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PASSION: it’s what makes life worth living. Without it, an automobile like the new BMW Z could not exist. As a true roadster, it embodies

this unique feeling in each detail and line of its body. If you want to express your personal passion even more clearly, you can choose the

Design Pure Traction equipment package. This transforms the classic sporting personality of the new BMW Z into an athletic character

that adds a very special quality to the car’s typical roadster feeling: individuality.




While we use our heads to make important judgement calls, the most

beautiful decisions are made by our hearts. Choosing the new BMW Z

is an excellent example. The efficiency of its engines is a convincing

rational argument – but one look at its irresistible lines is enough to

awaken roadster love in the heart of the observer.

So join us for a day of spirited driving on Italy’s twisting roads to find

out which version of the new BMW Z makes your heart beat faster.

Whether it’s as a classic roadster in elegant Mineral Grey metallic or as

an extravagant athlete with the Design Pure Traction package – the

new BMW Z embodies the excitement of aesthetics and dynamism in

more uncompromising style than ever before. Because when it comes

to real driving pleasure, there’s one emotion that comes first: passion.

The new BMW Z














Sharpened gaze, accelerated pulse.

Driving dynamics

More excitement with every breath.


A feast for all the senses.

Design Pure Traction

The thrill of attraction.

BMW ConnectedDrive

Intelligent networking for more safety,

convenience and infotainment.

BMW EfficientDynamics

The technology package for reduced fuel

consumption and emissions.

BMW TwinPower Turbo engines

Maximum performance combined with

minimum fuel consumption.

BMW Z sDriveis

Design Pure Traction

M Sport package

Design Pure Balance

Colours, upholstery and interior trims

Standard/optional equipment

Technical data and information on

fuel consumption and CO


BMW Service and BMW brand


Exclusive offers for BMW customers.

Interview with Udo Mark

A natural for the racetrack.

Chassis and safety

Innovative systems for enhanced driving


BMW Individual hardtop in

contrasting colour

Original BMW Accessories

Equipment of model shown: BMW Z sDriveis with Design Pure Traction.

Engine: BMW TwinPower Turbo six-cylinder in-line petrol engine

Max. output: kW (hp)

Wheels: " M Double-spoke style M with mixed tyres

Exterior colour: Valencia Orange metallic

Upholstery: Alcantara/leather combination Black/Orange

Interior trim: Metal Weave

Equipment of model shown: BMW Z sDrivei.

Engine: BMW TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder petrol engine

Max. output: kW (hp)

Wheels: " light alloy wheels V-spoke style with mixed tyres

Exterior colour: Mineral Grey metallic

Upholstery: Kansas leather/Walnut, extended

Interior trim: Fine-wood trim “Fineline” Anthracite

04 05 Contents



DECISIVENESS: is what makes things move – and it’s easy to see that the new BMW Z

has it in spades. The redesigned headlights with corona rings and LED accent lights immediately

make your heart beat faster. They lend the front its distinctive appeal and make it absolutely clear

that this vehicle was built to excite. Only BMW knows how to build roadsters like this.

06 07 Design



FASCINATION: can be expressed in many ways – the

contemporary design language of the new BMW Z is just one of

them. It reflects the harmonious interplay of sportiness and elegance.

From the upright kidney grille to the dynamic side creases with the

redesigned, integrated indicators to the powerful rear wheel arches –

every shape contributes to the car’s imposing overall appearance.

In addition, the seat position just in front of the rear axle is ideal for

perfect road feedback. All of this explains why the new BMW Z

leaves such a positive impression on drivers – and all those who

turn their heads to get a second look before it is out of sight.



TRUST: is the basic prerequisite for a close relationship with the road – and the true roadster spirit. With the new BMW Z, BMW

engineers have demonstrated once more how to become one with the road. The aluminium front suspension makes a key contribution here –

it reduces front axle weight in aid of an ideal / weight distribution, ensuring precise and agile handling all the way up to the car’s limits.

But when it comes to exploring the physical limits of driving, the handling of the new BMW HP motorcycle is no less impressive. As in the

new BMW Z, top-quality materials and innovative technology such as Dynamic Damper Control (DDC) and Dynamic Traction Control (DTC)

as well as Race ABS ensure maximum traction and safety. Despite its enormous power, the new hp BMW HP delivers outstanding

control combined with exceptional agility and dynamic behaviour on both road and track.

In a BMW, it makes no difference whether two or four wheels touch the tarmac – they’re always doing it for love.





VERVE: is something that comes naturally in the new

BMW Z. Its aluminium front axle saves a signifi cant amount

of weight, ensuring a balanced front–rear weight distribution.

The BMW TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder petrol engine in the

new BMW Z sDrivei puts this advantage to good use. In

concert with the optional eight-speed automatic transmission it

creates a peerless and breathtaking driving experience: the

engine’s kW (hp) of power deliver an immediate punch

as soon as you put your foot to the pedal, accelerating the car

from to km/h in just . seconds. It’s one time your head

and your heart will be in happy agreement: because at just .

litres per kilometres, the car’s fuel efficiency is equally


For information on fuel consumption and CO emissions please see p. .

14 15 Driving dynamics



EXUBERANCE: comes naturally in the BMW Z – all you need to do is get in. It doesn’t matter how

fast you want to go, the optional sport seats for the driver and passenger offer outstanding lateral support for

spirited driving. SunRefl ective Technology ensures that the leather upholstery heats up very little even in

direct sunshine, enabling you to enjoy open-top driving to the full. Beautiful craftsmanship and premium

materials like fi ne wood and high-gloss trim elements create an exclusive ambience in the interior – making

every drive in the new BMW Z a journey of discovery for all the senses.

16 17 Interior


INDEPENDENCE: means freedom. In the new BMW Z, it also

means a plethora of innovative functions. BMW ConnectedDrive provides

optimal convenience, infotainment and safety. For example with a wide

range of BMW apps: keep in touch with everyone via Facebook or Twitter

and share your most beautiful moments with your friends. In addition, the

free AUPEO! personal internet radio app ensures that each drive will be

accompanied by your own personal soundtrack. Freedom of choice is at the

heart of this service: you pick your own musical preferences from a library of

genres and around million songs. The result is that the new BMW Z

makes it even easier to escape the daily routine – without having to

compromise on comfort.



DESIRE: is awakened as something casts a spell over us. One place that has this power

of attraction is the cockpit of the new BMW Z equipped with the Design Pure Traction package.

It combines spirited design with perfect ergonomics. The asymmetrical centre console faces the

driver, as does the instrument panel, whose round controls hark back to the legendary BMW Z.

Features unique to Design Pure Traction include the premium Alcantara/leather combination

and decorative stitching in distinctive Orange, which make for a strikingly sporty ambience –

and provide an unforgettable caress to the fi ngertips with every touch.

22 23 Design Pure Traction


EUPHORIA: is like a spark that sets our feelings alight. One

look at the Valencia Orange metallic paint fi nish, exclusively available for

the Design Pure Traction package, combined with the BMW Individual

hardtop in contrasting non-metallic Black, immediately makes the

adrenaline level rise. It emphasises the distinctive sporty character of

the new BMW Z, turning it into an even more consummate athlete.

This impression remains unchanged even with the roof up, because

the aluminium hardtop’s lines harmonise perfectly with the design of

the body, just like the top does not compromise the roadster’s typically

slim rear when retracted. One press of a button is enough to start the fully

automatic closing process, which takes around seconds to complete

and can be initiated at speeds of up to km/h. Opening the roof again

takes seconds. Whether the hardtop is up or down isn’t a question of

style, but simply a response to the needs of the moment.



