Summer 2009 - Christie Digital Systems

Summer 2009 - Christie Digital Systems



3D momentum



As Christie anticipated last year, 3D has become the

catalyst for cinemas to upgrade to digital. 3D is igniting

screens in Europe, (as well as globally), delivering

exciting content that audiences crave. And, with so

many attractive options, exhibitors are realizing the

financial benefits of digital 3D. With box office records

being set for 3D openings around the world, exhibitors

expect that this summer season could trigger another

banner year.

Pulling people off their couches

and into cinemas

With a wave of filmmakers creating dynamic and

enhanced 3D content, and more than 20 movies slated

for 3D release over the next two years, along with

advances in digital projection technology, movie-goers

will be experiencing immersive entertainment that can’t

be matched on a home theatre system.

Christie digital projection installations continue to

help exhibitors enjoy the revenue-generating benefits of

alternative content such as opera, live music concerts,

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Asia Pacific next frontier 8

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Digital cinema rollout

for Independents 10


Official Supplier

–Cannes Festival

Finnkino marks

Finnish debut

for Christie



marketing in France

Digital cinema


in Spain

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“ What is encouraging

is that all of the

exhibitor communities

are moving forward...”

Dale Miller

Vice President, EMEA


3D explodes onto screens

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and sporting events. These exciting forms of

entertainment will not only literally jump out

at enthusiastic audiences, but exhibitors will

experience dramatic jumps in revenue streams.

Christie projectors lighting up

3D screens

Because Christie’s new Brilliant3D TM triple flash

technology delivers picture-perfect images that are

33% brighter on the screen and our solutions are

easy to integrate into theatres — they continue to

be the industry’s most popular and proven digital


Knowing that over 80% of the worldwide

market has chosen Christie projectors, both local

integrators and dealers — key to the on-going

success of the digital rollout — consistently

specify the Christie brand of projection systems.

“In 2009, digital cinema continues to gain

momentum across the EMEA market place.

With the number of 3D digital releases being

released by the studios, exhibitors are moving

forward aggressively with their rollout plans.

What is encouraging is that all of the exhibitor

communities are moving forward, from the

large multi-country chains to the vibrant and

strong independent sector. And that means the

consumer now has a wider choice than ever,”

notes Dale Miller, vice president EMEA, Christie.

62nd Festival de Cannes

gives top billing to 3D

Christie projects the

first animated feature in 3D

at opening ceremony

For the third year running, XDC appointed

Christie as the supplier of digital cinema

projection solutions at the 62nd Cannes Film

Festival. Cannes, the most recognized film festival

and major cultural

influence in cinema,

opened this year’s

event with the world

premiere of the new

animated comedy

adventure “Up” in

Disney Digital 3D, the

new animation from


Out of 53 cinema

titles announced for

the official lineup, at

least 50 features were

screened digitally.

94% of the feature

films screened used

Christie digital projectors.

Shaping global cinema

© Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Both CST (the representative organization of

cinema professionals in France responsible

for the technical operation of Cannes) and

XDC (an official partner for the Cannes Film

Festival) opted for Christie as their technical

partner supplying the digital projection

solutions for the Festival.

XDC, a leader in digital cinema in Europe

with over 500 installed digital screens,

specified a Christie CP2000-SB projector to

deliver the long-awaited 3D presentation

of “Up,” which takes audiences on an

immersive journey into a lost world. To

enhance this inaugural screening, the

CP2000-SB, with Brilliant3D was selected

because it maximized brightness and its

single lens system reduced operating

costs, without compromising on quality.

Fabrice Testa, vice president sales &

business development at XDC, said,

“3D today acts as a catalyst for the

conversion to digital cinema. Exhibitors

who are going digital will equip at

least one screen per multiplex for 3D

in Europe

cinema projection, and many theatres plan to

install two or three digital systems per multiplex.

In this context, Christie is a partner of choice for

XDC, providing reliable, easy-to-use and easy-tomaintain

products. This is why we have renewed

our joint partnership for the Cannes Film Festival

this year.”

