June July - The Wellington Club


June July - The Wellington Club



The Wellington Club

Founded 1841

July 2011


JULY 2011

Seniors’ Lunch

Wednesday 6 12.00noon for 12.40pm

Women’s Luncheon

Thursday 7 12.30pm for 1.00pm

Thursday Theme Evening:

Looking at Ourselves

Thursday 14 6.30pm for 7.00pm

Wine Appreciation Dinner with Bill Spence

of Moncellier Wines

Wednesday 20 6.30pm for 7.00pm

At Home Dinner preceding AGM

Monday 25 from 6.00pm onward

Annual General Meeting

Monday 25 8.00pm


Tuesday 26 6.15pm

Last Friday Drinks

Friday 29 from 5.00pm onward

AUGUst 2011

Seniors’ Lunch

Wednesday 3 12.00noon for 12.40pm

Women’s Luncheon

Thursday 4 12.30pm for 1.00pm

Rugby Dinner with Kit McConnell

Wednesday 10 6.30pm for 7.00pm

Thursday Theme Evening : Te Wiremu

Thursday 18 6.30pm for 7.00pm

Annual Members & Daughters Dinner

Tuesday 23 6.30 for 7.00pm

Last Friday Drinks

Friday 26 from 5.00pm onward


Tuesday 30 6.15pm

September 2011

Women’s Luncheon

Thursday 1 12.30pm for 1.00pm

Opera Package

Cavalleria Rusticana & Pagliacci

Thursday 1 5.45pm for 6.00pm

Seniors’ Lunch

Wednesday 7 12.00noon for 12.40pm

Peter Findlay Jazz Night

Thursday 8 6.30pm for 7.00pm

Members’ and Sons’ Dinner

Wednesday 21 6.30 for 7.00pm


Tuesday 27 6.15pm

Last Friday Drinks

Friday 30 from 5.00pm onward

Thursday Theme Evening:


As Others See Us with A. W. Beasley

Time : 6.30pm Welcome Drinks

7.00pm Presentation

7.30pm approx. Dinner

8.30pm approx. Coffee/Tea

& Showing of DVD

Dress : Jacket & Tie, Evening Wear



OF Moncellier Wines

Wednesday 20 July 2011

Bill Spence is one man who has definitely been

around the wine block! He and his brother

Ross were the first to produce Sauvignon Blanc

in New Zealand, the grape variety which put

New Zealand on the international wine radar.

He was the inaugural chairman of the New Zealand

Wine Guild and held a position on the board for

Thursday 14 July 2011

With the Club in its 170th year and into yet

another building project, it is time to take a look

at what the Founders hoped to achieve and how

the Club has gone about it over the years.

Former Club President Wyn Beasley will present a

Cost : $65.00 p.p.

short summary of the 170 years of the Club before

dinner and over coffee we have a “special treat”: As Others See Us is a DVD collation from the archives

of TVNZ which has misunderstood the Club for 50 of its years of existence.

A copy of this historic DVD will be available for purchase after the dinner for those who treasure

essential parts of the history of their Club.

Time : 6.30pm Arrival & Sampling

7.00pm Dinner with Moncellier Wines

9:30pm approx. Conclusion

Dress : Jacket & Tie, Evening Wear

Cost : $75.00 p.p. approx

six years. During his tenure he was responsible for establishing the New Zealand export base in the UK.

He has been General Manager for both Beringer Blass NZ and Matua Valley Wines.

With his boisterous personality and great sense of humour Bill has become a well known and respected

personality within the New Zealand wine industry. A memorable quote given by a renowned wine writer:

“Once you’ve met Bill you will always remember him!” Truly one of the great characters of the New Zealand

Wine Industry.

Bill will present his outstanding “Moncellier” wines. This celebration of excellent wines and a humorous

down-to earth vintner, combined with the talents of the Club’s chefs will guarantee a

great night of great food, great wine & fun


ALFONSO’S Bluff Oyster Special

has been extended until the end of the Season!

The Club’s à la carte menu features a Bluff Oyster Special like nowhere else in town:

½ doz Bluff Oysters $13.00* • 1 doz Bluff Oysters $25.00*

*Subject to availability. This special offer is only available for à la carte lunch or dinner and is not available for functions

or the lunchtime buffet diners. The Oysters are served natural with lemon and wholemeal bread – a different method of

preparation attracts a surcharge of $5.00 per serving.


Dear Members,

Three Club functions in June have been interesting,

enjoyable and well attended. At the Irish Bloomsday

night we enjoyed an insight into James Joyce’s book,

Ulysses, some wonderful arias and traditional Irish

laments beautifully performed, and a sing-along.

