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WEBSITE: Charlotte, North Carolina E-MAIL:


Greensboro 1- day ceremonial offers first

opportunity for new members!

and have the opportunity to shop a

couple of club and unit tables in a

‘mini-Shrine Mart’ prior to the actual

ceremonial itself getting under way

shortly after 10:15 a.m. following

a welcome by Potentate H. Mike


Initiates will be able to

go through the Director’s Staff’s

abbreviated ‘hot sands’ ritual

afterward, according to Noble Ellis,

and receive their traditional ‘hot

sands commemorative certificate’.

The ceremonial ends with a

fez presentation, followed by lunch.

Members bringing new

candidates should file their

GREENSBORO – The Oriental

Shrine Club will be the first ‘arena’

of 2012 where Oasis members will

be able to bring new Shriners into

the fold.

The one-day ‘cold sands’

ceremonial on March 17 will include

a complete costumed initiation and

indoctrination by the Ritualistic

Cast, followed by a fez presentation

and lunch at the High Point Road

clubhouse. Anyone attending,

including the newly-made Shriners,

will also be afforded the opportunity

to mark Saint Patrick’s Day at a party

that evening at the club (see related

ad elsewhere in this issue).

“One-day ceremonials are

essentially designed to allow a

Mason to become a Shriner without

having to give up an entire weekend,

as is the case in a typical ceremonial,”

said Oasis Director Gordon ‘Buddy’

Ellis III. “In this day and age people

often simply don’t have the time to

go through everything either because

of a job or family situations.

“That’s how the one-day

ceremonial came to be,” he said.

They still get the ‘full effect’ of

initiation and, of course, can join in

the second section if they desire when

we have our first full ceremonial in

Blowing Rock in June.”

The March 17 event begins

at 9:00 a.m. at the clubhouse for

candidates, who will submit their

petitions or, if already registered,

will simply sign in, be fitted for a fez

They still get the ‘full effect’ of initiation”

certificates with the Oasis office as

soon as possible to help expedite

preparations for the March 17 event,

noted Oasis membership chairman

Shea Fadel.

Petitions can be obtained

from the Oasis office, on the Oasis

website and

via the site as well.

There is also a petition printed in this

issue of the Desert Dust.


1st Ceremonial of 2012

Page 1

Potentate’s Message

Page 2

Oasis 2012 Schedule

Page 3

Ceremonial Schedule

Page 10

Valentine’s Ball Photo’s

Page 12-13


Getting at What Matters

If you want to be truly understood, you need to

say everything three times, in three different ways.

Once for each ear…and once for the heart. –

Paula Underwood Spencer





• Our Shriners Hospitals for Children

• Hospitality in our Clubs and Units in our

daily lives, with our families, at work and

in our communities

• Harmony within our Masonic Bodies

Greetings Nobles and Ladies,

Everywhere we’ve been able to visit with you

great folks of Oasis, you have helped us focus on

what matters…helping kids defy the odds. What

you Nobles and Ladies are sharing with us is that

the work that you all do to promote and support

our Shriners Hospital for Children does matter.

We know that you make a difference in the lives of

the children we serve, their families and the entire

hospital system of which you are an integral part.

I encourage each Club and Unit to include as

many of the patients and their families in your

activities as you possibly can. I am just asking

you to develop and nurture those relationships

in your community. I hear so many of you share

that the reason you are a Shriner is because you

witnessed the miracle of a child being helped

by our fraternity. So, why not give a friend who

is not a Mason or Shriner an opportunity to

experience those same great feelings when you

hear the success story of a patient we have had the

privilege to serve. That, my fellow Nobles is the

first step in keeping our membership in step with

our mission…helping kids defy the odds.

I challenge each of you to focus on future Oasis

Shriners and what we can do to attract men and

their ladies to join us in fulfilling this mission.

It is critical that we focus on ways to build our

membership base. *** Speaking of that *** grab

The Potentate’s Message

your fez, family and friends and head for Time

Warner Cable Arena on Friday evening March 16 th

for Shriner Night when the Charlotte Checkers

host the Norfolk Admirals on the ice. It will be

a great evening of recognition and a fun family

event. Checkers fans are wearing black that night

so, let’s show our spirit and top it with your fez! *

see the ad elsewhere in this issue.

I encourage you to participate in some of the many

upcoming events that are mentioned in this issue

of the Desert Dust, or online in the Oasis Current

Events and invite a friend.

Lady Cathy and I would like to thank all the Clubs

and Units that we have visited so far for your

Oasis style hospitality.

I personally enjoyed a visit to our Shriners

Hospital in Greenville where I was privileged to

join in the dedication of some much needed sofa

beds by the White Plains Shrinettes – Great Job


I have also enjoyed attending a Scottish Rite and

York Rite meeting. It is refreshing to be a part

of the great fellowship and work that goes on in

our Masonic bodies. So I encourage you to attend

your local lodges every chance you get.

Along those lines, thanks to the membership team

and the Statesville Shrine Club for hosting our

first Masonic Unity Night. Please let us know if

you would consider being involved with hosting a

membership Masonic Unity event.

Thanks also to our office staff, Lori, Wendy, and

Claudie for helping the 2012 Oasis Divan Team

transition into this great Shrine year!

My fez is off to all the Nobles and their Ladies

on your Divan Team, our aides and everyone

involved as committee chairman and officers of

the many Clubs and Units as you help to lead the

greatest Shrine Center anywhere, “Oasis”.

See you in the desert somewhere soon!

Stay in touch. Let’s just do it! Let’s just ask!

H. Mike Cook - Potentate

Celebrate Oasis 2012 - Opportunities and

Possibilities to help kids defy the odds!

The Desert Dust

Official publication of, for and by


Illustrious Sir, H. Mike Cook, Potentate

604 Doug Mayes Place

Charlotte, NC 28262-8410

Phone: 704-549-9600

Elected Divan & Board of Directors

Chief Rabban …..…….…. Fred Laxton

Assistant Rabban ….…. David Sumpter

High Priest & Prophet ……. Todd Ham

Oriental Guide …….……. Johnny King

Treasurer ……….…… Bill Harward, Jr.

Recorder ……….........……… Jim Rorie

Appointed Divan

1 st Ceremonial Master …... Mike Neaves

2 nd Ceremonial Master . John D. Burgess

Director …….. Gordon ‘Buddy’ Ellis III

Marshal ………….……..… Tim Daniels

Captain of the Guard … Rodney Morgan

Outer Guard ……………….. Shea Fadel

Postal Service Address Correction to:

Desert Dust Address Change

604 Doug Mayes Place

Charlotte, NC 28262-8410

Editor: Noble John Harder

Phone 704-549-9600

(Advertising rates furnished on request)

Make your reservations today for June’s

Blowing Rock ceremonial

BLOWING ROCK – The first full

Oasis ceremonial for 2012 will be

held June 1-2 in Blowing Rock, and

now’s the time to be making your

room reservations for this gala event.

Oasis will once again be

headquartered at the legendary

Chetola Resort, where special

rates are being offered for rooms

and condominiums on the Chetola

complex, where much of the

weekend’s activity will take place.

Reservations may be made

by calling Chetola at (800) 243-

8652, and when you call be sure

to let them know you are with the

Shriners group.

The special rates extend to

include Wednesday, May 30, and

Thursday, May 31, when a variety of

special family- and fitness-oriented

activities are scheduled for interested


“This is going to be the

best ceremonial we’ve ever had at

Blowing Rock,” said Potentate H.

Mike Cook. “In keeping with our

theme of ‘Hospitals, Hospitality and

Harmony’ we’re planning all kinds

of activities that family members of

all ages will enjoy.

“Chetola is such a beautiful

place and the people and merchants

of Blowing Rock will be offering all

kinds of special sales and attractions

for our ceremonial participants,”

Potentate Cook said.

The weekend will include

such things as a golf outing, a parade

and a variety of entertainment. (A

full story on the weekend will be

featured in the next issue of the

Desert Dust.)

Special rates are also being

offered at other Blowing Rock hotels

and inns, and the room availability

at Chetola is limited and will be

handled on a first-come, first-served









Fri, Mar 9

Sat, Mar 10

Mar 10-12

Mar 13-15

Sat, Mar 17

Mar 23-25

Apr 8

Wed, Apr 18

Fri/Sat., May 4-5

Sat, May 12

Thu, May 31

Fri-Sat, Jun 1-2

Fri-Sat, Jun 8-9

Sat-Sun, Jun 9-10

Jul 1 – 6

Wed, Jul 4 (Wed)

Wed, Jul 18

Jul 21

Patrol Past Captains

Hillbilly Day at Oasis

Assistant Rabban Seminar, Tampa

Oriental Guide Seminar, Tampa

Greensboro, Oriental Shrine Club One-Day Cold

Sands Ceremonial/St. Patrick’s Day Party

SASA Mid-Winter, Greenwood, SC


Oasis Stated Meeting, 4 p.m.

Annual Oasis Paper Crusade

Family Picnic - Land of the Sky

Health/Fun Activities Day at Summer Ceremonial,

Blowing Rock

Summer Ceremonial, Blowing Rock

Family Fun Day, Red Fez Club

Oasis Shriners Celebrity Golf Classic, Lake


Imperial Session, Charlotte

Independence Day/Imperial Parade

Oasis Stated Membership Meeting, 5 p.m.

