new Stock deSignS for the Semprio - Krieghoff


new Stock deSignS for the Semprio - Krieghoff


many advantageS – no excuSeS

With the new “soft-touch” stocks in camouflage design and

the new thumb hole stock from Krieghoff.

krieghoff Semprio

Beside the safety, the speed, the precision and

the easy take down feature, the Semprio In-

Line repeating rifle is offering a steady grip in

all conditions with the new “soft-touch” camouflage

stocks. Combined with the new thumb

hole for extra stability, the Semprio becomes

once again your perfect hunting partner for

that perfect shot in every situation, every day!

w i r k ö n n e n w a f f e n .

new Stock deSignS for the Semprio

camouflage Stock

Adverse weather and rough hunting conditions

are the hunter’s everyday challenges. Heat, rain

or frost, the new camouflage stocks with their

rubber like feel of the new soft touch finish

always guarantee a steady grip and make the

Semprio once more your perfect hunting partner.

The new camouflage stocks are available

in a striking “Blaze Orange” and an appealing

“Forest Green”.

thumb hole Stock

Designed especially for the Semprio In-Line repeating

rifle Krieghoff’s new thumb hole stock

brings a significant increase of precision and

comfort to the hunt.

The incredibly stable grip of the new thumb

hole stock, combined with the Semprio In-Line

action, which eliminates the need to remove the

hand from the pistol grip while cycling the rifle,

takes rifle shooting to a new level of accuracy

and comfort. This distinct advantage over conventional

repeating rifles optimizes the hunting

experience through intuitive, quick target acquisition

and dead on precision.

Another convincing reason to enjoy the advantages of

the Semprio In-Line repeating rifle are the new stock


Camouflage stoCk

The butt stocks are now available as right- or left-handed

versions and with or without the Semprio cheek


optional thumb hole stoCk

The thumb hole stocks are also available as right- or

left-handed versions with the Semprio cheek piece and

are available in walnut wood or camouflage finish.

Standard “Blaze Orange” “Forest Green”

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