POWER: implies having the confidence to master any challenge. The new BMW Z makes an extravagant statement

in any situation – providing a fi rst indication of its superiority. The optional Adaptive Suspension enables it to transmit its full

power to the road, taking dynamic ability to a new level without ever compromising comfort. For a lower centre of gravity and

higher cornering speeds, ride height is lowered by ten millimetres. Sensors capture all relevant acceleration data and perform

automatic adjustments of damping parameters within hundredths of a second. And with Driving Experience Control, you

can always make sure that the strengths of the new BMW Z are deployed to maximum effect.

26 27 Design Pure Traction



ECSTASY: proves that passion can always be taken to

another level. The BMW TwinPower Turbo six-cylinder in-line

petrol engine in the new BMW Z sDriveis proves it, too: up

to Nm of torque – with a short-term Nm peak torque

thanks to an overboost function – and kW (hp) of power

catapult the roadster from to km/h in just . seconds. As it

does so, you’ll fi nd your heartbeat accelerating at the same rate.

Every gear change is executed within fractions of a second by its

standard seven-speed automatic transmission with double clutch,

with almost no gaps in power delivery – unleashing pure intensity.

And instantly making one thing clear: that your heart is in charge


For information on fuel consumption and CO emissions please see p. .



30 31 Interview

Udo Mark is the head of Customer Sports

at BMW Motorsport. In this interview,

he talks about the BMW Z GT.

Hardly a weekend goes by without a BMW

race car driver winning a motor race somewhere

in the world. This does not just apply to the

BMW Motorsport drivers participating in the

DTM or the American Le Mans series; private

teams use our race cars to participate in all

kinds of championships around the globe.

Leading the BMW Motorsport fi eld is the


Sportiness is part of the heritage of every

BMW. Is this why BMW automobiles are

so uniquely suited for the racetrack

Of course. Every BMW is sporty by nature.

This is a good basis for motorsport success.

We at BMW Motorsport build on this basis to

develop race cars that have the potential to

earn victories across the world.

The BMW Z GT is your most successful

model. Where do you use it

The BMW Z GT has proven a true winner

in the hotly contested GT class, in which

almost all the big-name manufacturers are

represented with special models. Whether it

is a -hour endurance race or a prestigious

series such as the FIA GT Championship,

with the BMW Z GT, we will be a top

competitor in any race.

What makes the BMW Z GT so special

The elongated bonnet, long wheelbase and

short overhangs combine to lend the volume

version of the BMW Z its unmistakeable

appearance. One difference between the volume

model and the race car is hidden under the

bonnet: while the road version of the BMW Z is

powered by either a six-cylinder or a four-cylinder

engine, the motorsport version is fi tted with a

.-litre eight-cylinder powerplant by BMW M.

In addition, there are modifications in the chassis,

brakes, and aerodynamics features. One key

characteristic of a race car is its versatility.

Different teams from around the globe must

be able to quickly adapt the BMW Z GT to

the needs of each racetrack and their drivers.

Which other BMW cars are part of the

BMW Motorsport range

Our teams have also been very successful

with the BMW TC in the World Touring

Car Championship. And the BMW M GT

remains our motorsport entry-level model.

You are also supporting privateer BMW

race drivers with the BMW Sports Trophy.

Could you tell us more about this award

We really value privateer drivers, for their strong

performances and racing success. This is

why we award trophies to the most successful

among them. And this year, in addition to

€, in prizes, we have a special treat: a

test drive in the BMW M DTM.

What did you think was the highlight of

the motor racing season

Of course we followed the comeback season of

our colleagues in the DTM with great interest.

The phenomenal success of BMW Motorsport

after their return to the DTM is fantastic. But

we also had some resounding successes with

the BMW Z GT. One absolute highlight was

Uwe Alzen’s record lap in the qualifying at

this year’s Nürburgring -hour race. We

also celebrated other victories, nearly every

weekend. was a truly outstanding year

for BMW Motorsport.

BMW ConnectedDrive

In touch with your world.



Wherever you go, with BMW ConnectedDrive you remain in touch. Its innovative optional functions ensure perfect networking between driver, vehicle

and environment, at any time and wherever you are.

The IT revolution has changed the way we live. For BMW drivers, it has become normal to view their vehicle

as another networked component of their lives – they expect to be able to access information on the go,

communicate via phone or e-mail, and keep up with the latest news. The term BMW ConnectedDrive

therefore comprises all features that enable the networking of BMW vehicles and their occupants with the

outside world, including the immediate traffic environment.

Convenience. These fascinating BMW ConnectedDrive innovations offer service-oriented functions such as the BMW Routes. So you can always

relax in your BMW.

BMW Routes. BMW Online, available as an option from ConnectedDrive

Services , enables you to select routes that have been exclusively

researched for BMW customers. Apart from great scenic drives, these also

contain information on restaurants, famous sights and good places to stay.

What makes this particularly convenient is the ease with which all these

data can be transferred to the navigation system. In addition, you can also

transfer routes you have planned on your own computer to the navigation

system. For the most beautiful itineraries visit www.bmw.com/routes

Park Distance Control (PDC). Parking and manoeuvring in confi ned

spaces made easy. The Park Distance Control at the front and rear takes

ultrasound measurements of the distance to any obstacles, gives you an

acoustic warning and shows the distance between them and your car on

the Control Display, depending on the equipment installed.

Concierge Services. Only available in conjunction with the optional

ConnectedDrive Services . This phone-based BMW information service

provides individual support for selecting your destinations and planning

your journey. BMW Call Centre staff will be there to advise you, will give

you detailed information and send relevant address information directly

to your navigation system.

A new era of mobile networking. The BMW Vision ConnectedDrive is a visionary roadster distinguished

by an eye-catching, stunning design. Its dynamic, fl owing lines lead the eye from the distinctive front and

along the elongated bonnet to a unique composition: a synthesis of exterior and interior. Each of the three

layers in the interior symbolises one aspect of BMW ConnectedDrive – convenience, infotainment and

safety. Related functions and controls are identifi ed by optical wave guides in different colours. Their

pulsating light represents the fl ow of information. For more information on this concept vehicle and other

research projects see the new Future Lab.

Comfort Access, including exterior door handle illumination.

This system allows you to unlock, lock and start your BMW without

inserting the key. All you need is the remote control in your pocket, which

transmits an identification signal to the car. Simply touch the door handle

or boot lid and the BMW unlocks or locks as required. Similarly, a touch of

the Start/Stop button is all it takes to start the engine.


32 33 BMW ConnectedDrive

With unlimited use of smartphone apps from within the vehicle.

BMW Online is provided free of charge for the fi rst three years after initial vehicle registration

and available as a subscription service afterwards.

Infotainment. These features offer you media-based services and apps that enable you to enjoy a level of information and entertainment in your

vehicle that is on a par with what you are used to at home or in the offi ce.

Safety. These BMW ConnectedDrive services comprise safety-oriented features which minimise traffi c risks for drivers and passengers.

BMW Connected App. For the fi rst time, you can now use apps in your

BMW. With the Apps option, an iPhone and the free BMW Connected

App from the Apple App Store, you’re no longer limited to just listening

to local radio, your calendar is with you all the time and you’re always in

contact with your friends. Using the iDrive system, you can easily select

web radio stations from around the world. You can also call up the latest

status updates from your Facebook or Twitter accounts and view upcoming

appointments on the Control Display, or even have them read to you

through the audio system’s speakers. The latest functions allow you to

receive RSS news feeds and access Wiki Local, which provides you with

Wikipedia information about your local area.

High-Beam Assistant. The optional High-Beam Assistant detects sources

of light in the vehicle’s vicinity and switches between high and low beam

according to the traffi c situation. When the system is active, an image

sensor behind the interior mirror monitors traffi c and light conditions.