Welcome Home Imperial Sir Al Madsen






Tue, Aug 7 th

Aug 15-19

Aug 25 th

Sep 3

Sep 20-23

Sep 21-22

Oct 13

Oct 18-30

Oct 24 Fletcher

Oct 25 TBA

Oct 27 Concord

Nov 2-3

Nov 20

Nov 22

Nov 23

Sat, Dec 1

Dec 13-14

Sat, Dec 22

Shrine 100 Race, Gastonia

Potentate’s Trip to Montana

Potentate’s Birthday Bash - Mooresville

Labor Day

SASA Fall Meeting, Myrtle Beach

Grand Lodge, Winston-Salem

Grand Master’s Oxford Homecoming

Festival & Parade

Imperial Potentate’s Trip to the Danube

Oasis Shrine Circus

Oasis Shrine Circus

Oasis Shrine Circus

Fall Ceremonial @ Oasis

Mooresville Christmas Parade

Thanksgiving Day

Oasis All-Star Shrine Classic

Annual Elections

Potentates Trip to New York

Shrine Bowl


Fri, Jan 4

Sat, Jan 5

Club/Unit Awards Night

2013 Officer Installation


Gator Tales - November/December/January Update

Friday and Saturday, October

7 th and 8 th brought fifteen Gators and

Gals (including: the Ellenburgs,

David Bowman, the Crawley’s, the

Huffman’s, the Bumgarner’s, the

Reeps, the Beans, and Linda and

John Hilton.) traveling from the

Hickory area to Oxford for the annual

Masonic Homecoming and parade

held on the campus of the children’s

home. Most arrived around dinner

time and we “tailgated” at our motel

parking lot with some homemade

goodies and sandwich

fixin’s. One of the

pleasures of attending the

Homecoming is meeting

the former students and

residents of the Masonic

Children’s Home who were

also staying at same motel.

Many stories were

shared and related to us.

One young lady, when she

found out we were from

Hickory, asked if we knew

“Papa Plez” (Teague) and,

of course, we did as he was

a “legend” and #1 supporter

of the Masonic Children’s

Home. He was “infamous”

for knocking on your door

and asking for a donation

for the Children’s home...

most always getting a $100

for a jar of jelly that his

wife had made. The young

lady told us that her “Papa

Plez” gave her her first

bicycle...and that brought

some fond memories of

Plez Teague to the Gators

in attendance. The parade

on Saturday was smaller

than the St. John’s Day parade of

past years, but was sweet and well

planned and enjoyed by the viewers

in attendance. A Barbeque Cook-Off

on the grounds was a huge hit, and

most enjoyed by those who feasted

on the samples of foods. Next year,

our group wants to be a part of the

cook-off too.

The weekend of October

21-23rd was enjoyed by the

Leathermans, the Bowmans, the

Huffmans, and the Crawleys in Mt

Airy as our first camping trip with the

Oasis Camping Club. Meeting 60+

new folks was a lot of fun and we

especially liked the ice cream socials,

the chili dinners and the rib dinners

provided with our membership in

the Camping Club. The weather

was sunny during the day, although

the 30 degree temperature around

the campfire at night was cool...the

roasting the big red (bologna) and

marshmallows made it fun. The

Gator Travelin’ campers were the

last ones outside on Saturday night

enjoying the campfire.

Wednesday, October 26 th

took David Crawley, Judy and David

Bowman, Rupert Little and David

Bumgarner to the Boone Circus to

feed the Divan and share their Gators

with the folks in attendance.

On Saturday, October 29 th , a

group of Gators (Kenny Jarrett, Allen

Leatherman, Richard Ellenburg, and

David Bumgarner) headed out early

morning to the Concord Circus with

their Gators in tow.

That night a Haunted Trail

at Kenny and Vickie Jarrett’s house

brought 225+ hot dog eating guests

out to be “frightened to death” by the

ghosts and goblins and blood drinking

vampires, and chain-saw “giants”

hidden along the paths through the

back woods along Wesley Chapel

Church road in Newton, NC...if

you were brave enough to ride the

Gators through those woods. It is a

fun night enjoyed by many...and any

donations that night were passed on

to Shriners’ Hospitals. Thanks to the

Jarretts, the Leatherman’s and the

Bowman’s for their work and their

sharing that night.

The November meeting

was held at Sadie and Richard

Ellenburg’s house in the mountain

view section of Hickory. “When we

meet, we eat” certainly fit the menu

that night with a pool table filled to

the brim with a delicious covered

dish spread. Special Gator Events

that were attended at the end of 2011:

*November 4-6...SASA week-end

in Hickory...Parade lined up @12:30

pm Saturday ... The Gators and Gals

enjoyed a meal at the Vintage House

at 6:30 pm Friday

*Saturday, November 19 th ...the

Hendrix Car Show in Concord...6

Gators attended this function and

Dan Wallace was in-charge.

*Friday, November 25 th ...Classic

Game...Jarrett and Bowman


*Saturday, December 3 rd ..the Gators

participated in the 10 o’clock

By Brenda Huffman

Christmas Parade in Valdese and a

1:00 pm parade in Hildebran and a

3:00 parade in Claremont. We were

‘Merry Christmas’ed out by the end

of the day...but what fun!!!

*Saturday, December 10 th ...Over

a hundred people (Gators, Shriners,

friends, Divan members, and

families) attended a Gator meeting/

pork Chop breakfast at Alan and

Doris Leatherman’s in Plateau at 9

am and then attended or participated

in the Cat Square Parade that


2012 began with a

Gator organizational

meeting held at the

Oyster Bar on January

4 th with Captain David

Bowman presiding.

*February 1 st took us

to the Shrine Clubhouse

for a delicious breakfast

“supper” prepared

by David Bowman

who presented several

recognition awards

that night: to Kenny

and Vickie Jarret for

hosting their Halloween

haunted house and the

proceeds designated

for the Hospital fund....

to Allen and Doris

Leatherman for hosting

the annual Christmas

breakfast at their home

before the Cat Square

Christmas parade...

and to Larry Huffman

and the PO BBQ for

donating the BBQ

snacks for the Auction

held on the SASA weekend

in Hickory.

*Sunday, February 5 th ...the Gators

supported their Shrine Club with

their 18 th Annual Game Day party

on Super Bowl Sunday. The doors

of the American Legion opened at 5

pm to the nearly 300 folks who were

“ready for some football” and some

food. Four 55” TV’s were raffled

off as well as other prizes during the

draw down raffle. Many folks stayed

to enjoy the fellowship and the game

resulting in the NY Giants winning

the Super Bowl XLVI in the waning


And that’s the way it was...See ya’

later, Gator!!


Drive Thru Santa warms the season at Oriental Shrine Club

By Noble Dale Cheek

So, you get the kids or even the

grandkids all dressed up to visit

Santa at the mall. You endure the

shuffling wait behind the velvet

rope and just as the ache settles

into your lower back, you gently

plop them on Santa’s lap, and

watch with open mouth as the

little one’s anticipation melts into

… tears. In a flash, all Christmas

wishes vanish, replaced with

trembling at the thought that they

are in the lap of a large, bearded

elf in a red suit.

Noble Jim Coleman and I are

members of Oriental Shrine Club

and we think we have a better

idea – a drive-thru Santa. That’s

right, just drive up to the front of

the Shrine Club in the comfort of

your own car and visit with good

ol’ Saint Nick himself and his

elves ( aka Jim Coleman and the

Rainbow Girls Greensboro #23)

I went to Noble Jim three years

ago with my idea of a drive-thru

Santa, asked for his help, and he

jumped at the chance. We talked

about how the local economy was

tanking for many people who

were either on unemployment

or on short time. We felt it was

just a matter of time before this

economic downturn would affect

our shrine club’s fund raising

efforts in our community for our

Shriners Hospitals, so the time

was right for some Christmas


The first major hurdle I faced

was to be my hardest: the seed

money needed to outfit Santa,

to provide a sign worthy of the

task of inviting the community

to our shrine club, and of course

to supply the goody bags with

… goodies. That’s when I took

my idea to the International

Brotherhood of Boilermakers

Local 687 where I was a member

for 35 years. Their reputation for

supporting charities has been well

deserved and they came through

again by making a donation that

got this project off the ground.

Thank you those Nobles and

Boilermakers who helped turn

this idea into reality!

Once Santa’s coffers had some

money, I went door to door to

local restaurants asking for “kids

eat free’ coupons, and visited

with a host of family friendly

businesses like bowling lanes

and putt-putt golf courses giving

them the opportunity to donate

what they could for the children’s

goody bags (also packed with

candy, cookies and fruit).

Poppy the Clown ( aka Noble

Al Clegg) hands out fire and burn

prevention coloring books with

crayons while Nobles give the

latest Shriners Hospitals DVDs

(supplied by Shriners International

in Tampa) to the parents. All this,

before a backdrop of the Oasis

Nascarts who have their cars on

display for the kids to see.

