Project 12

Project 12


By: Meghan Carroll and Meghan Garby

• According to the New World Encyclopedia, “Plagiarism

is taking the ideas of another and using them without

giving proper credit.”

• With the internet, it is easy to look at other pieces of work

that other people have done and copy and paste.

What is plagiarism

• In a survey of undergraduate students by Psychological

Record 36% of the students said they used someone else’s

written work.

• According to an article found in The Daily

Pennsylvanian, “A Pew Research Center survey (of

1, 055 college presidents) published by Time Magazine

found that 55 percent of college presidents around the

country believe plagiarism is on the rise.”

• The article also states that, “90 percent of these presidents

believed the culprit to be the increased use of computers

and the internet in general.” (2011)


Meghan Carroll

• Throughout my academic

career I’ve been told not to

plagiarize. It has been a

staple rule and personally I

don’t understand why one

would copy someone else’s

hard work. I believe it is

much better to put in the

effort yourself and be able

to learn from the outcome

of your assignment.

Meghan Garby

• One of the values I have is

honesty. When someone uses

work that is not their own and

says they did it, that is not

being honest. I would

personally feel horrible if I did

plagiarize. My teachers have

always gone over APA (or

MLA) with my class, and there

are many resources to look at

for help with citations. That

makes it a little easier to make

sure you don’t get in trouble.

My motto when writing is

when in doubt, cite it.

Personal Experience


• DO look at the Purdue

OWL website.

• DO check out books on


• DO use quotations and



• DON’T copy and paste,

unless you plan on using

quotation marks.

• DON’T quote if you are

unsure about the source

• DON’T only use direct





• Text 309434 to 37607 for YES

• Text 309435 to 37607 for NO

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