A History of Innovation - Krieghoff


A History of Innovation - Krieghoff


When hunters

think of German

products, especially

fi rearms, they think

of tradition, attention to detail,

precision, dependability, and

innovation. No German brand

incorporates these values better

than Krieghoff. Founded in 1886 as

Sempert & Krieghoff in Suhl, at a

time when Germany was emerging

as a world leader in all industries,

but especially in the fi eld of

hunting (e.g. fi rearms and

optics), Krieghoff has a

proud history in the fi eld

of gun making.

In 1900, the

company fi rst patented

the practice of fi tting

the stock to the shooter,

following the old German



Only the fi nest

Turkish walnut

is used for

Krieghoff guns.

principle of “the barrel shoots, but

the stock hits.” When Heinrich

Krieghoff took over the company in

1916, it really began to take shape

and head down the road of success

that it is still on today. The fi rst truly

famous and legendary Krieghoff rifl e

was the Neptun drilling, introduced

in 1926. Following the upheaval of

World War II and the subsequent

division of Germany, Krieghoff

left its East German birthplace in

Suhl and relocated to Ulm in the

southern half of the country in

1950. Seven years later, Krieghoff

introduced its fi rst competition

shotgun, the K-32, which was the

foundation for Krieghoff’s success

in that fi eld today. No single

fi rearm, however, proved to be more

important to the company than

the 1980 introduction of the K-80

competition shotgun.

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Though grounded in the

tradition of hunting, Krieghoff’s

largest business sector today is

competition shotguns. The company

is the market leader amongst

serious competition shooters, ahead

of its other Italian and German

competitors, with many of the

world’s greatest shooters choosing

their shotguns.

Attention to detail

and high quality


are hallmarks of

Krieghoff guns.

A History of


With the United States being by

far the largest market for Krieghoff,

in 1980 the company opened the

doors of Krieghoff International, its

North American headquarters and

distribution center. Family owned

and operated since 1886, the fourth

generation owner, Dieter Krieghoff,

resides in and runs the company

from the United States headquarters

in Ottsville, Pennsylvania. The

beautiful, colonial era buildings,

in which the company is housed,

truly embody the company’s proud

tradition, which is felt throughout

its halls.

So what is it that has made

Krieghoff the world and US leader

in areas such as high quality

competition shotguns and double

Early 20th


assembly in

Suhl, Germany.

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The forearm is extended forward with

the guiding hand to load/reload the

rifle. Once a round is chambered,

the in-line action locks the rifle and it

is ready to fire, without the shooter

needing to change hand positions or

take the eyes off of the target.

rifles? It’s a quite simple principle

that too many companies tend to

ignore; customer service.

“Outstanding customer service

is what sets us apart,” says Don

Baughman, Krieghoff Manager of

Technical Operations. “I’ve been a

gunsmith for 35 years (the last 19

with Krieghoff), and have never

encountered anything like this in

the U.S. It’s not just a company

philosophy, but something Mr.

Krieghoff takes to heart very


To guarantee the best possible

customer service, Krieghoff has

ten highly qualified and skilled

technicians working in Pennsylvania,

specializing in fields such as shotguns,

rifles, quality control, wood work,

finishing, and barrels. Five of these

techs were trained in Europe, with

four receiving their training in

the world famous Suhl, Germany

and one in Ferlach, Austria. With

the capabilities, know-how, and

equipment to do most all servicing in

the United States, the average service

turnaround time is an astounding

two weeks. At Krieghoff, the customer

truly is king.

Over the past nearly 125 years,

Krieghoff has never stood still and

rested on its past laurels. Always

striving to perfect what many

would consider a perfect product,

the company has stood first and

foremost for innovation. Nothing

better embodies this commitment

to innovation than the new in-line

repeating rifle, the Semprio.

The first of its kind, this rifle

utilizes the practical applications

of the hunt and the kinetic energy

produced by recoil to its advantage,

to aid the hunter in his or her quest.

Safe, fast, and intuitive, the Semprio

combines 125 years of gun making

history with modern, revolutionary


At first glance, there is

something missing; the bolt. The

Semprio is not your “traditional”

bolt action rifle, but is instead an

in-line repeater. Instead of cycling a

round using the bolt, the forearm is

extended forward with the guiding

hand to load/reload the rifle. Once

a round is chambered, the in-line

action locks the rifle and it is ready

to fire, without the shooter needing

to change hand positions or take

the eyes off of the target. The steel

bolt head with seven lugs, along

with the broad locking surface

assures a safe and dependable rifle.

