Oct. 27-Nov. 9 . 2012 qnotes 1


Oct. 27-Nov. 9 . 2012 qnotes 1

Oct. 27-Nov. 9 . 2012 qnotes 1

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Oct. 27-Nov. 9 . 2012 qnotes 3

on being a

gay parent

by Brett Webb-Mitchell

qnotes contributor

Perfectly normal

“Gay and Lesbian Parents are Perfectly

Normal,” screamed the headline on salon.

com. In an article by Katie McDonough, the

American Journal of Orthopsychiatry (another

social scientific study) reported that “’highrisk’

children adopted from foster care do just

as well when matched with gay, lesbian, or

straight parents.” To summarize, 60 foster children

were placed with straight parents, and 22

with gay or lesbian parents. At the second year

evaluation, there was little difference between

the cognitive growth and any behavior or social

problems were stabilized (Salon.com, Oct. 19).

According to this report, what was unusual was

that lesbian and gay parents were more prone

to adopt children with “heightened risk factors

— such as premature birth, prenatal substance

abuse or repeat placements in foster care.”

The conclusion of this report Gay and lesbian

parents are “ordinary parents.”

Every time I read a report like this, I simply

smile. The purpose of social science study is

to take something that seems ordinary and

common sense and see how common it is,

or determine why it is ordinary. Both those

who are pro-LGBTQ parenting and those who

are anti-LGBTQ parenting use these articles

to prove a point or establish social policy. If

memory serves me correctly, I believe that

most of the studies seem to come the same

conclusion: LGBTQ parents are pretty “normal,”

just like the “gold standard” of parenting:

straight parents. However, having been raised

by straight parents in middle-class America,

I can point to anecdotal experience, along

with enough Lifetime movies, family system

theory case studies and other social scientific

evidence that makes any impartial observer

question such a rating.

Like many other dads and moms who had

their children while being in a heterosexual

marriage, I would have to say I have been a

better dad out of the closet than when I was in

the closet. There were some family members

along with friends who cautioned me about

being out, warning me about what hardship

I would put upon my children as an out gay

dad in a southern city. Living truthfully means

that I can be a more honest, and thus more

earnest, parent. Throughout my children’s

growing and turbulent teenage years I was

free to ask them about what was going on in

their life because I was living more honestly

and openly. As a former special educator, it

is my hunch that the reason some out-LGBTQ

parents do so well as parents of foster-care

children, or with children living with behavioral

or social disabilities, is because these children

are in the presence of those who have had

their very mettle tested in simply coming and

being an out LGBTQ parent. There is something

about being in the company of those who

have been stigmatized in life, branded as an

“outsider,” marginalized, where others who

have been ostracized feel comfort and a sense

of belonging. I’ve witnessed a unique kind of

love among friends who are gay or lesbian

foster-parents with their children, or parents

who have adopted children with disabilities.

While the possible rants and tirades of a child

who may not know how to love or accept the

love of another person initially would scare

many others, I have watched as a gay dad or

lesbian mom simply waited until the storm was

over, never leaving the side of a child in pain,

always there to apply the medicine of a healing

touch of love. Such is the care and love of

a perfectly normal parent. : :


In our story “Soldier’s remains returned” in our News Notes briefs column, references were

made that were attributed to The Charlotte Observer. Those should have been credited to the

Associated Press. We regret the error.

staff editorial

by Lainey Millen :: lainey@goqnotes.com

Mayfield should say no to hate

After digesting all of the hoopla going on

about Charlotte City Councilperson LaWana

Mayfield attending an event that featured

Louis Farrakhan, I must tell you all that I am

totally outraged! As someone who is Jewish,

I take strong offense to what he stands for.

His rhetoric is totally anti-Semitic and that just

plain doesn’t jibe with me at all.

When I was growing up in a small southern

town, I was on the receiving end of anti-Semitism.

I had classmates who were not allowed to

hang with me because I bore the sign of the star.

And, it did not end there. My family and I were

routinely subjected to anti-Semitic verbal abuse

and social ostracism. In school, I also faced

physical abuse from my teachers and peers.

As a public servant, I can buy that Mayfield

may have to hear her constituent’s concerns,

including those with whom she may disagree.

That’s part of the territory when serving as a

public official. But, she does not have to agree

with them. She has to be open-minded and objective.

I equate the concept to this scenario: I’m

Jewish. I don’t eat pork and shellfish. If I go to

an event and they are served, I simply don’t eat.

I can’t tell you how many barbecues I have been

to where I’ve eaten coleslaw sandwiches.

Now, if Mayfield goes to an event with

someone like Farrakhan, she can listen, but she

does not have to participate, or even worse,

comment. She appeared to have agreed with

him, i.e., “doing G-d’s will.” Well, if someone is a

person who does G-d’s work, then that person

should never espouse hate speech. Farrakhan’s

distasteful views are well documented. How can

a lesbian, black woman who I am sure has undergone

some sort of discrimination during her

life, even begin to align herself with someone

who is so filled with hate How can she, in good

conscious, rally in any way with a person who

has such an anti-Semitic and anti-LGBT record

Hate led to the destruction of over six million

of my people and many others including gay

people at the hands of Adolf Hitler and his crew.

These monstrous atrocities began with mere



[Ed. Note — The commentary below was written by qnotes staff member Lainey Millen who, after learning

of the ongoing controversy regarding hate leader Louis Farrakhan and local officials’ responses to him, felt

a strong conviction to share her personal views on the matter. This newspaper and its staff stand strongly

in support of Millen, a Jewish woman of faith. Millen has had no role in the reporting of any recent news or

in any editorial decision-making processes regarding the controversy surrounding Farrakhan, Charlotte City

Councilmember LaWana Mayfield or other elected officials. — Matt Comer, editor]

words and rhetoric and were ended only by the

further killing of millions more in a world-wide

war. Yet, anti-Semitic hate still lives on. Since

then there has been a rise in neo-Nazi support

and the Ku Klux Klan has even adopted anti-

Jewish views. All this makes my skin crawl.

Personally, I think that just because she’s

invited to an event, Mayfield does not have

to agree to go. Nancy Reagan said it so right:

“Just say no.” Public servants don’t have to go

to everything they are asked to. At some point,

one has to exercise their stand on morality and

ethics. Mayfield, it seems to me, did neither. Her

mere presence at the event surrounding the

weekend in question violated her morals as a

diversity champion. And, on the ethical stance,

the award-winning Human Rights Campaign

and North Carolina Black Pride Movement

councilperson, seems to, as of press time,

still have trouble seeing that her actions and

statements have violated the trust of her LGBT

constituents and community. No one can have it

both ways. Either you stand up for and support

those whom you value or you don’t. Mayfield’s

moral obligation, as a human, to stand against

hate appeared to have come second to her

“duty” as a council representative.

All she had to say after the fact is, “I made

a mistake. I should not have publicly appeared

to have shown any support to Louis Farrakhan.

I realize that in doing so that I set off a firestorm

of negativity around my role as a government

official and a leader within my local

LGBT community. In retrospect, maintaining a

neutral stance would have been better.”

I’ve worked for the government, both on

the national and local levels. In that role, I am

instructed to be non-partisan and non-judgmental,

to listen and provide the information

that is requested of me. Mayfield didn’t immediately

do that. She was asked to distance

herself from hate. She repeatedly refused.

How hard is it to say no to hate By the time

this print edition hits newsstands, I pray that

Mayfield has changed her mind. : :

4 qnotes Oct. 27-Nov. 9 . 2012



Politicians refuse to

condemn anti-Semitic,

anti-LGBT comments

LaWana Mayfield, city’s first and only LGBT official,

tweets Farrakhan is ‘doing God’s will’

by Matt Comer :: matt@goqnotes.com

[Ed. Note — This is a developing story. Some

of the information in this printed report might

have updates. Follow the latest and read

more in-depth reports online at goqnotes.com/

in/hate-watch/ or see a continually-updated

timeline of events for this story at goqnotes.


CHARLOTTE — Some local elected

officials and candidates have come under

scrutiny after attending events headlined by

hate group leader Louis Farrakhan, who has

a long history of anti-Semitic comments and

hostility toward the lesbian, gay, bisexual and

transgender (LGBT) community.

Among them is openly lesbian Charlotte

City Councilmember LaWana Mayfield, who

attended a Farrakhan speech on Oct. 13 and

has been questioned regarding an ambiguous

Twitter message in which she said the hate

leader was “doing God’s will.” At press time,

Mayfield had yet to respond to repeated requests

to condemn Farrakhan’s history of anti-

Semitic and anti-LGBT hate speech. Others,

including Mecklenburg County Commissioner

Chairman Harold Cogdell and Commissioner

Vilma Leake, had similarly refused to condemn

the hate comments.

Farrakhan is the long-time leader of the

Nation of Islam, an African-American Islamic

group described as a “black separatist” hate

group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, or

the SPLC. The Montgomery, Ala.-based SPLC

has long listed the Nation of Islam alongside

two other black separatist groups and hundreds

of other identified hate groups ranging from

neo-Nazis to right-wing anti-gay extremists.

Farrakhan ‘doing God’s will’

Mayfield, who in 2011 became the city’s

first openly gay or lesbian elected official,

attended an Oct. 13 Farrakhan speech at Little

Rock A.M.E. Zion Church. There, Mayfield

sent a message of supposed support for the

hate group leader on Twitter.

“Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan at

Little Rock AME Zion Church doing God’s will

not his own,” Mayfield wrote with an accompanying

photograph of Farrakhan.

In an interview with qnotes on Oct. 18,

Mayfield said she attended the event as an

invited local elected official.

“Yes, I am aware of his comments. I’m

also aware that as an elected official, I am to

represent all the people in my community not

just some people in the community,” she told

qnotes. “I attended the event as an elected official

because we were invited to the event.”

Mayfield continued, “Me being in attendance

as well as others who were in attendance

wasn’t necessarily a show of support or condemnation.

As an elected [official] being invited,

there are a lot of events that I have attended and

that I will attend as an elected official representing

the entire city and specifically District 3.”

Mayfield declined to say whether she

thought anti-Semitism and anti-LGBT hostility

are “God’s will.” Her messages on Twitter

are common fare, she said.

“The tweet that I sent out was different comments

that he said during the event,” Mayfield

said. “Every event I attend I tweet out what’s going

on, what’s being said. There are some things

that he said that I agree with but that doesn’t

mean that I agree with everything he says.”

Mayfield refused to condemn Farrakhan’s

anti-Semitic and anti-LGBT hostility.

“No, I’m not going to condemn a man for

his past, just like I would not want anyone to try

to condemn me for my past,” she said. “Each

day that we live there is a hope that we are going

to learn and we’re going to grow and we’re

going to do something better than we did the

day before. So, why would I condemn because

that’s not my place. That’s the place of God.”

Pressed further to condemn Farrakhan’s

comments, rather than Farrakhan as a

person, Mayfield still declined. “It’s not my

place to condemn anything that someone

else does, whether it’s in the past or it’s in the

future,” she said. “That’s their pathway and

their road with their religious beliefs in getting

to greater enlightenment.”

In other public messages on Facebook following

the release of qnotes’ original story on

Oct. 19, Mayfield continued to say she would

not condemn Farrakhan’s comments.

Cogdell has said he had “no regrets”

after attending the Farrakhan event. He,

too, declined to condemn Farrakhan’s hate

speech. Leake, who attended both the Oct. 13

speech and Oct. 14 rally, declined to condemn

Farrakhan’s hate speech and said she

attended the events as an individual, not as an

official of Mecklenburg County.

Additionally, at least one other candidate

for the county commission also attended the

Little Rock event. Democrat Kim Ratliff, who

“retweeted” or shared Mayfield’s seemingly

laudatory Twitter message, told qnotes that

her attendance at the event was for a friend

and campaign volunteer.

Had she known about Farrakhan’s hate

speech prior to attending, Ratliff said she still

would have gone.

Other officials have condemned the hate.

Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx and

see Farrakhan on 9

qpoll Should local LGBT and friendly politicians condemn

Louis Farrakhan’s anti-LGBT and anti-Semitic comments

See the options and vote: goqnotes.com/to/qpoll

Oct. 27-Nov. 9 . 2012 qnotes 5

news notes:

carolinas. nation. world.

compiled by Lainey Millen | David Stout | Matt Comer


Mancini opens up grant cycle apps

CHARLOTTE — A local LGBT charitable

foundation is seeking applicants for its 2013

grant year that will serve LGBT youth under

the age of 14 or LGBT seniors age 65 or older.

The Wesley Mancini Foundation will

accept grant proposals through Dec. 1. The

small grants will be awarded for programs

operating through 2013. The foundation says

it seeks to increase services for LGBT young

people and the elderly. Each LGBT organization

applying for funds must partner with a

non-LGBT organization and seek to fund a

program within the grant cycle’s theme.

“A possible topic could be partnering with

AARP to focus on LGBT elderly and the lack

of support systems in Assisted Care facilities,

forcing LGBT seniors back into the closet, as an

example,” the foundation said in a release.

Last year’s foundation theme centered

on the Democratic National Convention. Two

projects were funded last year.

Since its inception in 2000, the Wesley

Mancini Foundation has awarded small grants

to nearly two dozen local organizations. In that

time, the group says it has granted more than

$100,000. Groups receiving the most funds

have included the LGBT Community Center,

Actor’s Theater of Charlotte, the Charlotte

Coalition of Social Justice, Time Out Youth and

Wild Acres Initiative.

To apply, federally tax-exempt organizations

or those with tax-qualified sponsors should

contact Bob Scheer at 704-335-5404, ext. 402 or

via email at bscheer@wesleymancini.com.

— M.C.

New church enters Queen City

CHARLOTTE — ReBirth Church Charlotte

made its home at Metropolitan Community

Church of Charlotte’s campus at 1825 Eastway

Dr. in May 2012 and held it first service there

on July 29.

Schedule for study and prayer is: Worship,

3 p.m., Sunday; Bible study, 6:30 p.m., Tuesday,

at The LGBT Community Center of Charlotte,

820 Hamilton St., Suite B11; and prayer, 7:30

p.m., Thursday.

Senior pastors and founders are

Ra’Shawn and Kelvin Barlow-Flournoy. The

church is an LGBT-welcoming congregation,

regardless of race or socioeconomic status.

An online church is available to those

see next page u

Gala, conference shares award winners

RALEIGH — Equality North Carolina Foundation has announced its legislative and

champion awardees for 2012. They, along with keynote speaker Rev. William J. Barber,

who will receive a special award for his efforts against

Amendment One, will be honored at the Nov. 17 Gala

event held at the Empire Room, 203 S. Elm St., on Nov.

17, 6:30-10 p.m.

At press time the Student Leadership Award had not

been announced.

The Legislative Leadership Award recipient is Rep. Larry Hall (Dist. 29), Durham, N.C. He

is considered to be one of the strongest opponents of Amendment One.

The Bob Page Equality Champions, awarded in five geographic regions are:

Charlotte Region: Chris McLeod and Krista Tillman, Charlotte, N.C. The two teamed

up to become what was known as Straight Allies Charlotte to fight against the anti-gay

Amendment One in May 2012.”

Eastern Region: Sherre Toler, Wilmington, N.C. She stepped down from her position

as director of elections in Harnett County so she could voice a partisan stance against

Amendment One.

Triad Region: Rev. Julie Peeples, Greensboro, N.C. Since the amendment’s defeat, she

has worked with youth and adults to rid themselves of toxic faith community in the coming

out process.

Triangle Region: Pam Spaulding, Durham, N.C. She was a big editorial contributor in the

fight against Amendment One.

Western Region: Jasmine Beach-Ferrara, Asheville, N.C. She and her allies have been a

strong voice for LGBT equality.

Earlier in the day, from 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m., the Equality Conference will take place at the

University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s Elliott Center.

Workshops include, but are not limited to, “Using local grassroots efforts to build safer

learning communities in NC;” “Rural organizing in the south;” “Faith-based reconciliation:

reaching out and reaching in;” and “Overcoming diversity challenges in the LGBT community.”

For rates, registration and information, visit equalitync.org.

— L.M.

6 qnotes Oct. 27-Nov. 9 . 2012



who are unable to attend a service in person.

Chats, private prayer with prayer partners,

worship and sermons are all part of the experience

via streaming live video.

For more information, call 855-216-8800 or

visit rebirthchurch.com.

— L.M.

Town announces upcoming season

CHARLOTTE — Blumenthal Performing

Arts Center’s Out on the Town LGBT theater

social club has released its 2012-13-season


There are no dues to join the three-yearold

group. Members receive special discount

offers as well as free mixers before and/or

after selected performances.

The first soirée is “Jekyll & Hyde” on Nov.

8. A post-show party will follow the presentation

and will feature complimentary beer, wine

and hors d’oeuvres at Belk Theater, 130 N.

Tryon St. Members get $15 off the ticket price.

Other shows are: “Sister Act,” Jan. 10,

pre-show party; “Les Miserables,” Feb. 14,

pre-show party; “American Idiot,” March 8,

post-show party; “Wicked,” March 14, preshow

party; “Traces” May 9, post-show party;

“War Horse,” May 30, pre-show party; and

“Catch Me If You Can,” June 7, post-show

party. An additional event is in the planning

stages and will be announced later, as well as

venues for all shows.

For more information, email outonthetown

@ncbpac.org or visit blumenthalarts.org.

— L.M.

South Carolina

Food tops SCBP Sunday

COLUMBIA — South Carolina Black Pride

has announced its 4th Annual Soul Food

Sunday on Nov. 18, 6-9 p.m., at the Harriet

Hancock LGBT Center, 1108 Woodrow St.

Menu for the event includes: fried chicken,

ham, collard greens, macaroni cheese,

sweet potatoes, pasta salad, corn bread,

gumbo, leafy salad, spaghetti, soda, sweet

tea, lemonade, sweet potato pie, apple pie,

red velvet cake, brownies and other goodies.

This family affair is free and open to everyone.

Games, music and camaraderie help to

round out the festivities. A Sweet Potato Pie

Cookout will also take place with a $50 firstprize

gift award to the winner.

For more information, info@lgbtcentersc.org.

— L.M.

Campus Scene

Anti-hate training available

CHARLOTTE — Campus Pride, a non-profit

that works toward equality and safety for students

on college campuses, has shared that its

“Stop The Hate Training for Trainers” program

is available for campuses nationwide.

Over a period of three days and approximately

18-20 hours of training time, subject

matter experts help each participant become

skilled on 12 different training modules to

implement in combination or as separate

workshops and seminars. Campus officials can

obtain the tools to empower their campus to

create effective prevention and response programs

to ensure community safety with which

students can learn and staffs are able to work.