It feels great to do this for our

community, and has yet afforded

us an unexpected benefit. It has

drawn the attention of the local TV

news and the Greensboro Daily

Record newspaper. Wonderful

exposure beyond value.

I am so very proud that all

we give to the families and their

children during the drive-thru

Santa has been and remains free

to those who come by to talk with

ol’ Saint Nick – and it has been

done with out using any of the

club’s money.

Noble Jim and I have some

advice for you next Christmas

season: Get off the sofa, load up

the kids in the minivan and come

see Santa at the Oriental Shrine



Patrol News By: 1 st Lt. Bob Saye

It is with hesitant

anticipation that I begin my

first article and journey as

‘Patrol News’ correspondent

and Desert Dust liaison for The

Oasis Shriners Patrol Unit.

First things first: a

huge debt of my gratitude to

our outgoing correspondent

Graham Wilson. I have known

Graham and Lady Loretta since

I was a spry teenager the early

1980s, well before I knew how

Masonry and Shrinedom would

affect my life as I matured.

Graham is a Past Captain and

one of my Shrine Mentors and

after his ten (10) plus year run

as Patrol Crier has handed off

this important task of putting

fingers to keys to convey the

ongoing and current news

of The Oasis Shriners Patrol

Unit. Thank you for your votes

of confidence Graham, Past

Captains and fellow Officers.

You know I will try hard not to


Second things second:

Welcome back John Harder as

Editor of The Desert Dust; the

best print publication in ALL

of Shrinedom. John is a good

friend of The Patrol Unit, a

great Mason and Shriner. He

also used to have a great face

for radio. We look forward to

working together into the future

to keep the Oasis Nobility


The Patrol is incredibly

proud, honored and humbled

as one of our own Imperial

Sir Alan W. Madsen will be

presented, installed and preside

as the Imperial Potentate of

Shriners International at the

138 th Imperial Session in

Charlotte, NC this coming

July 4 th weekend. The Patrol

Unit is ramping up for a lot of

responsibility, work duty and

excitement as July is getting

closer – fast. The preliminary

plans for the Imperial Parade

in Uptown Charlotte on July

4 th are being finalized and it

promises to be “the Mother of

ALL Shrine Parades”. Much

more information is within this

Desert Dust issue and certainly

more to come. Imperial Sir

Al and His Lady Jan are such

great people and I hope every

Noble of Oasis Shriners is

able to show their support for

them through July of 2013. If

you are a Noble not currently

aligned with a participating

Oasis Unit and would like to

assist with the upcoming 2012

Imperial Session please contact

any officer of The Oasis Patrol.

Go to our website, www. , for contact

information as we would be

pleased to have any additional


Back in the middle of January

the Patrol Officers attended the

annual Oasis Shriner’s Club

/ Unit / Member Orientation.

Patrolman, Ill. H. Mike

Cook was presiding and his

enthusiasm is contagious as

he ran to the podium as M/C

Harvey Burgess introduced

him as Our Potentate. Even

Past Captain / Marshall Tim

Daniels looked dapper in his

new uniform

suit for his first

official Divan

duty for 2012.

Ill. Sir H. Mike

has such a keen

ability to pump

us up in his

mild mannered

way. He and

Lady Cathy

have given

their duties a

t r e m e n d o u s

amount of

thought over

the past nine

(9) years and

they’re off to a great start in 2012.

A challenge goes out to every

Oasis Shriner to participate

in the many announced and

planned fundraisers. If you do

not already know Ill. H. Mike

and Lady Cathy personally

I encourage you to make an

effort to do so. There may be

no other sooner or better time

than the upcoming One Day

Ceremonial in Greensboro.

The Patrol’s newest leader,

Captain Peter Schuetz has

taken command and has us off

to a galloping start for 2012.

Captain Peter presided over

his first regular meeting as our

leader in late January and the

gavel’s block is still unbroken.

The hospitality and camaraderie

with members, Ladies and

friends was outstanding, and as

usual some jokes were better

than others. Captain Peter

is a very proud and dedicated

Mason, Shriner and Patrolman.

We look forward to Patrolling

in 2012 and 2013 with Captain

Peter for both Oasis Shriners

and Shriners International. Our

February meeting on Friday

the 25 th will be held at the

Riverview Inn at 6:00pm.

Some of our active and

dignitary Patrolmen were in

— Greenville

Annual Board Meeting

April 20 - 21, 2012

Details coming soon!


St. Petersburg Florida for the

Annual East-West Shrine Game

on January 21 st . We even had the

Patrol ‘Sports Correspondent’

on a special search and destroy

reconnaissance mission to find

something rather large of great

significance to The Oasis Patrol

and get some good pictures

to share. To no avail as our

significantly large object was

missing in action and not even

in Florida on that weekend.

Further expounding on this

teaser shall be coming forthright

later this Spring. Oh, the Game

- the West team prevailed on

the field but the big winners

were Shriners Hospitals for

Children, the patients and

families that benefit from the

hard work and generosity of

Shriners and contributions from

the general public. Shriners are

indeed “The World’s Greatest


It is hard to believe its almost

time for another Patrol Past

Captain’s Night; the annual

tradition where our Past

Captains are honored with

a steak supper and our new

candidates / recruits provide

the ‘entertainment’ to begin

a one (1) year probationary

period. Last year’s initiates will

cont.on page 18

Don’t Miss This!


More than


in Prizes

to be given away!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Market Station (West Main Street)

Albemarle, NC

Ticket Price: $100

Only 3000 tickets to be sold! Winners need not be present to win!

Purchase your tickets before/thru February 14, 2012 and be eligible for the Early Bird Drawings

(John Deere Gator, 2 drawings of $2,500 each & 10 drawings of $1,000 each)

Doors Open at 11 a.m. • Early Bird Drawings at Noon • Drawings Begin at 12:50 p.m. • Food · Beverages · Music

Visit or call 704-984-9417 or 704-984-9415 for more info.



Make checks to: ADDC

Mail to: PO Box 1633

Albemarle, NC 28002

The Ninth Annual



Early Bird Drawings

A John Deere Gator,

2 drawings of $2,500 each

& 10 drawings of $1,000 each

12:50 pm 2012 Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe

12:55 pm $2500 CASH

1:00 pmRemington 870 Wingmaster 12 gauge

1:05 pm $1000 CASH

1:10 pm Browning X-Bolt .223

1:15 pm $1000 CASH

1:20 pm Browning X-Bolt .308

1:25 pm John Deere Gator

1:30 pm 2012 Honda TRX420

1:35 pm $1000 CASH

1:40 pm Remington 700 SPS Buckmasters 30-06 Bolt

1:45 pm $1000 CASH

1:50 pm Patio Custom Grill by B.Q. Grills

1:55 pm $1000 CASH

All proceeds benefit the Albemarle Downtown Development Corp.,

the Stanly County Shrine Club & the Stanly Regional Medical Center Foundation


Please Print Clearly

Purchase your tickets

(cash or check only) by mail or

at the following locations:

Bowers Implement

Cadillac Sign (Norwood)

Friendly Chevrolet (Troy)

Harley Davidson of Charlotte

God’s Country

RPM Cycles





2:00 pm 2012 Harley Davidson Softail Fat Boy

2:05 pm Kimber 84M Montana 243 Win Bolt

2:10 pm $1000 CASH

2:15 pm Savage 116FCSS .270 Stainless Bolt

2:20 pm $1000 CASH

2:25 pm $1000 CASH

2:30 pm 2012 Xcursion 21F Pontoon Powered by 70hp 4stroke

2:35 pm Kimber 84L Classic 270 Win Stainless Bolt

2:40 pm $1000 CASH

2:45 pm Patio Custom Grill by B.Q. Grills

2:50 pm $1000 CASH

2:55 pm CZ Woodcock 20 gauge over/under

3:00 pm 2012 Chevrolet 4x4 Crew Cab

Name ____________________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address____________________________________________________________________________

City ______________________________________________State ____________ Zip____________________

Phone ____________________________________________________________________________

Number of tickets requested ____________________________Do you plan to attend ❑Yes ❑No


Ideas& Bubbles

Oasis Donor

Relations Chairman

Noble A.J. Morton, Jr.

Year 2012 is a milestone

in the history of the Shriners

organization. This year marks the

140 th anniversary of the Shrine

internationally. History records that

brother Masons in 1870 were much

like today’s Masons in 2012; that

is, they were noted for good humor

and wit. They often discussed a new

fraternity for Masons, in which fun

and fellowship would be stressed

more than ritual. Many different

ideas for a new fraternity of Masons

were shared by the particularly jovial

group who met at Knickerbocker

Cottage, a restaurant in Manhattan,

New York.

The idea of the Shrine was

conceived by William J. “Billy”

Florence. This “priceless” man, an

actor and the toast of the New York

stage, was on tour in Marseilles,

France, when he was invited to a

party given by an Arabian diplomat.

While there, he realized that this

Arabian theme might well be the

vehicle for the new fraternity.

Florence’s ideas found fertile

ground in the mind of Dr. Walter

M. Fleming, who converted them

into what would become the Ancient

Arabic Order of the Nobles of the

Mystic Shrine. Fleming and other

Masonic brothers crafted the ritual,

designed the emblem and costumes,

formulated a salutation, and declared

that members would wear a fez.

