DESERT DUST MARCH 2013 PAGE 1 - The Oasis Shriners

DESERT DUST MARCH 2013 PAGE 1 - The Oasis Shriners




Nobles and Ladies,

My year as Potentate has started

with a flair. If the remainder of

the year is as productive and fun

as the first two months, I am in for

a real ride.

We began our year with one of

the most successful and informative

Officer Orientations in recent

memory. Positive feedback was

received throughout the session,

and it was indeed enlightening to

find the subtle changes in some of

our programs well received by all

in attendance. The goal for 2013,

“Putting Kids First” entrenches

in each member what our Fraternity

is all about. The session

was capped by a delicious meal,

served by our own Kevin “Bodie”

Bodenheimer. We are so fortunate

to have such talent in our


I was honored to be the Installing

Officer for several clubs and units.

To start the year, the installation of

officers for our fun filled Oasis

Scooter Patrol was performed at

the 36th Annual Cox New Year’s

Day Pig Pickin’. Subsequent installations

at Greensboro Shrine

Club, Elkin-Jonesville Shrine

Club, and many others displayed

the dedication by our members,

and the solidarity of our Clubs

and Units.

I had the pleasure of attending

the East-West Shrine game in St.

Petersburg, Florida, along with

over 40 Nobles and Ladies. I congratulate

our Patrol Color Guard

for their outstanding job presenting

the colors before the game.

Sure made me proud to be your


Lady Rhonda and I enjoyed a

fun-filled evening at Mecklenburg

Shrine Club’s Valentines Day

Dance. What a great time of fun

and fellowship.

On February 9th, I had the honor

of hosting the Past Potentates

Dinner at Oasis Shrine Center.

We were truly fortunate to have

fourteen of our Past Potentates

and their Ladies, attend this event,

along with Divan members and

guests. How inspirational it was

to see Illustrious Sir Harry Bryant

and Lady Ruby in attendance. Sir

Harry was the Oasis Potentate in

1965, and recently celebrated his

70th wedding anniversary.

As I traveled to the clubs, I was

somewhat disheartened by some

of the adversity in many of our

clubs today. It almost seems

that we have forgotten, or are

ignoring, the fact that we are all

Masons first, and as dedicated

Masons, we are taught to display

unity, brotherly love and affection.

I have been approached by

Nobles who are disgruntled over

petty differences and conflicting

personalities. This must end if

we are to successfully fulfill our

goal of truly “Putting Kids First”.

There is a great deal of discourse

at the International level

that we have no control over.

However, we do have control

over our beloved Oasis Shrine.

We can not best serve our children

and raise the necessary

funds to operate our Hospitals if

we are constantly being divided.

I implore of all of our members

to reach back in their memories

to those three very important degrees,

and to what you repeated

at the altar of your respective

Lodges. The three jewels of a

Master Mason, friendship, morality

and brotherly love, display

the most important tenants of

our Fraternity. The Masonic obligation

is first and foremost in

the rules of Shrinedom. If we all

stop and think, the differences

we share in our organization

simply display a natural difference

in opinion, and to allow

these differences to create a

separation in our membership

is not only counterproductive,

but truly un-Masonic.

We should all use Blue Ridge

Shrine Club as a prime example

of Brothers working together

to create unity. Just a few short

years ago, this club was on the

verge of closing due to conflicting

personalities. Fortunately, a

majority of the members recognized

that these adversities could

be overcome. By sitting down

and discussing their differences,

and reaching out to their Masonic

heritage, the club not only

remained intact, but in 2012, they

donated over $29,000.00 to our

Hospitals, and their membership

is growing.

Keep in mind that the Lord has

given us all twenty-four hours to

do his work. Our first degree

shows us how to divide our time,

and nowhere in the division is

there room to harbor ill feelings

and promote petty differences.

Be the bigger man. Turn the

other cheek, and work together

to support the cause that is well

respected by Shriners and Non-

Shriners alike. Our Children’s


Yours in the Faith,


Official publication of, for and by

Oasis Shriners

Illustrious Sir Fred Laxton, Potentate

604 Doug Mayes Place

Charlotte, NC 28262-8410

Phone: 704-549-9600


Chief Rabban

Assistant Rabban

High Priest and Prophet

Oriental Guide



David Sumpter

Todd Ham

Johnny King

Mike Neaves

William M. Harward, PP

Gary Taylor, PP

Hello Nobles, Ladies, and

Friends of the Shrine.

My message this month will be

about all things computers. Like

me, you may have noticed that

computers are in everything we

do, from our home computers to

our mobile devices to our household

door locks and lights, and to

it seems, everything beyond. E-

communicating is now an accepted

standard for human-to-human

language. Shucks, for some age

groups, texting has replaced vocal


Now that we’ve established that

websites, Facebook, Twitter, and

all things computing aren’t going

to go away, you may not be aware

that Oasis has a very attractive and

informative website entitled

If you haven’t had a

chance to visit the site, please do

so and I think you will be pleasantly

surprised at the amount of

information at your fingertips,

literally. Just a click here and a

click there will get you to listings

of our clubs and units, Shriners

Hospital information, calendar

items, Desert Dust links, Oasis

events picture links, contact links

to all the Oasis leadership and office

staff, and much, much more.

When you visit the site, you may

be asked for your email information.

Please consider providing

your email so we can add you

to the electronic mailing list for

our newest communication tool-

The Oasis Shriners E-Newsletter.

Like the website itself, you will

find the E-Newsletter packed with

our club/unit event information

and the latest Shrine news. This

publication is just beginning so

please sign up, and provide your

insights as to how to make it better

and better.

We have thousands of members,

but have traditionally had

limited means to communicate

with each other. Our organization

will evolve and improve

based on how our members

want it to evolve and improve,

and the input they provide. We

are comfortable thinking of our

organization as a family, so let’s

start talking!!