XDC implemented its Cinestore Solo G3 server

in all the auditoriums at Cannes and collaborated

with XpanD, an expert in 3D presentations.

Christie digital projectors

at Cannes

Official Competition:

Seven Christie 2K DLP Cinema ®

projectors were installed in the following

auditoriums: Lumière, Debussy, Bazin,

Buñuel, 60th Anniversary Theatre

and the Beach Cinema.

Film Market:

Three Christie 2K DLP Cinema

projectors were installed in Bory

and Lerins2 auditoriums and

auditorium J. Plus, nine Christie

high definition DLP ® standard

projectors equipped the other HD

video rooms.

Palais des Festivals:

One Christie 2K digital control room

installed to check the digital copies.

France at digital forefront

France is spearheading the digital cinema

revolution in Europe with over 392 screens in

113 commercial theatres going digital. 80 screens

have already been equipped with a 3D system,

highlighting the potential of 3D for exhibitors

and production companies alike to boost their

programming experience.

FinnKino marks Finnish

debut for Christie

Finnkino, the largest chain of cinemas in Finland,

and one of the largest in the Nordic region,

develops its cinema services by building new

theatres and refurbishing existing ones. Their

goal is to expand the cinema-going experience,

offering a combination of quality films, the very

best in comfort and audio-visual technology, and

a wide range of ancillary services.

Founded in 1986 as a consortium of a total

of 34 companies engaged in film distribution

and exhibition, Finnkino has been a part of the

Rautakirja Group since 1994. They currently

operate 16 cinemas in 11 cities in Finland with

a total of 94 screens. Alongside its operations

in Finland, Finnkino has subsidiaries in Latvia,

Lithuania and Estonia. Finnkino forecasts that they

will sell up to 10 million tickets this year.

With 170 screens covering Finland and the

three Baltic countries, the exhibitor began to

look seriously at the digital market two years

ago. “That was the beginning of our learning

curve,” notes Finnkino’s Technical Manager Ari

“Jaska” Saarinen. “In the early days everyone was

thinking that so long as you had the TI chip in the

digital head, all projectors were of similar quality.

But there’s more knowledge about it now —

and what we have seen from Christie looks very

impressive indeed,” said Saarinen.



3D explodes onto screens

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in Europe

Largest Nordic operators back


“Despite Christie’s huge global market share in

digital cinema projection, this order represented

Christie’s entry into the Finnish market. It’s

great that we can now add Finland to the other

Scandinavian markets that we have already

penetrated,” stated Richard Nye, Christie's market

development manager for cinema in Europe,

Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

At last year’s Cinema Expo

Saarinen had the opportunity to

compare Christie’s full suite of

premium CP2000 2K products.

“There were several compelling

reasons for adopting the Christie

brand,” he said. “The first was

that we could get 20-25% more

light output from the projectors

than their competitors and that is

because of the superior light path.”

With the company moving

increasingly to active 3D via an

XpanD solution, the requirement

for high output further became paramount.

“You really need high brightness to satisfy

the 3D experience. The final issue is that the

CP2000-XB enables 3D content to be projected

in full 2K resolution which no-one else in the 2K

market can do,” added Saarinen. The technology

breakthrough is Christie Brilliant3D. A first for the

industry, this feature is enabled on all Christie 2K

DLP Cinema ® projectors.

Adding new momentum to their conversion to

DCI-compliant digital screening rooms, Finnkino

invested in ten Christie CP2000-XB split-body 2K

digital projectors.

Other factors that appealed to Saarinen’s

team were ease of use and fast installation,

and the fact that Finnkino only needed to

modify the windows in two projection rooms

to accommodate the compact, split body

design. This ensured that the rig could be

installed by their own technical crew quickly.

Christie also arranged a private training

seminar, which was extremely useful, as it will

enable us to support our own installations,”

commented Saarinen.