Then, on September 26, 1872 the

first Shrine Temple in the United

States was organized in New York

Masonic Hall, and bore the name


Nearly four years later, in order

to spur growth of the fledgling

fraternity, Mecca Shriners created

a separate governing body named

The Imperial Grand Council of the

Ancient Arabic Order of the Mystic

Shrine of the United States.” The

goal of the new governing body to

grow the Shrine was most successful.

In the first two years, in 1878, there

were 425 Shriners, and 13 temples.

So, where does Oasis appear

in the historical record Well, the

idea to organize a Shrine Temple

in North Carolina came from

Walter Scott “Daddy” Liddell. This

“priceless” man petitioned ACCA

Temple in Richmond, Virginia, and

Oasis Shrine Temple received its

charter on October 10, 1894. The

Shrine’s growth eventually brought

an evolution of the governing body’s

name from ‘Shrine of the United

“Ideas are a

dime a dozen,

but the man

who puts

them into

practice is


States’ to ‘Shrine of North America’

and to ‘International Shrine’. This

year, there are 194 temples, three of

which are located in the Philippines,

Puerto Rico, and Germany.

Meantime, from the very

beginning Masonic Shriners

activities foreshadowed those of

today: While the organization

was still primarily social, members

engaged in charitable causes. Every

Shrine temple was involved in some

sort of philanthropic work. Monies

often were donated to victims of

hurricanes, epidemics, earthquakes,

flood and fires. After the 1906

earthquake in San Francisco,

Shriners sent $25,000 to help the

stricken city. However, neither

individual projects nor special onetime

contributions satisfied Shrine

members, who wanted more. They

wanted one of their own.

The idea for a Shriners

Hospital for Children as a permanent,

open-ended philanthropy was

proposed at the Imperial session

in 1920, and seemed destined for

defeat until “priceless” Noble

Forrest Adair Yaarab Shrine Atlanta

impassioned the Nobles with what

has become known as the “Bubbles”

speech. Noble Adair told of lying in

bed at his hotel early in the morning,

listening to a street musician playing

“I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles”

on a baritone horn. He went on to

describe a dream he then had, of a

little crippled children’s hospital he

helped establish five years before,

operated by the Scottish Rite in

Atlanta. He challenged his brothers

gathered there, to “stop blowing

bubbles and get down to brass

tacks.” Moved to action by what is

still known as the “Bubbles Speech,”

the Shrine of North America voted

to adopt its own philanthropy to

be known as Shriners Hospital for

Crippled Children.

The Shriners Hospital for

Crippled Children (renamed in 1996

to Shriners Hospital for Children)

quickly became known as the

“world’s greatest philanthropy.”

Imperial Potentate W. Freeland

Kendrick’s Lu Lu Shriners,

Philadelphia) dream as carried forth

in support by Noble Adair became a

reality: a pediatric orthopedic facility

was built where patients of families

who cannot afford to pay for services

would be treated free of charge. It

would be open to children (up to 18

years old) of all races and religions.

It became apparent that

more than one hospital would be

necessary, so several sites at or

near large population centers were

selected across North America. The

cornerstone for the first hospital was

laid in Shreveport, Louisiana on

May 12, 1922. The first patient to

be admitted in 1922 was a little girl

with a club foot, who had learned

to walk on the top of her foot rather

than the sole. Other units were added

in quick succession throughout

the United States and one each in

Mexico and Canada, until by 1956

there were 19 orthopedic hospitals,

three with special spinal cord injury

rehabilitation programs, and three

Shriners Burn Hospitals. In 1997 a

premier Shriners Hospital opened in

Northern California for orthopedic,

spinal cord injury and burn treatment.

Eight years later, in 2005,

Shriners Hospital for Children added

treatment of cleft lip and palate to

the hospital network’s treatment

disciplines. In 2010 Shriners

Hospitals for Children cared for

124, 285 patients, including 31, 212

new patients. “Shriners…Helping

Kids Defy the Odds” is more than a

catchy phrase…it is a commitment

to providing some of the best

medical care in the world to children

in Shriners Hospitals – at no cost to

patients nor their families.

Shriners Hospitals’ threefold

mission of treatment, research

and teaching, costs money. This is

where planned giving opportunities

to Shriners Hospitals for Children by

Nobles, family and friends are a winwin

program. The giver receives a

tax deduction and option to receive

income for life. Shriners Hospitals

for Children continues to have

income to offer the best medical

treatment in the world to children.

The budget for 2011 was

$754 million to operate a network

of 22 hospitals. The challenge for

officers and directors of this health

care system of 22 hospitals is to

operate as efficiently as possible.

Shriners Childrens Hospitals leaders

have cut expenses and cost-effective

measures have been put into place.

Gary Dunwoody, past Imperial

Potentate, called this “frugality.”

Approximately 90% of all dollars

received by Shriners Hospitals for

Children is spent on direct support

cont.on page 11

Oasis Shrine Band Notes

Well, who would believe

we’re well into a new year

already The air is electric in

anticipation of an exciting year

that includes our own Imperial

Session this July in Charlotte. I

can’t wait. In case I didn’t say it

already. Happy New Year, from

us to all of you!

The Band was very busy as

2011 came to an end. Just like

everybody else, we were in

Hickory the first weekend of

November. The Fall Ceremonial

was a lot of fun. We had our

biggest fund organization raiser in Michigan. the weekend

Furthermore, no Shrine

of the 19th. We performed at

function or activity will be

the Charlotte afforded a Auto special privilege Show. That’s

not afforded any other unrelated

organization that is



evening and all day

Saturday. allowed Our to Big use a building (Dance) Band

dedicated to Masonic purposes,

or on the grounds

played on Sunday. We had some

help from of a building one so of dedicated. our ringers:

Violation of these

Ms. Amy Alexander, who is the

provisions by a Mason under

the jurisdiction at Alexander of the City

Band Director

Grand Lodge of Michigan

West Junior High. While at the

is punishable by charges of

show we un-Masonic were conduct. visited by an old

This is not the first time

friend, Manning

such action has




by. As November over a disagreement drew and to a close

surely will not be the last.

we participated

The Grand Lodge





issued Christmas the same basic Parades.


/ Spencer

edict in 2007 over El Zaribah


This year it fell

Temple in


Phoe-the23rdnix. There is another like case day which


perfect spring

pending in California and

helped to

if the


same edict


is issued,

had to be

their largest then Georgia crowd has stated ever.

zation in the State of Michigan.

The relevant sections

of Michigan Masonic Law

are as follows:

§3.8.2: Any and all


tions, or persons within the

State of Michigan, professing

to have any authority,

power or privileges in

Ancient Craft Masonry,

not fraternally recognized

by this Grand Lodge, are

declared to be clandestine

and illegal, and all

Masonic intercourse with

any of them is prohibited.

§ All Master

Masons under the jurisdiction

of the Grand Lodge of

Michigan who hold membership

in Ancient Arabic

Order Nobles of the Mystic

Shrine are forbidden to attend

tiled Shrine meetings

when there is in attendance

a suspended or expelled


It is therefore my order

that no Mason who holds

they will follow as well.

Disagreements are com-

membership in a Michigan

Lodge, or in a Lodge Shriners are no exception.

Past mon Captain among everyone Doug and Teague

chartered by


a recognized

a grand



it might


be a



Grand Lodge Band who resides Christmas time to reevaluate party in whom

or sojourns in Michigan, you believe, remember

may (1) attend


any nonpublic

function Sands of any Shrine Restaurant. stop spreading gossip The about









in Michigan or (2) have things you aren’t 100%

any Masonic


interaction of


positive about…Before

was a

any kind with very any Shrine special you are no one. longer a This Shriner.

is the year we change

N A HIGH our SCHOOL officers. COLLEGE BAND Ill. Sir

John and Lady Judy

WE Sullivan NEED YOU! made sure

they were installed

IS TEMPLE properly and BAND all went

well. The officers for

2012 & 13 are: Captain

– Noble Allen Jones

from Thomasville,

1st. Lt. (Director) -

Noble Paul Blosser

from Taylorsville,

Give us 2nd. a call! Lt., PC -

g Teague...............828-381-8415

Noble Doug Teague

l Blosser................828-310-6804

from Taylorsville,


Secretary – Noble

Elder, PP, PC/PP PC...........336-883-0403 John Elder

from High Point and

Treasurer – Noble WM Brent

Wilson of Charlotte. Captain

Doug was honored to give Noble

Bandsman Tom Davenport his

50 year (Shrine) award. You

may not know that Tom wrote

the Band’s DD letter years ago,

and at one time was involved

with the Mecklenburg Shrine

Club. Capt. Doug also gave his

Bandsman of the year to Noble

Brent Wilson for his tireless

work as driver and Treasurer.

Be sure to see the article about


Brent in the January DD.

Oasis Tripsters

The Band wanted one

correction mentioned in this

letter. At our Oasis Units & Clubs

Appreciation Night (1/6) our

hospital contribution was right

at $2,500.00, not the $200.00

that was announced.

One quick announcement. Just

like most clubs and units, we

are looking for new members.

Most Units can recruit a Noble

and train him to function with

their group. The Band is not that

lucky. We can only search for

men who have participated in

high school or college bands.