Based on these sensor images, the assistant function decides whether

or not the high beam should be switched on. When it detects vehicles

ahead, or fi nds that ambient light is suffi cient, the high beam is switched

to low again.

AUPEO! personal internet radio. With the Apps option, an iPhone

and the free Personal Radio - AUPEO! app you now have the choice of

hearing only what you enjoy listening to. It’s customisable internet radio

that adapts itself to your musical taste. Choose from over music

genres, to access a music library that currently comprises around million

songs. Use the “Love” and “Ban” buttons in the Control Display to defi ne

your musical preferences. “Love” makes AUPEO! remember a song, and

add others like it. “Ban” removes the current song, and tells AUPEO! to

avoid similar tracks in future. The result is that after a short time, you will

only hear songs that you love.

Internet preparation. Whether you need to check the balance in your

bank account, place a bid on eBay or look something up in Wikipedia, the

BMW ConnectedDrive Internet option ensures that you can do whatever

you need to do online. To enable you to surf to your heart’s content, the

iDrive Controller in the centre console doubles as a computer mouse.

34 35 BMW ConnectedDrive

BMW EfficientDynamics

Less emissions. More driving pleasure.

BMW was one of the fi rst manufacturers to pursue the goal of effi cient drive technologies, as part of a

multi-award-winning sustainability strategy. BMW Effi cientDynamics represents an acclaimed standard

package of innovative technologies that reduce fuel consumption and emissions, while simultaneously

enhancing dynamic performance. It has enabled the BMW Group to lower the CO

emissions of its

European new-vehicle fl eet by more than per cent since . BMW models currently emit g

of CO

or less per km, and models do not exceed g of CO

per km. The BMW Group intends to

achieve a further per cent reduction in CO

emissions by .



Different paths to the same destination: unmistakable BMW driving pleasure. Under the umbrella of the BMW Effi cientDynamics project, BMW is

continuously developing innovative systems that will bring us closer to the goal of emissions-free mobility in the long term. This BMW programme

for more driving pleasure is based on several pillars:

Technology package. The optimisation of vehicles powered by conventional diesel and petrol engines continues apace. A comprehensive

technology package enables the reduction of fuel consumption and emissions, while at the same time increasing power output and driving

enjoyment. These advances are based on innovations such as BMW TwinPower Turbo technology, Brake Energy Regeneration, air vent control,

and many others.

BMW ActiveHybrid. With the BMW ActiveHybrid , BMW ActiveHybrid and BMW ActiveHybrid , BMW has impressive hybrid volume models

in its range. All of these models combine outstanding effi ciency with superlative dynamic ability, thanks to intelligent energy management.

BMW ActiveE. Since , there has been a new form of dynamism on the roads: the all-electric BMW ActiveE. It is manufactured in a small

production run, as part of a pilot project. In this way, BMW is preparing the way for the emissions-free mobility of the future, with a promise:

% emissions and % driving enjoyment.

BMW Hydrogen. BMW sees hydrogen as a long-term option for emission-free mobility. BMW has been a pioneer in this fi eld since the s, and

in presented a luxury saloon powered by a hydrogen-fuelled internal combustion engine: the BMW Hydrogen .

BMW i. In line with the BMW Effi cientDynamics idea, the BMW i brand is developing visionary new electric vehicle concepts such as the BMW i

and the BMW i. These vehicles use existing BMW Effi cientDynamics technologies combined with intelligent lightweight design innovations such as

the use of carbon. With its focus on sustainability across the entire value-added chain and a range of supporting mobility services, BMW i is redefi ning

individual mobility.



Auto Start/Stop function. The BMW Z sDrivei, BMW Z sDrivei

and BMW Z sDrivei with six-speed manual gearbox come with the

Auto Start-Stop function. During brief stops, for example at a red light,

this function automatically switches off the engine to save fuel. A “Start-

Stop” symbol in the Info Display indicates that the function is active.

Electric Power Steering. Unlike conventional, hydraulic steering

systems, electric power steering only draws power during actual steering

movements. As long as the steering wheel position remains constant –

for example when driving at speed along the motorway – the electric

motor is inactive.

BMW TwinPower Turbo technology. BMW TwinPower Turbo

combines advanced injection technologies and fully variable power

control for superior effi ciency with innovative turbocharger technology

to enhance dynamic performance.

Lightweight design. Where it makes sense to use lightweight materials,

our engineers use aluminium – for example in the front section and

suspension, as well as for the bonnet and hardtop. The engines too are

made of aluminium, making them the lightest in their class. These weight

Status /.

CO emissions caused by the production and supply of fuel or other energy carriers are not included in the calculation of CO emissions.

savings lower fuel consumption and improve weight distribution – for

enhanced agility, especially in corners.

Optimum Shift Indicator. Shifting gears at the right time is one of the

easiest and most effective ways to save fuel. This is where the Optimum

Shift Indicator used in conjunction with the six-speed manual gearbox

comes in. It shows the driver which gear to change to in order to save fuel.

Brake Energy Regeneration. To supply the battery with electrical

energy, the alternator is driven by the engine, which imposes a constant

overhead on the car’s fuel consumption. Brake Energy Regeneration

means that the alternator generates electricity mainly when the driver

takes his foot off the accelerator or brakes – making productive use of

excess kinetic energy to feed the battery. In this way, electricity is

generated while coasting, without consuming fuel.

Tyres with reduced rolling resistance. When a car is moving, its

tyres constantly change shape. This uses up energy and thus fuel. Tyres

with reduced rolling resistance minimise these changes in shape by

means of an optimised design and the use of special materials in the

tyre’s tread and sides.

36 37 BMW EfficientDynamics



The engines. Power, responsiveness and revving ability characterise every BMW engine. Naturally, all the engines available for the new BMW Z

follow the BMW Effi cientDynamics philosophy, aiming to combine performance with maximum effi ciency, minimising both fuel consumption and


emissions. Whichever of the innovative BMW TwinPower Turbo engines you choose, you can be certain that you will enjoy maximum driving

pleasure combined with superb effi ciency.













Torque (Nm)




Torque (Nm)















Power (kW)




Torque (Nm)





0 2,000 4,000 6,000 8,000

Engine speed (rpm)

Free-revving and powerful: the BMW Z sDrivei with

BMW TwinPower Turbo technology delivers a maximum

torque of Nm, available from ,rpm.





Power (kW)

Torque (Nm)






Power (kW)

0 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 6,000 7,000 8,000

Engine speed (rpm)

Refi ned and punchy: the BMW TwinPower Turbo

six-cylinder in-line petrol engine produces an amazing

sound as it revs up to its ,rpm redline.






Power (kW)

BMW Z sDrivei. The new BMW TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder petrol

engine delivers a maximum output of kW (hp) along with a maximum

torque of Nm – and even up to Nm short-term peak torque thanks

to an overboost function – and combines a TwinScroll turbocharger with

Valvetronic, Double-VANOS and High Precision Injection. Mated to the

six-speed manual gearbox (eight-speed sport automatic transmission

available as an option), it powers the new BMW Z from to km/h in

. seconds, and up to a top speed of km/h.

BMW Z sDrivei. The BMW TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder petrol

engine with High Precision Injection, Valvetronic, Double-VANOS and a

TwinScroll turbocharger combines powerful performance with outstanding

effi ciency. The two-litre engine delivers an output of kW (hp) and

a maximum torque of Nm, enabling the BMW roadster to accelerate

from to km/h in . seconds, and to reach a top speed of km/h

in conjunction with the six-speed manual transmission.

