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I have outlined my Eye on Arbonne success story so many times in

my head, knowing some day I would get to tell it. Now that I have

that privilege, I find myself asking the question, what do I have to

offer If my story could inspire just one person, then I have accomplished

what I set out to do.

I married my high school sweetheart, Bob, and together we had two

boys, Nicholas, 16, and Jozsef, 12. Over the years, I have had

many “careers,” ranging from dental assistant to childcare provider

and salon owner. When Nick was born, we wanted the option of

having me stay home full time, but financially, we just could not

make it work. This was so important to us that Bob, while working

his full-time job, also took on a part-time job so I could scale back

my hours to part time to be home some of the time. When Jozsef

was born, we decided I needed a career change. I stayed home

and provided childcare while Nick was starting school. Because we

wanted to send him to Christian school, Bob kept working his parttime

job right alongside his full-time job. But even with this arrangement,

we were going nowhere fast and getting deeper into debt.

In 1996, I made another career change to nail technician. I worked

in a salon and then opened my own. I soon realized that even

though I was the boss, my income was solely based on my efforts. I

constantly struggled with the question, “Did I own the business or

did the business own me” I was introduced to Arbonne by one of

my salon customers, Shannon Struik, who used the products but

could not find them in our area. She begged me to look into

Arbonne so I could sell the products to her. After looking into the

NutriMinC ® RE 9® skin care line, I found that I also loved the products.

So, I decided to start selling the Arbonne products. I did not

a n n e s p i n a

Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President

Anne Spina Region; Cedar Rapids, IA

have a lot of activity, but became a District Manager and maintained

that status, while seeing some of the income potential. I was

inspired by the Eye on Arbonne success stories, such as NVP

Christie Feighan and RVP Marilyn Free, whom I have met and

received encouragement from (in true Arbonne spirit). It is a good

thing I started to build a business with Arbonne, because four years

after I opened my salon, I developed an allergic reaction to the

chemicals in artificial nails. All of a sudden, I did not have my salon

income to rely on, so I decided to put all my efforts into my Arbonne


The dynamics of this business, and true potential of this opportunity,

are incredible. This past year I was faced with some very difficult circontinued


The Spina Family: Jozsef, Anne, cat, Mercedes; Nicholas, and

dog, Dutchess.

Anne and President Rita Davenport.

NVP Debbie Ropella, AM Laura Ferrall and Anne at Areas in Paradise.

success strategy:

Keep moving one step at a

time toward your goal and

do not quit.

cumstances that directly affected my Arbonne business. I felt like I

was at a crossroads in my life and did not know how I was going

to get through it. My upline, NVP Debbie Ropella, ENVP Dianne

Partee and ENVP Donna Johnson were very supportive of my situation.

After a conversation with President Rita Davenport, I realized I

had to make a decision — put my difficult circumstances behind me

and become a success.

Team with ENVP Diane Partee at the Green Bay Getaway.


I have so much to be thankful for. First, I want to thank God. I am

in awe of His never-ending love for me, the abundance He gives me

through my family and friends, and the gift of strength He instills in

me to conquer my doubts and fears.

Next, I want to thank my family. To my biggest cheerleader, my

mom: Thank you for your prayers and support, I love you! To my

husband, Bob: Even though it took a little while, you hung in there

with me. Thanks for being flexible and unselfish, I respect and love

you. To my boys, Nicholas and Jozsef: I love you both so much, you

are my Why. To my big sister, Monica: You are the best big sister

anyone could ask for. Thank you for always being there for me and

for teaching me how to stand up for myself.

To my loyal customer and friend, Shannon Struik: Thank you for

begging me to sell Arbonne to you. I am glad you were persistent

and I listened. You will never know how much you changed my life.

With that said, I cannot forget to thank Nancy Swain, another customer

and friend, for giving Shannon a gift certificate to my salon.

Nancy, if you had not provided the means, Shannon would have

never come in and shared Arbonne with me. I am so glad that you

are both now a part of my team.

To my prayer partners, Cindy, Dee, Brenda and Pam: Thank you for

standing by me and praying for me. You are the best.

To NVP Debbie Ropella, ENVP Dianne Partee and ENVP Donna

Johnson: You are the best upline. I am so proud to have you as my

leaders! You believed in me before I believed in myself.

AM MaryLee Williams, Anne, EDM Shannon Struik, ENVP Donna

Johnson and Marci Butler.

EDM Teresa O’Dell, NVP Debbie Ropella

and Anne at the Manager getaway.

To President Rita Davenport: You are an inspiration and encouragement

to everyone. You are an incredible role model. You asked

me to always remind you of our walk in the shopping center in

Wisconsin. That brief moment in time will always be special to me.

To AM MaryLee Williams: I am so excited for you and the growth

of your business. To my best friend, AM Laura Ferrall: I am so glad

you decided to do this as a business. Get ready you two … you

are next!

To my awesome team, DMs (and AMs-in-qualification) Teresa

O’Dell and Shannon Struik: You are great leaders. To DMs, Jane

Stevens (my first sponsored Consultant), Lisa Barkley, Terry Baker,

Pam Galle, Nancy Swain, Josh Ferrall, Julie Goldner, Kristin Peiffer,

Kent Struik, Rachel Wagler and Christine Westerkamp: I want you

to know that I believe in all of you. To my DMs-in-qualification, Amy

Stafford, Kathy Kolbo, Jan Holloway, Jessica Mortvedt and Robin

Ainesworth: I am cheering you on to success.

To my Clients, business builders and Consultants who purchase

product at the discount: Thank you for your continued loyalty to the

Arbonne brand!

To anyone searching for a better way of life, take the first step

toward achieving it by signing on to do an Arbonne business.

When all is said and done, you will realize that you have improved

your life, earned the potential to secure your financial future, and

enhanced the lives of people around you. If you let it, Arbonne can

change your life forever.

EDM Shannon Struik, Anne, Anne’s mom, Sue Parker and AM

MaryLee Williams at NTC 2005 Las Vegas.

The testimonials in this story reflect the actual experience of an individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical.


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