You rarely see them except at our Hospitals, but the Hospital Tripsters

are the ones in charge of transporting the precious cargo of

the children we serve, to and from our hospitals. Although there are

many, here are two; Earl Wise on the left and Gene Moore on the

Right, which happen to be in the right place at the right time for a

photo opt. A big thank you for all those tiresome days and nights of

travel to all the Tripsters…again we see; “What’s Right in Oasis.”

We have to hope we hear

from musicians that have joined

a Lodge and become a Shriner.

If you fit this description




@ Stanly County Shrine Club

2nd and 4th Saturday Every Month

35781 City Lake Rd. Albemarle, NC 28001






Hors D’oeuvres Provided by Club Members

For More Information:

Patty Blackmon 704-723-6282

Scott Gwyn 704-888-8361

please come visit us. We will

not embarrass you. Bring an

instrument or just come by.

Check us out any second or

fourth Tuesday evening (6:00) at

our Oasis Headquarters. Come

around to the right side of the

building (at the garage door) and

you’ll find us. Check our ad in

this paper for Nobles to call for


See ya at the Spring Ceremonial

(3/17) – Oriental Shrine Club –



By: Ill. Sir, John Elder, PC, PP

Shriners On Bikes

If you’re on 2 or 3 wheels and like to ride for

children, prizes & fun ... it’s time you joined us!

Call Noble Pat Glover @ 704-634-3025

or Noble Steve Helms @ 704-363-1053


Oriental Shrine Club One-Day Cold Sands Ceremonial

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Oriental Shrine Club

5010 High Point Rd.

Greensboro, NC 27407

09:00am – 09:50am ..... Candidates registration (Provost- Fez sizing, etc.)


Marketplace (Patrol, Provost, Director’s Staff, Oriental SC, etc.)

Oasis Band

Coffee/Biscuits/Doughnuts will be served

09:50am – 10:00am ….. Divan/Membership meeting (vote on petitions)

10:00am – 10:15am ….. Potentate’s opening remarks/welcome

Class Honoree presentation

10:15am – Noon ….. Cold Sands Ceremonial begins

Ritualistic Cast/Oriental Band

Noon – 12:30pm ….. 1 st Section ends


Director’s Staff Hot Sands (Certificate)

12:30pm – 1:00pm ….. Ladies return

Fez presentation

Class Picture

1:00pm – 2:00pm ….. Lunch for candidates/participants

(Ceremonial conclusion)

Ideas & Bubbles - cont. from page 5

of the organization’s three-part


Funds to operate Shriners

Hospitals for Children have

traditionally come from endowment

dividends, gifts and bequests.

Shriners took great pride in providing

services to children “absolutely free

of charge” regardless of possible

payment benefit from a third party;

that is, a health insurance company.

This changed in year 2010. Instead

of wording “absolutely free of

charge,” Shriners Hospitals for

Children changed wording to

“medical services will be provided

to children (age 0-18) regardless of

ability to pay.” Services remain free;

however, children who are covered

by health insurance policies may be

expected to apply for benefits payable

to Shriners Hospital for Children.

Illustrious Al Madsen, PP, advised

that $4.95 million dollars were paid

by health insurance companies to

Shriners Hospitals for children from

July to December in year 2010.

A major source of income

to operate Shriners Hospitals

for Children are funds raised by

Shriners, clubs and units in 194

temples internationally. Oasis

Temple (clubs and units) is credited

with donating $1,169,000 to Shriners

Hospitals for Children in year

2011. Approximately 90% of all

income is used for patient treatment,

research and education, one of the

few charities using donor dollars so

efficiently in the United States.

An awesome planned giving

opportunity to Shriners Childrens

Hospital is a charitable gift annuity.

Individuals are living longer now

than ever before in history. At one

time Willard Scott on The Today

Show sang Happy Birthday to

everyone attaining age 100 that day.

The number become so many there

was not enough time to recognize

everyone. A major benefit of a gift

annuity is an income guaranteed

for life. Income amount is based

on interest rates at the time of

issue, probably the highest interest

available in the United States. For

example, the interest rate for one

aged 65 is 4.7% (year 2012), Rates

vary according to age. Annuitant

receives an immediate tax deduction

for gift, and enjoys part of each

annuity payment tax-free for life.

A popular gift-giving

opportunity for Oasis Nobles and

friends is the 100 Million Dollar

Club. The original idea was to get one

million Nobles to each donate 100

dollars, a one-time gift to Shriners

Hospitals for Children. The money

is deposited into an endowment

account by Shriners Hospitals

for Children and only interest is

used each year to support Shriners

Hospitals for Children. Givers enjoy

a tax deduction and knowledge that

their gift will provide income to

Shriners Hospitals for Children in


Nobles and friends are

encouraged to contact Oasis Donor


Relations Committee for assistance

in learning more about planned

giving opportunities that are in their

best financial interest. Information

is available on outright gifts, wills

and bequests, pooled income

funds, gifts of securities, charitable

remainder trusts, gifts of real estate,

life insurance agreements, and gifts

of insurance.





Oasis Shrine Potentate’s - Black Tie Valentine’s Ball

Saturday February 11th, 2012


one reato


d stop


. Back

ask him to tell some of his

Rocky Mountain snow

skiing stories.

The Band had a couple

guest trombone play-

Robertson, is still having

dizzy spells and falls.

Let’s be sure to keep her

in our thoughts.

because you had a

flat tire, the very next

morning you will have a

flat tire.





Our next outing will be the Art Skidmore Oasis Cup on Tuesday, May 10th.


6920 Howey Bottom Road, Indian Trail, NC - 704-882-8282

8:30a.m., Check-In $30 includes lunch

Bring a friend, bring 2 friends...come join us and have an incredible day of fellowship and make a new friend.


Let’s play golf with Oasis Shriners fastest growing club! We play every month March through October at some

very nice golf courses in the Piedmont. Our focus is to foster good fellowship, have fun, raise a few dollars

for our Shriners Hospitals and play some golf...but not necessarily in that order. Oasis Golf Club is open to

all Nobles, whether currently a member of a club/unit or not. No minimum play required.

Send the following information to:

Junior Harward, President 604 Doug Mayes Place, Charlotte, NC 28262

Name: __________________________

Address: __________________________

City:____________________ State: ______ Zip: ________

Wife Name: ______________ Email: __________________

HM:______________ Bus: _____________ Cell: ________

USGA Handicap or Current Average: _______

Member of CC, Club, or Unit: ________________________________

Please include a check for annual dues of $20.00 made payable to Oasis Shrine Golf Club.

For more information call: Secretary Noble Jim Adams: 704-575-9303

Friday, March 23 2012

8:30am Shotgun Start

Four Player Teams - Captains


Come join us for golf, food, prizes & fun at Piney

Point Golf Club in Norwood NC.

Captains Choice, no handicap required

8:30am shotgun start

$50.00 per player

Range balls, snacks, beverages & lunch included.

2 Mulligans ($5 each) available at check in.

50/50 raffle for $10.00

Make checks payable to:

Albemarle Assembly #32

c/o Nancy L. Greene

1118 Cardinal Drive

Albemarle, NC 28001

Sponsored by Albemarle

Assembly #32

International Order of

Rainbow Girls

*Service is the Key*


One of the “Best Doctors in America” Joins Medical Staff

Recognized on the “Best Doctors in

America” lists from 2001 – 2012, Michael

Mendelow, M.D., has joined the pediatric

orthopaedic medical staff at Shriners

Hospitals for Children ® — Greenville.

“I’ve wanted to work in the Shriners

Hospitals for Children system for years,”

said Dr. Mendelow. “The entire system of

22 hospitals, and each of the individual

hospitals, is dedicated to providing the

highest quality care to kids. This focus

is maintained by everyone involved,

medically, administratively, or otherwise.

Ensuring the best care available is the

sole mission, and requires an emphasis on

clinical care, education, and research.”

A board certified pediatric

orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Mendelow was

most recently a part of the medical staff

of St. John Providence Health System in

Michigan, where he was the coordinator of

pediatric orthopaedics and spine deformity.

Dr. Mendelow received his

undergraduate degree from Duke

University before attending Baylor College

of Medicine. He completed his general

surgery internship and orthopaedic surgery

residency at the University of Michigan

followed by his Fellowship at Vanderbilt


Dr. Mendelow has a special interest

in pediatric spine deformity and cerebral

palsy and also practices general pediatric

orthopaedics, including foot deformity. He

is a member of the board of directors of the

Foundation for Orthopaedics and Complex

Spine (FOCOS), a non-profit organization

providing complex spine deformity and

orthopaedic care and education to the

developing world. Through FOCUS and

multi-national surgical teams, Dr.

Mendelow has provided care for severe

spine disorders in Ghana, Barbados,

Kenya, and Ethiopia.



Mendelow and fellow Shriners Hospitals

for Children — Greenville pediatric

orthopaedic surgeons Peter Stasikelis,

M.D., David Westberry, M.D., and T.

Whitney Gibson, operate with more than

half a century of experience.