BMW Z sDrivei. The .-litre BMW TwinPower Turbo engine has

an all-aluminium crankcase and offers its maximum torque of Nm

from as little as ,rpm. This is thanks to its BMW TwinPower Turbo

technology, combining High Precision Injection, Valvetronic, Double-

VANOS and a TwinScroll turbocharger. With a power output of kW

(hp) , the BMW accelerates quickly and effortlessly, aided by the fast

response of its TwinScroll turbocharger, going from to km/h in just

. seconds (eight-speed automatic transmission: . seconds). An

outstanding performer, it offers a top speed of km/h, while fuel

consumption is a very effi cient . litres per kilometres.

BMW Z sDrivei. This model’s BMW TwinPower Turbo six-cylinder

in-line petrol engine has a capacity of three litres and combines two

turbochargers with Double-VANOS and High Precision Injection to deliver

a power output of kW (hp) . Nm of torque are available from just

,rpm. The engine’s revving ability is immense, accelerating the BMW

from to km/h in just . seconds (seven-speed sport automatic

transmission: . seconds), at up to ,rpm. Average fuel consumption

is . litres per km, with CO

emissions of g/km (seven-speed

sport automatic transmission: . litres, g/km of C


BMW Z sDriveis. The most powerful BMW TwinPower Turbo sixcylinder

in-line petrol engine combines two turbochargers with Double-

VANOS and High Precision Injection. Based on its three-litre capacity,

it delivers an impressive kW (hp) of power, and a stupendous

Nm of torque. Thanks to a boost function, short-term peak torque

is even higher, at Nm. Mated to the standard seven-speed sport

automatic transmission with double clutch, the six-cylinder in-line engine

provides continuous power almost uninterrupted by gear changes,

catapulting the new BMW Z from to km/h in just . seconds –

with an average fuel consumption of just . litres per km and CO

emissions of g/km.

For information on fuel consumption and CO emissions please see p. .

38 39 BMW TwinPower Turbo engines



The new BMW Z offers a whole host of innovative optional technologies to help you get the most out of each drive. Many of these systems are

intelligently linked with each other. Their interaction ensures that you can enjoy maximum driving pleasure, in maximum safety – on every straight, in

every corner, every second of your drive.

It’s a quality that each and every BMW embodies: pure dynamic ability. The technical foundation of this

exhilarating driving experience is the chassis. It ensures optimum road contact and ideal handling in

every situation. It’s the result of innovative, perfectly matched components and a / front-rear weight

distribution. At the same time, BMW engineers continuously reinvent and refi ne the typical BMW driving

dynamics. Every BMW chassis has the effect of transmitting a passion for sporty driving from the vehicle

to the driver – while also offering maximum safety and comfort.

Adaptive Suspension. This features

electronically controlled dampers that adapt

to both driving style and road conditions. Their

operating characteristics can be adjusted via the

Driving Experience Control button. The optional

Adaptive Suspension (standard in the BMW Z

sDriveis) is also lowered by millimetres,

without any adverse effects on the ride comfort

of the new BMW Z.

Rear-wheel drive. This is the basis of the

hallmark BMW agility and manoeuvrability. At

the same time, this drive confi guration enables

an ideal weight distribution across the entire

chassis. This makes for perfect transmission of

power and traction to the road.

Steering. Torque steer is completely alien to

the new BMW Z. With rear-wheel drive, the

drive wheels are not the ones steering the car,

so the power applied to them can never affect

the steering. The steering is evenly weighted

and does not harden, and steering angles are

small. The result is that you can literally feel

cornering speed and road surface condition.

Driving Experience Control. This enables

an individual adaptation of powertrain and

chassis components, for example the steering,

by selecting either Comfort, Sport or Sport+

mode. The Sport+ model enables very sporty

driving all the way to the car’s limits. For

example by permitting more wheel slip on the

rear wheels – something that you can allow at

any time by pressing the “Traction” button.

Eight-speed sport automatic transmission.

This optional transmission adjusts to your style

of driving – from comfortable cruising to a very

dynamic experience indeed. To change gears,

you can either use the shortened selector lever

or the gearshift paddles on the sport leather

steering wheel. In Sport mode, maximum

performance is guaranteed. The close spacing

of the eight gears optimises acceleration, while

also maximising effi ciency and shift comfort.

Seven-speed sport automatic transmission

with double clutch. In this transmission the

various gears are assigned to two clutches. As

one gear is disengaged, the next one is already

engaged, for even faster gear changes that take

just a few milliseconds – hardly more than the

blink of an eye. With the uninterrupted power

fl ow from the engine you can enjoy breathtaking

acceleration combined with supreme ride comfort

thanks to the almost imperceptible gear changes.

In addition, the fast and precise selection of the

most effi cient gear signifi cantly reduces fuel

consumption in automatic mode.

40 41 Chassis and safety



The new BMW Z features advanced technologies on which you can always rely. Superior driving characteristics and innovative equipment come as

standard in this car. As a driver, you will be supported by state-of-the-art technology able to give you maximum support in any situation, making you

feel safe no matter what condition the roads are in.

Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), incl. CBC, braking assistant and

additional functions. DSC recognises the risk of skidding from the start

and stabilises the car within milliseconds. Traction Mode (DTC) permits

increased wheel slip in order to maximise propulsion in specific situations

and enable a sportier driving style. In DSC Off mode, an electronic

locking differential improves handling.

Cornering Brake Control (CBC) increases vehicle stability when

braking gently in a fast bend. During braking manoeuvres, the load on

the rear wheels is reduced, which can lead to oversteering (). In brake

manoeuvres that are outside the ABS control range, CBC addresses this

tendency using asymmetric brake pressure control () in order to create

a stabilising counterforce ().

Rollover protection system, includes two steel roll bars behind the

headrests, a very strong body crossmember as well as steel roll bars

integrated in the A-pillars and windscreen header to protect the occupants.

Side impact protection with reinforced crossmembers in the doors

near the seat and backrest and a seat structure specially designed for

safety in the event of an impact increase occupant protection.

Adaptive Headlights with variable light distribution feature

swivelling headlights to ensure optimised road illumination once the

vehicle enters a bend. This enhances safety when driving at night or in

bad visibility. Sensors register the steering angle, yaw rate and vehicle

speed; the direction of the headlight beams is automatically adjusted to

match the calculated layout of the bend.

Driver airbag and passenger airbag protect the head and upper

body from hitting the steering wheel or instrument panel in a frontal

collision. The passenger airbag includes seat occupancy detection. The

side airbags (head/thorax) significantly reduce the risk of injuries to the

head, pelvis and thorax in a lateral collision.

Bumper system with reversible aluminium impact absorbers;

replaceable deformation elements at the front and rear absorb impact

forces at speeds of up to km/h without damage to the car’s body;

energy-absorbing foam in the front bumper allows impacts at up to

km/h to be absorbed without damage.

Runflat tyres feature reinforced side walls allowing them to maintain

their shape and rim position even after loss of pressure. This means that

you can safely reach the nearest garage. The runflat indicator comes

as standard and minimises the risks associated with tyre failures. A lamp

in the instrument panel indicates any drop in tyre pressure. If the pressure

loss is severe, an acoustic warning is triggered.

42 43 Chassis and safety

Standard equipment

Optional equipment

Combination examples Colours Equipment

Technical data

BMW Service


The new BMW Z sDriveis stands for uncompromising driving enjoyment.