The program was developed in partnership

with the Anti-Defamation League, Association

of College Unions International, Campus Pride,

The Southern Poverty Law Center, Wilbron

Institute, Matthew Shepard Foundation, the

Center for the Prevention of Hate Violence and

the Higher Education Center for Alcohol and

Other Drug Abuse and Violence Prevention.

For more information on hosting and

pricing, call 888-537-4463, ext 2, email info@

stophate.org or visit stopthehate.org.

— L.M.


DOMA Pt. 1: Court sides with equality

NEW YORK, N.Y. — The U.S. Court of

Appeals for the Second Circuit in New York

ruled Oct. 18 that Section 3 of the so-called

Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional

because it discriminates against married

same-sex couples. N.Y. Attorney General

Eric T. Schneiderman (pictured) had filed a


brief together

with Vermont and

Connecticut arguing

that DOMA

violates same-sex

couples’ right to

equal protection

under the U.S.

Constitution and

should be more

closely scrutinized

because it constitutes a sweeping intrusion

into the States’ regulation of marriage.

The Court agreed, holding that DOMA is

subject to intermediate scrutiny because it

discriminates based on sexual orientation,

and that DOMA’s defenders did not establish a

sufficiently strong federal interest in DOMA’s

rejection of same-sex marriages to pass

constitutional muster. The Court observed

that DOMA’s intrusion into the realm of State

regulation was cause “to look upon Section 3

of DOMA with a cold eye.”

— D.S.

DOMA Pt. 2: GOP has flushed $1.5M

WASHINGTON, D.C. — To date, House

Republicans have racked up a $1.5 million bill for

taxpayers in their perverse defense of DOMA.

The news is particularly galling given the facts

that a solid majority of Americans support marriage

equality, and the the GOP’s argument has

been soundly rejected in all six federal courts in

which it has been heard. House Speaker John

Boehner now faces the question of whether to

raise the previously approved $1.5 million cap so

the Republican Congress can waste even more

taxpayer money on this boondoggle.

Human Rights Campaign Legislative

Director Allison Herwitt issued the following

statement in response: “It’s unbelievable that

House Republicans continue to pour taxpayer

dollars into a case aimed solely at discriminating

against Americans. In poll after poll, we

see that voters do not view marriage equality

as a critical issue for lawmakers — likely because

a good majority of the country already

supports it. The American people need job

creation and infrastructure improvements.”

— D.S.

Catholic Church funding anti-gay fight

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A new report from

the Human Rights Campaign finds the Catholic

Church is funneling substantial dollar amounts

into the four states where marriage equality is

on the ballot this fall — Minnesota, Maryland,

Maine and Washington — and in many cases,

parishioners may not even be aware that their

donations are being used to fund discrimination.

The report shows that the Church has

spent at least $1.1 million to deny same-sex

couples the right to marry. A significant

portion of the money — more than $640,000

— comes from the Knights of Columbus, a

fraternal organization within the Church.

In addition, a close ally of the Church, the

anti-gay National Organization for Marriage,

has spent nearly $1.4 million on the four ballot

measures. The anti-LGBT activity of the

Church hierarchy stands in direct opposition

to the values of the majority of Catholics. A

2012 Public Religion Research Institute poll

found that nearly 60 percent of Catholics support

marriage equality.

— D.S.

SLDN: Calls up since DADT repeal

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Servicemembers

Legal Defense Network, a free and confidential

organization for LGBT service members and

veterans seeking legal assistance, reports that

calls to its hotline have increased since the

repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in September

2011. SLDN leaders say callers are seeking a

range of help that includes discharge upgrade

assistance; advice about serving openly; requests

from veterans discharged under DADT

who wish to serve again; information on issues

related to transgender service; and guidance

for gay and lesbian military families navigating

the unequal system of support and benefits

created by the Defense of Marriage Act.

Reportedly, more than 90,000 LGBT veterans

discharged under DADT and the prior

ban on gay and lesbian service may qualify to

have their discharge paperwork corrected.

In the last year, SLDN has assisted more than

200 veterans seeking to upgrade their discharge

paperwork. Others seeking assistance

may visit sldn.org/vetdischargechanges for

more information and to begin the process.

— D.S.

New law rights historic wrongs

LONDON, U.K. — Men with historic convictions

for consensual gay sex can now apply

to have them expunged thanks to Parliament’s

passage of the Protection of Freedoms Act

2012. Gay rights group Stonewall lobbied hard

for the measure. The new law also includes

amendments that will enable men maliciously

convicted of “loitering with intent” under

Section 4 of the Vagrancy Act 1824 to have

those convictions removed from their criminal

records as well.

Stonewall Chief Executive Ben

Summerskill said, “Thousands of men who’ve

been burdened with homophobic convictions

can clear their names, and Stonewall stands

ready to help them. We never forget that the

equality we enjoy today came too late for

many. By correcting these historic injustices

we can start to bring closure to a very sad

period of this country’s history.”

— D.S.

Oct. 27-Nov. 9 . 2012 qnotes 7



Groups release local,

statewide endorsements

Three LGBT rights groups have released their endorsements for this fall’s general election

on Nov. 6. The statewide endorsements from Equality North Carolina are listed below, along with

Mecklenbug County Commission endorsements from the Mecklenburg LGBT Political Committee

(MeckPAC). Local endorsements for Guilford County races are also listed. For more information,

visit equalitync.org, meckpac.org or replacementsltdpac.org. It should be noted that MeckPAC’s

endorsements were questioned following recent controversy over Louis Farrakhan (see story on

page 4 or online at goqnotes.com/18174/ and goqnotes.com/in/hate-watch/).


From Equality NC


Walter Dalton (D)

Lt. Governor

Linda Coleman (D)

Secretary of State

Elaine Marshall (D)

Attorney General

Roy Cooper (D)

Superintendent of

Public Schools

June Atkinson (D)

State Treasurer

Janet Cowell (D)

State Auditor

Beth Wood (D)

Supreme Court

Sam Ervin IV

Court of Appeals

Wanda G. Bryant

Linda McGee

Cressie Thigpen

Mecklenburg County

Mecklenburg Commission candidate

endorsements from MeckPAC


Jason Bateman, at-large (L)

Pat Cotham, at-large (D)

Trevor Fuller, at-large (D)

Kim Ratliff, at-large (D)

Keith Bradford, Dist. 1 (D)

Vilma Leake, Dist. 2 (D)

George Dunlap, Dist. 3 (D)

Paula Harvey, Dist. 5 (D)

Connie Green-Johnson, Dist. 6 (D)


Republican Dist. 1 candidate Karen

Bentley and Republican Dist. 6

candidate Bill James were given

warnings due to their anti-LGBT


Check your voter registration and

learn more about early voting and

election day at ncsbe.gov.

Guilford County

Local endorsements from

the Greensboro-based

Replacements, Ltd. PAC.

For more information and

more endorsements, visit


Guilford County Commissioner

Dist. 4

Kirk Perkins (D)

Guilford County Commissioner

Dist. 5

Paul Gibson (D)

Guilford County Register

of Deeds

Jeff Thigpen (D)

High Point Mayor

Bernita Sims (D)

High Point City Council At-Large

Elijah Lovejoy (D)

High Point City Council At-Large

Rebecca R. (Becky) Smothers (D)

8 qnotes Oct. 27-Nov. 9 . 2012


continued from page 5

Charlotte Councilmembers John Autry and

Claire Fallon each said they did not attend and

condemned Farrakhan’s remarks.

“I will always reject hate speech whether

it’s from the pulpit or in front of a women’s reproductive

health clinic,” Autry said. “We have

no place in our society for such rhetoric.”

“I condemn hate in any form,” said Foxx.

“I did not and would not attend any thing

he spoke at,” said Fallon. “As far as I am concerned

it would be like me sitting with David

Duke or Flip [Benham].”

Councilmember Beth Pickering and County

Commissioner Jennifer Roberts also spoke out

prior to press time. Other officials opted not

to respond to requests for comment by press

time, including County Commissioners Dumont

Clarke, George Dunlap and Jim Pendergraph,

and City Councilmembers Michael Barnes,

Patrick Cannon, Andy Dulin, David Howard,

Patsy Kinsey and Warren Cooksey.

Endorsements questioned

The politicians’ attendance at the

Farrakhan events has prompted at least one

call that several endorsements from a local

LGBT rights group be rescinded.

Republican Wayne Powers, who is running

for an at-large seat on the county commission,

told qnotes that the Mecklenburg LGBT

Political Action Committee, or MeckPAC,

should strip Leake and Ratliff of their support.

“I would call upon MeckPAC to rescind the

endorsement of any candidate or elected official

who expresses or demonstrated support

for Mr. Farrakhan, and that would include Ms.

Mayfield,” Powers said.

Powers said the politicians did seem to

support Farrakhan.

“There’s a difference between attendance

and enthusiastic support,” he said. “LaWana

tweeted and signaled to people who follow

her that she was in enthusiastic support of

Louis Farrakhan as did Kim Ratliff.”

Powers has been an outspoken advocate

of the LGBT community, both during his campaign

and his former tenure as a radio host

with the local news-talk radio station WBT. He

said his positions, including his opposition to

May’s anti-LGBT state constitutional amendment

and his support for domestic partner

benefits for public employees, has cost him

among some conservative voters.