The Black Camel

“Death is a black camel that kneels unbidden at every gate”

The Divan and Nobility of Oasis Shrine Center

are saddened by the passing of the Following Nobles:


Member # Name City Created Died

31167 Brian A Newell Boone, NC 5/21/1983 1/23/2012

13128 John R Jordan Jr. Hilton Head Island, SC 10/18/1952 1/23/2012

30283 Jackie L West Franklin, Nc 11/14/1981 1/27/2012

21107 J C Cleary Mocksville, NC 1/24/1970 1/29/2012

31450 Bruce Norman Waynesville, NC 11/15/1983 1/30/2012

25841 Robert H Mills Charlotte, NC 9/13/1975 2/9/2012

36911 Edward D Paisley Jefferson, NC 11/2/1996 2/13/2012

31553 Ben L Wingate Winston Salem, NC 11/5/1983 2/14/2012


Past Captains Club

My Loving Wife

By: Past Captain Graham Wilson

Are you a present or

past captain of one of our

Oasis Shrine units If so, read

A woman was sipping on a glass of

wine while sitting on the patio with

her husband.

on. I wanted to take a few

minutes to invite you to join

us once a month for a fun,

relaxed evening as a member

of our Past Captain’s club

(see our ad elsewhere in this


She says, “I love you

so much. I don’t know

how I could ever live

without you.”

Our agenda each

month is: good food, good

conversation and a few

laughs as we swap ‘wisdom’

among ourselves. We meet in

a private room at Big Daddy’s

of Lake Norman along

highway 150 in Mooresville

(Exit 36), three miles west of


Her husband asks, “Is

that you or the wine


She replies, “It’s Jennifer... talking to

the wine.”

(Sorry Noble Terry...this doesn’t look like

it’s going to be a good day for you.)

als he started having 1983 the lodge was lodge, and was rented

organizational meetings,

- Now first in the old President


dollars a year. Much of

chartered by DESERT Grand DUST to - MARCH the lodge 2012 - for PAGE sixty 17


Pineville High School man. WB Wilson was the lodge furniture was

Statesville Shrine Club

Building elected again to serve built by local craftsman,

James McCoy.

and later at the James as Master of James K.


K. Polk Memorial Museum.

finds The the shortest North route Car-

to No. derachiever. 759. He is Profes-er’s untimely death,

Polk Masonic Lodge After Brother Mill-


Club President Mike Boring

olina your room! Grand Master, sor One of Surgery of the in char-

the Divi-the building was sold

knows a lot about Shri-

Jack But Honeycutt, not Dr. was Taylor ter sion members, of Orthopaedic Brother Sur-to a new owner. The

ners Hospitals, and it isn’t invited and not to Mike join Boring! one According

James gery. T. As Deal, well as was Director the of amount of rent he de-

the meetings. to Dr. Taylor, This Mike only the Duke surviving Sports mem-

Medicine manded just from making a visit... of

was much

Mike is also a former patient

left a mark on his memory, Fellowship Program, and

at Greenville. which was not always Head Team Physician of DR. DEAN TAYLOR

The orthopaedic physician

positive. Mail As in & many Computer cases, the Duke Services Basketball Team. Made Easy...!

at Shriners that later things sometimes don’t Dr. Taylor previously was commented that it was the

became President is Dr. end as they begin. Professor of Orthopaedic longest operation he had

Mailing Services

Dean Taylor and was Mike’s When Mike contacted Surgery, University Computer of Minnesota

Medical • Barcode School. He After several standing ova-


ever done, over 14 hours.

Doctor. Dr. Taylor did his Dr. • Taylor, Inkjetting he only & had Labeling a

surgical residency at Greenvilleting

a response, since his Chief of Orthopaedics at Dr Taylor was presented a

slimmer • Inserting of hope & of Folding get-

also held the

• Carrier



of tions from the membership,

• Sorting & Handwork

If any of you (and I new job that keeps him West Point,



then became

the Head • Data Team Entry Phy-

& from Mail the Lists Statesville Shrine

plaque by President Mike

suspect most of you have) extremely • Product busy. He Fulfillment is the

have had surgery, the idea team physician for the sician and Director of the Club. After a question and

of having any kind of long Duke Basketball team lead John Feagin Sports Medicine

answer period Mike de-

term personal relationship by coach Mike Krzyzewski.

Fellowship Program clared the meeting closed.

Anyhow, Dr. Taylor

with your physician is a bit



that he would be from the U.S. Army at the and Mike shared a friend-

at West Point. •

He retired It was obvious that Dean

of a long shot. Today’s doctors

perform three or more happy to visit the Shrine rank of Colonel 2005 after

24 years of service. talked to Mike and other

ship. Dean stayed and

Complete Direct Mail Marketing Solutions

operations per day, and our Club where one of his biggest

insurance companies rush

challenges is now the Dr. Dean spoke of members for another thirty

you out of the hospital almost


Mike’s condition (with minutes. Mike Boring, you

before your family Dr. Taylor is no un-

Mike’s permission) and did


The Past Captains

Club, made up of past &

present captains of Shrine

units, meets the 3 rd Monday

of each month, our yearly

dues are only $10.00, and our

sole purpose is a fun relaxing

evening together.

We gather at 6pm, break

bread at 7pm, and promote

Shrinedom, dedication and

harmony among our members

before a backdrop of our

main mission: the burned

and crippled child. While we

are all Past Captains, most

of us remain active in our

respective units and serve the

Temple in many ways.

After many informal

talks with individu-

lodge as charter members

and on April 30,

seph Miller, who was a

Charter Member of the









Can ye play the pipes

Can ye play the drum

Would you like to

The Oasis Highlanders are

recruiting new members

and would like to hear

from you. Experience is a

plus, and so is the willingness

to learn a rare skill...


Call Captain Mike Avery

at 704-279-8076 or send him an




Let’s play golf with Oasis Shriners fastest growing club! We play every month March

through October at some very nice golf courses in the Piedmont. Our focus is to foster

good fellowship, have fun, raise a few dollars for our Shriners Hospitals and play

some golf...but not necessarily in that order. Oasis Golf Club is open to all Nobles,

whether currently a member of a club/unit or not. No minimum play required.

Send the following information to:

Junior Harward, President 604 Doug Mayes Place, Charlotte, NC 28262

Name: __________________________

Address: __________________________

City:____________________ State: ______ Zip: ________

Wife Name: ______________ Email: __________________

HM:______________ Bus: _____________ Cell: ________

USGA Handicap or Current Average: _______

Member of CC, Club, or Unit: ________________________________

Please include a check for annual dues of $20.00 made payable to

Oasis Shrine Golf Club.

For more information call: Secretary Noble Jim Adams: 704-575-9303


cont.from page 6

become full-fledged members

that night. So far we have

several approved petitions for

our festivities coming up in

early March. I can already hear

the ‘sizzle’ of our Caterering

Patrolman Bodie’s grilled ribeyes.

It’s easy to contact any

Patrol officer if you have an

interest or questions about

being able to join us. Just visit

our website www.OasisPatrol.

com .

This correspondent continues to

be amazed by the ability of our

Patrol Veterans, those members

with over 15 years of service

and in excess of 60 years of

age that keep on Patrolling.

Junior Moore still dances at

Shrine gatherings for Hospital

donations and several Past

Captains and Veterans make

the newer active members seem

almost in-active with trips to

The Greenville Unit to donate

Shriner Afghan Blankets and

turn in aluminum can pull-tabs.

They truly are a dedicated and

committed group. It is really

good to have their seasoned

experience and maturity while

The Patrol tries to maintain

its heritage during a 102 year

existence as it changes with the

times to reach into the future.

Is it time for a Ceremonial

already Illustrious Sir H.

Mike Cook has called for a one

day Ceremonial at the Oriental

Shrine Club in Greensboro

on Saturday March 17 th . The

Patrol will be ‘all hands on

deck’ to sell Shrine jewelry

and regalia accessories. There

is also a St. Patrick’s Dance

scheduled for that evening.

Plan to come out and enjoy the

Ceremonial, buy some Shrine

accessories, meet the Potentate,

Divan and Patrol Unit and bring

a Candidate with you. Hint:

work your Masonic Lodge, the

best captive audience we have.

It’s easy to download and print

a Petition / Application from

the Oasis Shriner’s web-site or

call the Oasis Office and Wendy

or Lori will be very happy to

assist. The next opportunity

we’ll have to create New

Shriners after March will be in

early June in Blowing Rock.

Patrol Chaplain Michael ‘Elvis’

Clark continues to spearhead

and ramrod our Hospital Charity

fundraising efforts by misering

over our Imperial Project the

‘Rung of the Ladder’. It seems

like every meeting he has one or

two nominees and we all have a

good time the way he promotes

and presents it. Contact ‘Elvis’

or any Patrol officer for further

information about nominating

and sponsoring someone


We have several Members,

Widows, Family and Friends

with Grief and Health concerns.

Please continue to keep them

in your thoughts and prayers.

Many would enjoy a card, a

phone call or a personal visit.

Go ahead and make someone’s

day. Please inform Captain

Peter or any officer if you or

someone else we care about is

not well.

Let me sign off with this quick

well meaning quote:

“At the Shrine of Friendship

Never Say Die, Let the Wine

of Friendship Never Run Dry.”

