Managing Personnel


Updated Oct 2007

Course Objectives

• Participants will become familiar with HR terms

and personnel transactions

• Participants will learn how to complete and

submit the PSF for all types of employees

• Participants will learn how to calculate vacation


What are “Personnel Transactions”

• Personnel Transactions are created and

saved in the HRMS that provide a historic

record. Actions include:

New Hires/Rehires





Pay Rate Changes

PSF Data Access

PSF is Category Two

•GT ID# associated with an individual’s name

•Salary info associated with an individual’s name

•Financial account numbers associated with an individual’s name

Suggestions on how to secure your files:

•Monitor/Screen lock when you step away

•Lock all file cabinets

•Destroy files according to record retention policies

•Refer to the GT Data Access policy and procedures for more information

gtID# requested and assigned







Budget Load Annual

Salary Increases

Salary Planning

& Distribution

Budget Amendments

HRMS 8.8

Admin Workforce



Sick Leave

Time Entry


HRMS Reporting

Benefits Billing

Data Warehouse

Generate PSF


SPD Ad-Hoc Reporting

HR Ad-Hoc Reporting

Georgia Tech ID

•The Ga Tech ID replaced Social Security Numbers in 1993





•Temporary Employees

Search for GT ID# BEFORE

requesting a new one

***Look at how many Susan Edwards there are!!!




Services Form

•Hiring Managers must

complete the form online

and print for signatures

•Payroll will not accept

handwritten PSFs


Data Form

•All new employees

must complete this form

prior to employment

•New employees can

use this link to expedite

employment forms

•After employees are

hired, they can update

and change some

information in


Self Service page

Review Handouts

• Review blank PSF - ALL FIELDS

Required Fields

Actions Codes/Reasons

• Examples of completed PSFs

New Hires


Classified Staff

PSF Turnaround



Let’s REVIEW: Required Fields

• New Hire PSFs - all fields

• Turnaround PSFs - some fields will

populate in orange

• Terminations/Retirements - only

effective date and vacation hours


Let’s Review: Charts and tool aids

• GT ID# search for name or request ID for new employee

• Action codes/reasons must identify personnel action

• Position # Lookup (include Job title)

• Project Number(s) will be assigned within your


****For more information, refer to Required Fields

Fields that require additional info

Faculty, Staff, Student,

Retiree, Affiliate….

Percent Time refers to how many hours

during the week the employee will work

this does not determine the salary rate

Hourly, Bi-weekly students and staff only (includes Tech Temps)

Monthly non-benefits eligible employees

Academic year faculty only

Fiscal (annual) faculty and staff with or without benefits


What would you fill in

• Hire a full-time project coordinator at $36,000

per year.

• Hire a Professor at $60,000 on a fiscal year

contract working 75% time.

• Hire a graduate student assistant working 50%

time at $1,000 per month.

• Change a full-time project coordinator earning

$36,000 annually to 30% time.

Department’s Responsibilities

• Prior to the employee’s first day –

– complete the PSF and get all signatures

• On the employee’s first day –

– If Classified Position, General Faculty Position, or Affiliate

The employee takes the original PSF to OHR

– If Academic Faculty Position, Research Faculty Positions, Post Doctoral Position,

or Post Retirement Position

The employee takes a PSF copy* to OHR

*The original PSF should have gone to Faculty Career Development Service

(formerly Academic Affairs) for the Board of Regents approval process

More Department’s Responsibilities

• Inform the employee of the OHR employment process and

to use TechWorks for Self Service functions

• Ensure hourly paid employees submit Biweekly Time


• Ensure employee gets paid accurately

• Coordinate all PSF changes through the Home Department.


for questions or problems

Employee’s Responsibilities

• Go to OHR on 1 st day with PSF in hand to initiate new hire

paperwork (I-9, PDF, taxes).

• Hourly employees complete Biweekly Time Sheet by payroll


• Report vacation and sick leave per Institute policy.