Appointed Divan

1st Ceremonial Master Johnny Burgess

2nd Ceremonial Master Ken Jarrett


Tommy Helms


Tim Daniels

Captain of the Guard Rodney Morgan

Outer Guard

Ken Bowen

Editor: Noble Terry J. Cox


Imagine. The place - Syracuse,

Utah, a suburb of

Salt Lake. The residence

of Barb and Steve Woodhall

and their three sons, 18

year old Brandon, 16 year

old Spencer, and 14 year old


Hunter: “Mom, where are my


Barb: “Geeze, Hunter! Where

did you take them off Hurry

up and find them and get

ready for school”.

This scenario plays out frequently

in the Woodhall

Hunter had surgery in Jan to adjust the growth

plates in his leg. He is back in school and will

be competing again by April.

household, the home of Hospital

Patient and Shrine Ambassador

Hunter Woodhall, who

is an “A” student, member of

the JV football team, wrestling

team, baseball and soccer

teams. Oh, and did I mention,

he is also a double amputee.

Hunter was born with severe

club feet as well as a bone

problem in his lower legs. His

parents visited local doctors after

his birth, who tried with no

success to force his feet into a

normal position. Subsequently,

Hunter was recommended

to Shriners Hospital by a member

of their church.

After his initial examination,

the specialists

at Shriners

explained to Steve

and Barb that his

condition could not

be corrected without

surgery, and that

the best outcome for

Hunter would be amputation

of both feet.

Without this surgery,

it was unlikely he

would ever be able

to walk normally.

After much prayer,

and soul searching,

the Woodhalls

agreed to have their

11 month old son

treated at Shriners

Hospital in Boston.

As Hunter explains, “I never

knew anything except prosthetics.

I learned to walk on them,

and putting my feet on was as

normal to me as other kids who

jumped out of bed and put their

sneakers on”.

Hunter, unlike other children,

has several “choices” of “legs”.

He has the standard titanium

walking legs (and he can actually

run pretty fast in these).

He has boots he uses when he

wrestles, and what he calls his

“Cheetah feet”, the springs he

uses for basketball and track.

The PR staff at Shriners Headquarters

in Tampa hired a

video photographer to work

with Hunter in making several

YouTube videos, and quickly

learned that Hunter is a natural

announcer and interviewer.

Now, almost every event video

in which Hunter is involved is

narrated by him. The only snafus

come when it involves girls.

Hunter is personable, handsome

and outgoing, and the

girls find him irresistible. But

at barely 14 years old, he is still

somewhat shy around the ladies.

We all know, of course, that this

will change. Mom Barb keeps

quite a tight rein on the boys, so

we don’t see a “Shriners Gone

Wild” video in the future.

While at the Las Vegas Justin

Timberlake Shriners Golf Tournament,

Hunter convinced his

mom to take him into town to

see the spot of one of his favorite

TV shows – Pawn Stars. As

luck would have it, they were

filming that day and he was

not allowed to go inside. Later

the same day, Hunter came

running to Illustrious Sir John

Sullivan, the Imperial Photographer,

and told him that “Big

Hoss”, (the grandson on the

reality show) was in one of the

golf tournament tents. Hunter

was unable to go inside, and

he asked Illustrious Sir John

if he would go in and ask him

to come out and sign an autograph.

Big Hoss came outside,

and an exchange occurred

which no one expected. Hunter

asked Imperial Sir Al Madsen

for his fez. Al obliged, and

Hunter handed it to Big Hoss,

asking him what it was worth.

In a shocking and totally unscripted

response, Big Hoss

replied, “Hunter, this is priceless”.

When Hunter asked why

he said that, Big Hoss replied,

“Because I was a Shriners

Hospital patient”. You can see

Hunters story video at “Shriners

Hospitals for Children-

The Story of Hunter Woodhall”.

It is well worth watching.

Barb, Steve, Pro golfer Casey Martin & Hunter after private lessons

“I threw one in of him being Rudolph. The valium had taken full affect”

- Quote from his Mom, Barb

Grape eating contest at the Justin Timberlake Open Golf Tournament

We were told to eat a grape for good luck each month. So Imperial Sir Wayne Latchut

suggested that he, Spencer and Hunter eat 12 at once for instant luck.

Huge grapes - boys will be boys. But it was funny!

Show us your legs!

Carrie Holmstrom, PR Director of Houston Shriners Hospital (and a triple amputee),

Monica Pederson, star of HGTV, Carter Oosterhouse, star of HGTV and Hunter.


Noble David Sumpter

We, as members of Oasis Shrine, are extremely fortunate

to have Noble David Sumpter as a member of

our Board of Directors.

Noble Sumpter holds the position of Chief Rabban, and

is slated to be Potentate of Oasis Shrine in 2014.

Noble Sumpter hails from Nashville, Tennessee, and

makes his home in Murphy, NC at present. He graduated

from Montgomery Bell Academy in 1963, received

his undergraduate degree at the University of the

South, and his juris doctor degree from the University

of Tennessee Law School. (That might be why you

hear him humming “Rocky Top” on occasion). He is a

very well respected, and successful, Attorney at Law.

He is married to Lady Sandy, a teacher for many years

in Murphy, and is father to Noble Duncan Sumpter,

Noble Thomas Sumpter, Allison Smith, and stepfather

to Troy Forsyth and Susan Spielburg.

Noble David was raised a Master Mason on November

16, 1995 in Cherokee Lodge #146. He has served as

Master of his Lodge, and is a member of the Franklin

Chapter, York Rite.

He was made a Shriner on November 7, 1997, and has served

as President of Western North Carolina Shrine Club.

Noble David is also a Vietnam Veteran.

To list Noble David’s community involvement would take much

more space than we have here. To list only a few:

• North Carolina Bar Councilor (2003 – 2012)

• North Carolina Bar Association Lawyer Citizen Aware (2011)

• Cherokee County, North Carolina Board of Commissioners


• Chairman, Nantahala Regional Library Board

• Member and Past Board chairman:

Murphy Rotary Club

Cherokee County United Way

Cherokee County Association of Retarded Citizens

Cherokee County Board of Elections

United Methodist Church of Murphy

The Learning Center/Ogden School, Inc.