Finnkino’s flagship is the 14-screen, 3000-seat

multiplex in Tennispalatsi, developed in 1999

on a site that had originally been built for the

cancelled 1940 Olympic Games. The auditoriums

vary in size from 92 to 703 seats, with the biggest

housing a screen measuring 184.8 square metres

(1989 sq.ft) — making it the largest screen in

Northern Europe, and now converted for 3D

use. It was also the world’s first movie theatre to

implement THX tri-amplified sound system and

SDDS in all 14 digital auditoriums.

Finnkino is also a major player in the Baltic

countries as owner of Forum Cinemas AS

(Estonia), Forum Cinemas SIA (Latvia) and Forum

Cinemas UAB (Lithuania). They intend to invest

over the next two to three years to expand its

chain of movie theatres.

As for Ari Saarinen, he believes his relationship

with Christie is just at the beginning. “We are very

happy with this initial purchase,” he confirmed.

“We are able to use the CP2000-XB even in the

smallest auditoriums which is important, as it

means we can remain consistent with one model

throughout. This avoids problems of needing

different parts for different models, and allows

cinema staff to get used to it easier. In fact the

projectionists love the CP2000-XB because it’s so

easy to use.”

Screenvision strengthens

its marketing approach

in France

Screenvision is the leading innovator of on-screen

cinema advertising in Europe, with a presence

in France, Belgium, Portugal and Denmark. It is

a joint venture between ITV plc, the UK’s largest

commercial television network, and Thomson

a global supplier of technology, services, and

systems to the media and entertainment industries.

Screenvision currently serves over 1400 screens

in France.

Screenvision offers its partners a full range

of technical services for content management,

from 35mm to digital environments. They also

provide a centrally co-ordinated media planning,

buying, production and research service to

international advertisers.

Immersing clients in the

entertainment experience

Recently, Screenvision fitted its viewing room with

a Christie CP2000-ZX digital cinema projector. The

aim was to show customers, such as advertisers,

media agencies and film distributors, their advertising

messages as they would appear under actual

projection conditions, so that they could approve the

content within a real cinema environment.

Christie is a reliable and responsive company

that provides innovative technical projection

solutions with outstanding light output. The

Christie digital cinema projector was an obvious

choice for us to stand out as the pioneers of

e-cinema in France,” said Clement Beauvalet,

deputy director general in charge of business

development for Screenvision.

“The viewing room adds another dimension

to our relationship with all our partners and

customers. It allows us to strengthen our role in

digital cinema advertising in France and to assist

in this major digital transition,” added Beauvalet.

“For example, to support the emergence of 3D

feature films, Screenvision now offers advertisers

content creation in 3D.”

Following a preliminary study, Cine Digital

Service, a French company offering consulting,

sales, installation and technical assistance for

cinema equipment, developed a solution that

meets the demands of more sophisticated

on-screen advertising. As of this June, Cine

Digital Service will have installed over 500

digital projection systems throughout France.

“Screenvision already had 35mm equipment,

and they were able to integrate digital cinema

into the heart of their existing facility,” Daniel

Grall, president of Cine Digital Service noted.

“Incorporating both technical and architectural

specifications, we set up a package providing

optimal vision regardless of the format adopted.”

A successful transition to digital

Completed in March in compliance with DCI

recommendations, Screenvision’s turnkey installation--which

took into account both sound

and video requirements, included the Christie

CP2000-ZX digital cinema projector. “We have

a long-standing relationship with Christie, who,

as a global leader in digital cinema, has always

demonstrated its ability to remain competitive

both in terms of price and quality,” says Grall.

Christie’s reputation is based on innovative

technical solutions, ease of installation and

use, and a good cost/performance ratio. The

Christie CP2000-ZX, based on 2K DLP Cinema ®

technology, features a brightness of 18,500

lumens and a 2K resolution for ultra-compact

dimensions. It is able to display pristine images

on screens with widths up to 14 meters (46 ft),”

comments Pascal Gervais, development director

of Christie France.