BMW TwinPower Turbo technology enables the new BMW Z sDriveis to

deliver an impressive output of kW (hp) and an equally ferocious torque

of up to Nm – thanks to a boost function, short-term peak torque is even

higher, at up to Nm. Mated to a seven-speed double-clutch sport automatic

transmission as standard, the six-cylinder in-line engine can rev up to a ,rpm

redline and takes just . seconds to accelerate the car from to km/h, its

power delivery almost uninterrupted by gear changes. Its average fuel consumption

is a frugal . litres per km, with CO

emissions of g/km. The dynamic

power that the new BMW Z sDrive is able to unleash is apparent just from

looking at it. The M Sport package included as standard and the " light alloy

wheels Star-spoke style with mixed tyres refl ect this car’s thoroughbred

character. Its appearance is defi ned by the striking bonnet, short overhangs

and low position of the seats close to the rear axle. An exclusively modifi ed

aerodynamics package in vehicle colour, consisting of a front apron with

integrated matt aluminium slats, a rear apron with a black diffuser, and exterior

mirrors with an Oxide Silver fi nish, completes the aesthetic and powerful


Adaptive Suspension comes as standard, ensuring superior road holding, with

sport seats providing perfect lateral support. In the cockpit, a speedometer

display with an exclusive grey design featuring an “sDriveis” wordmark and

an M footrest inspire top-class performance. The interior of your new BMW Z

sDriveis radiates sporting appeal. Highlights include an Alcantara/leather

combination in Black with contrasting Orange accents, Metal Weave interior trim

(both only available in conjunction with Design Pure Traction), and surrounds for

the Control Display and vents in high-gloss Black. The M leather steering wheel

with multifunction buttons and paddles, M entry sills, foot mats with grey piping,

and model designation, in combination with the BMW Individual headliner in

Anthracite, round off the attractive appeal of the cabin.

Black interior equipment – for an even more powerful, sporting ambience.

Energetic appearance.

The exterior paint finish in Black Sapphire metallic emphasises this car’s athletic looks even more.

For information on fuel consumption and CO emissions please refer to page .

44 45 The new BMW Z4

Combination examples Colours Equipment

Technical data

BMW Service


The new BMW Z embodies a passion for the road as well as undiluted joie de

vivre. The new Design Pure Traction package is one way of expressing this joy. It

combines the Metal Weave interior trim with sport seats in a black Alcantara and

leather combination which is enriched by contrasting orange details. The

Alcantara door trim inserts and instrument panel bottom come in either orange

or black to provide athletic accents. Extended leather trim is available as an

option. The centre console surround and door handle inserts in Piano Finish

Black provide highlights which radiate a powerful energy. An exclusive exterior

paint fi nish in Valencia Orange metallic combines with the contrasting black

hardtop to emphasise the sporty character of this car. The Design Pure Traction

package can optionally also be combined with various other exterior colours.

Alcantara/leather combination with orange accents.

Coloured accents for the door trims.

BMW Z in Valencia Orange metallic.

Emphatically sporty interior.

46 47 Design Pure Traction

Combination examples Colours Equipment

Technical data

BMW Service


Independently of the engine model you select for your new BMW Z, you can emphasise the dynamic appearance of this timelessly beautiful roadster with the

exclusive M Sport package. This will provide your vehicle with excellent aerodynamic qualities and even sportier looks, courtesy of the M Aerodynamics package

with specially designed front and rear aprons and " M light alloy wheels Star-spoke style M with mixed tyres. " M light alloy wheels Double-spoke style

M are available as an option. And the M Sport suspension included in this package ensures impressively agile handling, while the M leather steering wheel

provides excellent grip. For an especially confi dent appearance, you can order your new BMW Z with a striking exterior in Melbourne Red metallic, an optional

paint fi nish available exclusively for the M Sport package. Interior features for the M Sport package include sport seats for the driver and passenger, M entry sills,

M footrest, a BMW Individual headliner in Anthracite as well as the attractive Aluminium Carbon interior trim.

For exceptional grip – the M leather steering wheel.

A sporty reception – the entry sill with M logo.

Exclusively available in combination with the M Sport package: the Melbourne Red metallic exterior colour.

Rear apron with black diffuser.

48 49 M Sport package

Combination examples Colours Equipment

Technical data

BMW Service


This equipment package provides an especially high-quality, harmoniously

balanced combination of colours and materials. It includes the recommended

paintwork in Mineral White metallic, which creates a luminous, bright appearance.

If you wish, you can of course combine the Design Pure Balance package with

other exterior colours. The interior of the new BMW Z Design Pure Balance in

Cohiba Brown provides an exquisite contrast. Here you are surrounded by the

velvety-soft extended Merino leather trim. In addition, the top of the instrument panel

and upper-arm trim panels are covered in Cohiba Brown leather, while the sunblinds

feature the same premium material in Black. The Cohiba Brown colour generates

an extraordinarily elegant ambience. It is complemented to perfection by the interior

trim crafted from high-gloss “Fineline” Anthracite wood. The package also comes

with exclusive sport seats, which ensure superior support in every driving situation.

The sport seats appear especially elegant when covered in

premium leather.

Automatic air conditioning controls surrounded by “Fineline” Anthracite wood.

Sophisticated appeal in Mineral White metallic.

The combination of premium materials makes for a stylish ambience in the cabin.

50 51 Design Pure Balance

Combination examples Colours Equipment

Exterior colours.

Non-metallic Alpine White

Non-metallic Black

Non-metallic A Crimson Red

Metallic Black Sapphire

Metallic A Deep Sea Blue

Metallic B Mineral Grey

Metallic A Melbourne Red

Metallic B Valencia Orange

Metallic A Glacier Silver

Metallic A Orion Silver

Metallic A Mineral White

BMW Individual

BMW Individual roof colour Black


BMW Individual roof colour A Glacier Silver


These pages show the colours and materials available for the new BMW Z. Use them to identify your

favourite colours, or compare various combinations. These colour samples are meant to give you a fi rst

impression of paints and materials. Experience has shown, however, that printed versions of paint,

upholstery, and interior trim colours cannot always faithfully reproduce the colour appearance of the originals.

We recommend therefore that you consult your BMW dealer who will be happy to show you original samples

and assist with special requests.

52 53 Colours, upholstery and interior trims

Standard equipment

Optional equipment

Technical data

BMW Service

Upholstery colours.

Panama cloth ASAT Anthracite

, ,

Kansas leather LYSW Black

, ,

Kansas leather LYCY Canberra Beige

Instrument panel bottom in Canberra Beige

, ,

Kansas leather LYD Coral Red

Instrument panel bottom in Coral Red

, ,

Kansas leather LYSY Walnut

Instrument panel bottom in Walnut

Kansas leather, extended PASW Black ,

Kansas leather, extended PACY

Canberra Beige ,

Instrument panel bottom in Canberra Beige

Kansas leather, extended PAD Coral Red ,

Instrument panel bottom in Coral Red

Kansas leather, extended PASY Walnut ,

Instrument panel bottom in Walnut

Merino leather, extended LKWT Cohiba

, ,


Instrument panel top and door trim in Cohiba Brown

Alcantara/leather combination GMOE


Instrument panel bottom and door trim in Black

Alcantara/leather combination GMOF


Instrument panel bottom and door trim in Orange

Please note that individual interior elements may differ from the

interior colour, depending on the selected upholstery colour.

Alcantara/leather combination, extended

GUOE Black/Orange ,

Instrument panel bottom and door trim in Black

Alcantara/leather combination, extended

GUOF Black/Orange ,

Instrument panel bottom and door trim in Orange

1 Not available for Z sDriveis and in combination with M Sport package.

2 Not available in combination with M Sport package or Z sDriveis.

3 Only available in combination with Design Pure Traction or Design Pure Traction in combination with the M Sport package.