• Past Board member:

Cherokee County Juvenile Crime Prevention Council

Valley River Pool and Wellness Center

Noble David is one of those rare individuals who is not only

devoted to our beloved Shrine, but to the community, and his

participation in such a vast number of Boards reflects

true leadership ability.

He enjoys golf and fishing, when he has the time, and

spending time with his family.

Noble David lists as his most memorable experiences

his invitation by Illustrious Sir Rolla Rogers to be appointed

to the Oasis Shrine Divan, and his visits to our

Shrine Hospitals.

Noble David is a dedicated member of Oasis Shrine,

and serves the Nobility well. We appreciate his dedication,

and will look forward to his many more years of

dedicated service.

Oasis Shrine Calendar


March 9

May 3 & 4

May 16 - 20

May 31 - June 1

June 8

June 15

June 30 - July 4

August 14

September 19 - 22

Hillbilly Day at Oasis

Paper Crusade

Potentates Punta Cuna Trip

Spring Ceremonial-Blowing Rock - Parade

Celebrity Golf Classic

Family Fun Day - Red Fez Shrine Club

Imperial Session - Indianapolis

Gaston Shrine 100 Race

SASA - Myrtle Beach


Can ye play the pipes

Can ye play the drum

Would you like to

The Oasis Highlanders

are recruiting new members

and would like to hear

from you. Experience is a

plus, and so is the willingness

to learn a rare skill.

We also would like to have

a drum major...Interested

October 3 - 6

November 1 - 2

November 30

December 7

January 3, 2014

Potentates Las Vegas Trip

Fall Ceremonial - Hickory

Oasis All Star Football Game

Annual Meeting - Elections

Club & Unit Appreciation

Contact Captain Tom Barnhardt

Home: 704-932-0727

Cell: 704-796-5762


In December, 2012, the Oasis Kestone Kops received a check in

the amount of $1,500.00, donated to the Kops from the East Coast

Cruisers, a local car club in Concord, NC. The Cruisers have

donated thousands of Dollars to the Shriners Children’s Hospitals

through the Oasis Clowns and the Oasis Keystone Kops.

The car club promotes Shriners at all of their events, and we

would like to express our appreciation for all of their support.

Oasis Stated


Date: April 18, 2013

Time: 4:00 pm


Oasis Shrine Center

Board Room



If you are having a special event

and would like photographs, please

contact Steve Jordan, Chairman of

the Photography Committee


He will be happy to come to your

event and take photos. These photos

will be displayed on the Oasis Shrine

web site, and in the

Desert Dust.

Please give as much

notice as possible.


The Daytona 500 hosts over 200,000 attendees. The

Indianapolis 500 over 350,000!

On January 1 in Pasadena, California over 800,000 people

lined a route 5 miles long to watch the Tournament of Roses

Parade, and over 200 countries received television coverage

of the event.

This year Shriners International built two teddy bears to

put into the parade... One dressed as a golfer, the second

a football player, representing the Shriners Hospitals Open

PGA Tour event and the second, the East-West Shrine Game.

But to put things into perspective, you must go back to April,

2012. That is when the Shriners’ float was begun. Imperial

Sir Al Masden chose the design from four that were offered.

Modifications were made and the drawings were completed.

Beginning with a custom built frame resembling a motor

home chassis the fiberglas is laid over a steel wire form.

Every square inch that is visible from the street must be

covered in organic materials... Seeds, dried flowers, rice,

dried beans and so on. Then over 400 volunteers begin hand

gluing and cutting the 2,000 lbs of organics which will cover

the float. This is done mostly on weekends to begin, but

eventually becomes 60 hour weeks.

Fast forward to December 29. The fresh flowers are prepared

to be installed. The volunteers work in a 45 degree building

(so the fresh flowers stay that way) that warehouses 15

other floats being constructed.

On New Years Eve the floats are moved at night the five

miles thru city streets to the parade route (By the way, all

the float drivers are Masons. The only way to apply to be

a driver is to request the paperwork from the head driver

during his lodge meetings).

At 5:30 am Imperial Sir Al is notified that the Shriners

float has won the Judges Favorite Award. Great news, TV

interviews, and our four patient ambassadors take their

spots on the float. Bands play, the floats are escorted to the

starting point and are off!

Two hours later we all head to lunch, finally warmed by the

California Sun.

Next stop - the Rose Bowl!


SOB - Are You One

Shriners On Bikes

Got a

bike and

want to

ride for



and Fun

Oasis Oldies

If you have a classic car or are interested in the old classics

come join us for some fun and fellowship

We meet the 1st Sunday

of the Month - Nobles and Ladies

Logan’s Roadhouse in Statesville at 3 pm

Contact one of the following for more info:

Captain: Ron Bailey - 336-769-9780 • Lieutenant: Charles Hale - 336-696-2652

Secretary/Treasurer: Pat Stanley - 336-240-5728

Come join us!

Captain Pat Glover



A message from the Imperial Potentate

Dear Shrine Masons,

Our fraternity was founded as an organization where Master Masons

could share fun and fellowship, while still adhering to and promoting

the Masonic ideals of brotherhood, relief and truth.

So we ask you to please

promote more family fun,

more fellowship and more

brotherly love in your temple

activities and in your

relationships with your

local Masonic lodges and

fellow Masons.

Speaking of fun and fellowship, don’t forget to sign up for the cruise

to Russia – we would love to have you join us for the Shrine Russian

trip starting on May 30th. On the home page of Shriners village (on the

right side) there is information and a link to the Grand Circle Cruiseline

website, where you will find all the details.

Membership continues to be our number one priority, and needs to be

the top priority at all 195 Shrine temples!

We have too few temples showing positive gains, and many with membership

decreasing below 1,000. We can turn this decline around,

but it will take extra effort, with each one of us focusing on recruiting,

retaining and mentoring both the nobles and the ladies.

It is very upsetting to see our membership numbers drop below

300,000, as they have this year.