• Use TechWorks Employee Self-Service to:

– View paycheck, direct deposit, vac/sick balances,


– Change address, phone, or tax info

– Participate in Benefits Open Enrollment, Charitable


– Use TechWorks for general info, announcements, &


Policies and Procedures

• Records retention policy

• Payroll calendars

• Student policies

• 45 Day Rule for current employees

Vacation hours and payout

PAYROLL – review policies

Effective Dating - If you are terminating an employee

effective 10/20, the termination date must be 10/21 to pay

for 10/20

Graduate pay is pro-rated - Be careful with your offer

letters and termination dates

Monthly payroll is Auto-Pay - Once the employee is hired,

that employee will be paid until PSF Turnaround is

generated to stop, change, or terminate employee

Click, print, read your reports! to prevent overpayments

Payroll Calendars

Payroll calendars are used for

» Bi-weekly timesheet pay periods

» pay dates

» hire and termination dates

» calculating vacation payouts

Students – Special Rules

• Always “Temporary”

• GT Policy – 50% or less

– Graduates need special approval

• Federal Work Study $ must be awarded

– Only enter your dept’s project #

– Federal Work Study (FWS) automatically

supplements wages through payroll process

• View Student Processing - Frequently Asked Questions

in the Training Toolbox

Payroll Policy: 45 Day Rule

• New personnel transactions cannot be entered

into the HRMS before 45 days of the effective


• Affects current benefit eligible employees only

Vacation Payout


Employees with accrued vacation hours are

entitled to a payout upon termination or


• Biweekly staff vacation balances are reported on the

final time document and the terminating PSF

• Monthly paid faculty/staff vacation balances are recorded

on the terminating PSF only

*Contingent upon department

budget and approvals

Vacation Payout

• To calculate vacation pay out balance you will need

to know…

– Prior month’s vacation balance

– Time taken (or will be taking) not yet reported

– Current hourly wage

– Years of service at Tech

Biweekly Accrual Rates

(Standard year of 2080 hours in People-soft)



Less than 5 years 120 (annual hours) divided by 2080 =

.057692 x 80 = 4.61 per period

5 – 10 years 144 (annual hours) divided by 2080 =

.069231 x 80 = 5.54 per period

10 years plus 168 (annual hours) divided by 2080 = .

080769 x 80 = 6.46 per period

SICK 96 (annual hours) divided by 2080 =

.046154 x 80 = 3.69 per period

Hourly Pro-rate Formula

If the employee is entitled to a partial pay period, use the following formula

to prorate the Vacation and Sick Leave balances.


Actual # of hours worked in the pay period

÷ by total # of hours in the pay period

X accrual rate

= time accrued for that pay period


Betty Brown is full time, accrues 5.54 hrs vacation per

pay period. Betty’s termination date is on the 20 th , the 7 th

day of the 10 day pay period.


48 ÷ 80 = 0. 6 x 5.54 = 3.32 hrs partial accrual

Monthly Accrual Rates


Less than 5 years


10.00 hours per month

5 – 10 years 12.0 hours per month

10 years plus 14.0 hours per month


8.0 hours per month

(includes academic

contract employees)

9 month academic faculty do not accrue vacation hours

Monthly Vacation Payout for

Employees terminating/retiring (100% EFT)

Monthly Vacation Payout for

Employees terminating/retiring (less than 100% EFT)

Vacation Payout Activity

Calculate the accrued balance (hours) and payout amount ($)

Betsy London is a regular GT biweekly employee who has 4.5 years of

service earning $13.00 hourly. Her accrued vacation balance was 240

hours in the last pay period. She terminated her employment on 4/15/06.

Betsy took 8.0 hours of vacation for the period ending 4/12/06, but

worked the remaining days. Determine her accrual vacation balance and

amount for payout.

Let’s try the


Vacation Payout Calculators

Navigate to:

HR Administration

Frequent Links

Bi-Weekly Vacation Payout Calc


Monthly Vacation Payout Calc

WebPSF Navigation

PSF Activity

• Prepare a PSF hiring a new classified employee

• Prepare a PSF Turnaround accessing the Faculty/Staff data files


New Hires

PSF Turnaround

Need Help

• Ask your HR Representative

• Refer payroll questions to the Payroll

Customer Service desk (404-894-4614)

or email:

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