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Rabbi Mary L. Zamore was ordained from

the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of

Religion in 1997. A graduate of Columbia

College, New York, she has also studied at

Yad Vashem and Machon Pardes (both in

Jerusalem). She served first as Student

Intern, Assistant, then named Associate

Rabbi for Temple Emanu-El in Westfield,

NJ. Currently, Rabbi Zamore is serving as

the Rabbi-Educator of Temple Beth Am,

Parsippany, NJ. Additionally, Rabbi Zamore

lectures and writes on a wide variety of topics

including food ethics, and she is a contributor

to, as well as the Editor of The Sacred Table:

Creating a Jewish Food Ethic.



DECEMBER 9, 2011

With Special Guest

Rabbi Mary L. Zamore

The Sacred Table celebrates the ideology of educated choice. It

is comprised of a series of essays by a range of thinkers that present a

diverse variety of voices, opinions, and options, highlighting the Jewish

values that shape our food ethics. Themes include concern for oppressed

agricultural and food workers; kindness to animals; guarding one’s health,

including food allergies and eating disorders; the spirituality of eating and

fasting; caring for the hungry; environmental ethics; the local food ethos;

perspectives on kosher (Kashrut); scarcity and sustainability; and food

preparation as a Holy act.

“At a time when food and issues of eating and sustainability are on our

minds and in the news, The Sacred Table offers up groundbreaking

Jewish perspectives. It enables us to engage with Jewish values regarding

food and eating, and apply those values to contemporary concerns. The

book doesn’t take a position on any one approach to food. Rather, it

offers models and options, and underscores questions to ask about ethical

eating,” said Rabbi Mary L. Zamore.

“This volume is exactly what the Jewish community needs. The Sacred

Table takes on the big questions about what it means to eat in a way

consistent with our values in the age of the factory farm and industrial

food. Especially impressive is the way it brings Jewish insights to bear on

animal protection, ecological issues, and dietary choices like going

vegetarian or being a selective omnivore. There is no better resource on

Judaism and food available today."

-- Jonathan Safran Foer,

author of Eating Animals and Everything is Illuminated

Support PHILABUNDANCE - The Ebox Program

A response to the increasing number of emergency calls from

people who need immediate access to food. Please bring with

you any of the following: hot/cold breakfast cereals, shelf-stable

milk, canned meat and fish, canned fruits and vegetables, peanut

butter and jelly, bagged/boxed grains, macaroni and cheese.

5:45PM - Dinner

Delicious, organic, locally grown and produced meal

designed by professional nutritionist and Beth David

member, Carole Dichter. Kid friendly selections also

available. Meal prepared by Cooper Market*

$16.00 per adult or $8.00 per child 12 & under

[Includes $1.00pp donation to Witnesses to Hunger]

RSVP for dinner is required by December 5 th or 610-896-7485 x105 or email

*Coopermarket is a proud member of Buy Fresh Buy Local, and Fair Food,

our connections to the Philadelphia region’s freshest and most delicious food.

6:45PM - Services


From the Bimah, special guest Rabbi Mary L. Zamore will

discuss creating a meaningful Jewish food ethic, including food

production, the environment, personal health, agricultural

workers' rights, animal rights, the spirituality of eating and

fasting, gratitude, and caring for the hungry.


Youth Service with Rabbi Egolf and participation by

BethDY, our Temple Youth Group.

7:45 PM - Programs

Select from the following:

Meet the Editor & Contributor Rabbi Mary L. Zamore...

Resetting the Table - Did you know that Jewish law and tradition

addresses not only how food is produced and eaten, but also its

impact on the environment Rabbi Mary Zamore looks at the

intersection of Jewish thought and food. This thought-provoking

discussion and Q&A will have you thinking about all things food

and Jewish.

After the Meal...Now What Reduce, Reuse, Recycle with

Jane Horwitz - Composting is nature's process of recycling organic

materials into a rich soil known as compost. By composting your

organic waste you are returning nutrients back into the soil in order

for the cycle of life to continue. Learn how you can compost and

go home with your own composting “starter kit.”

Movie Trivia - Are you a “foodie” A movie buff A little bit of

both Test your knowledge of food in the movies! A guessing

game featuring examples of the top “foodie” movies ever made.

Cooking with Chef Lisa - Chef Lisa, of Kids in the Kitchen,

returns to Beth David. Chef Lisa will make and bake with kids

something yummy in the tummy using locally grown produce.

Grow Your Own Veggie Garden - Do we need plants to live

What do we give plants and what do they give us that are

necessary for our survival Go home with your own planters.

8:45 PM - Healthy Oneg Shabbat

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