Full August 2013 Edition - Leisure Group Travel


Full August 2013 Edition - Leisure Group Travel


U.S. Museums

By Stephanie Bailey

Sam Kittner/Newseum

Every year, Americans troop into museums by the thousands. Whether your

group is intent on understanding the intricacies of times past or looking for

a quiet break between shopping trips, museums remain a popular and

enduring draw.

A good museum should be a complete experience, with something for every

member of your travel group. The best museums are more than just dusty collections

of the old and the priceless; they offer a window into history – or even a way

to become fully immersed in a particular time period, if only for a short time.

The Newseum’s Berlin Wall Gallery

Mashantucket, Connecticut

Mashantucket Pequot Museum

The Pequot Museum is dedicated to Native American arts, culture and local

natural history. Tribes from all over the U.S. and Canada are represented

by dioramas, live performances, artifacts and exhibits. While the steely modern

structure that houses the Pequot Museum may not be your idea of a traditional

building, it’s designed to be eco-friendly and to complement the local

landscape. Stay for lunch, and you can sample various Native American

cuisines at the restaurant. (pequotmuseum.org)

Independence, Missouri

Amy Elrod

Harry S. Truman

Library & Museum

The years between the end of World War II and the finish of the Korean

War brought massive changes to America. At the Truman Library and Museum,

your group can view the events from the perspective of a president.

The historical objects in this Independence museum, plus dozens of interactive

and hands-on exhibits, paint a picture of the life and times of Harry and

Bess, from their family life to world events. (trumanlibrary.org)

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