timeless minerals™


timeless minerals™

t i m e l e s s m i n e r a l s

SISEL fashioned real beauty from nature

and called it . . .

t i m e l e s s

m i n e r a l s

“Science should support health and beauty rather

than being detrimental to it. SISEL Timeless Minerals

bridges the huge chasm between health and beauty by

refusing to use harmful ingredients that are so prominent

in the cosmetic industry today.” — Tom Mower Sr.

Refined works of art start with a sophisticated primer

Mineral Primer

Be a work of art! Preparing your face for a flawless finish is as important as an artist priming a canvas.

Our lightweight, satiny Mineral Primer will create a protective base for longer-lasting foundation and makeup.

Once applied, it also places a barrier between your face and harmful environments. With soothing, refreshing

properties, you will love the look and feel of your skin.

Beauty is skin deep, and that is

why we have brought you the

most exquisite, healthy makeup

line available in both the network

marketing and retail markets

today. We uphold and promote

our philosophy that real beauty

begins with healthy skin.

Our firmly held beliefs have

now set the highest possible

standard. We are in the forefront,

leading the cosmetic industry

by offering health and beauty

with our high-end makeup

line...Timeless Minerals.

Our world-class scientists

went above and beyond to

ensure that Timeless Minerals

is superior in all formulations.

Every added ingredient is

extraordinary in purpose.

Our remarkable makeup is

formulated with a highlysophisticated

blend of

micronized minerals that

are free of potentially

damaging constituents.

These microscopic particles

overlap to form a barrier that

protects the face from harmful

pollutants, while simultaneously

allowing the skin to breathe.

With powerful, life-benefitting

properties, Timeless Minerals

makeup line eases the hands

of time, and lets you put your

best face forward!

With borrowed ingredients

from Mother Nature, Timeless

Minerals reflects the colors

found in the beauty of the

earth. The same spellbinding

shades that capture attention

in nature will adorn your

lovely features.

The alluring, captivating colors

will leave onlookers speechless,

while the health-promoting,

exclusive formulas will have you

talking non-stop.

With Timeless Minerals,

promoting healthy, vibrant skin

is a significant benefit: Gracing

your beauty is the remarkable



• Reduces the appearance of fine lines and

wrinkles with peptides that can stimulate the

production of collagen and elastin.

• Rejuvenates and resurfaces the skin with Retinol.

• Soothes, refreshes, and moisturizes with a

blend of essential oils like lavender, grapefruit,

tangerine, and peppermint.

• Contains no skin-irritating ingredients.

• Contains no mineral oil or parabens.

• Pleases with a lovely fragrance.


• 15 ml / 0.5 fl. oz.


➊ Pump a small amount of primer close into the

palm of your hand.

➋ With your fingers dab a liberal amount of

primer over face and neck.

Mineral Primer



If you put Mineral

Primer in the

refrigerator for a short

period of time, it will

refresh and reduce

puffiness, especially

under the eyes.

➌ With gentle massaging motion, distribute evenly

in preparations for Mineral Foundation. Let it dry

to the touch.

Natural beauty starts with a perfect foundation

Mineral Liquid Foundation

Learn the tricks of the trade. Apply our smooth-as-silk foundation to give the illusion of a flawless face.

You may have minor imperfections but why does anyone need to know With “sleight of hand,” your

fine lines and wrinkles will soften and diminish as our exclusive formula of peptides, rich moisturizers

and vitamins work their magic.




Warm Ivory


Soft Amber





• Reduces the appearance of fine lines and

wrinkles with a combination of peptides that can

stimulate collagen and elastin.

• Softens and hydrates skin with hyaluronic acid.

• Contains aloe barbadensis leaf that naturally

penetrates skin and takes its calming and

moisturizing effect deep within the skin.

• Moisturizes with a hydrating balance of healthy

oils, such as nutrient-rich jojoba oil.

• Possesses anti-inflammatory properties.

• Recommended for all skin types.

• Choose from six luxurious colors.


• 30 ml / 1 fl. oz.


