Kenya Dairy Development Program (KDDP) - Dairy Sustainability ...

Kenya Dairy Development Program (KDDP) - Dairy Sustainability ...

Kenya Dairy Development Program (KDDP)

1. Started in 2002 to address constraints listed below

2. Initially four-year program (Oct.02-Sept. 06), funded by USAID for $5.9 million

3. Extended through April 2008, for additional $2.4 million

4. Implemented by a consortium of four institutions: led by Land O’Lakes; other

partners are ABS/TCM, WWS, ILRI

Constraints are:

• Low farm-level productivity: average seven litres/cow/day, compared to potential of


• High unit costs: low competitiveness

• Limited access to AI and veterinary care

• Lack of awareness of foliage production, feed conservation and good feeding


• Poor commercial feed quality

• Low efficiency at collection and bulking stages of the value-chain

• Poor governance and management in dairy farmers’ organizations / coops

• Poor road infrastructure

• Policy environment leaves out 70-80% of the market unregulated

• Lack of access to finance, especially for farmers and small processors

• Poor milk handling techniques, especially by farmers, traders, and small


KDDP Objectives

• Significantly increased the economic benefits to stakeholders in the dairy value chain


• improving efficiencies at all stages in the value-chain

• increasing milk demand

• Increased rural household incomes (USAID/Kenya mission Strategic Objective No. 7)

• Value-Chain Approach – identifying and addressing constraints at all stages of the

value chain, from farmer to consumer

• BDS Approach - facilitating private-sector, business service providers to deliver

services to stakeholders

Results to Date

• 139,690 farmers reached, surpassing target of 125,000; 86,000 of them adopting

improved US genetics

• Targeted farmers increased average yields increased by 24.8%

• Targeted farmers decreased farm-level cost of production decreased by 28%

• Targeted coops increased volume of dairy trade by 65% and value of dairy trade by

92%; national figures are 32% respectively

Source: Land O’Lakes International Development

Sample KDDP Activities - Productivity

AI trainees at a practical session at Kapiti farm

Sample KDDP Activities - Productivity

Silage making demonstration

Sample KDDP Activities - Productivity

A feed formulation field day for Githunguri farmers

BDS Technical Training

A technical seminar for Agrovets

Coop / Group Business Training

Coop Management Training Course held at Yorkstar Hotel, Nakuru

Cold Chain Development

Rehabilitation of milk coolers: Ngukurani FCS, Nyeri

Milk Handling Training

Milk Handling & Small Scale Processing Course

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