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Independent Consultant, National Vice President

Kim Graham Nation; Gretna, NE

You could have set this flyer on top of the growing pile of junk mail on your

counter, but instead you have chosen to read it. What piqued your curiosity Was

it the person who handed this to you Did you try the product and wonder what

is in this stuff that makes it so effective Or did you hear that my story is similar

to yours, and you really want to know if you could actually make this work

Eighteen months ago, I was interviewing for a teaching job at local high

schools near Omaha, Nebraska. I spent two-and-a-half years working on my

master’s degree in secondary education and was excited about settling down

into my new career within the safe confounds of a salaried, 40-hour work week.

That need for job security was a burning desire for me for several years, simply

because of my husband’s on-again, off-again run in the National Football

League. Knowing that the average length of time for an NFL career is only

a-year-and-a-half, we did not take one day of the experience for granted. During

that time, we realized the literal meaning of “financial freedom.” What does

it mean If our income stopped coming in today, how long could we pay our

mortgage, gas, car payments, utilities, childcare, insurance and all of the

other daily expenses we incur We were smart with our money, we did not

live beyond our means and we invested wisely. However, when Aaron was

injured with a team in 1999 and was released, we had to go to plan B: I

would work while he trained and rehabilitated in hopes of getting a try-out

with another team. We were 12 months “financially free,” which meant we

could go 12 months without an income. I planned to substitute teach to cover

expenses so we did not have to dip into our savings. That plan came to a

screeching halt when I was placed on bed rest with my second pregnancy due

to a blood clot.

Let me fast-forward seven months. Aaron was called out to the Oakland

Raiders training camp in California and I was on bed rest in Omaha, alone

with a 2-year-old. I will never forget taking my son to the grocery store with

my list in hand ... “Milk, bread, lettuce, lunchmeat, tomatoes, cucumbers and

yogurt.” I actually crossed tomatoes and cucumbers off of my list because I did

not want to use any more of our checking account than was necessary. Have

you ever felt this way If you have, you are not alone. I was determined at that

point to never be in that situation again. Aaron had worked hard to build up

our savings account while he continued living his dream as an NFL football

player. Now it was my turn to help out financially as he made the transition

back to the real world! I immediately enrolled in a university to work on my

teaching certificate and master’s degree while Aaron continued to play for

another season and finish his real estate license.

The Graham family: Kim, Landrie, Cooper, Aaron and Baylen.

Kim’s daughter, Landrie.

Kim with upline and crossline NVPs at

the NVP retreat in Maui.

Kim with ENVP Lynn Hagedorn in Maui.

AM Crissy Castillo and RVP Sarah Zatechka at NTC 2006 St. Louis.

Eighteen months ago, I was on fire about teaching. I had never heard of

Arbonne and I had no interest in washing my face on a regular basis, let alone

looking into the business. But when my close friend, Kelly Klostermeyer, lost her

part-time teaching position and was forced to go full time, she looked into other

options. Arbonne was her option. She asked me if she could present some

information about the products to a few of my friends and me ... I was hesitant,

but wanted to help her out.

ENVP Lynn Hagedorn (then RVP) and ENVP Kelly Klostermeyer (then a

Consultant) presented such intriguing information. It was the first time I looked

at my skin as a live organ and actually began reading ingredient labels on my

family’s skin care products. As a thank you for holding a Presentation in my

home, Kelly gave me an Arbonne Baby Care set and I was blown away when

the symptoms of my son’s excema improved within days. He had been on

steroid treatments, prescription creams and several antidotes to help alleviate

the pain. None of them had ever come close to working as quickly as the

Arbonne products did.

Five days later, my son’s pediatrician called to inform me that the prescription

cream I had been using to relieve my son’s eczema had a black box warning

label placed on it due to a link to skin cancer and lymphoma. I immediately

recalled the information regarding transdermal absorption — it was sickening.

Then I began my journey by taking a proactive approach, sharing the alternatives

with others we have available through a great company called Arbonne.

Why in the world would I think I could handle something so out of the ordinary,

especially a multi-level marketing company, when I did not know a thing

about business

What I found is that my experience, my abilities and my knowledge (or lack

thereof) regarding the products and the industry did not matter; my passion for

a product that worked, and an opportunity that could potentially change my

life and the lives of others, was what mattered. By choosing this path, I was

launched into a world that, before, I did not even know existed: Ordinary people

building fortunes from their own houses. Why would I not at least try this

As I continued to venture down this path of so many unknowns, I realized that

this really is not even about me. It is about my children and their future, and

having my husband and myself present in every aspect of their lives. It is about

giving back to my mom and dad, who have put themselves last for 35 years.