Powers was not endorsed by MeckPAC

in the primary or in the general election.

He previously criticized the group for what

he calls “an overwhelming record of overt


“I stand up and do go on record and it

costs me when I do but I do it anyway,” he

said. “These other people like Kim Ratliff, they

go on record, it costs them nothing and they

don’t mean it because they’ll show up at a

Farrakhan rally.”

MeckPAC Steering Committee Chair Scott

Bishop addressed concerns over Ratliff’s

appearance at the Farrakhan event and said

MeckPAC “feels confident” in Ratliff and

says she has been supportive of LGBT issues,

including her work on the anti-LGBT constitutional

amendment this year.

“Her willingness to want to reach out to us

when she is elected shows me that this one

event does not sway her opinion,” he said.



Controversial history

While there is no doubt Farrakhan is a hate

leader and his Nation of Islam is a hate group,

many still respect them for the positive ways

they have been able to influence the African-

American community.

Bishop Tonyia Rawls, founder and pastor of

the predominately LGBT and African-American

LGBT Unity Fellowship Church of Charlotte, told

qnotes that social justice work across varying

lines of difference is often sensitive. She said it

is important to view Farrakhan in context.

“Many of his positions I have not agreed

with and some of the positions I have supported,

in terms of empowerment of people of

color and even some of the ways he and the

Nation of Islam have made great strides in

fighting HIV and AIDS,” she said.

Farrakhan rose to power in the Nation

of Islam in 1977. He’s been credited with

providing an identity of solidarity within the

African-American community after centuries

of oppression and decades of tumultuous civil

rights struggles.

The Southern Poverty Law Center even acknowledges

that racism, where it exists within

black separatist groups like the Nation of Islam,

“is, at least in part, a response to centuries of

white racism.” Still, the SPLC says “it believes

racism must be exposed in all its forms.”

“If a white group espoused similar beliefs

with the colors reversed, few would have

trouble describing it as racist and anti-Semitic,”

the group says on its website. “Although

the racism of a group like the Nation may be

relatively easy to understand, if we seek to

expose white hate groups, we cannot be in the

business of explaining away the black ones.”

Rawls is understanding of the concerns

and stands solidly opposed to hate.

“I stand strongly in support of the Jewish

community and against anti-Semitism and

stand strongly in support of gay, lesbian, bi

and trans and the right for gay couples to

marry,” she said. “I do not support the way

that anybody uses their power and a position

in any way to harm any population.”

Yet, given Farrakhan’s history within the

African-American community, it is hard to

dismiss him entirely.

Leaders like Powers remain unconvinced.

“The greatest hatemongers in the world always

have a positive message,” he said. “They

always talk about God. David Duke talks about

God. David Duke has positive things to say, as

does Louis Farrakhan. Benito Mussolini made

the trains run on time but he was still a fascist.

People cloak themselves in positive things but

the core of who they are and what their real

message is is rotten and putrid and repugnant.”

Powers said he is “shocked and repelled”

that an openly gay elected official and other

LGBT-friendly officials would support Farrakhan.

Rawls said she is confident in Mayfield’s


“I do know LaWana Mayfield is someone

who stands for justice and equality,” she said.

“I know her to be a woman of justice and

equality for her whole career. That’s what she

has fought for and paid high prices for.” : :

[Ed. Note — This writer served a brief term on

the MeckPAC steering committee during his

hiatus from the newspaper this past spring.

He no longer serves on the committee and

had no special knowledge of its general election

endorsements or endorsement process.]

Oct. 27-Nov. 9 . 2012 qnotes 9

Community Non-Profits: Finances



Organizations’ financial data is presented below. Due to different reporting formats, organizations filing Forms 990-EZ, Forms 990 and Forms 990-N are listed separately (for an in-depth explanation of reporting requirements for non-profit organizations,

see our extended coverage online at goqnotes.com/infocus2012). Only one organization does not report to the Internal Revenue Service; its reports are listed under campaign finance. Unless otherwise specified, all figures below are

reported from 2010 Form 990-EZ, Form 990 or Form 990-N for calendar and tax year 2010 (Jan. 1-Dec. 31). Boards of directors chairs, presidents or other volunteer positions are listed for organizations without paid executive directors or CEOs.

Data is presented for groups that declined to participate in our annual Community Assessment Survey but had Forms 990 publicly available; please see story on page 12 for information on the survey.

Organizations filing Form 990-EZ

Organization Expenses Revenue Grants Paid Total Salaries Professional Fees Occupancy, Printing, Other Expenses Top Paid

& Benefits & Independent Rent Postage Officer/Employee

Contractors & Utilities & Shipping (title, salary + benefits,

if applicable)

Gay Men’s Chorus $77,283 $76,470 $ 4,991 a $ 0 $25,780 $13,813 $4,051 $28,648 b John Quillin

of Charlotte (director, volunteer)

LGBT Community $64,821 $52,999 $ 0 $13,405 $ 3,538 $38,298 $1,772 $7,808 John Stotler

Center of Charlotte c (board chair, volunteer)

Current: Scott Coleman

(board chair, volunteer)

Pride Charlotte 2010 d $48,673 $64,289 NA NA NA NA NA NA NA

One Voice Chorus $76,921 $74,486 $11,300 a $ 0 $ 410 $12,127 $389 $52,695 be Chad Mackie

(board president, volunteer)

Current: Liz Fitzgerald

(board president, volunteer)

Organizations filing Form 990-N

See our story on these smaller organizations in our

extended coverage online at goqnotes.com/infocus2012.

Organization Gross receipts not greater than

Charlotte Business Guild j $25,000

Charlotte Pride Band j $25,000

Southern Country Charlotte j $25,000

Campaign finance reports

Organization Expenses Revenue Operating


Equality NC PAC io $71,641 p $55,358 q $21,359.32

Organizations filing Form 990

Organization Expenses Revenue Program Management Fundraising Total Salaries Professional Fees Office Expenses Occupancy Top Paid Officer/Employee

Service & General Expenses f & Benefits & Independent (title, salary + benefits, if applicable)

Expenses f Expenses f Contractors

Campus Pride $ 329,094 $332,364 $323,549 $ 2,258 $ 3,287 $ 0 $ 44,087 $92,077 $ 0 Shane Windmeyer g (exec. dir./president, $39,500)

(Most recent: $55,800 h )

Equality North Carolina i $ 287,703 $287,816 $159,269 $ 72,360 $56,074 $176,526 $ 18,650 $ 6,393 $25,008 Ian Palmquist (exec. dir., $59,718)

Current: Stuart Campbell (exec. dir., not disclosed)

Equality North $ 221,121 $326,245 $155,575 $ 26,650 $38,896 $ 0 $ 2,105 $ 5,770 $ 0 Ian Palmquist i

Carolina Foundation i

Faith in America § $ 171,455 $164,474 $118,574 $ 30,268 $22,613 $ 0 $143,801 $ 8,495 $ 0 Brent Childers (exec. dir., $58,000)

LGBT Center $ 92,365 $105,530 $ 80,716 $ 6,633 $ 5,016 $ 0 $ 36,741 $13,917 $16,541 Glen Medders (board chair, volunteer)

of Raleigh j Current: James Miller (exec. dir., $45,000 k )

Regional AIDS $1,129,112 $958,634 $955,185 $112,661 $61,266 $795,981 $ 14,980 $78,980 l $42,793 Debbie Warren (CEO/president, $66,825)

Interfaith Network (Current: $66,700 m )

South Carolina Equality i $ 92,611 $ 72,453 $ 83,048 $ 9,563 $ 0 $ 43,375 $ 14,771 $ 4,330 $ 1,746 Christine Johnson (exec. dir., $40,000)

Coalition Foundation §

South Carolina $ 10,267 $ 13,190 $ 8,802 $ 1,464 $ 1 $ 0 $ 7,164 $ 173 $ 0 Christine Johnson (exec. dir.)

Equality Coalition §i

Time Out Youth n $ 145,696 $215,169 $106,756 $ 17,156 $21,784 $ 83,359 $ 0 $ 5,657 $ 6,000 Steve Bentley (exec. dir., $45,500)

Current: Rodney Tucker (exec. dir., not disclosed)

a Contribution from organization to another non-profit organization:

Gay Men’s Chorus of Charlotte to Susan G. Komen Race for the

Cure; One Voice Chorus to Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

b For breakdowns of “other expenses” see individual Form 990-EZ,

Schedule O.

c Filed under legal name, “The Lesbian & Gay Community Center of


d Reported as a fundraising event in LGBT Community Center of

Charlotte Form 990, Schedule G, Part II, Event #1. Expenses as reported:

$2,894, food and beverages; $22,845, entertainment; $22,934,

other direct expenses.

e Includes incorrectly identified professional fees and independent

contractor payment totals of $13,863 for accompanists, $14,000 for

artistic directors and $6,735 for stage managers and technicians.

f Organization expenses can be divided into program services,

management/general (administrative) and fundraising expenses. For

example, an employee’s salary, office expenses or occupancy fees

could be spit 70 percent/20 percent/10 percent between programming,

management and fundraising. For more detailed breakdowns

see individual Form 990, Part IX “Statement of Functional Expenses.”

g Payments to top paid officer/employee recorded as professional

fee to independent contractor.

h Most recent disclosed salary from Form 990 for tax/calendar year


i Both Equality North Carolina and South Carolina Equality operate

various legal entities which share staff, office space and other resources.

