Presentation 6 (PDF 1.6MB) - Wheat Initiative

Presentation 6 (PDF 1.6MB) - Wheat Initiative

Canadian Wheat Alliance

Overview for Institutions’ Coordination Committee


May 2013

NRC Wheat Improvement Flagship

Canadian Wheat Alliance

The Canadian Wheat Alliance represents a commitment

among Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the

University of Saskatchewan, the Province of

Saskatchewan and the National Research Council.

Its goal will be to:

Improve the yield, sustainability, and profitability of Canadian wheat;

Lead Canadian wheat research ins>tu>ons to work together towards

this common goal, over an 11 year program; and also

Public and private sector engagement, and commercializa>on, cri>cal

to exchange of exper>se and material.


Partners and Stakeholders

Partners, Contribu>ng En>ty and Stakeholders.

• Partners: AAFC, NRC, UofS/CDC and SK province.

• Contribu>ng En>ty: A non-­‐partner organiza>on that

makes individual contribu>ons to a CWA research project.

Examples -­‐ Other provinces, other universi>es, producer

organiza>ons, interna>onal collaborators, and the private


• Stakeholder Advisory Commi3ee: made up of

representa>ves of the wheat industry, private-­‐sector

companies engaged in wheat breeding, funders of wheat

research, farmer representa>ve organiza>ons, and other

research organiza>ons to provide informa>on and advice


Canadian Wheat Alliance


I. Accelera>ng Variety Development:

1. Genomics Assisted Breeding (GAB); and

2. Wheat Improvement through Cell Technologies (WICT).

II. Sustainable Yields -­‐ Coping with Variable Climates:

3. Enhancing Fusarium and Rust Tolerance (EFRT); and,

4. Increased Tolerance to Abio>c Stresses (Abio>c Stress).

III. Increased Produc>vity and Sustainable Profitability:

5. Gene>c Improvement of Performance and Yield (Development);


6. Beneficial Bio>c Interac>ons (BBI).


I. Accelerating Variety Development


1-­‐ Genomics Assisted Breeding (GAB) -­‐ Building on CTAG

• Improved genomic resources for faster gene discovery,

mapping and introgression;

• Novel trait iden>fica>on and valida>on; and,

• Trait-­‐specific markers to accelerate variety development.

2-­‐ Wheat Improvement through Cell Technology

• Efficient doubled haploidy system for mul>ple genotypes; and

• Applica>on of gene>c edi>ng (non-­‐GM) methods to wheat



II. Sustainable Yields - Coping with Variable Climates

3-­‐ Enhancing Fusarium and Rust Tolerance

• Pathogen genomics and mechanis>c characteriza>on of

cloned resistance genes;

• Breeding for durable Fusarium and rust resistance; and,

• Development of biochemical and molecular breeding tools

to improve resistance.

4-­‐ Improving Wheat ProducFvity under CondiFons of AbioFc


• Improvement of water usage efficiency (drought and heat);


• Improvement of cold tolerance.


III. Increased Productivity and Sustainable


5-­‐ GeneFc Improvement of Performance and Yield in Canadian

Wheat CulFvars using gene Targets in Development

• Understanding seed development in wheat and sustainably

higher-­‐yielding wheat; and,

• Discovery and deployment of genes associated with

performance and seed yield.

6-­‐ Beneficial BioFc InteracFons

• Enhanced nutrient use efficiency (nitrogen and

phosphorous); and,

• Modified microbial communi>es for enhanced plant health.


Official launch of the Canadian Wheat Alliance

On May 16, 2013, The Honourable Gerry Ritz,

Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, in

partnership with the National Research Council

of Canada, the Government of Saskatchewan

and the University of Saskatchewan, will officially

launch the Canadian Wheat Alliance.


Canadian Wheat Alliance



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