“We are obviously delighted to provide

Screenvision the transition to a digital projection

system that has many advantages for advertisers

and other partners. They now can reduce

implementation time between the start of the ad

campaign and its distribution in theatres — by

eliminating transportation of 35mm reels. The

conversion to digital means that they can quickly

respond to advertisers’ needs for additional

campaign promotions, open houses and other

events. Exhibitors can easily change the order

and arrangement of trailers and commercials at

the last moment, and present audiences with

more entertaining content and events. With the

transition to digital 3D, they will be now be able

to give advertisers new opportunities to enhance

their commercials, and provide new impetus to

the advertising industry,” says Gervais.

Christie’s digital

projector was an

obvious choice for

us to stand out as

pioneers of e-cinema

in France.”

Clement Beauvalet

Deputy Director General


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3D explodes onto screens

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in Europe

“…the feature that

was crucial in

selecting Christie

is how easy it was

to use the menus.”

Enrique Martinez

Technical Director

Yelmo Cinemas

Yelmo Cines Islazul:

A blueprint for digital

expansion in Spain

Islazul, translated, means the Blue Island. The

theatre has become a part of a planned

expansion of the city of Madrid. More than just a

local shopping center, it is a major regional retail

and leisure destination. An imaginative approach

to the city’s zoning, Islazul created a series of

malls, each with its own character. Along with

one of Spain’s best fashion shopping experiences,

and a food court, there is a Plaza that serves

both shoppers and visitors, and includes the

new Yelmo Cinemas’

13-screen multiplex.

A leading film exhibition

chain in Spain, Yelmo

Cinemas serves over 12

million moviegoers a year

with over 350 theatres in

31 different cinemas. The

new Yelmo Cines Islazul,

with a capacity of 3,200 seats, is one of a series

of technological advances and innovative services

that make it the most modern multiplex in Spain,

and sets a benchmark for Europe.

Arts Alliance Media (AAM), a European leader

of digital film distribution, in collaboration with

its Spanish partner Kelonik, were responsible for

the supply, installation and maintenance of all

equipment, including the selection of Christie

digital projectors. “We believe that the Christie

projectors, known for their state-of-the-art

technology, are the most advanced in terms of

brightness. We trust their proven performance,

since Christie has the largest number of DLP ®

projectors installed in the world” says Tomás

Naranjo, commercial director of Kelonik.

Nuances that tipped the scales

in favor of Christie

Five of the

theatres within

the Yelmo Cines

Islazul multiplex,

which represent

50 percent of its

seating capacity,

have been fully

digitized with

Christie CP2000 series projectors. For Yelmo, this

was their first experience with a digital multiplex

solution. “The goal of this installation was to

determine the ability to share and distribute

content between different screens,” said Enrique

Martinez, technical director of Yelmo Cinemas.

Five Christie digital projectors were chosen — one

CP2000-SB, two Christie CP2000-ZX and two

Christie CP2000-S — because they are designed

to support any signal, which was key for Islazul to

output all kinds of content such as soccer, opera,

and music concerts. Martinez noted, “This type of

alternate content will be much more common in

coming years and will surely become an important

part of our revenue at the box office.”

Hallmarks of Yelmo Cinemas


One of the most important characteristics of

Yelmo Cinemas Islazul is that it houses the largest

screen in Europe — measuring 25.60 meters wide

and 10.70 meters high (84 ft x 35 ft), located in

one of the theatres that has more than 700 seats,

and is equipped with a Christie CP2000-SB

projector. Another auditorium, with capacity for

268 people has a CP2000-S projector installed

and is ready for 3D projection, using XpanD active

glass system. Yelmo plans to transform another

432-seat theatre for 3D in the near future.

A concept developed by Yelmo Cinemas is a

multifunctional auditorium called Cinegames that

is ideal for holding online multiplayer networked

videogames that requires a large screen format

and special effects. Equipped with a Christie

CP2000-ZX, the room has 54 VIP leather seats

with individual screens and audio systems on

individual headrests. Euroseating specifically

developed audio-tactile systems built into the

seats. Cinegames is also used for interactive

conferences, as well as cultural, educational and

corporate events that require digital projection on

a big screen.