I want them to enjoy their retirement, and not have to try to find jobs because

their monthly check is not quite covering their expenses. This opportunity is

about offering the same freedoms to other people who are not yet aware of

this unfamiliar world. It is about showing my sons and daughter that they can

do anything they want to in life, as long as they are passionate about what

they do and they work hard at it. I know I am a great mom — I can build a

Kim with sponsor, ENVP Kelly Klostermeyer.

continued ...

Have you ever come to a crossroads in your life where you were truly torn as

to which road you should take How could I be so passionate about teaching,

and really consider looking into Arbonne What was driving me I am the

furthest thing away from a salesperson — I was actually fired on my second day

as a telemarketer. I had already told everybody I knew about the information I

learned from Arbonne, and most did not want anything to do with the business.

success strategy:

Keep it simple, never stop

learning and be a visionary

for others.

L–R: ENVP Kelly Klostermeyer, ERVP Carla Schneider, Kim and ENVP Lynn Hagedorn.

Bionicle in record time — but I have realized that I can lose my identity somewhere

between loading the dishwasher and unloading the dryer. My babies

and husband come first, but as the saying goes, “If mama ain’t happy,

nobody’s happy!” I have found happiness with Arbonne. I have found other

men and women who are caring and successful, and who want the best for

their families as well. This business is not for the greedy, nor is it for the

deceitful. This company represents integrity, class, desire, ambition, friendship

and encouragement. I am not better because I have joined Arbonne —

I am just better than I was. Whichever path you choose, enjoy the ride,

because it is not about the destination. What matters most is the journey.

This promotion would not have been possible without the efforts of my

unbelievable team! I have to thank my RVPs, Sarah Zatechka, Carla

Schneider and Kelly Todd: Your friendship is precious to me and your work

ethic is second to none. I am so proud of what you are building. I will see

you at the top!

To Area Managers, Missy Hoke, Melanie Campbell, Jen Ellis, Keli Coats,

Gerry Cordes Laurie Godsey, Kelsey Lamb, Roxy Daffer, Cindy Snyder,

Jamie Nollette, Angie Arkfeld and Renae Minchow: Thank you for capturing the

vision and continuing to cast it to others. In my eyes, you are already VPs in this

company. I am very proud of you, and thank you for your effort and support!

To my District Managers: You are in the toughest phase of this business.

Continue to have that laser beam focus on your goal and I assure you, you

will reach it! Thank you for your support!

Kim’s son, Cooper.

Kim with DM Jennie Banks; dad, Bill; mom, Pat; AM

Melanie Campbell and brother, Kyle.

To my sponsor, ENVP Kelly Klostermeyer: I cannot thank you enough for

believing in me and telling me to look into this. I respect and admire you —

I always have. This is a dream come true, working with friends and enjoying

all of the rewards. Thank you for all that you have done for me and especially

for my team. Your efforts are so greatly appreciated. I love you!

To ENVP Lynn Hagedorn: You were there the day I signed up to be a

Consultant, and you were there for me as I crossed the finish line to this

unbelievable accomplishment of NVP. I admire you in so many ways, for so

many reasons. They say to find somebody successful, put on their boots and

hat, and take the same steps, even eat the same food, and you will find

success. Kelly and I did that, and look where we ended up — at the top, with

you. Thanks for your guidance and inspiration. You are one-of-a-kind!

To Aaron: You have always supported me in everything I have ever decided

to do, even if you were thinking in your mind, “What in the world is she doing”

I learn from you every day. Your work ethic, passion and determination are

contagious and I admire what you have accomplished in 33 short years. I

am a better person because of you.

To Cooper, Baylen and Landrie: I know you may be too young to understand

this now, but I hope that as you grow older, you look back on this and realize

what a huge impact you had on my success with this company. I have

learned not to sweat the small stuff. I have learned that you will emulate what

I do, and I hope that I am setting a positive example for you. I will always be

here to guide you, to love you and to protect you. I look forward to the many

memories we will make!

I want to thank VP Support and our Executive Team. Your dedication to your

Consultants is so greatly appreciated, and your efforts to help us pursue our

dreams do not go unnoticed!

Kim’s sons, Baylen and Cooper in Maui.


The testimonials in this story reflect the actual experience of an individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical.

Kim’s son, Baylen.


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