Equality North Carolina contracts with the Equality North

Carolina Foundation and the Equality NC Political Action Committee

for their share of staff salaries and other overhead costs based on

a cost-sharing agreement. Total amount of amount of contracted

services reported by Equality North Carolina Foundation is $177,042.

j 2010 Form 990 for tax year July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011.

k Current salary as self-disclosed by Miller.

l Reported as “Maintenance” under “Other Expenses,” Form 990,

Part IX, Line 24a, Column A.

m Current salary as disclosed by Regional AIDS Interfaith Network.

n 2010 Form 990 for tax year Sept. 1, 2010 through Aug. 31, 2011.

o Compiled from calendar year 2010 campaign finance reports filed

with the North Carolina State Board of Elections.

p Includes disbursements to candidates and/or political committees

and operating expenses.

q Does not include $20,851 cash on-hand at the beginning of 2010.

§ Indicates organization that chose not to participate in this year’s

Community Assessment Survey.

10 qnotes Oct. 27-Nov. 9 . 2012



The arts are alive

Queen City LGBT arts groups thrive

by Matt Comer :: matt@goqnotes.com



• • •

Read more in-depth reports

on community non-profits, including

a collection of organizations’

wish lists, a story outlining IRS

filing requirements and extended

thoughts and interviews with arts

groups leaders at goqnotes.com/


Charlotte Pride Band Artistic Director M. David Wallace leads the band in a rehearsal in the fellowship

hall of Wedgewood Baptist Church.

CHARLOTTE — If is true that the hills are

always alive with the sound of music, it must

also be true that the City of Charlotte is among

that bountiful hill land. Here, where massive

arts groups like the Charlotte Symphony and

the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center often

get more than their fair share of attention and

funding, smaller arts groups are thriving and

providing LGBT and straight ally community

members the opportunity to be a part of a

harmoniously joyful experience.

For this year’s annual Community

Assessment Survey, qnotes staff decided

early on we wanted to take a special look at

Charlotte’s LGBT choral groups, One Voice

Chorus and the Gay Men’s Chorus of Charlotte

(GMCC). We also included the city’s still-fairlynew


These groups hold multiple concerts

and other performances each year, so the

outreach they have into both the LGBT and

mainstream communities is gargantuan.

Their budgets, especially those of One Voice

and Gay Men’s Chorus, mirror their outreach

capabilities, rivaling or even dwarfing the

budgets of many other community groups that

some might argue get far more attention.

“We do fly under the radar,” says GMCC

Director John Quillin. “We have a tough time

with the mainstream media in particular.”

Erin Ellenberg, the president of Charlotte

Pride Band, also feels as though queer arts

groups don’t get their due. The band, in

particular, faces its own unique struggle as a

new organization.

“A lot of people don’t understand what

a concert band is about,” Ellenburg says.

“They know what a marching band is. They

know what a jazz band is, but they don’t really

know what a wind ensemble is and what

we do. I tell people it’s like an orchestra but

with no strings.”

Despite what seems like a lack of mainstream

attention, the community at large, says

the arts groups’ leaders, really do come out to

support the arts.

“Just look at the audiences for both

GMCC and One Voice,” Quillin said, adding

that many other performance and other

arts groups also exist in the city, including

Southern Country Charlotte, the LGBT Center’s

StillOut Photography Club, Queen City Theatre

Company and others.

A tight-knit arts community among both

LGBT and straight allies is important to supporting

arts causes, says Pride Band Artistic

Director M. David Wallace.

All three groups, though, say they want

to grow and find new opportunities. To do so,

will require more support. One Voice Chorus

Artistic Director Gerald Gurss says while

his group’s and other groups’ budgets have

grown, they still face fundraising challenges.

“The costs of doing what we do are rising.

If we want to continue doing what we do we

have to meet the challenge of rising costs,”

Gurss says, cognizant that quality should

never suffer due to budgetary constraints.

“When you are putting out a quality product,

I think people will see that and will want to

invest in something they see as getting a good

return on their money.”

The largest portion of the arts groups’

funds come from concert ticket sales. Other

funding sources include individual and corporate

donors, as well as non-profit grants.

Quillin foresees a day when all of the

arts groups band together to increase their

outreach and, ultimately, their funding. He

envisions group season ticket sales and other

possibilities under the direction of a “Queer

Arts Consortium,” whose mission would be

promotion of LGBT arts in the city.

“The gay and lesbian arts scene here

in Charlotte is probably the richest at least

between D.C. and Atlanta and maybe more so

than Atlanta,” Quillin says “We’ve just got a

lot of stuff going on. We have this opportunity

to form some relationships.”

Supporting each other and working

together, the directors agree, will be key to

their collective success and they hope the

community at large joins with them. : :

[On the cover — Pictured, bottom row left to

right: Mike Swartwood, auto saxophone; Ron

Follas, bassoon; Larry Washington, trumpet;

Mark Taylor, trumpet. Top row, left to right:

Anissa Aguero, clarinet; Emily Cox, French


call or email us today






print and online

advertising solutions with

qnotes and goqnotes.com

Oct. 27-Nov. 9 . 2012 qnotes 11

Community groups

report successes

and struggles

Local and regional non-profit groups

share needs, strengths and concerns in

annual survey

CHARLOTTE — Nearly a dozen local

and regional LGBT non-profit organizations

in Charlotte and across the state are sharing

their concerns and needs in response to

qnotes’ third annual Community Assessment

Survey. The survey is a yearly check-up on

organization strength, financial well-being and

commitment to transparency.

This year’s responses marked a departure

from last year when more than half of the

groups asked to participate in the survey declined.

In 2012, 15 organizations were asked to

participate, with a total of 11 groups opting-in.

The survey also includes a review of each

organization’s year-end tax filings with the

Internal Revenue Service, as well as selfreported

current fiscal year fundraising and

expense data. Information from IRS tax filings

are included in an in-depth chart on page 10.

Several strengths and needs emerged as

clear trends among the groups who participated.

The majority of organizations said they

were strongest in community outreach efforts

and their communication with members and

donors. Half rated themseves strongly on

media relations and community advocacy

and education. Among their needs, 10 of the

11 groups reported needing new members,

donors and revenue streams. A significant

number of the organizations also reported

needing better community education strategies

and better leadership development and

youth outreach.

Each of the groups were also given the

opportunity to elaborate on their needs. Their

edited responses are printed below.

LGBT Center of Raleigh

Two major issues:

• Post-Amendment One fallout. How can we

best serve those in the community who

are confused and angry. Not only was

Amendment One a huge financial drain, but

it also left a good number of us in a negative


• Linking state resources. Just like the LGBT

Center in Charlotte, the Center here fields

calls from all over the state. The LGBT Center

of Raleigh and LGBT Community Center of

Charlotte have been brainstorming, but we

need volunteer power to get it off the ground.

LGBT Community Center

of Charlotte

We are always in need of impassioned

volunteers for our various committees and

to assist with our programming, events and


Southern Country Charlotte

Membership has been down the last few

years and we have no real strategy to attract

new members or maintain renewals.



Campus Pride

• Finalizing and implementing our 3- to 5-year

strategic plan — locally and nationally —

which relates to volunteer management,

funding, staff growth, programming and

board development.

Charlotte Business Guild

While the membership’s gender ratio has

been fairly balanced for some time, its racial

diversity has historically been low. For that

reason, racial diversity of membership is on

the forefront of the Business Guild’s current

initiatives. Equally important, the Business

Guild is searching for a new, young group of

members who can breathe new life, energy

and ideas into our organization to maximize

our effectiveness at achieving our mission

which is to: Provide a diverse network of

professional, business and social connections

among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and

straight communities.

Gay Men’s Chorus

of Charlotte

• Broader knowledge regarding what we do

and accomplish in the community.

Equality NC

• To channel the energy and anger left over

from Amendment One into positive, proequality

change in the General Assembly.

Equality NC Foundation

• To channel the energy and anger around

Amendment One into supporting pro-equality

policies on the local and statewide level.

Time Out Youth

• Volunteers to monitor Safe Space (daily

3-6:30 p.m.)

• Emergency Housing Host Family Volunteers

(in seven county region)

• LGBT friendly teachers, counselors and

adminsitration available for referal program

with youth/parents

• Adminsitrative office support (program

evaluation, data entry)

Regional AIDS Interfaith

Network (RAIN)

• Preparing for upcoming changes in HIV

service reimbursement such as Affordable

Care Act

• Sustaining critical services the community

relies on, such as case management

• Preparing for 2013 AIDS Walk: need volunteer

leadership, sponsors

• Preparing for Twenty-twelve, RAIN’s 20th

Anniversary: need sponsors and ticket sales.

— compiled by qnotes staff

Visit goqnotes.com for the latest in information on arts, entertainment, news and views.

12 qnotes Oct. 27-Nov. 9 . 2012

Oct. 27-Nov. 9 . 2012 qnotes 13

14 qnotes Oct. 27-Nov. 9 . 2012



drag rag

by Miss Della

qnotes contributor

Passing the crown down

Well, kids, you know the drill — we’ve

been doing this for a long time and we’re here

to chat about pageants and the queens who

win them. And, those who almost win them,

too, I guess. I hope this finds everyone doing

well. We’ve got two exciting national contests

to discuss and all manner of tidbits, too.