After the successful trial, Yelmo Cinemas

recently announced that it has reached a new

agreement with AAM to equip 22 additional

rooms within its chain of digital cinemas across

Spain, with 3D and satellite-enabled capabilities

using DCI-compliant systems. Yelmo, AAM

and Kelonik have again, by mutual agreement,

selected Christie projectors and Doremi servers

for deployment. “We want to take advantage

of the coming digital wave of 3D movies,” says


Ymagis: Business model

premieres in France

Financing solution helps

exhibitors in Europe

convert to digital

Dedicated to the world of digital cinema, Ymagis,

based in Paris, provides services to distributors,

advertising agencies, producers and operators.

Created in 2007 by Jean Mizrahi and Jean

Christophe Lacroix, both cinema industry executives,

the company offers technical and financial

solutions to ensure deployment of cinema to

digital broadcasting, as well as solutions for

encoding DCI standards and distribution of

digital copies.

Technological developments at Ymagis

are first tested in the projection room of the

company. For cinemas under contract during

their transition to digital, Ymagis provides other

services such as the creation of masters (DCP),

duplication and distribution of copies (KDM

in cinemas) and validation files. They are also

engaged in digital postproduction.

The compact Christie CP2000-ZX

digital projector offers maximum

installation options.

Story continues on back cover

Christie is a partner

of choice that

reflects our goals…

in the transition

to digital.”

Jean Mizrahi

Founder and President


6 7

Asia Pacific region: next frontier

for digital cinema

Christie forges digital deployment deals in South Korea,

China, India and Thailand

“ It’s a testimony to

the global quality of

our entertainment

solution and

strong technical

support teams…”

Lin Yu

Vice President, Asia Pacific


CGV Shindorim theatre in Seoul, Korea.

Christie is enjoying enormous digital cinema

growth of more than 400% in the Asia Pacific

region. With major deployment deals in place,

this growth firmly establishes Christie as the

undisputed industry leader. To date, more than

600 sites in Asia Pacific have installed Christie

CP2000 series DLP Cinema ® projectors, with an

additional 500 sites scheduled for conversion by

the end of this year.

Christie installations lead the

film-to-digital transition

After posting a record of more than 7,000

completed installations worldwide, Christie is

now driving the growth of digital cinema in

Asia Pacific, with many countries in the region

embarking on large-scale

digital cinema plans.

South Korea-based

D-Cinema Korea Co. Ltd

(DCK), the joint-venture

company of CJ CGV and

Lotte Cinema, announced

a Virtual Print Fee (VPF)

deal with major Hollywood

studios that will launch

the country’s largest digital

cinema deployment to

date. The studios, including

Paramount Pictures,

Twentieth Century Fox and

Universal Pictures, have

agreed to provide digital

theatrical releases and pay a VPF for each title

to help offset the initial costs of conversion. For

the deployment, Christie will provide its CP Series

projectors in theatres across the country. South

Korea is expected to be the first, fully digitized

country in the world.

China has gathered momentum since the

triumphant performance of a record number of

Christie digital projectors at the

2008 Beijing Summer Games

ceremonies. Together with

Beijing Time Antaeus (TA) Media

Tech. Co., Ltd., Christie provided

120 Christie CP2000-ZX models

that delivered a spectacular

Kingdom Garden Movie Station

in Beijing, China.

presentation for the event and demonstrated

their full flexibility in a non-cinema environment.

After the ceremonies, these projectors were

installed in TA’s theatres across China as part

of the country’s film-to-digital conversion. In

addition, China’s renowned Shanghai Film Group

(SFG) Corporation and Lianzhong (LZ) have also

selected Christie exclusively for their respective

nationwide digital cinema rollout plans.