The rifle can easily be loaded

and unloaded via the drop-down,

removable magazine. Scope

mounting is also a breeze, with

the barrel being pre-drilled for use

with most scope mounting systems,

including the Semprio specific

mounts offered by Krieghoff.

Anybody who knows me knows

that I’m very particular about two

things; 1) safeties and 2) triggers.

The Krieghoff combi-cocking device

is not a safety as you would find it

on most bolt action rifles. In fact,

it’s much more. An uncocked rifle is

much safer than a rifle placed in the

“safe” position. An uncocked rifle

is not capable of even accidentally

discharging a round. A manual

cocking rifle is without a doubt the

When you are ready to fire, you cock the rifle with a simple forward push of the

thumb. If you wish to uncock the rifle, all you need to do is push down and forward

on the lower half of the cocking device and the rifle is in the “safe” position.

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safest possible rifl e. In the Semprio’s

case, when you are ready to fi re, you

cock the rifl e with a simple forward

push of the thumb. If you wish to

uncock the rifl e, all you need to do is

push down and forward on the lower

half of the cocking device and the

rifl e is in the “safe” position.

The factory trigger is the

Krieghoff Universal Trigger System.

Not too light and not too heavy,

the crisp, smooth trigger is set at

approximately 2.75 lbs. You can also

Hunters of all ages enjoy the challenges,

thrill and satisfaction satisfaction of a mountain

backpack hunt with us. us.

The Semprio can be almost entirely taken apart without the use of tools.



.223 Rem., .22-250 Rem.*,

.243 Win., 6.5x55SE, .270 Win.,

7x64, .308 Win., .30-06 SPR.,

8x57IS, 9.3x62, 7mm Rem. Mag.,

.300 Win. Mag., .338 Win. Mag.*,

.375 Ruger, .416 Ruger*

*coming soon

Barrel Length:

21.5” for standard calibers and

25” for magnum calibers. .375

Ruger in 21.5”

Length of Pull:

14 9/16”

(including rubber recoil pad)


6.8 lbs


$ 4,690.00 (standard calibers)

$ 4,990.00 (magnum calibers)

MSRP prices do not include

optional extras (e.g. engravings,

scope mount, extra barrel, etc.).

Northern Mackenzie Mountains



Below are a few of the excellent trophies taken during the 2009 season!

Contact us for our latest hunt report!


Tavis Molnar & Rebecca Coleman

Box 1, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada Y1A 5X9

Phone: 867-633-4934 Fax: 867-633-4334

E-mail: info@arcticred-nwt.com

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use the trigger as a light set trigger

for accurate long range shooting.

For those of us who travel, or

hunt multiple species, the Semprio is

perfectly suited to meet and exceed

your needs. Almost the entire rifl e

can be disassembled without the

use of any tools. By using the swing

lever located on the bottom of the

opened action, the rifl e can be taken

apart and stored in a compact rifl e

case. If you use the Krieghoff scope

mounts, these too can be quickly

detached without any tools required.

Switching barrels, bolt heads, and

caliber groups is done quickly and

safely. A simple small key is all that’s

needed for the barrels, whereas the

bolt heads also do not require any

tools. Combine all these features and

you have one universal rifl e capable

of hunting any big game species in

the world.

Throughout the testing

process, the Krieghoff Semprio

proved to be a highly accurate,

durable, and dependable rifl e, no

matter the shooting situation. The

Semprio preformed equally well

on the bench, off of a pack in the

mountains, from sticks, and off

hand. Its exceptional balance makes

any added weight a non-factor.

Subject to typically German rigorous

factory tests, the rifl e has yet to jam,

which is a concern sometimes expressed

with fi rearms of this design.

Though the price tag might

seem high to some, this rifl e and its

universal system of interchangeable

calibers, barrels, and scopes is

completely worth it. How many

high-quality rifl es would you need to

purchase to achieve the same level

of performance and fl exibility? The

Semprio is one rifl e for all situations.

So if you’re looking for a universal,

accurate, and dependable big game

rifl e, then the Krieghoff Semprio will

fulfi ll your every need and wish. WS

Customer service is the number one

priority for Krieghoff, and quality

technicians ensure quality service.

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