Our promo this time is of a dear friend of

mine and also an old school diva who is still

relevant to this day — Miss Dana Douglas, a

former Miss Continental and the current Miss

Continental Elite. Sweet as the peaches in

Valdosta, Ga., where she’s from, but makes her

home now in Gainesville, Fla., Dana, of course,

competed as Miss Carolina Continental, which

makes her win even more special to me.

A huge Carolina

congrats goes out

to Dorae Sierra

Saunders of Columbia,

S.C., who just won

Miss Gay U.S.ofA. at

Large in sunny Florida.

The girl’s dream finally

came true and I, for

one, am so happy for

her! I knew she was

ready when I judged

her at Miss Scorpio At

Large and we chatted

afterwards. (I told

you your 40s would

be good to you, sis!)

Dorae won Evening

Gown and Interview.

Her runners-up

included: Angelica

“Piggy” Sanchez

(who won Talent),

Maria Garrison, Kayla

Krawford and Chanel

LaMasters. Other

finalists, in order of placement, included

Jocelyn D. Summers, Beverly Hills, Valerie

Paris, our Miss NC Malaysia Black, Beth

Amphetamine, Ivana Black and Rochelle

D’Leight. Congrats also to Hickory’s Nancy

Newton who celebrated her 20th anniversary

as Miss U.S.ofA. at Large!

As I write this, Miss Gay America has just

taken place and Kirby Kolby has relinquished

her title after a wonderful year of realizing her

dream and having overseen 23 preliminaries.

The coveted Top 10 included Patti Lovelace,

our very own Miss NC Ariel Knight-Addams,

Roxy Brooks, Araya Sparxx, Chantel Reshae,

4th runner-up Deva Station (winner of one

preliminary award), 3rd RU Kofi (winner of two

preliminary awards), 2nd RU Jessica Jade

(winner of three preliminary awards), former

Miss NC Blair Williams was 1st RU (winner of

two preliminary awards) and the winner was

Sally Sparkles (whom I’m gonna nickname the

Texas Tea) who won two preliminary awards,

as well. I met Sally

when she competed

in Charlotte a couple

years ago at a regional

held at Scorpio. I hope

this year holds great

things for her. It’s like

I told Big Mama B in a

text that very night —

she’s from Texas and

we’ll make sure to love

her! Period.

Speaking of Texas,

Layla LaRue, our

Miss Classic U.S.ofA.,

recently held her Miss

Texas FFI at the Rose

Room in Dallas and

Kennedy Davenport

won! Her RUs included

Chanel LaMasters

and Kourtney

Paige Van Wales.

Alexis Rayne was

Miss Congeniality.

Kourtney won Most

Beautiful. Best Talent went to Chanel and

Kennedy won Creative Presentation and

Fashion Wear (in this case, Gown!). Miss TX

FFI At Large will be on Nov. 4 in San Antonio.

Dana Douglas, Miss Continental Elite

Photo Credit: VVP, © G.L. Honaker

see Drag Rag on 21

Oct. 27-Nov. 9 . 2012 qnotes 15

out in the stars

by Charlene Lichtenstein :: qnotes contributor

October 27 - November 9

Cast your ballots for an exciting November as

a jumble of planets march through Scorpio,

Sagittarius and Capricorn. Will your words

move the masses or trip you up Are your

dreams destined to become reality or just a

mirage Anything is possible, so prepare for

your victories.

SCORPIO (10.24-11.22) There is tremendous

energy swirling around you this November. You

are catapulted into center stage and are the unavoidable

life of the party. Begin new projects

immediately and get out there and meet new,

fabulous folks. Gay Scorps also need a complete

makeover. Yes, it is possible to improve on

perfection. Hint: Throw out those qiana shirts.

SAGITTARIUS (11.23-12.22) If your intuition is

working overtime. Go with your inner voice

and see how far it takes you. You may be happily

surprised where it all leads. Gay Archers

are much more effective than usual in any

charitable enterprise, so be sure to give your

all for any worthy charitable cause. Become a

well-endowed benefactor and see who tries to

tap into your bank.

CAPRICORN (12.23-01.20) Pink Caps are belles

of the ball in November. Surround yourself with

compadres and you’ll be guaranteed to have a

full dance card for the holidays. Schmooze and

socialize while you have the urge. Too, too soon



you will be awash in all sorts of spiritual heady

stuff. You’ll be on a mission and pink Caps are

hell on wheels when it comes to personal goals.

Or, they should be!

AQUARIUS (01.21-02.19) Aqueerians are ready

to polish the nameplates on their offices and why

not You’ve worked hard to get where you are

and now you should be able to enjoy the benefits.

Before you know it, friends are in on the action

and want to celebrate with you. Call the tune and

watch the group dynamic dance along. What’s on

your top 10 playlist Uh, klezmer

PISCES (02.20-03.20) Guppies undergo a change

of philosophy this November which can cause

you to reassess the underpinnings of your life.

Scan the playing field and be very observant

of the details. Later you’ll put all this mental

energy to good use in your career. Don’t be shy.

Get in your tank and plow through the professional

battlelines. Plant your flag in the ground

— not in your foot.

ARIES (03.21-04.20) Proud Rams are elected

to change the world this November. So, get your

stump speech ready, resolve to change some

hearts and minds and go forth. Try to gain a little

personal insight along the way as you set off to

scratch a travel itch and explore exotic, interesting

locales. The light of self knowledge can illuminate

even the darkest corners. Well, sometimes.

TAURUS (04.21-05.21) Queer Bulls find themselves

yearning for the perfect relationship. So,

take a hard look at where you are and improve

or reassess your current situation. If you haven’t

quite found nirvana yet, maybe the problem is

with you. How do you approach relationships

Do you need more excitement in a humdrum domestic

situation Juice things up, you squeezable


GEMINI (05.22-06.21) Go with the job flow, pink

Twin. This is no time to slack off and hope

others will fill in the gap. Exercise is also part

of the picture. Get that bod in shape for the

holidays. Your efforts can bring about excellent

results. As your self image improves, start to

concentrate more on partnerships. Try a little

mood music and the old red light bulb. Okay,

make it pink.

CANCER (06.22-07.23) November begins with

a bang and a good time, but as the month

progresses you must turn your attention to the

job. But, be creative and make the most of this

early oomph. Simple, creative pastimes have

potential monumental impact. Who knows, the

simple doodle you scribble today could lead

to a great masterpiece. Or, at least, something

worthy of hanging over the couch.

LEO (07.24-08.23) Proud Lions must deal with

family issues now. So, what if the chickens

come home to roost Haul out the frying pan

and serve fried chicken! Don’t avoid discussions

with certain relatives. Why should you

Ultimately, you need to do what you have to do

— with or without them. It may just be that as

you celebrate your successes, they might bring

the champagne.

VIRGO (08.24-09.23) The lines of communication

are humming. Queer Virgos should shout it

from the tops of the mountains and watch the

big reaction. Your words have impact and you

also have the innate diplomacy to pull off any

project you set your sights on to tackle. Later in

November, you’ll be content to schlep around

the house in your all togethers. So, start to get it

all together.

LIBRA (09.24-10.23) All that glitters is not gold,

or so you realize this November. It is time to

review your value system to see if it is in sync

with where you are going in life. Yes, money is

important, but money alone cannot buy you true

happiness (cheap thrills perhaps, but not true

happiness). It is a sad, proud Libra who only has

cold cash to cling to in the lonely winter nights.

Heat it up. : :

© 2012 Madam Lichtenstein, LLC.

All Rights Reserved. Entertainment.

info: Visit TheStarryEye.com for

e-greetings, horoscopes and Pride jewelry. My

book “HerScopes: A Guide To Astrology For

Lesbians” from Simon & Schuster is

available at bookstores and major booksites.

16 qnotes Oct. 27-Nov. 9 . 2012

tell trinity

by Trinity :: qnotes contributor

Men: mineral, vegetable or just plain horny

Dear Trinity,

Why are men always so horny and


Horny To Know, Detroit, MI

Dear Horny To Know,

Men have a built-in,

primitive instinct to

spread their seed.

It’s natural. Whether

they like it or not,

they get horny and

end up doing crazy

things to fulfill that

instinct, which includes


And, honey, I’m not

sure if they’re aware

enough to know

they’re chasing

after sex as much

as they do!

Hey Trinity,

Not too long ago you expressed an appreciation

for the whole circuit party phenomenon.

Are you advocating drugs and sex

And, don’t you think circuit parties are

ruining gay culture

Circuit Wonders, LA, CA

Hey Circuit Wonders,

Circuit parties and drugs are not part of my

experience. So, while I pray we culturally

move away from drugs, I am aware they are

part of the party. I will admit that when I did

go to Montreal’s Black & Blue and Miami’s

Winter Party, the eye candy

was unbelievable and the

drugs made me feel bad for

my gay kin. Now, pumpkin, is

it ruining gay culture or is it

simply just a part of it That’s

yet to be determined. (Men

in their element are just plain

party animals as shown in my


Hello Trinity,

I’m having an affair with a guy

who has confessed to having

a lover for the past seven

years whom he doesn’t live with, sees a guy

he calls his “boyfriend” and he’s an escort.