4 Standard for Z sDrivei, Z sDrivei, Z sDriveis.

5 Equipped with SunRefl ective Technology.

6 Kansas leather includes seat surfaces, headrests, centre console armrest and door trim centre panel.

7 Kansas leather, extended, and Exclusive Merino leather, extended, include the same elements as Kansas leather plus instrument

panel top, upper arm trim panels and sun visors in Black leather.

8 Only available for Design Pure Balance or Design Pure Balance in combination with M Sport package.

9 Alcantara/leather combination, extended, includes the same elements as Alcantara/leather combination plus instrument panel top,

upper arm trim panels and sun visors in Nappa leather.

Combination examples Colours Equipment

Interior colour.

Black with headliner in Oyster.

Interior trims.

CG Satin Silver, matt

AD Finely Brushed Aluminium

MW Aluminium Carbon

CE Fine-wood trim “Fineline” Anthracite

FE Metal Weave

S Design Pure Balance

HY Design Pure Traction

Exterior colour: Metallic A Mineral White

Exterior colour: Metallic B Valencia Orange

Upholstery colour: Alcantara/leather

combination, extended GUOE Black/Orange

Instrument panel bottom and door trim in Black

Interior trim: CE Fine-wood trim “Fineline”


Interior trim: Metallic FE Metal Weave

Upholstery colour: Alcantara/leather

combination, extended GUOF Black/Orange

Instrument panel bottom and door trim in Orange

Upholstery colour: Merino leather, extended

LKWT Cohiba Brown

Instrument panel top and door trim in Cohiba Brown

Upholstery colour: Alcantara/leather

combination GMOE Black/Orange

Instrument panel bottom and door trim in Black

54 55 Colours, upholstery and interior trims

Upholstery colour: Alcantara/leather

combination GMOF Black/Orange

Instrument panel bottom and door trim in Orange

Standard equipment

Optional equipment

Technical data

BMW Service


BMW upholstery colours

Interior colours



Kansas leather

Kansas leather, extended











Standard seats • • • • • • • • • • •

Sport seats • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Upholstery colour








Canberra Beige

Coral Red



Canberra Beige

Coral Red


Cohiba Brown














Interior colour

BMW exterior colours

Alpine White non-metallic • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Black non-metallic • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Crimson Red non-metallic • • • • •

Black Sapphire metallic • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Deep Sea Blue metallic • • • • • • • • • •

Mineral Grey metallic • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Melbourne Red metallic • • • •

Valencia Orange metallic • • • •

Glacier Silver metallic • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Orion Silver metallic • • • • • • • •

Mineral White metallic •

BMW interior trim

CG Satin Silver, matt • • • • • • • • •

AD Finely Brushed Aluminium • • • • • • • • •

MW Aluminium Carbon • • • • • • • • •

CE Fine-wood trim “Fineline” Anthracite • • • • • • • • • •

FE Metal Weave • • • •

Standard equipment Optional equipment • Recommended colour combination Not available

1 For Z sDrivei not available in combination with Design Pure Balance and not available in combination with M Sport package.

2 Standard for Z sDriveis. For the Z sDrivei, Z sDrivei, Z sDrivei and Z sDrivei models only in combination with M Sport package.

3 Only available for Design Pure Balance or Design Pure Balance in combination with M Sport package.

4 Only available for Design Pure Traction or Design Pure Traction in combination with M Sport package.

5 Not for Z sDriveis and not in combination with M Sport package.

6 Only available in combination with M Sport package or Z sDriveis.

The models illustrated in this brochure show the specifi cations and confi gurations (standard and

optional equipment) of vehicles produced by BMW AG for the German market. According to the

specifi c requirements of other markets, alterations in standard and optional equipment and the

confi gurations available for the different models, as described in this brochure, may occur. For

more precise information about country-specifi c vehicle versions, please contact your local BMW

partner. Subject to change in design and equipment.

Please note that even normal long or short-term use can lead to unrecoverable upholstery

damage. This can be caused in particular by non-colourfast clothing.

Combination examples Colours Equipment

Standard / Optional equipment.

Exterior mirrors package with integrated electric fold-in function which

enables drivers to fold in both exterior mirrors (for example in a car wash) and

bring them back into position at the touch of a button; incl. automatic parking

function on the passenger side.

Interior mirror with automatic anti-glare function. The dazzle from

following vehicles is automatically reduced when the amount of incident light

exceeds a defi ned limit.

Xenon Headlights for high and low beam, with automatic headlight

range control, headlight washing system, and LED accent lights. The LED

light rings are used as daytime running lights.

Adaptive Headlights with variable light distribution for improved visibility in

bends: the electromechanically controlled headlights are directed into the bend

as soon as the vehicle starts cornering. The variable light distribution function

available in conjunction with this option adjusts the width and reach of the light

beams in line with road speed.

High-Beam Assistant supports the driver at night by automatically switching

between high and low beam when there is oncoming traffic or another car ahead,

or when the road is suffi ciently illuminated.

Rain sensor with automatic driving lights control: automatically switches on

the windscreen wipers when it begins to rain, adjusting the wiper frequency in

line with rainfall intensity. The integrated automatic driving lights control will

switch on the low beam automatically in the rain, at dusk and in tunnels (standard

for Z sDrivei, Z sDrivei, and Z sDriveis).

Side indicators with new design.

Retractable hardtop, opens quickly

and automatically – at the touch of a


Wind deflector, enables the

enjoyment of open-top driving without

annoying draughts and turbulences in

the head and shoulder area. It can be

folded neatly for storage on the parcel


Lights package with vicinity lighting in the exterior door handles which

provides seconds of illumination after the doors have been unlocked – to

ensure safe access in the dark. Also included: parcel shelf illumination, ambient

light, reading lights, and footwell lights.

56 57 Standard/optional equipment

Standard equipment

Optional equipment

Technical data

BMW Service

" light alloy wheels Star-spoke

style with J x , / R

runfl at tyres (standard for Z sDrivei,

Z sDrivei, and Z sDrivei).

" light alloy wheels Multispoke

style with mixed runfl at

tyres, J x , / R tyres at

the front, . J x , / R tyres

at the rear.

" light alloy wheels V-spoke style with mixed runfl at tyres,

J x , / R tyres at the front, . J x , / R tyres at the

rear (standard for Z sDrive i).

" light alloy wheels V-spoke style with mixed runfl at tyres,

J x , / R tyres at the front, . J x , / R tyres at the


" light alloy wheels Starspoke

style with mixed runflat

tyres, J x , / R tyres at the

front, . J x , / R tyres at the

rear (exclusively for the Z sDriveis).

" M light alloy wheels Starspoke

style M with mixed runflat

tyres, J x , / R tyres at the

front, . J x , / R tyres at the


" M light alloy wheels Doublespoke

style M , with mixed

runflat tyres, J x , / R tyres

at the front, J x , / R tyres

at the rear.

" light alloy wheels V-spoke

style with mixed runfl at tyres,

J x , / R tyres at the front,

J x , / R tyres at the rear.

1 Wheel/tyre combination for an extremely sporty look with restricted suspension and primary comfort.

2 Included with the M Sport package, optionally available for the Z sDriveis.

3 Only available in conjunction with the M Sport package and for the Z sDriveis.

Combination examples Colours Equipment

Standard / Optional equipment.

Sport seats for driver and front passenger with manual adjustment of

fore/aft position, seat height, backrest and seat angle, and thigh support; the

electrically adjustable seat sides provide optimal lateral support for every body

shape in dynamic driving situations (standard for Z sDriveis).

Lumbar support for driver and passenger seats, electrically adjustable

for height and depth, for an ergonomically perfect seat position and back muscle


Armrest, folding, with large storage compartment.

Standard seats with fi xed integrated headrests and wide range of fore/aft

adjustment as well as individually adjustable seat height and backrest angle.

