Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities



If participants feel concerned with any aspect of the programme content, delivery,assessmentor

marking procedures,they should, in the first instance,discussit with the tutor. If they feel that the

outcome is not satisfactory, they maythen refer to the LDP Programme Co-ordinator, Leadership

and Management Development Department, Newbold Revel.

Equal Opportunities

The LeadershipDevelopment Programme is open to all line managersin HM Prison Service.All

participants on the LDP will be given the opportunity to complete the required assessedwork for

ILM accreditation.

'TheTrainingand DevelopmentGro_pis opposedto any form of discriminationor harassment- whetherit be

director indirect,consciousor unconscio_s- on the groundsof ethnic origin,religiousbelief,sex,sexual

orientation,disabilityor other irrelevantfactor.Insulting,abusiveor derogatorylanguagewill not be tolerated.

Any form of harassmentor unfair discriminationwill be regardedas a seriousdisciplinaryoffence'.

GM Newton- HeadOfTrainingAndDevelopment Group.



Support will be provided by the programme tutor during attendance at workshops and between

workshop attendances,via phone and emaiI.Tutors will give feedback on assessedwork throughout

the programme and theWork BasedAssignment, feedback will be returned to participants within one

month of their final WBA being received by the tutor.Additional support will be provided through

the Leadershipand Management Development Advisor in each region.

Roles and Responsibilities

Programme Tutor

• Delivery of the 6 daysworkshops.

• Assessment and feedback on 4 segment reviews.

• Support in agreeingtheWBA.

• Phone and email support throughout the programme.

• Assessment and feedback on the WBA within one month of submission and providing feedback

on the WBA Outline.

Your programme tutor is:-

Name ...........

Phone ...............

Email .............


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