Am I crazy for having this affair

Man Crazy, Provincetown, MA

Hello Crazy,

A lover, a boyfriend and you! I smell addiction

everywhere. If you’re thinking of him as

a future “anything,” then start tying the knot

around your neck, but if you’re simply having

an adventurous affair, then have fun and keep

plenty of bandages close by. And, pumpkin,

if on your 80th birthday you look back at this

affair and laugh yourself right out of your

wheelchair, then it’s worth it!

Dearest Trinity,

My girlfriend of 10 months is deeply in love

with me, but I don’t love her anymore. I’m

afraid to tell her to her face, so I’m thinking of

just vanishing. I know it’s cold, but I’m afraid.

Help! Vanishing Act, Tulsa, OK

Dearest Vanishing Act,

There are good ways to dump someone and

vanishing is not one of them! It’s evil. Unless

your life is in danger, then you must break up

in person. It’s only right after 10 months. But,

even better, darling, try reading:

Trinity’s Evil Scenarios

For Dumping Someone


1. After two months of internet dating, he flies

across country to finally meet you, but you

never pick him up and leave him stranded

at the airport.

2. Just as you’re starting to make love, you

blow out the candles and whisper, “I don’t

want to be with you anymore.”

3. It’s your third date. She gets out of the taxi

and you run away, for good!

4. Without communicating anything, you



suddenly stop

answering his phone

calls, his emails or

your front door.

5. He throws a huge party so all his friends

can meet you. And, everyone shows up,

except you!

6. In the middle of Grand Central Station you

yell, “I hate you” and leave her crying!

7. You’re at your boyfriend’s family reunion

and everyone’s drunk. Suddenly, you stand

up to announce that you’re a lesbian!

8. Her dog just died and she got fired, but you

decide to sit her down anyway and tell her

that, “It’s not working out!”

9. You ask her to meet you at her favorite

restaurant for a surprise! But, the surprise

is a big bouquet of flowers with a card that

says, “It’s over!”

10. Lastly, you’re having an affair with your

date’s best friend. You’re all three at dinner

when you announce, “I want to live as a

threesome couple!” : :

— With a Masters of Divinity, Reverend Trinity

hosted “Spiritually Speaking” a weekly radio drama

performed globally and is now minister of WIG:

Wild Inspirational Gatherings.


telltrinity.com . Trinity@telltrinity.com.

Sponsored by: WIG Ministries,

Gay Spirituality for the Next Generation!


Oct. 27-Nov. 9 . 2012 qnotes 17

20 Questions

T. Randall Jones, Charlotte



by David Stout :: david@goqnotes.com

T. Randall Jones (Tia) is a writer, activist,

occasional poet and accidental songwriter.

She tells 20Qs, “I write to uplift, inspire and

celebrate LGBT people of faith and to affect

positive change by telling their stories.” She

lives with her wife and their three children,

and is currently working on novels three and

four of “TRUTH! the series” and prepping the

online re-launch of Lvolution magazine. Keep

reading for the tea on Miss T.

What’s your all-time favorite book series

Aw, gee, do I have to pick one Because

there’s the Bible, of course; and, well…my

own. LOL! Fine, Harry Potter! The battle of

good versus evil, a long, drawn out, love story,

and a band of unlikely misfit heroes…wait,

that’s not fiction. It’s happening now!

Is there a radio anywhere in your home

Yes. Even with all the digital technology, I still

have to have one to listen to regular radio.

I can’t function without NPR. And, I still try

to listen to traditional gospel stations; but I

wouldn’t dare listen anywhere other than my

car for fear I’ll throw something. The commentary

and “extras” make me kinda violent.

Do you own a “church lady” hat

No, but my wife does — or is it on loan from a

gay man I do have my “church lady” flower

clip. It’s a giant purple rose arrangement that I

found in honor of Miss Harriett Reddick Burch

Bell. I still wear it when I want to remember

her. My hair’s too big for hats now.

How do these films rank based on the number

of times you’ve seen them: “Butch Cassidy &

The Sundance Kid,” “Diary Of A Wimpy Kid,”

“Honey, I Blew Up The Kid,” “The Karate Kid”


“Karate,” “Blew Up,” “Diary” and “Sundance.”

Am I telling my age

Did you have a Cabbage Patch Doll as

a child

I did not. I was an odd girl; I hated dolls,

except for my Baby Chrissy Doll whose

hair grew. I did, however, run out and buy a

Cabbage Patch Doll for my daughter the first

chance I got. She’s a toddler named Carmen

who looks just like our real baby.

How long since you’ve had a banana


A year ago And, only once. It was peanut

butter and banana. I prefer my PB with J, or

marshmallow fluff.

Which writer (living or dead) would you like

to be seated beside at a dinner party

Langston Hughes. I chose dead, and not Alice

Walker or J.K. Rowling, because they say

you should never meet your heroes and that

makes sense to me. Besides, I adore gay men

and Langston is my best friend in my head.

Have you ever attempted a cross-stitch


Yes, hated it! But, I tried because my mother

was an absolute artist at it.

Does Halloween rank high or low on your

personal list of holidays

Trick question. I hate Halloween, but my

Kyme loves it. And, if Kyme wants to dress

like a pirate (or Suga Mama from “The Proud

Family”) and hang out at a Halloween party

in Huntersville on my birthday (Saturday the

27th), that’s what we’re gonna do! So, “high”

by marriage, not by choice.

Who is your favorite current or past non-

American musical act

see 20 Questions on 21

18 qnotes Oct. 27-Nov. 9 . 2012

Oct. 27-Nov. 9 . 2012 qnotes 19

20 qnotes Oct. 27-Nov. 9 . 2012

Drag Rag

continued from page 15

I wanted to take this time to mention the

upcoming drag brunches by the Crape Myrtle

Festival gang in Raleigh. They’ve just moved to a

fancy-schmancy place called Solas on Glenwood

and the brunches are the organization’s fundraisers

for those living in the Triangle area with HIV/

AIDS. What a good cause and so much fun, I’m

sure. Miss Marilyn Merlot (a painted diva in her

own right) invited me up to come hang out with

her and the brunch housecast — Dana St. James,

that crazy Ebony Summers and Michelle Warren.

To my knowledge, three of these four serve on the

33rd Crape Myrtle Festival volunteer board. Every

third Sunday of the month is the plan! Road trip,

anyone Read more at crapemyrtlefest.org/, okay

As for local contests, I have to chuckle…

the two I know about had the same winner. Miss

Greenville (SC) at the Castle took place several

weeks ago and Brooke Storm-Divine LaReese

won; her RU was Daesha Richards. Then a couple

weeks later, London Dior crowned Brooke Miss

Hide-A-Way and her runners-up were Kylie Kay and

Amber Rochelle St. James. All right, Miss Brooke,

what’s next for you Come out and support Brooke

as she holds Miss NC All-American Goddess and

At Large at Scorpio on Oct. 29, with a special show

the night before that she’s in with NC All-American

Goddess at Large Emeritus Tiffany Storm, the All-

American Goddess Asia O’Hara from Dallas and the

All-American Goddess At-Large Whitney Paige from

Little Rock. I got my time off from work to be there,

mama, okay See y’all then! The Monday night

line-up includes many exciting performers, including

former All-American Goddess At Large Dena Cass

and last year’s winner of NC A-AG At Large Alexis

Nicole Whitney, who recently won Miss Unlimited.

And, silly me! Speaking of Unlimited, they recently

held Miss Classique Unlimited in Columbus and

my dear sister, Jessica Raye won and her RU was

Ginger Manchester. Congrats to the “painted-forthe-concession-stand”

Erica Martinez on relinquishing

her title.

In closing, I dedicate this column to two sweeties

who have gone on. The first, known as Miss Tillman,

was a staple in the Fayetteville, N.C., drag scene

years ago and did shows back in the day as Lavita

Love. Miss Tillman would always be at a pageant and

I met her through Victoria Parker. I’m thinking they

first met at Lynn’s Lounge where both did shows. At

one time, Miss Tillman owned Miss Emerald City. The

other, whom I never had the pleasure to meet, we

all knew from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” — Miss Sahara

Davenport. She passed a few weeks ago and was

the partner of Manila Luzon, who was second in line

the following season on the “Drag Race.” Reminds

me of an old saying: “Fallen stars, risen angels.” May

they rest in peace. : :

info: Drop me a line, OK


20 Questions

continued from page 18

Phil Collins, Sting, Elton John, George

Michael. Sorry, it’s a four-way tie.

Have you ever gotten stuck in an

elevator or other enclosed space

No, and trust me, if I had you’d have

heard about it because it would not

be pretty.

What newspaper comic strip have

you always loved

Peanuts. There are others, but

none compare.

Which common salad ingredient do

you not like

Croutons! Whose idea was it to

make bread that hard

Can you ride a pogo stick

Probably, do you have one I can try

At what hour of the day are you at

your absolute best

7 a.m. It’s my favorite time to write,

especially if I’ve held onto the ideas

that rolled into my head in the middle

of the night.

Would you rather live beside the

men of “The Big Bang Theory,” “Full

House” or “Two And A Half Men”

No contest — “The Big Bang

Theory.” We call Leonard, Sheldon

and company “our kids” and I will

watch them for hours, regardless



of how many times I’ve seen an

episode. Yes, I know…

Ice cream, cake or ice cream

and cake

Chocolate cake…with chocolate

chunks…and chocolate icing —

please and thank you!

Who’s the sexiest “Mary” of

all time

I don’t think I can answer that

question without going immediately

to Hell, so I’ll just pretend you

didn’t ask.