Seat adjustment, electric, for driver and passenger seats, with two Memory

positions for the driver’s seat.

Seat heating for driver and passenger (three settings): seat surface,

backrest and sides are heated and quickly radiate comfortable warmth (standard

for the Z sDrivei, Z sDrivei and Z sDriveis).

Six-speed manual transmission for a very sporty drive. Smooth, with

perfect ratios and precise, short-throw gearshifts. The tight spacing of gear ratios

and the additional sixth gear mean that you can make even more individual use

of the engine power provided (not available for the Z sDriveis).

Eight-speed sport automatic transmission, sporty confi guration for a

superior dynamic driving experience; can also be operated via paddles on the

steering wheel (available for the Z sDrivei, Z sDrivei and Z sDrivei).

Seven-speed sport automatic transmission with double clutch for

particularly fast gear changes without interruption of power, operated electronically

or through the paddles on the leather steering wheel; for optimal dynamism and

excellent fuel efficiency (standard for the Z sDriveis, optionally available for the

Z sDrivei).

Driving Experience Control for individual adjustment of drivetrain and

chassis components such as the steering, incl. Comfort, Sport, and Sport+

modes (available in conjunction with sport automatic transmission, Adaptive

Suspension and M Sport package).

Adaptive Suspension, lowered by mm, with dynamic damper control.

The Driving Experience Control can be used to select a comfortable or sporty

chassis set-up (standard for the Z sDriveis).

58 59 Standard/optional equipment

Standard equipment

Optional equipment

Technical data

BMW Service

Sport leather steering wheel with gearshift paddles for even sportier

gear changes in conjunction with an automatic transmission.

Sport leather steering wheel.

SunRefl ective Technology ensures that

the leather steering wheel rim will not

become excessively hot in strong

sunlight – ensuring it is always pleasant

to the touch.

Multifunction buttons for

operating the telephone, voice and

audio functions as well as the cruise


M leather steering wheel including M shift lever knob with M emblem (only

in conjunction with six-speed manual transmission).

M leather steering wheel with paddles for even sportier gear changes in

conjunction with an automatic transmission (standard for Z sDriveis).

Steering wheel heating quickly warms up the steering wheel rim at the

press of a button – for added comfort in winter.

Radio BMW Professional (shown above): same features as Radio BMW

Business, plus two-line display for expanded representation of telephone

numbers, names and audio/MP titles, direct telephone operation via radio

station buttons.

DAB tuner offers a large selection of digital radio stations; reception in

perfect sound quality across the entire broadcast area; supports DAB+.

Radio BMW Business, four-channel amplifi er, scan function, CD drive,

MP decoder, automatic volume control, incl. stereo loudspeaker system with

six loudspeakers.

Air conditioning system, incl. microfi lter, ensures comfortable climatic

conditions in the vehicle interior at any time of the year. Manual temperature

control and air recirculation, seven-speed blower and knee-level vent.

Automatic air conditioning system (shown above), incl. Automatic Air

Recirculation (AAR) with fi lter, solar and fogging sensors, fully automatic

temperature control (two separate controls for driver and passenger) and special

convertible mode.

Combination examples Colours Equipment

Standard / Optional equipment.

HiFi loudspeaker system with digital amplifier ( Watt), loudspeakers

and digital equalizer which perfectly adapt the sound to the cabin environment.

HiFi System Professional, multichannel-enabled, with a -Watt digital

amplifi er and loudspeakers, for a listening experience of unmatched intensity.

Navigation System Professional, incl. DVD drive, iDrive Controller with

direct menu control buttons, functional bookmarks, integrated hard disk for audio

fi les and navigation data, RTTI-compatible, D map presentation and folding

high-resolution ." display.

Comfort telephone interface with

extended smartphone integration

for wireless connection of compatible

MP3 players and smartphones, 1, 2

including hands-free system. The USB

interface enables playback of music

files stored on the external device.

Internet access. The internet fl at rate enables country-wide web surfi ng

(no roaming) from within the vehicle – at speeds of up to km/h. Any site on the

internet site can be accessed by entering the URL using the iDrive Controller, or

via a personal favourites list.

TV function enables the use of

the Control Display as a television

set when the vehicle is stationary.

The system provides access to digital

television (DVB-T) channels.

60 61 Standard/optional equipment

Standard equipment

Optional equipment

Technical data

BMW Service

Storage areas include a

compartment in the instrument panel

(for vehicles without navigation system),

a parcel shelf behind the seats and a

space under the central armrest, foldable

storage areas in the door trims to the

left and right, and a storage tray in the

luggage compartment.

Luggage compartment, with a

handy capacity of litres (hardtop

down) or litres (hardtop up) – in the

latter case, the boot provides space for a

" golf bag.

Storage compartment package consisting of two drinks holders under

the centre armrest, one foldable compartment on the driver’s side, a storage

area in the dividing wall between cabin and luggage compartment, one net

each in the front passenger footwell area and on the seat backrests, one

clothes hook each on the rollover bars, and luggage straps in the boot.

Through-loading system with integrated transport bag provides plenty

of space for expanding the luggage compartment, including a ski rest for the

boot’s loading sill. With this option, even larger items such as a second golf bag

(") can be easily accommodated. You will even be able to transport two pairs of

skis (max. cm), with the hardtop up or down.

Comfort Access system for opening and locking the vehicle without having

to press a button on the vehicle key. In addition, the engine can be started

without the need for a key, using the Start-Stop button. Also included: vicinity

lighting integrated into the door handles.

* This service may vary by country.

1 For information on compatible devices see www.bmw.com/bluetooth

2 Smartphone apps may be used at any time from within the vehicle.

3 Data fl at rate valid for one year; subscription can be extended at any time. May vary by country..

BMW Service Inclusive.* No

more costs for maintenance and wear.

A singlepayment covers all BMW

Service jobs, including Original BMW

Parts. Worldwide from all participating

BMW partners. For further details

please visit


BMW Welt. Taking delivery of a

car has always ranked among the

best moments for any driver. Now

that moment can become a truly

unforgettable day – at BMW Welt,

the experience and delivery centre

in Munich, Germany. Find out more

at www.bmw-welt.com

Combination examples Colours Equipment


Express your individual taste perfectly:

with the BMW Individual hardtop in

non-metallic Black or metallic Glacier

Silver. The unmistakeable hardtop

with its visual contrast will further

emphasise the unique character of

the new BMW Z. And while Black

adds to the car’s sporty appearance,

the hardtop in metallic Glacier Silver

will show off the elegant aspects of

the new BMW Z. Whichever paintwork

solution you end up selecting – the

vivid contrast between hardtop and

vehicle colour ensures that the dynamic

roadster silhouette is apparent even

when the top is up.

BMW Individual hardtop in non-metallic Black.


exterior colours

Alpine White


Crimson Red


Mineral White


Glacier Silver


Orion Silver


Melbourne Red


Valencia Orange




Mineral Grey


Deep Sea Blue


Black Sapphire


BMW Individual

roof colours















Glacier Silver


Glacier Silver


Glacier Silver


Glacier Silver


The contrasting roof emphasises the car’s roadster proportions.

Not available in conjunction with M Sport package.

Only available in conjunction with M Sport package.

62 63 The new BMW Z4/Original BMW Accessories

Technical data

BMW Service

Original BMW Accessories*.

" light alloy wheels, Star-spoke

style , click-on rear-mounted carrier

system for bicycles/e-bikes.

Drinks holder attaches to the centre

console and safely accommodates

containers of up to one litre.

All-weather foot mats and aluminium

pedal pads.