In India, Christie continues its collaboration

with Scrabble Entertainment. To date it has

successfully installed 200 Christie DLP Cinema


for India’s

largest single

digital cinema

deployment. This

historic rollout

has brought the

digital cinema

revolution to

India. Christie

projectors are

now installed in

theatres owned

Fun Theatres’ Audi 1 Northsquare

Mall Pitampura, one of Scrabble

Entertainment’s first digital

deployments using Christie projectors.

by PVR Cinemas, Fame Cinemas, INOX and Fun

Theatres across the country.

In Thailand, Christie has worked with its

Thailand-based partner, Golden Duck Group, to

develop the local cinema scene. Major Cineplex

Group, the country’s largest exhibitor, has also

recently adopted a full Christie digital cinema

solution for their theatres in Bangkok. (See separate

story on page 9). In addition, SF Cinema, the

second largest chain in Thailand, is also a firm

supporter of the Christie CP2000 Series.

“In the recent digital cinema deployment plans,

Christie has expanded its market share in the

Asia Pacific region very rapidly and surpassed

the growth rate of most digital cinema providers

in this part of the world. Leading exhibitors are

now opting for Christie digital cinema solutions

as they have witnessed successful implementations

worldwide. It is also a testimony to the

undisputed global quality of our entertainment

solutions and strong technical support teams

to help theatres complete their film-to-digital

transitions,” comments Lin Yu, vice president,

Christie Asia Pacific.

Thailand’s lifestyle entertainment

cineplexes enhanced with Christie

digital projectors

Major Cineplex Group is Thailand’s leading lifestyle

entertainment company with core business in

cinema, bowling, karaoke, ice skating rinks, retail

space, film distribution and advertising media.

The “Cineplex” concept was first introduced to

the Thais in 1995 when Major built the first-of-itskind

standalone cineplex in Bangkok. Combining

cinema and entertainment under the same roof,

moviegoers were offered a wide selection of

films along with a vast variety of restaurants, gift

shops, bookstores and many other lifestyle stores.

Major’s standalone cineplex quickly became a

very popular destination of lifestyle entertainment

alternatives for residents in Bangkok. In

subsequent years, several more standalone

cineplexes were added to Major’s network.

Offering a full spectrum of

cinema choices

After several successful years, an alternative

vehicle for growth — the lifestyle neighborhood

mall model — was created in 2003. Major’s

compact lifestyle neighborhood mall, typically

built on a smaller plot of land next to residential

areas, has grown in metropolitan areas as

well as more urbanized areas around the

country, providing enhanced convenience to

the moviegoers.

Major Cineplex Group has over 40 Major

Cineplexes and more than 350 theatres in

Thailand. Currently, 15 of those screens have

adopted the full Christie digital cinema projection

solution — the most extensive digital cinema

deployment in the country to date.

Christie, working with its Thailand-based

partner, Golden Duck Group, has been busy

developing the local cinema market. Seven of

the projectors installed to date are 3D-capable.

Golden Duck recently installed 10 Christie

CP2000 series projectors of which nine units

were the CP2000-ZX model. All the digital

projectors utilize Christie Brilliant3D technology

which enables 3D content to be projected in full

2K resolution. In addition they use Christie high

performance CDXL D-Cinema lamps.

“Thailand movie-goers are very sophisticated

in their entertainment needs. Going digital 3D is

an excellent way to reinvent movie-going into an

engaging experience for the local consumers,”

comments Jonathon Lim, general manager,

Singapore, Christie. “We look forward to being a

valuable partner in helping Major Cineplex bring

the new cinema frontier to Thailand.”


“We look forward

to being a valuable bring

the new cinema

frontier to Thailand.”

Jonathon Lim

General Manager, Singapore


8 9

Helping independent exhibitors

participate in the digital cinema rollout

Digital cinema

can significantly

expand a theatre’s

potential revenue


Craig Sholder

Vice President

Entertainment Solutions

Christie USA

Classic Cinemas’ Lake Theatre

in Oak Park, Illinois.