Have you ever purchased a product

from an infomercial

Yes, Zumba, which we love…and

none of your business.

Which do you own more of, books or

pairs of socks

I am proud to say books. And, in fact,

more people should as books are a lot

more useful than socks. Socks keep

your feet warm and dry, but books

warm your heart, give you hope,

enlighten or even enrage. Plus, when

strategically placed on shelves or coffee

tables, books can give the illusion

that you are more intelligent than you

actually are. Socks, when visible in

your home, just say you’re messy. : :

Oct. 27-Nov. 9 . 2012 qnotes 21

Community Resources — Faith Institutions

[Ed. Note — Each issue, qnotes will rotate

various community resources and list them

here. These community groups are here to

serve you and we know of no better way to

simply inform the public of their good works

than by giving you the opportunity to connect

with them and get involved. Don’t see your

group listed and want to join in Shoot us an

email with “InFocus addition” in the subject

line to editor@goqnotes.com.]

Charlotte Atheists and Agnostics


MCC Charlotte

1825 Eastway Dr., Charlotte NC 28205

704-563-5810, mcccharlotte.org

Myers Park Baptist Church

1900 Queens Rd., Charlotte, NC 28207

704-334-7232, mpbconline.org

Havurat Tikvah

980-225-5330, havurattikvah.org

Holy Covenant United Church of Christ

3501 W. WT Harris Blvd., Charlotte NC 28269

704-599-9810, holycovenantucc.org

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

1900 The Plaza, Charlotte, NC 28205



New Life MCC

1900 The Plaza, Charlotte, NC 28205

704-334-0350, newlifemccnc.org

Piedmont Unitarian Universalist Church

9704 Mallard Creek Rd., Charlotte, NC 28262

704-510-0008, puuc.org

Seigle Avenue Presbyterian Church

600 Seigle Ave., Charlotte, NC 28204

704-338-1914, seigleavenue.org

St. Martin’s Episcopal Church

1510 E. 7th St., Charlotte NC 28204

704-376-8441, stmartins-charlotte.org

St. Peter’s Catholic Church

507 South Tryon St., Charlotte, NC 28202



Spiritual Living Center

1025 E. 35th St., Charlotte, NC 28205

704-665-1886, slccharlotte.com

Temple Beth El

5101 Providence Rd.

Charlotte, NC 28226

704-366-1948, beth-el.com

Unitarian Universalist Church of Charlotte

234 Sharon Amity Rd., Charlotte, NC 28211

704-366-8623, uuccharlotte.org

Unity Fellowship Church

2127 Eastway Dr., Charlotte, NC 28205

704-567-5007, ufccharlottenc.org

Wedgewood Baptist Church

4800 Wedgewood Dr., Charlotte, NC 28210

704-523-6108, wedgewoodbaptist.com

22 qnotes Oct. 27-Nov. 9 . 2012

Oct. 28 • Charlotte

Halloween Drag Brunch

Buff Faye hosts a special

Halloween “Tramps and Vamps”

Drag Brunch with Kiana Lane,

Miley Virus, Detra Panucci,

Felicia Monet, Lita Alexander

Storm and Sierra Santana.

Hartigan’s Irish Pub, 601 S. Cedar

St. Noon. bufffaye.com.


Evening concert

to raise funds,

honor community


Rosedale ID, an HIV/AIDS medical

firm, will host their third annual Evening

of Hope and Inspiration to benefit their

Jeanne White Ginder Food Pantry on

Nov. 3, 7 p.m., at McGlohon Theater, 345

N. College St.

Rosedale ID’s Dale Pierce says the

event, which will feature musical performances

by Lynda Randle and Christy

Sutherland, will serve as opportunity to

highlight the work his firm is doing, but

more importantly the work their award

winners have done to benefit their


Recipients of the firm’s Hope and

Inspiration Awards this year include

radio hosts Matt Harris and Ramona

Holloway and young HIV/AIDS advocate

Jordan Mitzel.

“[Harris and Holloway] are longtime

sponsors of [the Regional AIDS

Interfaith Network] and used to be big

advocates for the LGBT community

with Gay Bingo and the Human Rights

Campaign,” said Pierce. “Jordan has

raised over $45,000 with his efforts

each year with the AIDS Walk and was

named one of POZ magazine’s POZ 100.”

Their food pantry, Pierce said, has

served 76 families so far this year. Last

year’s concert fundraiser generated

$5,000 in funds to buy grocery store gift

cards for those in need.

For more information on the concert

or to purchase tickets ($20-$25) visit

caroliantix.org or call 704-372-1000.

Oct. 30 • Raleigh

Berger fundraiser

A fundraiser will be held for

the LGBT-friendly state Sen.

Doug Berger in Wake County.

Experience a bit of Halloween

fun and light hors d’oeuvres

hosted at the home of former

Wake Democratic Party Chair

Mack Paul, 3705 Shadybrook

Dr. 5:30-8 p.m. $50 contribution.

Sponsorships avaliable from $100

to $1,000. Contact Tracy Hollister

at tracy@bergerfornc.com or

919-610-8477 for more


Oct. 31 • Charlotte

Haunted Harbor

Snug Harbor hosts seven bands

on two stages for this Halloween

party, including: Vulture, Joey,

Tadio, Bart and Travis; The

Poontanglers; Babyshaker; Andy

The Doorbum; and The Luciferian

Agenda. Snug Harbor, 1228

Gordon St. 9 p.m. Free.


Nov. 1 • Charlotte

Shiprocked: Dia de los Muertos

Snug Harbor’s weekly gay night,

Shiprocked, hosts a post-Halloween

“Day of the Dead” party.

Snug Harbor, 1228 Gordon St.

$10. Free.


Nov. 1-17 • Charlotte


One of the most powerful and

provocative shows on the

tragedies of the Holocaust and

of its gay victims will be staged

by Queen City Theatre Company.

“Bent” is an inspiring, compelling

and powerful drama set in

Germany during WWII at the

time when homosexuals were

sent to concentration camps.

Considered worlwide a theatrical

masterpiece, BENT explores

love, hope and dreams in the

face of persecution and terror.

For mature audiences. Adult

content. Duke Energy Theatre

at Spirit Square, 345 N. COllege

St. Various dates. Various times.

$22-$24. Student and senior

discounts available.


Nov. 2 • Charlotte


Petra’s hosts magician Hannibal

for one night and three acts

with pure magic, mind reading

and surprises! Petra’s, 1919

Commonwealth Ave. 9 p.m.

$10/general. $7/members.


Nov. 6 • Statewide

Election Day

Head out to the polls and let

your vote be your voice! For

more information on your voter

registration, polling place and

other election information, visit

ncsbe.gov. On election night, turn

to goqnotes.com for the latest

election news and udpates.

Nov. 8 Charlotte

‘Jeckyll & Hyde’

As part of the Out on the

Town LGBT theater social

club 2012-13 season

calendar, Blumenthal

Performing Arts Center

brings “Jeckyll & Hyde” to the

stage. Members receive a postshow

party with complimentary

beer, wine and hors d’oeuvres.

Belk Theatre, 130 N. Tryon St.

Members get $15 off ticket price.


Nov. 10 • Charlotte

Pride Band: Fact or Fiction

Join Charlotte Pride Band as

they use some of the most moving

and exciting music written

to discover whether events and

people we all know are Fact or

Fiction. They’ll use music to pay

tribute to monumental historic

events. Or are they With works

such as “A Movement For Rosa”

and “Vesuvius,”, they’ll take you

back through history to look at

people and events that have

shaped our world and inspired

change. And with pieces like

“Of Sailors and Whales” and

“Gandalf,” they’ll look at some

not-so-historical events that

have created a reality in the

minds of millions. Park Road

Baptist Church, 3900 Park Rd.

7 p.m. $13. Tickets available for

purchase at Paper Skyscraper,

White Rabbit, Sir Speedy Printing

(5th and Caswell), from band



members or online at


Nov. 17 • Greensboro

ENC Conference and Gala

Equality North Carolina hosts

their annual Equality Conference

and Gala in Greensboro. During

the day, attend workshops and

seminars to build your community

advocacy and outreach skills

hosted at the Elliott University

Center on the campus of the

University of North Carolina-

Greensboro. In the evening,

the annual Equality Gala will

honor several leaders across

the state with featured speaker,

the REv. Dr. William J. Barbar II,

president of the NAACP of North

Carolina. For more information or

to register, visit equalitync.org/


Nov. 18 • Columbia

Soul Food Sunday

South Carolina Black Pride hosts

its 4th Annual Soul Food Sunday

with a yummy table full of tasty

southern and soulful treats.

Family affair. Open to everyone.

Games. Music. Sweet Potato Pie

Cookout with $50 first-prize gift

award to winner.


Submit your event to

our new calendar!

You can now submit your event to a special comprehensive community calendar presented by qnotes, the LGBT

Community Center of Charlotte and Visit Gay Charlotte. Submit your event at goqnotes.com/eventsubmit/ and get a

three-for-one entry. All Charlotte-area events will appear on each of the three calendars at qnotes (goqnotes.com),

the LGBT Center (gaycharlotte.com) and Visit Gay Charlotte (visitgaycharlotte.com).

Oct. 27-Nov. 9 . 2012 qnotes 23

24 qnotes Oct. 27-Nov. 9 . 2012

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