St Hugh's JCR Committee Meeting Minutes - St Hugh's College JCR

St Hugh's JCR Committee Meeting Minutes - St Hugh's College JCR

St Hugh's JCR Committee Meeting Minutes - St Hugh's College JCR


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Date: 6 th February 2011<br />

Sunday,4 th Week, HT11<br />

<strong>JCR</strong> <strong>Committee</strong> Room<br />

Present: Victor Greenstreet, Annie MacIver, Jack Campbell, Andy Ball, Daniel McArthur, Marianne de<br />

Brito, Joseph Williams, Ollie Persey, Bethea Hanson-Jones, Rosie Alterman, Robert Hickman, Swati<br />

Seshadri, Hannah Jacobs<br />

Apologies: David Griffiths<br />

a. Rep’s Remarks<br />

<strong>St</strong> Hugh’s <strong>JCR</strong> <strong>Committee</strong> <strong>Meeting</strong><br />

<strong>Minutes</strong><br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Victor Greenstreet (President)<br />

o <strong>Meeting</strong> with principal- general priorities, sound financial footing, spoke on tuition<br />

fees and said <strong>JCR</strong>’s position<br />

o OUSU <strong>Meeting</strong>- rejected <strong>JCR</strong>’s position in favour of a more flexible position for OUSU<br />

Exec<br />

o <strong>Meeting</strong> with Bursar next week<br />

o <strong>Meeting</strong> with Proctors next week<br />

Annie MacIver (Vice-President)<br />

o Spoke to Nick French- hopefully free food and bar open next weekend<br />

o Scouts and bin liners- own judgement<br />

o Dickson Poon Centre to begin construction in Jan- finalists should consider this.<br />

Victor to ask Bursar about timescale and replacement for B-Ball courts.<br />

o Teachfirst sponsorship for Alternative Prospectus<br />

Jack Campbell (Secretary)<br />

Andy Ball (Treasurer)<br />

o Chasing up amalgamated funds<br />

o <strong>Meeting</strong> with accountant- now we know where we stand- cheques cashed etc.<br />

o Sent off for internet banking<br />

o Accountant happy to play an advisory role for the ball<br />

Daniel McArthur (Access and Academic Affairs)<br />

o Alternative Prospectus idea- she would get back to us r.e. funding<br />

o Look into a committee for it soon<br />

o Libe <strong>Committee</strong>- desk reservations not going to change until next year at least- need<br />

to see how things turn out during Trinity.<br />

o We have a rare book collection!<br />

Marianne de Brito and Joseph Williams (Welfare)<br />

o Dean and Senior Tutor on board with pee for a pint. Emailed Nick French about<br />

drinks tokens.<br />

o When to have it- next bop is FRIDAY. How about 4-7 in the bar<br />

David Griffiths and Swathi Seshadri (Entz)<br />

o Quiz night was ‘alright’<br />

o Bop going ahead-Pokémon Friday 5 th week.<br />

o Another guy has said he could do speakers and DJing etc.<br />

o Shiny purple paper on boards in bar BUT was ripped down.

Date: 6 th February 2011<br />

Sunday,4 th Week, HT11<br />

<strong>JCR</strong> <strong>Committee</strong> Room<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

o Paintballing with MCR- hopefully some subsidy on travel<br />

Hannah Jacobs (Charities)<br />

o Been to various meetings and did some bucket shaking on sat<br />

o Pushing various events<br />

Ollie Persey (First Year Rep)<br />

o Met Senior Tutor, all fine<br />

o Got list of next years’ fresherS- have been sorting out families<br />

Bethea Hanson-Jones (Environment and Ethics)<br />

o Thursday this week- music quiz in bar- E&E policies. Green cocktails etc.<br />

o Green week this week- loads of events around Oxford<br />

o Recycling bin to go in RTB Comp Room<br />

Rosie Alterman (Sports)<br />

Robert Hickman (DODO)<br />

o Twitter uploaded to website<br />

o Pres, VP, Entz, and who else for<br />

b. Items for discussion<br />

1. Closer links between Development Office and <strong>JCR</strong><br />

a. <strong>Meeting</strong> with Development Officer- seems keen.<br />

b. Development Office puts on events and speakers etc.- wants to get <strong>JCR</strong> and <strong>St</strong>udents<br />

more involved in things.<br />

c. Internships etc.-can contact alumni etc. for help with internships.<br />

d. Posters etc.- needs publicising more<br />

e. Regular meeting- Dan to take the lead.<br />

2. Hugh’s Ball 2010 Refund for Catz <strong>St</strong>udent<br />

a. Got email from a guy at Catz- trying to get money back on ticket. Put first cheque in<br />

but told not accepting cheques BUT cashed two cheques- when should have only<br />

cashed one- was told cheque would get destroyed when hadn’t.<br />

b. Documents show that deffo cashed twice- has provided ample evidence.<br />

c. We should pay back<br />

d. Sounds like ball committee messed up- we will send cheque- to come out of the<br />

budget<br />

3. Punt Booking<br />

a. Got stuff through about punts<br />

b. To get for 0 th and 9 th and everything in between£1554 per punt for<br />

c. Andy budgeted £2800 for it- could go slightly<br />

d. To get rid of one punt in 9 th and both in 0 th week<br />

e. Rosie to give a full breakdown of costs for next meeting so can make a final decision.<br />

f. Punts for Freshers’ Week- Ollie to look into it.<br />

4. Teddy Hall Relay- <strong>College</strong> Involvement<br />

a. Big race- all clubs and socs can get involved. Teams of 4 and end up on Iffley Road<br />

Track.<br />

b. Prize for college with most socs<br />

c. Rosie to publicise

Date: 6 th February 2011<br />

c. Late items for discussion<br />

Sunday,4 th Week, HT11<br />

<strong>JCR</strong> <strong>Committee</strong> Room<br />

5. Freshers’ Fair Outdoors<br />

a. Seems like many people not to bothered with it<br />

b. Sports day instead<br />

c. Weather dependent<br />

d. Massive BBQ and free drinks rather than the full fair<br />

e. Try to get colleges involved<br />

f. Gazebo in case of bad weather or in hall however cost dependent<br />

g. Less pimms, don’t use tesco and go wholesale instead<br />

h. Contacts for other colleges<br />

6. Back to School<br />

a. Debate about back to school – a tradition or boring<br />

‘Dress as your subject’ instead<br />

b. Dress as your initial, let<br />

Plain t-shirts, everyone rights on t-shirts<br />

c. Back to school easy to dress up for, helps new freshers<br />

d. First bop always big, allows new freshers to express their individuality<br />

7. Coffee machine in the <strong>JCR</strong><br />

a. Problems of security, people won’t drink stuff in the <strong>JCR</strong><br />

b. Discuss w/ other <strong>JCR</strong> presidents<br />

c. Proper machine, reduced costs (e.g. 20p/cup)<br />

d. Any other business

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