In conjunction with its authorized digital cinema

resellers, Christie has developed more customizable

programs that provide marketing and sales

support, offer technical advice and expertise,

and maintain spare parts inventory. These critical

issues are often stumbling blocks for independent

theatres in their efforts to go digital.

“Independent theatres serve an important

niche in the cinema marketplace. They cater

to local audiences and provide a connection

to their communities. By working closely with

certified Christie dealers who sell, install and

service the independent theatres, Christie offers

a broader range of support that includes turnkey

operations and the most advanced digital projection

solutions,” comments Craig Sholder, vice president,

Entertainment Solutions, Christie USA.”

Reaping the full benefits of

digital cinema

Classic Cinemas, a family-owned business based

in Downer’s Grove, Illinois, operates 13 theatres

in 12 communities. They were early adopters

of digital sound, digital projection technology

and 3D. Specializing in

“lighting up the darkened

downtowns” in northern

Illinois, their theatres have

become the engines for

driving downtown redevelopment.

Recently, Classic

Cinemas installed Christie

CP2000-ZX projectors in

seven locations to show

“My Bloody Valentine” and

“Monsters vs. Aliens” in 3D.

According to Vice-

President Chris Johnson of

Classic Cinemas, “Christie

is a good company to work

with and they strongly

support their products.

Their projectors are ideal

for showing 3D content.

Because they feature very

efficient light engines, we

use ‘less bulb’ and get ‘more

light,’ which helps us to

reduce our ongoing costs.

Audience reaction to our 3D

showings is excellent, and

we’re confident that the viewing experience

we offer is the result of the quality images that

Christie projectors provide on the screen.”

3D drives digital conversions

EuroWest Companies, headquartered in Essex,

Vermont, recently converted one of its two

theater complexes in Essex, Vermont. Peter

Edelmann, president of EuroWest, remarked,

“The kids are going wild for 3D movies, such

as ‘Monsters vs. Aliens,’ and we have great

expectations for more content to be available

throughout 2009.”

Essex Cinemas in Essex, Vermont

Edelmann noted that he selected Christie digital

projectors because “of its reputation, quality

and long-term value.” He added, “The new

digital projection equipment from Christie will be

used for more than movies. It will allow a lot of

alternative programming, including live concerts,

video gaming activities and sporting events, such

as the Super Bowl.”

Dale Chapman, regional manager at EuroWest

Cinemas, commented that they were extremely

happy with the Christie CP2000-ZX projectors.

“We primarily selected Christie equipment for the

Essex Cinemas because of their reliability, ease of

service, the lamp guarantee, and the reputation

that Christie has in the industry,” he said. He

recalled receiving an email from a moviegoer who

saw “Monsters vs. Aliens” at one of his theatres.

“It was the best 3D experience they ever had.”

Chapman noted that they will install another

Christie CP2000-ZX projector in the Cumberland

12 Cinema located in Plattsburgh, New York.

“Because of the record number of 3D features

and alternative content coming through the

Hollywood pipeline, 3D has become the driving

force for digital conversions. 3D justifies our

decision to convert, and makes the new digital

technology affordable for us. We will be in a

position to finance our systems faster on the

local level.”

Making a difference to the

bottom line

In 2002, Southern Theatres, headquartered in

New Orleans, was launched to develop and

operate state-of-the-art multiplex, stadium-seating

movie theatres. Responsible for daily operations

of The Grand Theatres and Amstar Cinemas in

18 locations with 280 screens, from Alabama to

Texas, they have plans for continued expansion

in key markets throughout the Southeast. Ron

Krueger, COO of Southern Theatres, remarked

that they wanted to take advantage of digital

cinema deployment, and to enjoy the value

and increased revenues that 3D will bring to his

theatres. “I believe that 3D is the lynch pin to the

rollout of 2D digital cinema,” he said.

Southern Theatres recently installed Christie

CP2000-ZX digital projectors in five of their

theatres, in time for Walt Disney’s “Jonas Brothers:

3D Concert Experience.” Krueger said that

Christie’s products and services are very reliable

and he has confidence in their ability to deliver.