Ornamental front grille in Black

underlines the sporty looks of he new


A BMW always delivers a special drive – and Original BMW Accessories make

the experience better still. Combining great ideas, immaculate design and sheer

practicality to create innovative solutions, Original BMW Accessories are available

in many categories: exterior, interior, communications & information and transport

& luggage compartment solutions. Your BMW Service Partner will be pleased to

advise you on the complete range of Original BMW Accessories and provide you

with a special catalogue. For further information, please visit


* May not be available in all countries. Please consult your BMW partner.

Combination examples Colours Equipment

Z sDrivei

Z sDrivei

Z sDrivei

Z sDrivei

Z sDriveis


Unladen EU kg [] [] [] []

Max. permissible kg [] [] [] []

Permitted load kg

Permitted axle load front/rear kg / / / / /

Engine ,

Cylinders/valves / / / / /

Capacity cc

Stroke/bore mm ./. ./. ./. ./. ./.

Output/engine speed kW/rpm / / /– / /

(hp/rpm) / / /– / /

Max. torque/engine speed Nm/rpm /– /– /– /– /

Compression ratio : . . . . .


Standard transmission ratios I/II/III: ././. ././. ././. ././. ././.

IV/V/VI: ././. ././. ././. ././. ././.

VII/VIII/R: –/–/. –/–/. –/–/. –/–/. ./–/.

Final drive ratio : . . . . .


Top speed km/h [] []

Acceleration –km/h sec . [.] . . [.] . [.] .

Fuel consumption ,

Urban l/km . [.] . [.] . [.] . [.] .

Extra-urban l/km . [.] . [.] . [.] . [.] .

Combined l/km . . . . [.] .

CO emissions g/km []

Tank capacity, approx. l


Tyre dimensions front / R W / R W / R W / R W / R W

rear / R W / R W / R W / R W / R W

Wheel dimensions J x J x J x /. J x /. J x

Material Light alloy Light alloy Light alloy Light alloy Light alloy

Electrical system

Battery capacity Ah

Alternator output A


64 65 Overview

Technical data

BMW Service

(Z sDriveis: )

(Z sDriveis: )

(Z sDriveis: )

(Z sDrivei/is: )

All dimensions in millimetres. Luggage compartment volume litres (hardtop down) to litres (hardtop up).

1 Seven-speed sport automatic transmission with double clutch included as standard.

2 The fi gure quoted includes a per cent tank fi lling, kg for the driver and kg for luggage. Unladen weight applies to vehicles with standard equipment. Optional equipment may increase this fi gure.

3 The BMW Z engines are designed for RON fuel. They may be run on lower fuel grades down to RON , with a decrease in power. Engines may also be run on unleaded fuel (minimum RON )

with a maximum ethanol content of % (E). Output and fuel consumption fi gures apply to RON fuel.

4 Short-term peak torque with overboost function: Nm (Z sDrivei) or Nm (Z sDriveis).

5 Electronically limited.

6 The BMW Z sDrivei, sDrivei and sDrivei engines comply with the EU emissions standard; the sDrivei and sDriveis engines comply with the EU standard. Fuel consumption is

determined in accordance with the ECE driving cycle (//EC) made up of approximately one-third urban traffi c and two-thirds extra-urban driving (based on the distance covered). CO emissions

are measured in addition to fuel consumption. Optional equipment can increase these fi gures. For further information on fuel consumption and CO emissions please contact your BMW partner.

7 Maximum headroom.

8 Maximum height when opening the hardtop: ,mm.

Values in [ ] apply to vehicles with automatic transmission.

Combination examples Colours Equipment

The BMW Service concept: always up to speed. When you buy a BMW,

you can look forward to superb service and comprehensive customer care, with

a worldwide network of more than , BMW Service partners in more than

countries ready to assist you at any time. The vehicle’s on-board diagnostics

keep you informed of when the car is next due for a check-up and what work

needs to be done: Condition Based Service (CBS) tracks service fl uids and

the condition of essential parts subject to wear. It also monitors the time- and

mileage-linked service requirements of your BMW. Using these measurement

data, the Info Display in the cockpit automatically alerts you in advance whenever

any part of the vehicle requires servicing. The iDrive Control Display contains

exact information on which vehicle components will need to be serviced and

when. In conjunction with BMW TeleServices*, the innovative telematics service

provided by BMW Service, the CBS data are automatically transmitted to your

BMW Service partner. This means that your service consultant has more time for

you, and can provide more comprehensive advice. Your BMW Service partner will

of course have Original BMW Parts available for any work to be done. In short:

quality and safety are our top priorities.



With BMW Service Inclusive*, you’ll

no longer need to worry about the

costs involved in maintaining your

BMW and replacing worn out parts.

This one-off payment covers all kinds

of assistance from BMW Service,

including Original BMW Parts. And it’s

available worldwide at all participating

BMW Service partners. With BMW

Service Inclusive, you can specify the

duration and choose from a range of

different services.

The advantages:

• Total transparency of costs.

• No increase in price during the

agreed duration.

• Time-saving automated processes.

• Flexible duration, service level and

range of services.

• Entirely transferable to the next


• Service level and range of services

can be optionally upgraded at any time.

BMW Service Inclusive features all of

the above, as well as peace of mind

that your BMW will always be good

hands. For more information visit


* May not be available in all countries.

Please consult your BMW partner.

With BMW TeleServices*, you are

always in safe hands. This feature

enables your BMW to contact your

BMW Service partner and register

itself for a service appointment. As

soon as the CBS sensors detect a

service requirement, the vehicle will

initiate an automatic

BMW Teleservice call and transmit all

service-related data – data which

previously had to be collected in the

workshop. Your service consultant

will then call you back, in order to

arrange an appointment. As vehicle

information is transferred in advance,

time in the garage can be spent more

effi ciently, so your BMW is back on

the road faster. In the unlikely event of

a breakdown, BMW TeleServices

enables you to transmit diagnostics,

vehicle and location data directly to

BMW breakdown assistance. With

BMW Teleservice Assistance,

malfunctions can often be remedied

remotely, getting you quickly and

easily back on the road. For further

information, visit


Mobile Service*: in the event of a

breakdown, BMW Mobile Service is

at your disposal round the clock.

Specially trained BMW technicians

will do everything necessary to get

your BMW back on the road, with

telephone or on-site assistance as

needed. Simply contact BMW Mobile

Service. In addition, all BMW vehicles

newly registered from January ,

have a comprehensive -month

mobility service in line with the

applicable BMW Mobile Care

warranty conditions (including

towing, rental car, taxi, hotel

accommodation and vehicle return).

This BMW mobility warranty is

automatically extended by another

months if you have the scheduled

engine oil service performed by your

authorised BMW Service partner –

for up to fi ve years after initial vehicle

registration. More detailed

information is available from your

BMW Service partner or online at


BMW Financial Services. If there’s

one more thing you could wish for

to go with your BMW, it could simply

be the perfect fi nancing solution –

one that leaves you with enough

room for the other good things in life.

BMW Financial Services provides you

with personalised leasing, fi nance and

insurance options – tailored to your

requirements and budget. But we

offer you more than just favourable

conditions. Take for example the

components of our leasing package,

which include courtesy vehicles and

insurance. For further information

please visit www.bmwfs.com. Find

out more – your BMW partner will be

pleased to make you an individual offer

for your desired car.



The BMW Group has been ranked the most sustainable automotive

company worldwide in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the

eighth time in a row, because sustainability is an integral part of our

value chain – it encompasses every stage from the development

of fuel-saving and alternative vehicle concepts to environmentally

friendly production processes and recycling. Our research and

development philosophy BMW Effi cientDynamics delivers tangible

benefi ts to customers, our climate and the environment. Since ,























































































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