The mid-winter roast warm and jovial, and a very

congenial evening and address by the Governor

General Sir Anand Satyanand providing insights

into his role.

July looks interesting too, with Wyn Beasley talking on how the Club has been

seen by others, with illustration from TV footage about the Club, an ever popular

wine evening and don’t forget the AGM with an at home dinner first if you wish.

You will have received the papers for the AGM. One item for the agenda is

the rule change relating to increases in subscriptions. It is proposed that the

amendment would leave the 10% maximum permissible per annum increase for

ordinary membership subscriptions but remove the 10% cap for other categories

where there are concessionary discounts on the subscriptions. In the future, with

the changing demographic of the membership, it may be in the interests of the

Club to change the discount for a category, and adjust the ordinary subscription,

leading to an overall increase of more than 10% in a category. The Committee

has no plans to make such an increase, but it believes there is a possibility that

in the future it may be in the interests of the Club for the rules to allow it.

Rugby World Cup: The Committee has agreed to the following being nonresident

Honorary Members from now until after the RWC.

• Bernard Lapasset (Chairman) • Bill Beaumont

• Dr Syd Millar

• Oregan Hoskins

• Mike Miller (Managing Director) • Kit McConnell

All are board members of the IRB subsidiary which runs the tournament and

are from other countries, except Kit McConnell, Tournament Director, who

has been here for three years. They will be in Wellington only for short periods

and are invited to make use of the facilities under the Non-Resident Honorary

Membership rules. If you see them please make them feel at home.

An unusual request: If any Member has a Club membership list for any year

prior to 2000, the Secretary Manager and the Committee would be very

appreciative of a copy. It would appear that all such lists were destroyed by

previous management and sometimes we have a need to review the duration

of past membership. The Secretary Manager would be pleased to make a copy

at the Club’s expense if you have such a listing.

The following Members received honours at the occasion of the celebration

of her Majesty’s Birthday:

The Hon. Justice R. G. Hammond – Knight Companion of the

New Zealand Order of Merit

• Mr H G Broad – Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit

• Mr H J Te Kauru Clarke – Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit

• Mr R L Kerr – Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit

• Mr B H Klap, QSO, OON – Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit

• Mr C W Parkin – Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit

• Ms K L Prendergast – Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit

• Prof. S T Tan - Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit

• Judge P von Dadelszen – Companion of the Queen’s Service Order

On behalf of all Club Members I extend my warm congratulations and thank

them for their service to New Zealand.

Enjoy the month and I look forward to seeing those of you resident in

Wellington at the AGM

On a sad note I must advise the passing of popular Club member William

Hallam-Eames in June, who joined the Club in 1975.

Ian Fraser, President

The Club in Review:

Dinner to Farewell:



The last Wednesday in June saw a full dining room of Members and guests to

farewell our Governor General after five years in Office. Their Excellencies truly

enjoyed the conviviality at the Club of which His Excellency has been a Member

since 1995.

The kitchen lived up

to the expectations of

a formal dinner with

another excellent meal

and there was such a

friendly and relaxed

atmosphere to which

the cosy ambience

of the Main Dining

Room contributed

greatly. Introduced

by Club President

Ian Fraser, His

Excellency addressed the distinguished guests after

Their Excellencies were welcomed by Club President Ian Fraser

and his wife Jocelyn

the main course and former Club President Tim Olphert gave a note of thanks.

The Club is very grateful to Their Excellencies to give up their time to come to

the Club. Everyone is looking forward to seeing more of them again after August

as regular Club users.

Rugby Dinner with KIT MCCONNELL


Time : 6.30pm Arrival & Drinks

7.00pm Dinner

8.30 pm approx. Address by

Kit McConnell

10.00pm approx. Conclusion

Dress : Jacket & Tie, Evening Wear

Cost : $95.00 p.p. All Inclusive

The Committee has

been successful in

engaging Kit McConnell,

IRB’s Head of Rugby

World Cup 2011 to

give a speech at a Club

dinner on Wednesday

10 August, just before

everyone becomes too

busy or is completely “rugbied-out”! This will be a great opportunity to find out

more about the build-up and to ask specific questions relating to the biggest

event in New Zealand so far.

Please book early. The Club has already received numerous bookings and

seats are limited to 150.



Tuesday 23 August 2011

Time : 6.30pm Arrival & Drinks

7.00pm Dinner & Guest Speaker

Dress : Black Tie, Cocktail Dress, Evening Wear

Cost : $80.00 p.p. All Inclusive

Members are invited to

bring their daughters,

grand daughters,

daughters-in-law, god

daughters and, in lack

of, even “borrowed”

daughters to this annual formal event. It offers a great opportunity to show off

the Club and its wonderful facilities.

