Task 5


Task 5

In-door Conservation


First Two Project Years

• Two regional trainings for County

Extension Agents - El Paso and Laredo

• Educational Resources Developed

• Outcome measures developed

• Strategies and activities planned

• RGBI conference in El Paso

Resources for In-Home Water


• “Don’t Let the Faucet Run Dry” –

educational program packet

• Household Hazardous Waste – Are You

Poisoning Your Water – pamphlet

• Protect Our Water Supply – exhibit

• “Your Actions Can Help Preserve

Drinking Water Quality”, fact sheet, E-E

103, TCE

More Resources

• Home water audit kit

• Ruler – water costs money… don’t waste it

• Pencil – “Texas water… make every drop


• “How to repair a leaky faucet” & “How to repair

a toilet” – flip charts in English & Spanish

• “Water Conservation Makes Sense” – exhibit

New Resources

• “Top 5 Water Saving Tips” - poster and

coordinated bill stuffer (hard copy and on web


• “Water Conservation in the Home Inventory

Guide” web based & hard copy

• “Make Every Drop Count” – power point



• Safe storage of water

• Exhibit to demonstrate amount of water

wasted with leaky faucet

• Basic plumbing repairs

• Survey to determine what will cause

people to use less water

• Web site resources and links

Strategies for Increasing

Communication Within Task

- e-mail group of all task members

- list serve set up for each task group

- Chat room for dialogue on topics

- Web sites of project participants listed

on task “links” page

Strengthening Collaboration

and Joint Efforts

• RGBI conference held prior to proposals

due date to facilitate joint efforts

• Once MOAs are signed, alert others

with related projects via e-mail e

or list

serve in order to facilitate collaborations

• Post project activities and results on

RGBI web site

Collaborating with Other

• Water Utilities

• Housing Authority

• Electric Company

• Schools


Collaborating contd.

• Corp of Engineers



• State Dept. of Agriculture

• Center for Border Housing

Plans for Future Projects

• Marketing materials: PSAs, , news

articles, flyers, calendars, mouse pads

for adults/children

• Kit of items to demonstrate in-home

water conservation conversions.

• Inter-active exhibits that entertain as

well as educate

Future Projects contd.

• Water Conservation Slogan

• Educational materials and training for

hotel/motel managers/employees

• Bi-lingual materials (English/Spanish)

Outcome Measures

1. What behavior changes are participants going

to make to use less water

2. # of participants planning to make behavior


3. How will participants use equipment more


4. # of participants planning to use equipment

more efficiently

5. # participants who will be diligent in watching

for leaks and commit to repairing them quickly

6. # of participants willing to complete one or

more tasks by eliminating the use of water

7. # of participants who plan to find one or more

ways to reuse water

8. # of participants who plan to purchase and

install more water efficient equipment or


9. What water efficient equipment do participants

plan to buy and install in order to conserve


Plans for Measuring Project


• Research results reported and made

available to others

• Surveys to determine behavior changes,

adoption, or investment to conserve water

• Collaboration with cities to determine

changes in water usage amounts Per Capita

• Collaboration with cities to determine what

new incentive programs have been


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