- Les Misérables (Jean-Marc

Natel & Alain Boublil)


Lincoln County Shrine Club

Golf Tournament

Saturday, April 21, 20122

Captain’s Choice

Deer Brook Golf Club

201 Deer Brook Drive, Shelby NC 28150

Shotgun Start 1:00 pm

$65 entry fee per person includes cart & green fees

Lunch provided at Noon

**All fees due with Entry Form

by Saturday, April 14, 2012**

Everyone must sign in at

registration table upon arrival

Prizes for longest drive and

closest to the pin

Trophies and Door Prizes

Can’t make the date Consider a

hole sponsorship and show your

support to the Lincoln County

Shrine Club

Entry Forms and Hole Sponsorship Forms are available by Email, Fax, or Mail

by contacting Jason Willis at 704‐472‐7714 or via email at All other inquires and requests should be made to

John Leatherman 704‐530‐5677 or Mark Miller 704‐472‐9544.



Tim Farris

Claudia D Gilliams

Ellen L Keener

Tim Farris

William H Harkey

Lloyd & Cathy Golding

Weldon & Shirley Wallace

Fred & Mary Lee Myers

C Doug Mayes

Bobbye Shelton

Vance & Mary Neece

Howard & Shirley Keyes

Tim Farris

Joe & Jenny Deich

Oasis Photography Unit

Oasis Clown Unit

Frank & Margaret Hunter

Hazel U Morris

Thomas & Jeanie Eller

Boyd & Juanita Lee

Wayne & Betty Jones

Thomas & Jeanie Eller

Roger B Gough

Howard & Shirley Keyes

Wallace & Shirley Snuggs

James & Barbara Mackey

John & Barbara Mock

John & Dorothy Styron

Marvin & Barbara Clinton

Scott Development Group Inc

Oasis Ragtop Unit

Wayne & Renee Stoneman

Winston-Salem Shrine Club

Tim Farris

Alice Foster

Lexington Shrine Club

Thomas & Jeanie Eller

Bee Martin & Family

Avery & Nancy Ghent

Vance & Mary Neece

Thomas & Jeanie Eller

Graham & Loretta Wilson

C Doug Mayes

Calvin & Rebecca Gaddy

Gary & Rebecca Taylor

Howard & Shirley Keyes

Buck & Dottie Kirk

Graham & Loretta Wilson



In Memory of

Allan Farris

Ben House

Ben House

Ben House

Ben House

Bill T Stanley, Sr

Bobbie Bailiff Richardson

C.T. Martin

Cindy Cloninger

Clarence Martin

CT Martin

Dianna Neaves

Donna Wilent

Eleanor Ray

Frank Smith

G.H. (Buck) Johnson

Gerald (Jerry) Rettan

Gerald ‘Jerry’ Vernon Rettan

H.E. Curlee Jr (Gene)

James Brown

James Curtis Caskey

James F Curlee (Buck)

James F Gough

James Hensley

James Hensley

James Nathan Styron

James Nathan Styron

James Nathan Styron

James Nathan Styron

James Nathan Styron

JC ‘Buster’ Cleary

JC ‘Buster’ Cleary

JC ‘Buster’ Cleary

Jeffrey Bingham

Jesse B Smith

Jesse B Smith

Jesse Smith

Jim Lawrence

John Wayne Coffer

Jonathan Garrett

Judy Bell

Lois F Farris

Lois Farris

Lois Farris

Lois Farris

Lois Farris

Margaret (Peggy) Pullman

Margaret G King


C Doug Mayes

Howard & Shirley Keyes

Michael & Jean Griffie

Tim Farris

Bob & Sandy Harwell

Al & Janet Madsen

Asa & Candy Roper

Bee Martin & Family

Fred & Mary Lee Myers

Graham & Loretta Wilson

Vance & Mary Neece

Buck & Dottie Kirk

Chris Cross

Town of Clyde

James & Martha Moss

Perry McClure

Rev. Junior & Sue Kates

Tri County Shrine Club Ladies

Tim & Leslie Shaftner

Ronald & Karen Williamson

Kevin & Barbara Kelly

Tuesday Night Poker Club

Bee Martin & Family

Jean I Eades

James & Ruth Kirkman

Lake Norman Shrine Club

Elizabeth M Tate

Land of the Sky Shrine Club

Bee Martin & Family

Oasis Hillbilly Parade

Buck & Dottie Kirk

C Doug Mayes

Fred & Mary Lee Myers

Mountain Area Tripsters


John & Gayle Hall

Buck & Dottie Kirk

Eleanor H Fawcett

R.D. Daniels

Frances S Hogan

Thomas & Nancy Antoon

Robin & Susan Barnes

Thomas & Glorine Luper



In Memory of

Margaret King

Margaret King

Marvin Sisk

Marvin Sisk

Marvin W Sisk

Mary Burch

Mary Burch

Mary Burch

Mary Burch

Mary Burch

Mary Burch

Mary Moffitt Fogleman

Matt Bridges

Nancy Brooks

Nancy W Brooks

Nancy Woodard Brooks

Nancy Woodard Brooks

Nancy Woodard Brooks

Navie ‘Ben’ House

Navie Bennett House

Navie Bennett House (Ben)

Pat Hachadurian

Ralph Wallin

Rebecca ‘Becky’ Davenport

Rebecca Davenport

Robert Hebron Mills

Ruby Lowry

Sharon Rice

Sonny Collier

Sonny Collier

Susanne Carothers

Virginia (Toni) Griffin

Virginia Deich

Virginia Mae Towe

In Honor of

A.G. Bartlett, Jr

C Doug Mayes - 90th Birthday

Julien & Clara Highsmith

Kay Forbes

Robin & Susan Barnes

Robin & Susan Barnes

Robin & Susan Barnes Grandson, Being a

Patient at Shriners Hospital

Shriners Hospitals for Children


Current Events

Oasis Headquarters, Club, Unit, & Committee Activities

A blog site just for you!

Read Comment Share

For current Oasis information & communications please visit:





CI) in the U.S. each

n under age 16.

After spinal fuery,

Brittany spent

in the intensive

t while her vital


Brittany’s condiinued

to improve,

e clear that she

eed rehabilitation

ity that specialized

ric SCI. A theramended


for Children® -

y Christmas


tany worked with

and occupational

at Shriners Hos-

Children® - Chir


early December.

tions during this

n indicated she

little chance of

again. Despite

prognosis, Britogress


before she left to

for the Christmas

she discovered

ould move one of


all started hapo

fast,” explained

“When we got

next day, she was

wing her leg from

de. From then on,

some kind of new

t all the time.”

tany returned to

Hospitals for Chil-

Chicago in mid-

009 for a month-

. Her therapists being

her up and she

to move her hips

t. Eventually, with

of leg braces and

, Brittany took

five steps on Feb.


2012, this is the perfect

time to reflect on our

rich history. We cannot

think of a better way to

do so than by learning

DONATIONS for the TO top THE three essays. HOSPITAL

about the men who have

made this organization

so well-loved and respected.

We would like

you to share your story

in the Shriners International

Personal Essay

Contest. Barry W Norman

Billy The G Free essay should

be Burl a Robinson story from your

Gregory R Brown

James R Moose

Kenneth R Anderson, Jr


E King


A Smith

Roger P Moore

Samuel For 12 A years Hennis, Noble III Howard

Prevette and Lady Edna

Seth T White, Jr

have delivered blankets to


our Shriners

A Walton

Hospitals for

Children. The blankets, donated

G by Crawford The Textile (Robbinsville Com-

Shrine Club)


Betty pany Lou from Wright Rhonda (Tri retail County for Shrine Club)

Charlotte over $40.00 International are super warm Auto Show (Oasis Clown Unit)

Clyde and Frodge/ATI cozy for the Allvac kids.

Edith Over Freeman the years, (Tri County Howard Shrine Club) CAVEAT

zation in the State of Michigan.

The relevant sections

Hal estimates & Alma Miller that he (Ashe has delivered

& Tomi over 1,000 Watson blankets. (Oriental Shrine CONTINUED Club)

FROM PAGE 6 §3.8.2: Any and all

Shrine Club) EMPTOR

of Michigan Masonic Law

are as follows:


International) must also be organizations, associations,

or persons within the

Hot Rod Once Expo again, (Oasis we Oriental see Band) a Mason in good standing.

Discussion was initiated

with the Imperial ing to have any author-

State of Michigan, profess-

James what Turner is right (Oriental with Oasis. Shrine Club)

Jeane Brown (Tri County Shrine Club)

Potentate, and counsel for ity, power or privileges in

the Imperial Shrine. The Ancient Craft Masonry,

Mark & Jeanette Devore

Grand Lodge of Michigan not fraternally recognized

explained its position, and by this Grand Lodge, are

Mary Jane Voeltner

JANUARY 2012 - DESERT DUST - PAGE 13 requested that the Imperial

Potentate reconsider tine and illegal, and all

declared to be clandes-

Moutain Creek Baptist Church (Robbinsville his decision, given information

previously unavail-

any of them is prohibited.