The Club Committee is currently looking at a suitable guest speaker for the night.

The Committee has decided that the dress for men to this formal dinner will

remain a black tie affair, thus adding a special note to this popular evening.

The Club’s beautiful Billiard Room will be open for a few challenges afterwards.

Health & Fitness Centre News

Incentive Programme

The incentive programme is up and running! Participants are making their way through the matches,

with some already onto bonus workouts! The programme is designed so that all participants have the

ability to complete all the matches, moving through each of the match pools. This also works well for

anyone starting the programme part way through.

Key points:

1. Aim for 5 or more exercise sessions fortnightly to complete all matches

2. There is a prize draw for each of the pools completed

3. The programme runs for 19 weeks, but can be joined at any stage

4. Participants can include exercise outside of the Fitness Centre as the key is for regular exercise

(NB. If in town then at least 1 Fitness Centre workout)

5. Exercise sessions need to be a minimum of 30 minutes

6. One 18 hole golf game per week can be included

So sign up and join the fun! All the very best!

Ski Fitness Exercises!

The weather has continued to remain mild over June! Therefore you still have time to work on your ski

conditioning. So by the time you hit the slopes there will be no excuses not to be able to keep up with

the young ones!

Continue working on and maintaining your aerobic fitness base which means aiming for a minimum

of 3 days a week of working your heart muscle, uphill walking (try with a walking pole in each hand),

jogging or cycling. This will help you last longer on the slopes, as well as your recovery.

Last month’s newsletter featured: Sitting Against the Wall & Chair Step Ups

This month let’s introduce another two exercises that can be done at the Fitness Centre or home:

Cross the

Line Jumps

Start with your feet

together on one side

of a line on the floor,

your toes pointing

slightly towards the

line, and your knees bent about 45°. Make a low

jump taking your feet to the same position on

the other side of the line (mirror image).

Try 20-40 repetitions.

Have fun getting ski fit!

Walking Lunges

Start with hands on hips and take a large step forward taking your back knee

almost to the floor and your front knee to approximately 90°. Continue taking

20-40 steps in a row. When this challenge needs to be increased add a weight

to each hand.




This year’s annual General Meeting of the Wellington

Club Inc will take place on Monday 25 July 2011

at 8.00pm. The Annual Report and other relevant

papers are included in this month’s mail out.

As every year, bookings are taken for a pre-meeting

At Home Dinner from 6.00pm onwards – bookings

are essential.

Time : 6.00pm Onward

Dress : Jacket & Tie, Evening Wear

Cost : 60.00 p.p. Dinner & Table Wine



Responses to last month’s invitation to Members

to give snooker or billiards a try and to register

on a ladder system have been rather thin. Give

it a try! Snooker and Billiards are most clubable

games and our Club has one of the most beautiful

Billiard Rooms in perhaps the whole of the

Southern Hemisphere!

Tuition, introduction and support will be supplied

by more experienced players free of charge. Do not

hesitate to call the Secretary Manager to find out

more. At this time, playing snooker or billiards is

free of charge for members!


The following ten candidates were admitted to

membership in June:

Andrew Austin

Barrie Garnet Saunders

Lilias Bell

Scott William Weenink

Patrick Robert Kelleher

Alan Judge

Clive Andrew Holmes

Allen Stuart Mazengarb

Graeme Richard Holmes

John Bernard McCarthy

The new Members will be welcomed by

the Committee and the Club’s Trustees in

early August.

Thursday Theme Evening:


Thursday 18 August 2011

Caroline Fitzgerald will give a presentation to Club members and guests about her latest book which tells the story of the Rev. Henry Williams and his family

who arrived in New Zealand in 1823. Caroline is a direct descendent and will provide a fascinating account covering almost twenty years of Henry Williams’

Time : 6.30pm Arrival & Drinks

7.00pm Address by

Caroline Fitzgerald

7.30pm Dinner

Dress : Jacket & Tie, Evening Wear

Cost : $65.00 p.p.

daily life in the Bay of Islands before 1840 - his trials and successes, travels with Maori,

peacemaking actions, the relationships he built with Maori and his involvement in the

Treaty of Waitangi.

Club Member Dan Williams will introduce the guest speaker. Earlier this year Caroline

Fitzgerald was interviewed on National Radio and her most interesting experiences and

story-telling abilities gave the idea of inviting her to the Club.

Another topical Thursday Theme Evening at your Club!

JuLY wine specials

2009 Gladstone 12000 Miles Pinot Gris

Flavours of nutty pear with a long finish. Easy to drink now or cellar for

another couple of years.

