Progress Report - El Paso County

Progress Report - El Paso County

Project Progress Report

Project Name: Parks Master Plan Update

GreenPlay Project Manager: Chris Dropinski

Date: December 31, 2012

What was accomplished in December:

Survey – Additional Survey promotion through direct appeal to MPC members and

citizens through the Nov 27 meetings. County e-mail blast Dec 12. MindMixer training

for administrative access on Dec 19 1:30-2:30 pm. Survey topics closed as of Dec 31,

2012. Total of 306 participants.

Demographics –finalized report write-up for draft document.

Trends – finalized draft document for draft document appendix.

GIS / Inventory/Analysis - Project Team phone conference on Tue Dec. 18, 12:30 – 2:30

focused on technical aspects of the GIS data analysis. Determination of analysis

parameters/desires for open space, trail shed, and recreation gap analysis. Received

revision on existing inventory from staff and began report writing.

Upcoming MPC meeting – preparation for next meeting on Jan 18, 2013.

Document Framework –Completed framework matrix for document update.

Previously Completed

General: Project Team Meeting on Wed Nov 14, 7:30 am – noon to discuss Analysis

MPC Meeting Tue, Nov 27, 10:00am – 12:00noon – to present findings and collect additional

input regarding key issues.

Public Findings Meeting Tue, Nov 27, evening.

Stakeholder Interviews – content reformatted to contribute to the identification of key issues for

use at the Nov 27 MPC and public meeting.

Meetings in a Box – Meeting content summarized to contribute to the identification of key issues

for use at the Nov 27 MPC and public meetings.

Survey – focus on getting the word out to complete the survey and using the “back side” of the

MindMixer site to account for traffic and consider future activity on the site.

Demographics –Sub area analysis shared with staff and MPC; gained better understanding of TAZ

data as it relates to military bases, and projected growth.

Trends - topics to be identified from citizen input and research to begin

GIS / Inventory/Analysis - Work with staff to update inventory write-ups from current plan

(Tapis), work with staff on classifications and identified components to determine analysis areas.

Project team discussion on analysis parameters/desires and use of PRORAGIS report (Nov 14).

Document Framework –Began framework matrix for document update.

Stakeholder Interviews –Themes identified to articulate key issues

Meetings in a Box – MIB open to all facilitated by KezziahWatkins on October 9th. By Nov 5, a

total of 15 meetings will have been held, involving about 140 people, with good geographic


Survey – development of instrument complete and we are “live.” Notification done through e-

mail distribution, and cards and posters handed out during an October 25 th event.

L:\PLANNING\Parks Master Plan\2012 Update\Consultant Progress Reports\El Paso County Progress Report Dec.docx

Demographics –Sub area analysis of the County completed and ready for review.

Inventory –GIS inventory complete and sent for review. Now separated into the 5 sub areas to

illustrate the current level of service in each.

Master Plan Committee Meeting September 20, 10am -12 noon

Population and growth analysis drafted; map created to identify 5 sub areas for analysis

GIS / Inventory/Analysis –prepared classifications and identified components for analysis, for

review by client.

Stakeholder Interviews – summary created to identify key issues; areas for focus and/or


Meetings-in-a-Box materials completed, produced and assembled for distribution; facilitator

training held, approximately 20 meetings held beginning September 17 and continuing through

October 9.

Survey -Project web site (Mind Mixer) questions developed, site framework and navigation set

up and readied to launch. Draft site reviewed by MPC, revisions made, set for testing in early

October, revision, and then “go live.” Marketing materials including handout business-size card

and poster are finalized for approval and are awaiting order to print and ship. E-blast and press

release drafted for County use.

Background materials delivered to consultant team

Demographics – determination made for project “sub areas” so that we can base demographics

report on this breakdown using TAZ

GIS data reviewed to determine what is needed to complete the inventory and begin analysis;

project sub areas resolved and map created

Survey development -Project web site (Mind Mixer) prepared for final draft review

Stakeholder interviews – stakeholder contact list finalized; interviews completed Aug 22-24;

summary interview verbatim completed.

Meetings-in-a-Box - coordination and scheduling of Committee host recruitment, materials

development and review, presentation to MPC

Meetings-in-a-Box host recruitment by Master Plan Committee

July 31 10am-12noon Master Plan Committee Meeting held

July 11 8 am – Parks Admin office – Project Team Meeting

o meeting agenda – demographics, recreation/culture, workplan, survey

o Todd Marts attended to talk about nature center services and programs

o Mike Hrebenar and Victoria Chavez attended to talk about demographics.

July 11 10 am – Parks Admin office – GIS Coordination meeting

PAB meeting on July 11 – introduction to project by staff

MP Committee – approved by PAB - formed, “charged”, 1st meeting set

Project Vision/Critical Success Factors/Givens approved by project team

Project stakeholders Interview Framework and questions drafted

Stakeholder topic groups defined; contact list drafted

Survey approach being determined

Public Engagement Strategy Developed

Meeting-in-a-Box Concept Detailed

Project Communication Plan Developed

Demographic framework established

GIS Analysis discussed

Background materials substantially delivered

Contract finalized; sub contracts finalized

Strategic Kick off meeting held June 13, 2012; notes and commitments distributed

Project Vision/Critical Success Factors/Givens drafted and distributed

L:\PLANNING\Parks Master Plan\2012 Update\Consultant Progress Reports\El Paso County Progress Report Dec.docx

Project Team Contact List completed

Project Work Schedule drafted

GIS Data Sharing Agreements with GP and DC finalized

GIS request list delivered to County Staff, data received

Project stakeholders list drafted

Project MP Committee member list and charge being formulated and prepared for July 11 PAB


What will be accomplished this coming month:

Survey – finalize report write up for draft document appendix or separate document, as


Demographics –draft document revisions as necessary

Trends –pull trends highlights for inclusion in main document, draft document revisions

as necessary.

GIS / Inventory/Analysis - analysis prepared based on agreed upon parameters/desires

and use of PRORAGIS report for open space, trail shed, and recreation gap. Analysis

methodology to be documented for draft report, graphic illustrations prepared for Jan

18 MPC meeting discussion.

Upcoming MPC meeting – preparation for next meeting on Jan 18, 2013. Topics:

progress report, work plan/schedule, and next steps; update on public engagement –

process, findings and themes, Nov 27 public meeting, and web survey/conversation;

review of document framework; report and discussion on other research and analysis

activities including open space conservation, trailshed and parks analysis.

Document Framework –within framework matrix continue writing and production of

draft document.

Scope changes/Value added to date:

Communication Plan Implementation included as a value-added service

Mind Mixer Web-based Survey upgrade included as a value-added service

Budget status/Percent complete

Project 67% complete and on schedule as of Dec 31 invoicing.

Schedule Status/Deliverable status

Findings Presentation delayed from late October/early November to late November,

causing two week delay in project; will strive to make up this time in next phase of


Input needed from client or others:

Todd Marts response regarding participation numbers for park visitations and

program/nature center visitations.

Staff is currently reviewing draft document sections.

Other issues/concerns:

None at this time

L:\PLANNING\Parks Master Plan\2012 Update\Consultant Progress Reports\El Paso County Progress Report Dec.docx

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