It also makes me very sad to report that, so far, we have not been able

to bring amity to the situation with our Masonic brothers in Arkansas

and South Carolina.

We want to assure you this is not due to a lack of trying to negotiate

with the Grand Masters of these two states by the leadership of Shriners


We have good relationships with the majority of the Grand Masters.

In fact, at last year’s

Imperial Session we

had 24 Grand Masters

and Past Grand

Masters on the stage

with me when I asked

the representatives

to table item #6 on

the call, which was a

request by Arkansas

Shriners to separate

from the Grand Lodge

of Arkansas. The

Grand Masters present at last year’s Imperial Session all promised to

work with Shriners International to solve the issue in Arkansas, which

has, apparently, been festering for over a decade. Of course, we will

continue to work toward a solution, but we are concerned that the

issue could become a serious problem at the 139th Imperial Session

in Indianapolis.

The reality is that these disputes – and this one is complex, but basically

centers around which organization’s

bylaws (Shriners International or the local

Grand Lodge) must be followed in specific

circumstances involving members – damage

both organizations.

The base of Master Masons that Shrinedom

has to draw from in these two states continues

to decrease at an alarming rate:

1. Arkansas – 1990 = 38,929 - less loss of 24,500 2012 = 14,429

members (loss of 63%)

2. South Carolina – 1990 = 67,576 – less loss of 27,649 2012 =

39,927 members (loss of 42%)!

In fact the number of Masons has declined, just like the number of

Shriners. We might all do well to focus on strengthening one another,

and on our positive missions and goals for the sake of the future.

We talk a lot about our bonds of brotherhood – We suggest that be

our main focus as we work to solve our differences and increase our


Remember that “failure is NOT an option” to bringing peace and harmony

to ALL Grand Lodges!

There will be plenty of fun, fellowship and brotherly love at the 139th

Imperial Session in Indianapolis. Our amazing Shrine clowns will lead

the parade on July 1st.

We are hoping to set a world record for the most clowns in a parade.

To do that, we need to break the current record of 850! Shrine lady

clowns are also welcome to participate and help set a new world record!

So temple leadership, please help get your clown units to the parade in

Indianapolis… let’s give the public a great time and showcase all our

wonderful clowns!

Of course, we continue to travel extensively to be on hand for the many

important events involving our great fraternity and philanthropy.

After the Rose Bowl parade in California, we traveled to the donor development

seminar in Tampa, Fla. Committee Chairman Gene Bracewell

and Vice Chair Jeff Sowder, along with Home Office staff H. Stroth

and Jenna Taylor put on an outstanding seminar for the temple and

hospital representatives.

This was followed by the 88th East-West Shrine Game, held at Tropicana

Field in St. Petersburg, Fla. on Saturday, January 19th. If you did

not attend the game or watch it on the NFL Network you missed an

outstanding event. We want to again thank the coaches, players, staff

and volunteers for their months of hard work that ensured such a successful


We also want to recognize PP Bob Burr, aka “Nickels the Clown” for

attending his 26th consecutive shrine bowl game dressed as a football

player. Our two Patient Ambassadors, Hunter Woodhall and Jérémy Gabriel,

represented us well in their interactions with the general public,

as well as with the nobility and their ladies.

Lady Jan and I were also very proud of the Oasis Shriners patrol color

guard’s presentation

of the flags of

the countries with a

Shriners presence.

The color guard

was led by Captain

Peter Schuetz and

First Lieutenant

Bob Saye.

The Leadership Conference, attended

by chairmen and vice

chairmen of the hospital Boards

of Governors, chiefs of staff, administrators,

directors of patient

care services, directors of fiscal

services, Joint Board members,

and executive vice presidents and

vice presidents from home office

was held in Tampa, following the

East-West Shrine Game. There was

great discussion and teamwork as we worked toward important decisions

for our organizations.

Next, we attended the Texas Shrine Association mid-winter meeting on

South Padre Island. President Richard McNabb did an outstanding

job. Imperial Sirs Jerry Gantt and Jim Smith were in attendance, along

with their Ladies, Lisa and Alice. The Oriental Guides provided a lot of

entertainment and raised hundreds of dollars for the hospitals.

Finally, we traveled to

Mexico to visit our Mexico

City hospital, which

means so much to the

families in that area, and

to attend the installation

of the 2013 Divan of Anezah

Shriners, including the newly elected Potentate, Agustin Martinez.

Our next message will include information about: The Midwest Shrine

Association meeting in Duluth, Minn.; Pacific Northwest Shrine Association

meeting in Spokane, Wash.; the Conference of Grand Masters

in Kansas City, Mo.; International Shrine Clown Association meeting in

Huntsville, Ala.; and the Recorders Seminar in New Orleans.

Yours in the Faith,

Alan W. Madsen, Imperial Potentate


Oasis Shriners Recognizes

50 years of Shrine Services

- 2012 -

William J. Allen #16813

Ray Anderson #16814

Louis A. Bledsoe, Jr. #16686

Billy F. Brady #27505

Clyde R. Burnett, Jr. #27926

Raymond E. Crawford #16983

Clontz L. Curlee #16707

Windred L. Douglas #16846

Tench F. Dula #16990

William L. Goforth #16719

William D. Goldstein, Jr. #16852

William S. Gordon, Jr. #16722

Herbert L. Ketcham #17018

James A. King #16870

Seymour M. Levin #16879

Douglas E. Mann #16758

Calvin J. Marshall #17032

Carroll R. Melton #16884

William E. Niven #16890

Charlie T. Pinkelton #16898

William T. Salsbury #37409

Jack A. Sorrells #17062

Cullie M. Tarleton #16786

Rockwell A. Webster #16936

Jack S. Whitener #17079

Oasis Dune Cats jumping

hurdles for Children

Come visit us and feel the rush of excitement.

Captain Donnie Wrenn


For further information, contact President David Lovingood - 704-905-6142.