➊ Start by choosing the proper color of foundation.

A good test is to apply liquid foundation to

the jaw line.

➋ Pump 1 to 2 drops of foundation close into the palm

of your hand.

➌ With your fingers, dot forehead, cheeks, nose and

chin. Lightly blend foundation over face and neck.


A combination of

both liquid and

pressed foundations

is recommended. Use

one as a concealer

and the other as

foundation and vice

versa. Maximize the

unique benefits of

both foundations

and achieve a

flawless complexion

in the process.

Tawny Beige




Brush your way to a picture-perfect complexion

Mineral Pressed Foundation

Behold your beauty! With sheer elegance, your minor imperfections and blemishes are swept away

with our healthy, lightweight Mineral Pressed Foundation. Watch your wrinkles and fine lines diminish as

the light-reflecting properties reveal a more youthful glow. Admiring heads will turn as you leave or enter

a room with your airbrushed beauty.




Warm Ivory


Soft Amber





• Primary ingredients provide natural SPF and

anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce

puffiness, especially underneath the eyes.

• Formula excludes all harmful ingredients such as

talc, FD&C dyes, bismuth oxychloride, propylene

glycol, mineral oil, or parabens.

• Lighter-than-air minerals will not block pores,

making it ideal for all skin types.

• Recommended by dermatologists, professional

makeup artists and photographers.

• Six sophisticated colors that will complement

any skin tone.


• 9 g / 0.3 oz.


➊ Swirl your Kabuki brush in foundation. Tap brush

to remove excess. With a gentle circular motion,

buff the foundation over your face.

➋ When buffing on foundation, do so with a gentle

circular motion to avoid skin irritation and removing

foundation instead of applying it.

➌ Build coverage by applying one light layer

at a time until you have achieved your

desired appearance. .


To set your Mineral

Pressed Foundation for

all day coverage, lightly

spritz your face with


Tawny Beige




Our alluring shades will make you a blushing beauty

Intensify your eye-catching beauty with luxurious lines

Mineral Blush

Improve your face value! Brush on iridescent radiance with rich, sumptuous colors gifted from Mother

Nature. Let our sun-graced hues add warmth and a splash of wellbeing to your cheeks. With soothing,

anti-inflammatory ingredients that also provide a naturally occurring SPF, our nourishing formula will have you

blushing with health and unmatched beauty.

Mineral Eye Pencil

You won’t believe your eyes! Define their magic with plush pencils that easily glide over your lids and

brows. Our gentle tip will never tug nor pull at delicate eye areas. With rich emollients, jojoba oil, and

antioxidants, Mineral Eye Pencil will moisturize and protect with just a few nutrient-rich strokes. Our unique

pencil will have your eyes stand out with definition!


Apricot Glow


Blushing Pink



Simply Mauve




Very Berry





• Recommended by dermatologists, professional

makeup artists and photographers.

• Will not block pores, making Mineral Blush ideal

for all skin types.

• Provides a natural SPF.

• Contains anti-inflammatory properties.

• Resists water.

• Excludes all harmful ingredients such as talc,

FD&C dyes, bismuth oxychloride, propylene

glycol, mineral oil, or parabens.

• Four dazzling shades will complement every skin



• 6 g / 0.2 fl. oz.


➊ Gently tap your SISEL Angle Blush brush in your

chosen color of Mineral Blush. Tap end of brush

to remove excess makeup.

➋ Smile to expose the natural contour of your cheek.

Keep smiling as you brush from the hairline to the

apple of your cheeks.

➌ To add a more healthy look, apply blush from

temples to cheeks, following the natural contour

of your face in a “c” shape. Thoroughly blend

blush to avoid obvious lines.


To lengthen a

round face or give

the appearance of

more prominent

cheekbones, sweep

your chosen blush

over the apples as

directed, then apply a

darker color of blush

to the hollow of your

cheeks. Blend to avoid

any stark lines.


• Contains emollients and antioxidants that

moisturize and protect delicate skin.

