade

Last Names:

sickles - Z



Ms. Roberts

Personal Counselor

9th grade

last names:


Ms. Yearwood

Personal Counselor

9th grade

Last Names:


& Peer Mediation


In addition, we have a

Community Classroom

& Career Services


Ms. Ayoub

works with all students to help

them find community classroom

opportunities and career


The K-12 Guidance

Director is

located at the

High School

Mr. Denton

Director of Guidance

(some of you might recognize him; he used to

work at the Broadmeadow School)

Ms. McDavitt

Guidance Secretary

Things your counselors

want you to know

• Get involved! Club, sport and volunteer info on the NHS

website (www.needham.k12.ma.us).

• Buy an NHS Assignment Notebook - available at Taylor’s

Stationery and in room 905.

• A word on PowerSchool...

NHS is the possibility for a fresh start - take it!

• We are here for you - please let us know if we can be of


• There are lots of supports available, just ask.



How to do them and why they are done

The Course Change Process...

What is the


*Grade Level Office

What is the


*Grade Level Office


The GLO...

• The Grade Level Office is

located on the first floor

near the cafeteria, room


• The Assistant Principals

are located here.

• The Grade Level

Secretaries can help answer

most questions.

• Tardy passes: if you are

more than 10 minutes late to

school you must get a tardy

pass before going to class.

• Dismissal passes: if you are

being dismissed you must get

a dismissal pass.

• Get a locker.

• Deal with discipline issues...

Who is in the


Who is in the


Dr. Hogan



Grades 10 & 12

Ms. Bibbo



Grades 9 & 11

Things the Assistant Principals

want you to know

• Make sure to read the Student Handbook...there

are rules that you need to know.

• Cellphones should be off and out of sight from

8:00 to 2:35.

• Except for water, all food and drink must be

consumed in the cafeteria.

• Only seniors have open campus!

Grade Level


Ms. McTernan

Grades 10 & 12

Ms. Riley

Grades 9 & 11

What do I do if I am late

to school

• If you are less than 10 minutes

late to school go straight to


• If you are more than 10

minutes late to your first class

you must sign in through the

GLO and fill out a tardy pass.

• Five tardies to class with or

without a note from your

parent/guardian results in a


How to fill out a

Tardy Pass

• If you are more than 10 minutes

late you must fill out a tardy pass.

• Print name, HR, and YOG (year

of graduation, yours is 2013)

• Check tardy and insert sideways

into the machine.

• Take yellow copy as your pass to

class. Leave white copy in the

appropriate basket - attach any

notes to the white copy.

How to fill out a

Dismissal Pass

• Fill out the pass - name, HR, and

YOG - check dismissed on the pass

and write down the time of dismissal.

• Staple your dismissal note to the white

copy and leave in the appropriate


• Give the yellow copy to the teacher of

the class you are leaving.

• Returning from dismissal - fill out a

new slip, check return and run

through the clock. Bring yellow slip to

class, leave the white pass in the

appropriate basket.

The Main Office

What to do in the

Main Office

• Find the Registrar, Principal, and Principal’s


• Get a work permit

• Get a new copy of your report card

• Visitors sign in here

Ms. Guiney


If you need a work permit or a new copy of

your report card, ask Ms. Guiney

Ms. MacDonald

Principal’s Secretary

Dr. Pizzi


What if I’m

feeling sick

How to find the nurse...

The Health Office

• Located in room 607 across

from the chorus and band


• Sometimes the door sticks,

try the door again!

Things the Nurses

want you to know...

• You cannot carry meds at

NHS! No asprin, Tylenol,

Advil or prescriptions. The

only exceptions are

inhalers and Epipens, but

the nurses need to know

that you have them.

• Please come with a pass

from your teacher.

• If you are feeling very

unwell please come to the

nurse with a friend or

classmate - this is especially

important now that you

may have to walk outside.

• If during the nurses’ lunch

from 12:45 to 1:15, you are

really not feeling well, knock


Meet the nurses

Ms. Freedman

Ms. Austin


Dr. Allen-Willoughby

K-12 Director

Mr. Abdal-Khallaq

NHS Coordinator

Media Center

• located in the 400/

500’s- look for


• open daily from

7:45 am -3:00 pm

Athletic Department

• Mr. Hauben

• Located in room 609 (near the gyms)

• The following are necessary to be eligible to participate

in athletics at the high school:

o Completed parental permission form

o Current physical exam (good for 13 months from

date of physical)

o Once on a team – User’s Fee of $285.00 (per

sport) paid to Athletic Department

o Good academic standing

*If you are interested in participating this fall, it is not

too late, please see the list below for our “no cut” choices

and get in touch with Mr. Hauben to talk about your

options. You can also visit the new NHS Athletics Webpage

on the high school website for more information.

Class Advisor

• Ms. O’Connell- room 714

• organizes school/ special

class events, fundraising, etc.

• Class elections are held in


Other things

you need to


...and will likely confuse you in the

weeks ahead.

The Schedule!!

The Lunch Schedule!!

and how to negotiate the cafeteria

• How is it going

• The beginning is typically

difficult - a bit of a mob scene.

• Wait until the bell to leave.

• Bring lunch to avoid the lines.

• Clean-up!!

Needham High School

Lunch Schedule – 1st Rotation


1st LUNCH (11:25 a.m. - 11:50 a.m.)

Art/ Music

PLC/ Skills/ ELL



Directed Study

2nd LUNCH (11:50 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.)



3rd LUNCH (12:20 p.m. - 12:45 p.m.)

Social Studies


World Language

Random things...

• Go to the GLO to get a

locker. You don’t have to

get a locker, but it’s a

convenient place to leave

coats and gym clothes.

• Make sure to check the

daily bulletin which you

can find on the NHS


• You should know that the

room numbers don’t make

sense, but you’ll figure it

out!! In the new building

we have the 100s, 200s &

300s (on the same floor),

400s & 500s (also on the

same floor), and 700s. In

the old building we have

the 600s, 800s, and 900s -



• You will see us many more times this semester, we

will be in some of your study/ seminar time. We

will be getting you a schedule of presentations so

you can plan in advance for days you will not be

able to study. Good luck!

The End!

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