PO BOX 7536


PHONE (336) 299-5901






in Oasis Shrine



There will be prizes for 1st,

2nd, and 3rd place teams


1000 Club Rd. Greensboro, NC 27407

MAY 6, 2013, 1PM Shotgun start


NEW Chevy for Hole in

one designated par 3

Please complete the following information and mail it, with

your check, made payable to the Greensboro Shrine Club to:



It is indeed uplifting for us to receive

information regarding donations and

bequeaths to our Shrine Children’s

Hospitals. Few are as generous as one

which we recently received.

A member of Oasis Shrine, Noble Kenneth

Digby, a resident of Lake Point Landing Assisted

Living Facility in Hendersonville, NC,

has, through his power-of-attorney, Noble

Albert M. Sorrells, notified us of the contribution

of his previous residence, a condominium,

with a value of $150,000.00, to the

Shriners Children’s Hospitals. The Board of

Directors of Imperial Shrine has, with deep

gratitude, accepted this generous gift.

It is with great pleasure that we accept gifts

of this nature, and encourage all of our

members to consider such gifts should

they be in a position to make this type of


Our deepest thanks are extended to Noble

Digby. His unselfish contribution will go a

long way in our fight to help those children

who need our help to live long productive



Please Print Clearly!

Your Name ________________________ Phone # _____________

Mailing Address__________________________________________

E-mail Address _____________________ Your Handicap_________

Non-Golfer (Dinner Only) _________________________________

Guest Name ________________________ Phone # ____________

Mailing Address__________________________________________

E-mail Address _____________________ Your Handicap_________

Non-Golfer (Dinner Only) _________________________________

Guest Name ________________________ Phone # ____________

Mailing Address__________________________________________

E-mail Address _____________________ Your Handicap_________

Non-Golfer (Dinner Only) _________________________________

Guest Name ________________________ Phone # ____________

Mailing Address__________________________________________

E-mail Address _____________________ Your Handicap_________

Non-Golfer (Dinner Only) _________________________________

Select One: _______ Sponsorship _______ Participant

If Participant: ____ Golfers @ $75 each = _______ Subtotal

____ Non-Golfers @ $25 each = _______ Subtotal Total $_______

If Sponsor: $_______ Sponsorship

_______ Beverage Cart $500 (need 2)

Noble Albert M. Sorrells and Noble Kenneth Digby

Mail & Computer Services Made Easy...!

Mailing Services

• Inkjetting & Labeling

• Inserting & Folding

• Sorting & Handwork

• Product Fulfillment

Computer Services

• Barcode

• Carrier Route

• Merge/Purge/Dedupe

• Data Entry & Mail Lists


____ I would like to donate $_____________

____ I would like to donate a door prize(s), door prize is ____________

Please feel free to contact Dan Swanson at (336) 317-4957,,

with any questions and/or to make arrangements for door prize donations.


704-335-9907 •

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pool with fresh water, Jacuzzi, a solarium-terrace, a gym and

the wellness center “Eternal Spa” with different kinds of treatments

and massages.

The cuisine of the Dominican Republic offers a big variety, flavors

and colors dominate on its plates and its cooking has received influences

from the African and Spanish cooking. It has a variety of fruits

and vegetables that enrich each plate with a unique flavor. In the restaurant’s

buffet and the thematic restaurants you can taste the best

recipes that our chefs have prepared for you to satisfy any palate.

The Hotel Riu Palace Macao is inside the Riu Resorts complex

together with the Riu Palace Punta Cana, Club Hotel Riu Bambu,

and Hotel Riu Naiboa and like its neighbors it provides of an

entertainment program that you can enjoy during the whole day. The

All Inclusive system gives you the opportunity to do several activities and

sports like table tennis, gymnastics, water polo, volleyball, windsurf, sailing,

kayak, body board and much more.

If you want to do some excursions or to visit the surroundings, you will have

the opportunity to visit fabulous places like the marine park Marinarium, the

beautiful sugar fields Higüey, Altos de Chavón, the Isla Saona, and the Caribbean


Punta Cana – May 16 - 20, 2013

Package Price Includes Four Nights accommodations at Riu Palace Macao, Punta Cana (adult only all-inclusive resort)

For pricing, call Tammy @ Granite Travel 828-396-1100

or email

I wish to purchase traveler’s insurance at $134.00 per person _______ Yes _______ No (Payment for insurance is due at time of first deposit.)


First deposit of $100.00 per person due upon reservation.

Final payment due March 1, 2013

PLEASE NOTE: Guest is responsible for all incidentals at hotel and will be required to provide a credit card upon check in.

Spouse’s Name _______________________________________________________________________


Phone______________________________________ Cell phone _______________________________

Email _________________________________________________________________________

Amount to charge to credit card: $_________________ Credit Card Information (Circle One) Visa MasterCard

Card Number ___________________________ Expiration Date _______________ Security Code ____

Name on Card _______________________________________________________________________

I agree to the terms and conditions specified above, and authorize you to charge this purchase to my credit card

Signature of Authorization ______________________________________ Today’s Date ____________

Please print names as

they appear on passport

$10.00 tourist visa –

payable in cash at Punta

Cana airport

For cost on airfare call or email Tammy @ Granite Travel 828-396-1100. Questions email

To make you reservation – Please mail completed form to Granite Travel, Attn: Punta Cana 2013, 28 Park Square, Granite Falls, NC 28630

Disclaimer: Granite Travel has contracted third part vendors to make arrangements on behalf of your group. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Granite Travel in the event of non-performance of third party.


Holland’s Hope


Holland’s Hope for March is $13,419

Added to $597 From February

Equals $14,016!

The big spike is thanks to the Oasis Oriental

Band for sending in a donation of $10,653.

Captain Jim Church 336-215-5656



Oasis Clown Antics

The Oasis Clowns are preparing

for their Annual “Sweetheart

Weekend” where they

honor their ladies. The event

this year will in Greenville,

SC, March 9-11. We expect

close to 30 members and

wives to attend. A BMW

plant tour is scheduled for

Friday, a Shriners Hospital

tour at 10:00 am on Saturday

and a dinner theatre on Saturday

night. The ladies will

no doubtfully found some

lunch and shopping opportunities

Friday afternoon. If the

weather is nice some of the

clowns were going to play

golf at the Hejaz Shrine

golf course in Mauldin

on Friday morning.