• Formulated with jojoba oil that has the same

unique properties as the skin, making the

absorption of all health-promoting ingredients

almost immediate.

• Resists smudging or feathering, leaving clean,

precise lines.

• Can also be used as an eyebrow pencil.


• .28 g / .01 oz.



➊ At the base of both upper and lower lashes,

outline your eyes.


➋ With small strokes, brush tiny lines that mimic

your natural eyebrows. Follow the natural contour

of your eyebrow.


Avoid reducing the

size of your eyes by

outlining corner to

corner. For a softer

look, only line upper

lid. For a more

smoldering effect,

softly smudge edges.

Your eyes will mesmerize with our hypnotic hues


Plum Pretty/ Lilac


Mineral Eye Shadow

All eyes will be on you! Our stunning shades will awaken your eyes with rich, opulent colors.

With eighteen complementary shades that blend beautifully, you can mix any combination of Mineral Eye

Shadow together to create limitless possibilities for your personalized look. With a multitude of hypnotic,

velvety hues, you can easily create any style—day or evening. Whether you choose a simply sophisticated

or positively playful look, your eyes will mesmerize.

Bronze Shimmer/ Daybreak


Gold Dust/Brown Topaz


Sage/Sea Mist


Dusky/ Barely Pink


Blue Haze/Midnight Sky


Eclipse/ Star Dust


Aqua Blue/ Silver Fox


Pearl White/ Pearl Blue



• Contains vitamin E that protects the delicate

areas of the eye.

• Softens and moisturizes the skin with natural oils

and rich emollients.

• Includes natural SPF.

• Contains water-resistant properties.

• Will not crease.

• Blend any combination of colors to achieve your

individualized look.


• Dual-compact of 3.5 g / 0.12 oz.


➊ Base your entire eye with a light-toned eye

shadow. Use Angle Eye Shadow brush.

➋ With a mid-toned shadow, cover your eyelid from

the base to your natural crease. Use Angle Eye

Shadow brush.

➌ With a dark-toned shadow, create more drama by brushing

a “>” shape along the outside of your eye (see illustration).

Begin at the mid-point at the base of your eyelashes and

follow out and up the natural crease of your eyelid to

midpoint. Choose from either the Concealer or Brow brush.


Make your eyes

“pop” by choosing

complementary shades

on the color wheel.

Green eyes: Use

golds, muted berries,

and greens lighter

than eyes.

Blue eyes: Try neutral

browns and blues

darker than eye color.

Brown eyes: Choose

coppers, champagnes,

and “doe” browns.

Our lash-lengthening mascara is a real eye opener

Mineral Mascara

Lash out! Mineral Mascara achieves perfectly voluptuous eyelashes by adding noticeable volume.

Our exclusive formula includes pro-vitamin B5 that plumps and moisturizes each shaft. Exaggerate

length with each brush to accentuate healthier, fuller, luscious lashes.

Totally Black



• Contains hydrating Panthenol.

• Gentle conditioning ingredients.

• No harsh chemicals.

• Coats each eyelash with nutrients.


• 7 ml / 0.2 fl. oz.


➊ Load mascara brush with circular motions not a

pumping motion; otherwise, you will add air and

dry out your mascara.

➋ Coat lashes with a small back-and-forth motion.

Start at the base of the eyelid and work up towards

the tips.


Remember that it's

the mascara placed

near the roots that

gives the illusion of

thick, full lashes.

➌ As you apply more mascara, do so before

the previous coat dries to avoid unnecessary

clumping and achieve thicker-looking lashes.


Perfectly-shaped lips will take their breath away

Lure them away with perfectly dazzling lips

Mineral Lip Pencil

Draw attention to your lips! Our creamy pencil smoothly floats along the shape of your lips,

outlining your mouth with rich emollients, age-defying antioxidants, and moisturizing jojoba

oil. Our soft-textured tip is so gentle that you can either line your lips or fill in the entire lip area.

Either way, each nourishing stroke will moisturize and protect, leaving a long-lasting base for

any Mineral Lipstick shade you layer over it.

