Lectio Divina Orientations – Moving toward WYD Rio 2013 For use ...


Lectio Divina Orientations – Moving toward WYD Rio 2013 For use ...

Lectio Divina Orientations Moving toward WYD Rio 2013

For use by Leaders

The following pages are intended to offer “linking” suggestions for conducting group

meetings of Lectio Divina in preparation for the World Youth Day that will take

place in Rio in 2013.

The general objective is to understand some aspects of discipleship in listening to

the Master. And especially the attitude of listening that should be valued: to listen to

the Word, to take turns listening to one another, and to listen to the reality we are

presented with daily.

To encourage everyone, here are some practical tips to adapt to each local context.

1. The optimum size for the groups: a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15


2. Each group has to be accompanied by a leader who will be the same for all

events. It is important that the leader (guide) have a minimum capacity to

conduct the group and its dynamics.

3. Each meeting must be prepared in detail and with much care. Nothing must

be left to chance (schedules, contacts, place of meeting, preparation of

materials, etc.)

4. The supplement provides for the biblical text. Nonetheless it is highly

recommended that each participant have his own Bible.

5. It is not necessary to be limited to just preparing for the WYD encounter. For

this reason, it would be good that people keep in constant contact via media

(Internet, Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.), encouraged by the group leader.

6. It is good that some feedback reach Rio de Janeiro while the meetings are

happening. We suggest that you access the official World Youth Day website

(www.rio2013.com) where you can find all the information regarding

sending in your impressions.

7. For more information or suggestions, write to:

We hope that the supplement is a useful tool to live with enthusiasm and to be

disciples of the Master. And for those who will be there: we’ll see you in Rio to listen

to the Master and His Vicar, the Pope.

FIRST MEETING A master who loves

11. Sharing (with questions and prayers of intercession)

Form a circle with the group.

Place a pitcher of water and some cups (enough for everyone) in the middle of the


The leader explains the symbolism: the pitcher of water represents the jars of Cana;

the cups the heart of each person present.

Each one receives an empty cup. The idea is to fill the cup with water during the

subdivision, when everyone is responding to the questions.

13. Sending forth (personal commitment for the next meeting)

Mend clothes that are not used or buy new clothes in order to make an act of charity

and possibly even have them ready for the next meeting, in accordance with the

procedures agreed upon by the group. The important thing is that each individual

offer a concrete gesture of love towards the needy. (You can volunteer with an

organization, as a whole group, or serve in some way that you have direct contact

with people in need.)

SECOND MEETING - A Master who calls

11 - Sharing (with questions and intercessory prayers)

Make a circle with the people present.

Place in the center of the circle a cross and a large candle. The candle should be lit

from the beginning of the meeting.

Provide for buying small candles in sufficient quantity for all, which will be

distributed to all present for the moment of reception.

If it is night at the time of sharing, turn the lights out.

Invite everyone to answer the questions of others. The candle is lit at the time a

person shares his reflection. At the end, he leaves his candle beside the candle in the


13 Sending forth (personal commitment for the next meeting)

Place in a large envelope some tickets with specific commitments.

The tickets must include a commitment for each participant. The commitments may

be similar. It is necessary that enough tickets are prepared for everyone.

Randomly taking turns, each person picks a ticket and commits to carry out what is

written on it before the next meeting. The tasks are:

1st. Pray for someone sick you know;

2nd. Make an act of charity helping out in a special need.

3rd. Stop in the street for a few minutes to talk with someone who is poor;

4th. Write a letter/email to a friend, whom you haven’t heard from in a while;

5th. Pray every day for the participants in this group.

THIRD MEETING - A Master who sets free

11 - Sharing (with questions and intercessory prayers)

Make a circle with the people present.

Upon arrival, all participants will have their hands tied.

The whole meeting is conducted with everyone’s hands tied.

The leader will associate having tied hands to having trouble reading.

The idea is to untie the participants’ hands (each with the help of someone) during

sharing, with each sharing their impressions. The participant can only be released

upon share something.

While people share the Word of God and are released, put in the circle some rubber

bands, twist ties or strings together and try together to build a cross.

At the end pray the "Our Father” together while holding hands.

13 Sending forth (personal commitment for the next meeting)

Pick up the strings and commit to pray for a person in the group who is not popular

or does not seem interested, keeping in mind that a string can simultaneously hold

together and unite. Pray for the good of the person you have chosen and for the


FOURTH MEETING - A Master transfigured

11 - Sharing (with questions and intercessory prayers)

Make the circle with the people present.

Place a cross, a large candle, and some boxes of matches in the center of the circle.

Make sure there are enough matches for everyone.

At the time of sharing the leader gives each participant a match.

The match should be lit at the time of sharing. Each individual’s sharing should last

just as long as the match is lit. It is recommended that the sharing should impart a

strong life experience of particular importance.

You can then continue to share, recounting experiences in more detail or answering

questions of the others.

13 - Mandate (personal commitment for the next meeting)

Arrange for the group to participate in a Eucharistic Celebration.

Remember that the next meeting should be done along with another group that is

walking the same path of Lectio Divina in preparation for WYD Rio 2013.

FIFTH MEETING - A Master in prayer

Spontaneous sharing, since there will probably be two groups together. The

organizers (leaders) are invited to prepare the meeting together in advance, using

their creativity.

13 Sending forth (personal commitment for the next meeting)

Put the names of all participants in a big envelope. Each participant picks a name at

random. Pray for the person you whose name you were lucky enough to get.

SIXTH MEETING - A Master Pilgrim

11 - Sharing (with questions and intercessory prayers)

Spontaneous sharing

13 Sending forth (personal commitment for the next meeting)

Share the experience of the group with your family and friends.

Arrange a picnic with the whole group - before the next meeting.

SEVENTH MEETING - A Master who sends

11 - Sharing (with questions and intercessory prayers)

Prepare the room with a large candle and a crucifix.

Get ready a small candle for each person.

Each one shares the graces received in these seven meetings in preparation for

World Youth Day Rio 2013: what struck you most in these meetings The candle is

lit at the time of sharing.

13 Sending forth (personal commitment for the next meeting)

Draw straws for two or three participants. The people drawn are charged with the

mission of forming a new group.

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