Ever seen a clown on

a golf course It’s hard

to swing a club wearing

those large clown

shoes. This annual

event is always a lot

of fun for our members

and their wives.

On Saturday evening

three clowns will be

honored; the Clown of

the Year, the Red Nose

Award and the Circus

Clown of the Year. The

latter is voted on by the

clowns in attendance at each

circus performance.

Robert “BoBo” Bickel and Al

“Poppi” Clegg clowned at the

Shriners Hot Rod and Drag

Racing show in Greensboro

in February. The unit will be

participating in the Welcome

Easter Parade, Saturday,

March 23 in Welcome, NC.

The unit has again been requested

to perform in the

Hejaz Shrine Circus, Monday-

Thursday, April 8 – 11 at7:00

pm in Spartanburg. There

was a photo of our group in

the Hejaz paper.

At the February meeting at

Oasis Shrine, Jim “Sunny”

Beggs was voted in as an

Active Clown having served

one year as an Apprentice

Clown and accumulating the

required 40 points. He was

presented with a certificate

by Captain French “Patches”


During the meeting there

was a serious discussion

regarding the need for new

members. Captain Harvey

expressed his concerned that

without new members, in

five to ten years the unit will

be like other shrine center

clown units and not be able

to perform at our circus and

parades due to the age and

health of members. The

vast majority of our current

members, both active and

veteran, are over 60 years

old and some have health

issues. 2nd Lt Tom Acklam

and French will be working

together in March and April

to develop a brochure and

tabletop display to be used

at future ceremonials. Divan

Representative Rodney

Morgan said that he will help

recruit new members for the

clowns from the Shrine Clubs

he visits.

Also at the meeting Tom

“Stickers” Acklam made a

report on the unit’s golf cart.

He reported that it will take

approximately $800.00 to

tune up the cart that will

include a new carburetor. A

motion was made but tabled

until March to fund this. 1st

Lt Mark Murphy and Treasurer

Steve Chachoff will

investigate the feasibility of

purchasing a used cart from

dealers near them.

Divan Rep Rodney Morgan

presented Oasis Shrine Certificates

of Appreciation to

Jim Beggs and Jim Self for

their 100% participation in

the 2012 Shrine Circuses.

He reported that as of now

the Oasis circus will only be

performed in Fletcher and

Concord in November.

The next Clown Unit meeting at Oasis Shrine will be April 5 at 7:30 pm.

Anyone interested in seeking membership in the Clown unit is welcome to attend.

The World Loves A Clown

Come and join us and put a smile on the face of a child!


Accepting New Members

No Experience Necessary

Activities Include:

Stars Of The Oasis

Shrine Circus

Shrine & Community Parades

Social Gatherings that

Include Your Wife

Individualized Instructions

on Makeup & Costumes


Captain French B. Harvey

“Patches” for information



Oasis Shrine is fortunate to have a wealth of members who are willing to give their time and

energy for the purpose that is so near and dear to all of us – Shrine Children’s Hospitals.

In addition, we are also very blessed to have members who work hard and diligently to raise the

money that is so badly needed to run our hospitals.

Noble Jim Turner is one of these individuals. You would never know it by being around him. He

is a quiet individual whom you seldom see in the limelight, which is his choice. Few outside

of his hometown know that for the past seven years, Noble Jim has hosted a car show at the

Greensboro Coliseum, with part of the proceeds going to Shriners Children’s Hospitals.

The car show began 11 years ago, in 2003, when Noble Jim found himself searching

for something to fill his time. He was owner and operator of a drag race track, and

a stock car track. He sold his race track and decided that, in order to stay busy, he

would conduct a car show for classic cars and modified cars.

The response to his venture was overwhelming. He filled the area provided at the

Greensboro Coliseum the first year. Because of the response, he expanded the show area,

and it has been a sell-out every year, to the point that, in 2013, he was forced to turn over

60 displays away. More than 130 displays of antique, classic, modified and hard to find

cars are shown, as well as tractors and motorcycles with dozens of vendors selling everything

from car wax to transmissions, to motors, to race car frames and bodies.

In 2007, Jim made the decision to donate a portion of the proceeds from the show to

Shriners Children’s Hospitals. Because of the popularity of the Shriners, attendance

increased about 50% that first year. Since making that commitment, he has donated a

total of $70,000.00 to our children.

Noble Jim is a member of Greensboro Shrine Club, and was awarded Life Membership

in his club by President, Noble Terry Cox, in 2009. He is also a member

of the Oriental Band. Due to his dedication and overall contribution to Oasis,

and to our Children’s Hospitals, Illustrious Sir John Sullivan, in 2011, named a

Ceremonial Class after him.

Our fez is off to Noble Jim Turner. He is truly among the elite in dedication

to a cause that we have all learned to love.


Special Pricing

On all Buicks and GMCs!

“On the square pricing”

Rick McLemore, Sales Manager

Provost Guard

Steve Lee, Internet Manager

Provost Guard

Billy Joe Estes, Sales

Ambassador at Large

Scott McCorkle, Owner

Drum & Bugle

9028 E. Independence blvd.,

matthews NC 28105 704-708-8000



A message from Ken Bowen, Membership Chairman

Oasis is off to a great start in 2013 with over 70%

of our membership having already paid their 2013

dues and our list of Non Paid Dues members continues

to go down. Keep up the good work. Oasis has a lot of

great activities planned and we look forward to seeing all of

you here at the Temple or at your Club or Unit. I know that

many of your clubs and units have many fun events planned

for the upcoming year as well. Let us know what you have

planned and we will include those events in the Desert Dust

and do our best to get Divan members to participate in your


We are all ambassadors of Oasis and with that in mind, one

way you can help us grow our membership is to help a brother

Mason to join the Shriners. This year, Oasis has two Ceremonials

planned. In June, we will return to Blowing Rock

for a weekend of fun and fellowship. Then, in November

we will return to Hickory. Both ceremonials promise to be

great events, but only with your help. Start talking to current

Masons who you think would make great Shriners now. I

challenge each of you to be a top line signer on two applications

this year - one to replace yourself and

one to grow our fraternity.