Mineral Lip Gloss

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it! With a sophisticated sheen you will articulate your most alluring

feature—your lips. Polish your pout with our enticing health-drenched formula that will leave them looking and

feeling soft and supple. With the antioxidant, vitamin E, our gloss protects and moisturizes your lips. Brush on a

tempting shine with a hydrating blend of essential oils that will also leave a fresh, minty fragrance on your lips.






Sheer Shimmer



• Contains rich emollients and antioxidants that

moisturize and protect sensitive lips.

• Formulated with jojoba oil that has the same

unique properties as the skin, making the

absorption of all nutrients and health-promoting

emollients and antioxidants almost immediate.

• No tugging or pulling with our gentle tip.

• Resists smudging or feathering, leaving clean,

precise lines.


•.28 g / .01 oz.


➊ Outline your upper lip by beginning in the center and

follow the natural shape of your lip to each corner.

➋ Outline your lower lip by starting in the corners

and meeting in the center.

➌ Repeat until you have achieved one

continuous line.


Fill in your entire lips

when using a darker

lip pencil than your

lipstick. When the

lipstick eventually

fades, your lips will

look naturally darker,

avoiding an unsightly

dark ring around your



• Contains a unique blend of lavender, rosemary,

peppermint, cinnamon, thyme, and oregano

essential oils.

• Soothes and protects your lips.

• Smoothly glides over lips without feathering or


• Adds glamour.


• 6 ml / 0.2 fl oz.



➊ With applicator, glide gloss over lips, according

to your desired coverage.

➋ For a more tantalizing shine, apply more coats.


For natural-looking

fuller lips, fill in your

entire lips with Mineral

Natural Lip Pencil.

Then apply Mineral Lip

Gloss over lips. Layer

to give an appearance

of plush, full lips.

Immerse your lips with pure sophistication

Mineral Lipstick

Speak volumes without saying a word! Silken shades of sophistication hydrate your lips with our

exclusive blend of exotic oils and lavish butters. The abundance of healthy ingredients will gently kiss

your lips, leaving them more supple and younger looking. With our tempting, timeless colors, everyone

will watch what you say.


Mulberry Veil


Natural Lips




Cinnamon Snaps


Brick Road


Mocha Frost


Pink Innocence


Crimson Stone


Copper Sand


Sheer Romance



• Formulated with an exclusive blend of sunflower

seed, coconut, and sesame oils that protect and


• Hydrates with luxuriant cocoa and shea butters.

• Protects and soothes with a carefully selected

blend of rosemary, lavender, thyme, and

peppermint essential oil extracts that will also

refresh your lips and breath.

• Contains antioxidants that will protect against free

radical attacks.

• Made up of all natural ingredients.

• Choose from a wealth of sumptuous shades.


• 4 g / 0.1 oz


➊ With SISEL Lip brush or lipstick, begin at each

corner of the lower lip and meet in center. (Using

a lip brush gives a “makeup artist” look.)

➋ Fill in your upper lip by beginning in the center,

and brush lipstick to each corner.


It has been proven that

red lipstick increases

a person's metabolic

rate by 13.4%.

Illuminate the night with your shimmering beauty

Mineral Shimmer Powder

Let your light shine! Our Mineral Shimmer Powder is ideal for those day and evening events where you want to

sparkle with subtle luminescence. For a perfect glistening finish, simply dust your face and bare skin with

rosy pearlescence. Once applied, our powder will have you lighting up the room with your iridescent beauty.

Sparkle Dust



• Recommended by dermatologists, professional

makeup artists and photographers.

• Will not block pores, making Mineral Shimmer

Powder ideal for all skin types.

• Provides a natural SPF.

• Contains anti-inflammatory properties.

• Resists water.

• Excludes all harmful ingredients such as talc,

FD&C dyes, bismuth oxychloride, propylene

glycol, mineral oil, or parabens.


•7g / 0.2 oz


First time:

Prepare inner shield by poking four to five holes to

allow powder to flow.