Shrine Masonic intercourse Club) with

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Pennington (Robbinsville able to him. Unfortunately Shrine § Club) All Master

Sidney Floyd Brendle

Thomas A Jenkins

Lexington Shrine Club

Mountaineer Shrine Club

Mt Mitchell Shrine Club

Oais Hillbilly Parade

Oasis Clown Unit

Oasis Keystone Kops

Oriental Shrine Club

Brittany Fojtik at Shriners Hospitals for Children® - Chicago.






Call Capt. Fred Barkley 828-244-1074

or Jeff Willhelm 828-495-4706

Shriners International.

Both Shriner and non-

Shriner judges will

read all submissions

anonymously and vote

Winners will receive

plaques, pins, and both

individual and temple


will be acknowledged

at the 138th Imperial

Session in Charlotte,

NC, July 2012, in the

presence of their fellow

nobles. The top three

for all concerned and with

heavy heart, I must state

that no modification of position,

nor of Elf Khurafeh

Shrine’s, has occurred.

Elf Khurafeh Shrine

and the Imperial Potentate

have failed to adhere to their

own Shrine law, by retaining

a non-Mason in their

ranks. They have also failed

to honor their obligations

under Michigan Masonic

Law. Therefore, acting under

§ of Michigan

Masonic Law, the Grand

Lodge of Michigan hereby

withdraws formal recognition

of the Ancient Arabic

Order Nobles of the Mystic

Shrine (Shriner’s International)

as a Masonic organi-

• Genuineness

• Nostalgic

• Inspirational



1. Your essay must

be typed and doublespaced.

2. It must not exceed

1500 words.

3. All essays must be


4. You must be a Shriner

in good standing.

Masons under the jurisdiction

of the Grand Lodge of

Michigan who hold membership

in Ancient Arabic

Order Nobles of the Mystic

Shrine are forbidden to attend

tiled Shrine meetings

when there is in attendance

a suspended or expelled


It is therefore my order

that no Mason who holds

membership in a Michigan

Lodge, or in a Lodge

chartered by a recognized

Grand Lodge who resides

or sojourns in Michigan,

may (1) attend any nonpublic

function of any Shrine

in Michigan or (2) have

any Masonic interaction of

any kind with any Shrine

organization in Michigan.

Furthermore, no Shrine

function or activity will be

afforded a special privilege

not afforded any other unrelated

organization that is

allowed to use a building

dedicated to Masonic purposes,

or on the grounds

of a building so dedicated.

Violation of these

provisions by a Mason under

the jurisdiction of the

Grand Lodge of Michigan

is punishable by charges of

un-Masonic conduct.

This is not the first time

such action has occurred

over a disagreement and

surely will not be the last.

The Grand Lodge of Arizona

issued the same basic

edict in 2007 over El Zaribah

Shrine Temple in Phoenix.

There is another case

pending in California and

if the same edict is issued,

then Georgia has stated

they will follow as well.

Disagreements are common

among everyone and

Shriners are no exception.

Seems it might be a good

time to reevaluate in whom

you believe, remember

whence you came, and

stop spreading gossip about

things you aren’t 100%

positive about…Before

you are no longer a Shriner.




Give us a call!

Captain, Allen Jones 336-847-4575

1st Lt., Paul Blosser 828-310-6804

2nd Lt., Doug Teague 828-381-8415

ILL. Sir John Elder, PP 336-883-0403

proper grammar.

9. A panel of person

essay contest judges

decides which entries

win. Three entries will

The World Loves A Clown

Come and join us and put a smile on the face of a child!


ashe Accepng New Members


No Experience Necessary



In years past I have

had a great relationship

with the Ashe

Shrine Club. But there

are some things that

I always think about

when I’m packing to

visit. Being located in

the Northern part of

North Carolina’s Blue

Ridge Mountains guarantees

one of the coldest

installations of the

year. On the other hand


Oasis Tripsters

You rarely see them except at our Hospitals, but the Hospital Tripsters

are the ones in charge of transporting the precious cargo of

the children we serve, to and from our hospitals. Although there are

many, here are two; Earl Wise on the left and Gene Moore on the

Right, which happen to be in the right place at the right time for a

photo opt. A big thank you for all those tiresome days and nights of

travel to all the Tripsters…again we see; “What’s Right in Oasis.”



Become Part of the Shriners Village Community


@ Stanly County Shrine Club

Shriners Village is the Web-based community

created exclusively for the Shriners family.

Fraternity members and their ladies can visit to find information

about Shriners Hospitals for Children ® ,

fraternal programs, membership, temples,

Shrine-related events and breaking news.

2nd and 4th Saturday Every Month

35781 City Lake Rd. Albemarle, NC 28001


The website contains useful fraternity documents

for nobles to download, such as the Fez Owners

Manual, Membership Toolkit, Shriner Primer,

7 PM – Shrine FREE Protocol BEGINNER and a pamphlet SHAG LESSONS about the history of

Shriners International. In its short existence, Shriners

Village has become the communication engine for

DOOR Shriners COVER: International.

“Given that there are 325,000 nobles all over the

MEMBERS world, $5 • NON-MEMBERS Shriners Village $7 is a fantastic outlet for the

fraternity to relay information to its nobility,” said

Jack Jones, executive vice president of Shriners

BYOB – LIQUOR International. ONLY • HALF-HALF “It is also DRAWING a great way for Shriners

to learn from one another so they can help their

temples succeed.”

Hors D’oeuvres Provided by Club Members

For More Information:

Patty Blackmon 704-723-6282

Scott Gwyn 704-888-8361

your essay, regardless manner in which it

of whether your entry deems appropriate.

is chosen as a winner. 12. Entries must be

You also agree DESERT and DUST understand

- received MARCH 2012 no later - PAGE than 21

that you will January 31,


Acvies Include:

Stars Of The Oasis

Shrine Circus

Shriners Village also has an Events section with

information about temple fundraisers and other

activities. Any registered user has permission to

post an event on the events calendar by clicking

on the “Events” tab and then finding the “Events

Calendar” on the left column of the page. To add an

event, use the “Add Event” tab and then click the

“Submit Event” button after the form has been

filled out.

The Shriners Village development team will

be adding new features to the website on a

regular basis. One of the features will be member

profiles, where nobles can upload photos and their

information similar to Facebook. This new addition

will make it possible for Shriners to find and contact

other members. Also in the works is a new forum

feature which will allow nobles to share ideas and

thoughts in a private discussion area.

Visit and register so

you can be a part of Shriners’ virtual community.


Shrine & Community Parades

it is also a club that being catered, so I

lets me get outside Social and Gatherings didn’t need that to bring

help cook steaks for Include the my Your “work Wife clothes”.

120 or so members and Then the weatherman

guests who show Individualized up. played Instrucons a terrible trick...

And being located on Makeup in it wasn’t & Costumes cold! So instead

of my heaviest

the Christmas tree capitol

of the Contact East, a 12 Secretary foot coat, Rick I wore Bean a sports

Frazier fir for stands informaon decorated

in the main room. spend my final week

jacket. and a What peon a way to

980-581-0401 or email:

This year things were as Potentate. Not being


First Divan allowed to cook, not

member Mike Neaves having to wear three

told me the meal was coats, and...Saints preserve

tree w



that Sa

ing J


ty ch

they d



the to

for th



The Oasis Shriners

604 Doug Mayes Place, Charlotte NC 28262

704-549-9600 800-226-2747



To: The Illustrious Potentate, Officers, and Nobles of Oasis Shriners, situated in the Oasis of

Charlotte, Desert of North Carolina:

I, the undersigned, hereby declare that I am a Master Mason in good standing in:

_____________________________________ Lodge No.___________A. F. & A. M.

Located At:_________________________________________________________________________________

Number & Street ~City/Town ~ State ~ Zipcode

Lodge recognized by or in amity with the Conference of Grand Masters of North America. Furthermore, I have

resided at my current address for not less than 6 months, as required by the By-Laws of the Imperial Council. I

respectfully pray that I may be made a Noble of the Mystic Shrine, and become a member of your Shrine Chapter

If I be found worthy, and my request granted, I promise to conform to the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws of the

Imperial Council and the By-Laws and Ceremonies of your chapter.

Birthplace: _______________________________________ Date of Birth: __________________

Were you ever a DeMolay ____________

If so, what chapter name & location ____________________



Have you previously applied for admission to any Shrine chapter of the Order _________________________

If so, where






Number & Street ~City/Town ~ State ~ Zipcode



Number & Street ~City/Town ~ State ~ Zipcode

Business Address______________________________________________________________________________

Number & Street ~City/Town ~ State ~ Zipcode


Home PhoneNumber~Business Phone Number

Email Address:


Spouse's Name:

____________________________Your Hat Size:________________________________

PRINT YOUR FULL NAME HERE: ____________________________________________________________________

Date of this Petition: _________________ Your Signature: ______________________________

This candidate recommended and vouched for on the honor of:

Noble __________________________________ Shrine # ___________ Club/Unit ___________________

Noble __________________________________ Shrine # ___________ Club/Unit ___________________


(Attach to the petition a check or money order for $200.00. This payment includes current year’s dues, your Oasis

Fez and lapel pin.)


Card Type: _________________________________ (MC, VISA, DISCOVER)

CARD # ____________________________________________________ EXPIRATION DATE: ___________



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