Technical Assistance for

Implementation of Human

Resources Development Operational


The overall objective of the Project is to improve the

coordination, control and implementation of HRD OP and

to assist the Operating Structure and relevant institutions in

future procedures of programming, monitoring, evaluation and

implementation. In addition to this, within the context of HRD

OP, raising awareness about the efficient use and implementation

of IPA in Turkey will be carried out as well.

Technical Assistance for Potential

Operation and Grant Beneficiaries,

Information and Publicity

The overall objective of the Operation is to support the

implementation of HRD OP by increasing the capacity of

the final and potential beneficiaries using the funds and

increasing public awareness and information level with

respect to the preparation and effective use of the IPA

funds in Turkey. The Operation basically consists of Grant

and Promotion components. Within the scope of the grant

component, support to grant monitoring teams in terms of

management and monitoring, training on the procurement,

monitoring and reporting procedures, expert support to the

beneficiary institutions for capacity building is being provided. As

part of promotion component, provided opportunities in the context

of HRD OP is focused on the information and publicity activities

about the implementation and results of HRD OP.

Strengthening the Vocational

Qualifications Authority (VQA) and the

National Qualifications System (NQS) in


The Project aims to ensure the provision of formal and non-formal

vocational and technical education and training according to labour

market needs; to support life-long learning; to strengthen the relation

between education and employment and to facilitate harmonization

with the European Qualifications Framework.


Technical Assistance for

Promoting Women’s Employment

in Turkey

The overall objective of the Operation is to improve the existing

capacity of İŞKUR to design, develop and implement policies to

attract and retain more people in employment, particularly by

increasing women’s participation in labour market in the selected 43

NUTS II provinces.

Technical Assistance for Improving the

Quality of Public Employment Services

Technical Assistance for Promoting

Youth Employment in Turkey

The overall objective of the Operation is to attract and retain more people

in employment by improving the quality of public employment services. The

operation specifically aims at assisting İŞKUR, Ministry of Labour and Social

Security, social partners and other relevant stakeholders to strengthen their

administrative capacity to improve the quality and efficiency of public employment


The overall objective of the Operation is to retain more people

in employment by promoting youth employment and decreasing

unemployment rate of young people. The activities to be conducted in the

scope of the operation includes collecting and analysing reports on current

socio-economic indicators regarding youth employment in Turkey; research

on demand and supply sides of the labour market; preparing entrepreneurship

guidelines for young people; designing a website; and developing and piloting

Youth Entrepreneurship Support Model, the outcome of which will be the

signing of a protocol.

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Technical Assistance for Promoting

Registered Employment

The Project aims at promoting registered employment by means of

strengtening the capacity of the Social Security Institution and cooperation

and coordination among relevant institutions and establishments as well as

social partners.

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