➊ Swirl your Kabuki brush in powder.

➋ Lightly tap brush to remove any excess.

➌ Softly brush on face, neck and décolleté.


For very special

occasions, gloss

your lips. Softly dip

your Concealer brush

in Mineral Shimmer

Powder, and apply it

to your lips.

Reflect a summer’s day all year long

Strokes of genius

Mineral Bronzer

Catch some rays! Reflect a sun-kissed glow every day with each stroke of our sun-drenched Mineral Bronzer.

Tiny transparent minerals reflect light from the face, softening fine lines and giving the appearance of a luminous

complexion. Flecks of golden rose radiate a look of health and wellbeing with each velvety touch of silk-like minerals.

Brush Set

Be quick on the draw! Encased in a beautiful, designer clutch are SISEL’s professionalquality

makeup brushes. Made of luxurious Capra, each silky brush will caress your face

as you create your individual look. Apply our high-end makeup with our elite brushes, and

discover the makeup artist within!

Mineral Bronzer


Brush Set


Kabuki Brush



• Healthy, lightweight minerals will not block pores,

making it ideal for all skin types.

• Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide provide a natural

SPF as well as resistance to water.

• Natural minerals also contain anti-inflammatory


• Formula excludes all harmful ingredients such

as talc, FD&C dyes, bismuth oxychloride,

or parabens.


• 6 g / 0.2 oz


➊ Gently swirl your Kabuki or Angle Blush brushes

in Mineral Bronzer. Remove excess makeup by

tapping end of brush.

➋ Dust on face, shoulders, décolleté or anywhere the

sun may naturally hit your body.

➌ For a healthy look, apply bronzer from temples

to natural contour of cheeks in a “c” shape.

Thoroughly blend bronzer to avoid obvious lines.


For a very glamorous

evening look, liberally

apply Mineral Bronzer

where you want to

sparkle with golden



• Multifunctional brushes

• Soft, silky, natural bristles

• Easy-grip handles

• Sophisticated packaging

• Classic clutch with magnetic closure

• SISEL colors and branding



Angle Brush

Angle Eye Shadow



Lip brush


Mineral Pressed Foundation

Mineral Blush

Mineral Bronzer

Mineral Shimmer Powder

Mineral Blush

Mineral Bronzer

Mineral Shimmer Powder

Mineral Eye Shadow

Mineral Pressed Foundation as concealer

Mineral Eye Shadow

Mineral Eyeshadow as eyebrow liner

Mineral Eyeshadow to accentuate eye makeup

Mineral Lipstick to line and fill in lips


Today’s Kabuki brush

is similar to a makeup

applicator that had its

beginnings hundreds of

years ago. The brush is

named after the Japanese

Kabuki Theater that

required the actors to

have flawless makeup.

It has recently become

more and more popular

because makeup artists

in the fashion and film

industry love its versatility

and usability.

Put on a happy face

Makeup Remover

Give yourself something to smile about! You can’t help but beam as you effectively, yet gently,

remove your makeup. With a proprietary blend of exotic oils, panthenol, and hyaluronic acid, our

Makeup Remover will pamper your face with moisturizing and conditioning ingredients. So mild

that it will not strip the skin’s acid mantle that naturally protects the face from bacteria and dryness.

Finally, a safe way to remove makeup with so many nourishing, health-promoting benefits.

Makeup Remover



• Gently suspends make-up and particulates with

an exotic blend of babassu palm fruit, rice,

and coconut oils.

• Mildly hydrates the skin without leaving any

greasy residue.

• Contains Panthenol that naturally retains moisture

in the skin.

• Will not irritate eyes.


• 120 ml/4 fl oz.


➊ Saturate a cotton ball or pad.

➋ Softly wipe off makeup.

➌ Do not rub.

For USA: 185 East 200 North • Salem, UT 84653 • For international use. Manufactured for: SISEL International, AG • Grundacher 5 • 6060 Sarnen, Switzerland

www.siselinternational.com • © 2009 SISEL International, LLC


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