Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities

Leadership Development Programme


The Leadership Development Programme (LDP) aims to give practising or potential Managersin the

Prison Service a foundation for formal development in this role.

The programme hastwo main objectives:

To assist participants in gaining the key knowledge required by a leader in the Prison Service

To develop leadership & management skills



Participants will be either practising or about to be appointed as line managers/team leaders.There

are no formal educational requirements but participants need a work role that will enablethem to

benefit from the programme.


Successfulcandidates may progress to a number of further management qualifications,according to

their circumstances.

Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)

Successfulcompletion of the accredited programme provides eligibility for Associate Membership

(AlnstLM) of the Institute of Leadership and Management,a nationally recognised qualification.

Line Manager


Line managersmaystill engagein some of the tasks performed by their team members, but these are

not their main duties.They are managerswho also practice.This meansthat they will carry out many

management tasks which other team members will not.They have more control, responsibility,

authority and a greater ability to make decisions.They will initiate actions and operate with less

supervision or control by others.

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