2009 Gladstone Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc

A mouth filling wine with good palate weight, tropical fruit flavours,

typical minerality and a long finish.

2008 Forrest Marlborough Pinot Noir

Richly coloured with fruit flavours of raspberry, strawberry and cherry.

It has a gamey, savoury complexity with supple tannins and a soft

lingering finish.

The following great value Club Wines are always available:

last friday drinks • Friday 29 JULY

Time : From 5.00pm onward to

6.30pm approx.

supper : Available from 6.30pm

venue : The Wellington Room Level 4

Dress : Tidy Casual (no denims)

Cost : Drinks,

Supper $15.00 if requested


$ 132.00 $ 11.00

$ 150.00 $ 12.50

$198.00 $ 16.50



Grove Mill Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc $186.00 $15.50

Hunter’s Marlborough Chardonnay $191.40 $15.95

Te Kairanga Pinot Gris (Gisborne Fruit) $211.20 $17.60

Te Mata Woodthorpe Syrah $228.00 $19.00

Selak’s Central Otago Pinot Noir $230.40 $19.20

Remember that you can also purchase all your spirits and beer from your Club.

Delivery can be arranged. Allow 7-10 days for availability. Return the enclosed order form.

Come after work and check on the progress of the

renovations, before finishing off the week with a

drink or two under friends and members.

For the next two or three months this function will

be held on level 4 in the Wellington Room, where

the same dress standard applies as on level 6!

This function is open to ALL members, their friends,

family and colleagues. Being held on the 4th floor, relaxed tidy casual attire is encouraged just to see the

month out in an informal atmosphere and surroundings.

It is also a great opportunity to bring along prospective candidates for membership to show that your

Club is not stiff, formal and old-fashioned as it is so often and so wrongly portrayed.

Please note

in your diary

the 26th of August

2011 as the next

Last Friday.


The Committee highly recommends newly admitted Members to come to this

regular event to make new acquaintances and become comfortable using the

Club and its facilities.

For those who feel a little ‘peckish’, a light meal is served from 6.30 pm

onward. The price for this is $15.00 which is excellent value.

Please advise Jane Wells if you wish to be added to the e-mail reminder for

this function or of any additional names you would like to have included.

Earlier Food Service is available on request for those going to an evening event.

Newsletter Advanced Viewing: Members are welcome to preview the monthly newsletter before

the hard copy is being received by mail by visiting the Club’s website http://www.wellingtonclub.co.nz

Here it is normally available five or six days before.

Car Parking: The Committee wishes to remind Members that this facility is for Members only, not

for spouses, friends or colleagues. Observance of this by-law is in particular important during the

renovations on level 6 as five of the car parks are out of commission providing storage and parking

space to Fletchers Interior.

Upcoming Club Function: Opera Package Cavalleria Rusticana & Pagliacci with drinks, dinner,

transport and premium tickets on Thursday 1 September 2011.


Progress! Log 4:

The former Members’ Bar and the Quadrant

Room look more like a shell at present (see

picture). A roof has been built covering

the triangular shaped tiny deck outside the

Morrison Room and the wall to this deck has

been demolished freeing up even better views

than before! This area will form part of the new

bar and increase its size.

Many Members have inquired if the new

balcony will be covered-in: this will not be the

case and in response to several inquiries, it is not

intended to make it a smoking area.

Weather permitting, the weekend 30/31 July

will see the balcony craned into its position

overnight and all going well, be visible as of

Sunday morning!

The Committee is now looking at naming the

two new rooms appropriately.

The Club expects to be able to open the new

Business Centre on level 4 by the end of July.

It will be located in the former Card Room,

also known as the “Ladies’ Waiting Room” (!)

before 1993. This will centralise all office and

administrative services for Members to one floor

and the relaxed dress code applicable to level 4

will also add ease to Members’ comfort.

View from the Morrison Room toward the new bar

and north function room

Senior Members’ Lunch

The next monthly luncheon for senior Members

(65 years and over) will be held on:

Wednesday 3 August 2011, 12.00 for 12.40pm

Guests of Members are welcome.

Women’s luncheon

Every first Thursday of the month, women

Members meet for lunch. Feel free to invite

a guest or two to come along.

Please call Jane Wells if you would like to be

included in the monthly email reminder for

the luncheon.

Thursday 4 August 2011, 12.30 for 1.00pm

The Wellington Club

88 The Terrace, P O Box 10-129, Wellington, New Zealand

Telephone 04 472 0348 | Facsimile 04 472 2475 | Email info@wellingtonclub.co.nz | Website www.wellingtonclub.co.nz

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