Software Advances to Dramatically Reduce 3D Modeling Time ...

Software Advances to Dramatically Reduce 3D Modeling Time ...

Software Advances to Dramatically Reduce

3D Modeling Time

Scanning in Belgium—Study Day

Tuesday, 8 May, 2012

Chris Scotton

President & CEO

ClearEdge3D, Inc.

3D modeling

is tedious…


goal is to

eliminate the

boring bits

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The Goal is One Click Models

Our new technology

gets us several steps


…making the modeling

“easy” button a


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Complex computer vision algorithms that automatically extract

geometry from point clouds

Creates accurate 3D models and eliminates redundant workflows

Our results are consistently faster than current tools—5X to 10X

Export to any CAD program for final modeling—AutoCAD and

MicroStation plug-ins coming December

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EdgeWise Plant

Version 3.0 Available Now

Automatically extracts pipes,

tanks, elbows

Extensive QC Tools

Auto completion of occluded


Fast finishing tools

Add intelligence and layering

Export to AutoCAD,

MicroStation, Cyclone

“EdgeWise 3.0 will change the way

firms model pipes…what ClearEdge

has done is truly remarkable.”

Michael Rafael, President & CEO

Direct Dimensions, Inc.

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EdgeWise Building

Version 1.0 Available Now

Automatically extracts walls,

windows, doors, floors—any

planar detail

Export to SketchUp for model


"With EdgeWise Building we were able

to complete the project in only 55% of

our original process time."

Nick Bobbitt, BIM Project Coordinator,

3D Imaging Services

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5 year old scanning and modeling

service firm based in the U.S.

Pharmaceutical plant renovation

3,200 square foot area of MEP to be


Very tight deadline and budget

Congested and uneasily accessed


Slide 7

FARO Photon 120; 2-man team 3-4 hours

23 scans; 613M points

Registration in FARO Scene – 2 hours

Automated Feature Extraction processing ~ 1 hour

AFE created 75% of pipes…with little human intervention

Modeled remaining pipes in AutoCAD ~40 hours

Modeled total of 75 complete pipe runs

Modeled structure in AutoCAD – 16 hours

EdgeWise reduced modeling time by 60%

57 hours vs. 145 hours

Increased project profitability

Helped 3DIS make very tight deadline

“Edgewise Plant 3.0 models pipes at warp speed. We were able

to complete our project at least 60% faster and the new QA tools

ensure pinpoint accuracy and control. It gives us a real

competitive advantage bidding projects.”

Nick Bobbitt, BIM Project Coordinator

3D Imaging Services, Inc.

Slide 11

Slide 12

EdgeWise Automated Results

How long would it take to accurately model this dataset with your current tools

A one-click model Maybe not

Less tedious Absolutely!

Slide 13

Thank You!

Chris Scotton

President & CEO

ClearEdge3D, Inc.

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