Another way you can get involved in membership

is to become a Blue Lodge Ambassador.

This program is one we are very excited about.

Oasis is looking for active Shrine Masons who

are willing to share information with both your

Blue Lodge and your Shrine Club or Unit about

the activities each has planned. If you are active

in both your Blue Lodge and the Shrine,

send us an email so we can put you on our

mailing list. We want to communicate with

you about events at Oasis and hope that you

will pass this information along to your Blue


Presidents and Secretaries, remember to send

us a membership roster for your Club or Unit.

Also send us a short description of your Club

or Unit that we can include on our website.

Pictures are welcomed as well. Nobles should

also go to the newly redesigned Oasis website

to sign up for our emails. We currently have

over 3,000 Nobles signed up to receive these

informative emails. Moving forward, we will

keep you up to date with all the happenings of

your Shrine.

Lastly, send your membership success stories

to me at I will be sharing

these stories in future article. I look forward

to working with you to grow our fraternity

and your Club or Unit in 2013.


On February 9th, Illustrious Sir Fred Laxton and Lady Rhonda hosted the Past

Potentates Dinner for Illustrious Sir’s and their Ladies, representing 48 years of

Oasis Leadership.

Pictured front row left to right are:

Harry Bryant, 1965; Stickey Burch, 1975; Doug Mayes, 1976; Paul Whitfield, 1992;

Tom Price, 1994; John Stanley, 1997; Bill Harward, 1998; Doyle Simmons, 1999;

Back Row left to right are:

Todd Ham, Asst. Rabban, Bill Van Dresser, 2003; John Burgess, 1st Ceremonial

Master; Rolla Rogers, 2005; Billy Farris, 2006; Ken Jarrett, 2nd Ceremonial Master;

Dr Jack Rosette, Kerbela Shrine, 2006; Fred Laxton, 2013; Rodney Morgan,

Captain of the Guard; Michael Fowler, Mohammed Shrine, 2006; Tommy Helms,

Director; Gary Taylor, Dubba Naught Seven; John Elder, 2008; Wayne King, 2010;

Johnny King, High Priest and Prophet; Ken Bowen, Outer Guard.


Shrine Milestones

In our lives, we each reach milestones that we invariably want

to celebrate. Our children’s first birthdays; our 13th, 16th, 21st

or 50th birthday. Many of the milestones we celebrate are

ones that millions of people before us have also celebrated.

Seldom does one celebrate an event in their lives that only a

very few people have the pleasure of recognizing.

Illustrious Sir Harry Bryant, Potentate of Oasis Shrine in 1965,

and Lady Ruby celebrated an event that less than 1% of the

entire population will ever reach.

Illustrious Sir Harry and Lady Ruby, on January 14, 2013, celebrated

their 70th wedding anniversary. Think about this. On

January 14, 1943, a majority of the members of Oasis Shrine

had not even been born. Although I have not checked the percentages,

but I would speculate that only a handful of our members

were even Shriners in 1943.

Sir Harry and Lady Ruby met around 1940 when she went to

work for his father’s business. They kept company for three

years before being married at the First Baptist Church in Gastonia,

NC. They have remained in Gastonia ever since. Their

union has produced four children; sons Tom, Dick, and Harry and

daughter Suzanne, not in that order. Surely not every Tom, Dick

and Harry can say their parents have been married for seven


We at Oasis wish for Illustrious Sir Harry and Lady Ruby congratulations

on this rare accomplishment, and wish for them

many more years of wedded bliss.



The Ragtops were extremely busy, and productive during

2012. Our wonderful unit came in First Place at SASA for

the second time. We participated in the parade in Mooresville

and had a great time at the non-Shrine parade in

Candor,NC, and if you have not been there, you have missed

the best entertainment and the most delicious peach ice

cream around. Then there was the Lenoir parade. We

had a great time displaying our convertibles, and the Ladies

joined in wearing Santa Claus hats. The people were so

gracious and thanked us profusely for spicing up their parade.

It appeared that the entire town turned out to watch.

Then it was the Christmas season. Captain John and Lady

Elaine hosted the Ragtop Christmas Party at their home, and

we had a great turnout. After a short meeting, Director Buddy

Ellis installed the new officers for 2013 – Captain John

Eichler, 1st Lt. Sam Eudy, 2nd Lt David Faircloth, Secretary

George Thompson, Treasurer Mack Wilson and Sargent Tom

Wimbish. Noble Sam Eudy took the helm while Captain

John nursed his leg back to health. Captain John presented

a trophy to Noble Sam as the “Ragtop Member of the Year”

in appreciation for his help. Congratulations Noble Sam.

We were saddened by the death of Mary Graham, wife of

James Graham of Boone. Get well wishes are extended to

members Paul Howie who had knee replacement, and his

wife fell and broke her arm. Lady Alice Denton had surgery

and sustained some injuries from a fall. She reported that

she was taken care of by a great nurst, her husband Noble

Robert. Noble Bob Hunter had a foot operation. Noble Ted

Hataley is recovering from an infection. Verlin Shelton has

experienced back problems, and Noble Jerry Satterwhite is

recovering from back surgery. We want to keep these members

in our thoughts and prayers.

We look forward to an equally wonderful year in 2013. And

we want everyone to keep your top down – on your car, that is.

John Eichler, Captain, Ragtops


A weekly update for friends of Shriners Hospitals for Children ® - Chicago

Robert Cotner, Editor


Volume IX,

No. 7

Mason, Our Best-Named Patient, Gathers Friends to Help Him . . .