“We have no problems whatsoever. We selected

the Christie CP2000-ZX projectors because they

were the right size for our mid-size auditoriums,

and they are extremely cost-efficient.”

Providing more than

just projectors

Integrity Entertainment Systems, located in

Albany, New York, is an authorized digital

cinema reseller for Christie. They handled the

sales and installations at both Southern and

EuroWest. “We supply all the components

necessary for the complete installation. We

coordinate infrastructure and the financial

aspects, provide surveys and measurements,

Southern Theatres’ Conroe 14, located in Conroe, Texas.

and are responsible for the documentation

required by the studios, as well as the

2D and 3D content providers,” said Gary

Engvold, president of Integrity. “I call it a

one-stop approach where we include project

management at no additional cost to the

independent exhibitor.”

Engvold added: “We also offer our

independent cinema customers the ability to fund

all or part of their cost for the digital projectors.

By referring them to various leasing companies

where we have established a successful

relationship, we help open the doors for our

clients’ digital conversions. About a third of the

systems purchased are through leasing options

we arrange.”

Digital cinema can significantly expand a

theatre’s potential revenue streams. Christie

is dedicated to helping independent theatres

enjoy the best of both worlds: affordable

financing packages and the highest quality

digital cinema installation and support

platform,” sums up Sholder.

< Cumberland 12 Cinema in Plattsburgh, New York

10 11

3D explodes onto screens

in Europe

Ymagis: Business model premieres in France

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Due to a growing demand, they are considering

a new business venture to remaster old films.

Ymagis has also set up a digital lab that

enables an increasing number of producers

and distributors to access the latest digital

technologies for distribution of content.

Expanding the digital platform

with Christie projection solutions

With its commitment to move quickly in the

conversion to digital, their technology experts

chose Christie to provide projection equipment

for its new digital screening room.

The Christie CP2000-ZX, based on proven

technology and the reliability of DLP ® , was

installed by TACC, a subsidiary of Digital Cinema

Service. Coordinating a network of installers

throughout France, Digital Cinema Service, with

a network of more than 70 people, provides

a unique link between manufacturers and

operators of cinema facilities.

The Christie CP2000-ZX was selected

because it is up to 50% more compact than its

competitors — offering maximum installation

options for small to medium size rooms. It has

also proven to be very easy to use and maintain.

Daniel Grall, president of Digital Cinema

Service commented “The CP 2000-ZX offers an

exceptional brightness level of 18,500 lumens

which projects an outstanding image quality on

the screen.”

Digital cinema is more than a new

technology. It is a major development for the

cinema industry that allows viewers to have new

visual experiences such as 3D, and for cinemas

to expand their programming strategy, at a very

competitive price,” says Jean Mizrahi, founder

and president of Ymagis. “As a market leader

in solutions for digital projection, Christie is a

partner of choice that reflects our goal to assist

stakeholders in the transition to digital.”

The savings derived from digital copying, with

a cost significantly less than the 35mm print

— the principle behind “virtual copies” — will

be transferred in part towards financing digital

conversions. This incentive plan ensures the

funding of more than 90% of French cinemas,

allowing a balance between major circuits and

independent cinemas, between large integrated

distributors and large and small distributors. This

model was conceived to preserve the advances

made over the past hundred years of French

cinema, marked by diversity and dynamism.

Since its founding, Ymagis has converted

over twenty operators — representing thirtyfive

cinemas and more than two hundred

independent French screens — to digital cinema

through its flexible and tailored financing models

that benefit all partners in digital broadcasting.

Ymagis boasts support through non-exclusive

agreements with Paramount, Disney, Fox and

Universal in Europe to participate in financing

the cost of digital conversions. The company has

also signed a similar contract with the French

advertising agency Censier Publicinex.

Agreements are about to be made

with other U.S. studios and distributors

in France.

The bright, high performance

Christie CP2000-ZX projector offers

Brilliant3D TM technology — full 2K

resolution triple flash for 3D.

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