DREAMS - Menschen Träume Taten


DREAMS - Menschen Träume Taten

150km west of Berlin, near the village of

Poppau in the Altmark. Here Germany’s

youngest village, “Sieben Linden“ has come into

existence over the last decade. The community

numbers 43 women, 35 men and 33 children.

Its priorities are ecology, holistic communal

culture, self-administration and self-sufficiency.

A place with everything that humans have ever required: nature, movement,

interesting challenges, adventure. You want to do a thousand

things at once, face countless interesting problems, discuss matters

with people and further important political, cultural or artistic aims.

Everything seems possible, you’re torn between possiblitlies. But where,

then, is the time for contemplation, the time for yourself and your

family Is it really so difficult to change the conditioned virtues and

values dictating industriousness, performance and success But nonetheless,

the inhabitants recognise their weaknesses as challenges and

thus are in a position to change themselves and their surroundings for

the better. Such initiatives are ever more common around the world,

be they new settlements, transformed villages or town projects. People

can take control of things themselves without waiting for “the powers

that be” to implement change – and it is precisely this which makes

this process so exciting.

Andi Stiglmayr, director


‘If I ask myself: „What do I really want What is my dream“

And if I pursue that relentlessly and earnestly, ignoring all else and following

my yearnings, then I am going my proper way. A way with which I

can retreat from all of society‘s misadventures. Because things are good

here.Germans need only decide to live differently,and they can do so. The

system doesn‘t stop us.’

Silke Hagmaier, Co-founder

After „Bavarian Rebel“


the new film by Andi Stiglmayr.




A documentary about a small village

originating from the dreams of its inhabitants.

A place where dreams become reality.

D 2007 | 88 minutes | Music André Feldhaus



“... Instead of shedding a little light on everything, trying to show a

few pictures of many inhabitants and processing figures and data, he

gives the viewer the opportunity of submerging himself in the lives of

two inhabitants. This kind of documentary was common in the sixties,

and could even be seen on television. You don’t just sit there, waiting

to see what happens next but let things take their course. This is

both more relaxing and more diverting. Stiglmayr observes instead of

passing judgement...”

Giessner Anzeiger

“His gaze shows the many human components of co-existence. In keeping

with “Der Bayerische Rebell” about the idiosyncratic chansonnier

Hans Söllner, Stiglmayr is again presenting a fascinating documenatry

about the possibilities of following different ways of life.”

Gießener Allgemeine Zeitung

Information: www.menschen-träume-taten.de

Rental: info@stiglmayrfilm.de

Kindly supported by:

Flyer design: André Rösler Photos: Andi Stiglmayr

Printed on 100% recycling paper




‘It looks terrible, if you look at the gardens and so on.

It‘s full of weeds.

It‘s like how gypsies lived. That‘s how they live.’

Local farmer

ACTIONS Contentment

What happens when more than a hundred

people come together and change their lives

In search of future-compatible social models, film maker Andi Stiglmayr came

across the ten-year old Sieben Linden model settlement in the Altmark 150

kilometres west of Berlin. There 120 people have joined in founding various

neighbourhoods and are attempting to interconnect the various fields of

human life such as leisure, communication, healing, education, economics,

ecology and culture.

In 1997 BUND (Friends of the Earth Germany) published its “A Germany

Viable for the Future” study. It is a contribution to global sustainability. The

protagonists apply aspects of this study in their daily lives. Sieben Linden is

the attempt of living the good life without owning much and without having

to go back to the Stone Age. The contradictions this throws up are not a

downfall but the perspective of a viable future

www.bund.net, the film’s partner at the national Film festival

R.e.: www.diegesellschafter.de.

‘I have material concerns. My pre-pension work programme runs out next

year.I don‘t know what will happen then. But what counts is not submitting

to anxiety,but enjoying the present. You know, this meadow, these

poles, the birds that fly by, and, thinking: thank you,it‘s great, I really

feel at home here, I feel blessed.’

Henning Müller, village dweller

View from outside

‘I‘d imagined it differently, like... well, you know... outdoor loos and,

all in all very primitive. It‘s a shame that there are so few colours and

that the wood is so pale, but life here must be calmer, less stressful.

Where we live, people are uptight, and envy their neighbours, but here

there‘s no need to. I wouldn‘t mind manual work, and if everyone works

and pulls together, then it‘s fun, too and you‘re proud of your own




‘Lots of people yearn for a life like this: They feel that something‘s missing

but don‘t know what. They recognise there must be alternative life

forms besides family, couple and single existences. But society doesn‘t

offer them. This has economic reasons: Industry prefers one man, one

lawnmower, to a 200-man group sharing one mower.’

Martin Goldstein, Project advisor

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