Mason Kofoid and his chums in Oglesby (IL) Public School have been working hard these days, gathering pop can tabs to

bring to SHC – Chicago, from where they’ll be transported to Kaaba Shrine in Davenport,

IA, and sold to make money for our hospital. In the photo left, Mason sits surrounded

by tabs, as some of his teacher-friends stand behind him. In the photo,right,

Dad Matt and Mom Rose stand with Mason, Murat Nobles Frank Tharp, Mitch Sever,

and Yours Truly. All are gathered around 280 pounds of tabs delivered by Mason to our

hospital. Someone has calculated that it takes 1,130 tabs to equal one pound. Using

that number, the group is standing with 316,400 tabs. As of the latest tally, we are getting

$.61 a pound. As of January 22, 2013, $367,752 has been donated to our hospital

through the sale of tabs. Besides this hard work, Mason’s family and friends have held

fundraisers annually in their community—and they have raised $25,378 for other children being cared for in our marvelous

hospital. Mason’s Mom Rose says our “family has been overwhelmed by the kindness and professionalism Shriners Hospital

has shown us.” Mason is on an 18-year program, designed by our physicians and staff, involving surgeries and prosthetics,

to treat proximal femoral focal deficiency (PFFD). We are honored to have the Kofoids as friends—and we thank you, Mason,

your family, and your friends, for this great kindness to our hospital and other children!

The Call Goes Forth! Join Friends in Running the Chicago Marathon!

We invite you to join the SHC – Chicago Charity Running Team for the 2013 Bank of America Chicago Marathon set for Sunday,

October 13, 2013. Registration begins February 19, 2013, at 12 pm CST. Listed below are initial details about joining our team.

Benefits of participation on our team:

Comprehensive training program offered through John Hayley, Power Performance Camps, Elmwood Park, IL

Beginner’s running program (intermediate program available upon request)

Nutritional packet, Strength training program, Flexibility and foam rolling guide, Team running shirt, Scheduled group runs

Guidelines for participation on our team:

Individual runners are responsible for their own race entry fee, $175 (for US runners); Board Member and Marathoner

SHC – Chicago will assist runners to maximize their fundraising efforts.

All interested participants please contact us at or 773-385-5573. For more information on the

Bank of America Chicago Marathon, please follow this link: Our hospital Marathon coordinator is

Kathleen Sweeney. If your grandchild, friend, or neighbor is running, invite him/her to support our great cause.

Mark Berillo in 2012 race

For Additional

Information On

The Thundering

Scooter Patrol:


David Ricketts


P.C. Terry Cox




by John Stanley, P.P.

The pastor and author,

Chuck Swindoll, in his

book, Three Steps Forward

and Two Steps Back says

that we live in a pressurecooker

world. He says that

our tempers flare, stomachs

turn, ulcers bleed hearts

break, and nerves unravel.

How true is that! We frequently

come into contact

with people in crisis. We

know superb, God-fearing

people who are sick, people

who have lost a lot of money

in the last few years. And,

we worry about our own

families. And, we know

wonderful people who have

died— and, we miss them.

Innocent children have

been massacred at Sandy

Hook Elementary School

and other places, and we

worry about terrorist attacks.

Further, about 25

million people are unemployed

and people are losing

their homes in record


We may face the problems

of our lives when we lose

ourselves in TV Shows, or

get lost in a cell phone conversation,

or on Facebook, or

we avoid our problems and

those with problems when

we listen to loud music

Still, all of us face questions

of loss and suffering

and despair. Bad things do

happen to good people.

Sooner or later, all of us are

confronted with heartache.

Several years ago Rabbi

Harold Kushner entitled his

book, When Bad Things Happen

to Good People. In a

speech the Rabbi said that

he did not entitle the book,

“WHY Bad Things Happen

to Good People”. He said

that the real question is not

WHY! The real question

is: WHAT! The question

is: WHEN this thing happens

to us or to those we

love: WHAT are we going

to do

And, at least one book of

the Bible seems to address

these issues--it is the Book of

Job. And, no one embodies

the question of bad things

happening to good people

more than Job. The Bible

says that Job was a righteous

man, but he lost it all--all his

cattle, servants, wealth and

children. (Job 1:1-18)

Job is forced to acknowledge

that God’s ways are beyond

his understanding, and he

is left with a choice that we

will make: Do we trust God

or not Ultimately, that is

our question: through good

times and bad: Do we trust

God If we trust God, we

may walk through the valley,

as did Job. But we know

we do NOT walk alone.

Four months after Payne

Stewart won the US Open

in Pinehurst he and others

died in a private plane

accident. Debbie Arden’s

husband was Payne Stewart’s

agent, and he died with


Author Sheila Walsh tells

of meeting Debbie Arden.

Debbie Arden claims that

her husband’s death led her

to a new place of assurance

and faith in God. As she

said, “God used the death of

my beloved husband to…,

‘Pierce a hole in the darkness

so that I could behold

the face of God.’ I am a

changed woman.” (Living

Fearlessly: (Grand Rapids:

Zondervan, 2001),.

Debbie Arden claims that

her husband’s death led her

to a new place of assurance

and faith in God. As

she said, God used—note

that she did not say, “God

CAUSED the death of my

husband - NO! She said,

God USED the death of her


Here is the message of our

lives. God can use the

dark moments in our lives

to “pierce a hole in those

dark places.”, and, when

we pierce a hole in the darkness,

we let light shine in for

those people who are in the

darkness—our friends who

are in fragile places.

Let us all be inspired us to

pierce the darkness and to

so let our light shine before

our brothers. Daily, let us

give people encouragement,

and offer all hope. We give

people hope—those who

are in such fragile places—

by praying for them, and offering

them good words of

encouragement, and words

and deeds of hope.

The greatest teacher, Jesus

Christ, said, “Lo I am with

you always—even to the

end of the age. Hope! Encouragement!

John Stanley, P.P. is Visitation Minister of 1st

Presbyterian Church, Gastonia, and he is serving

Imperial Potentate Al Madsen in 2012-13 as Imperial

Chaplain. He can be reached (704) 616-6000 or at


Est. 1910

Oasis Shriners

Patrol Unit

Patrol News for March 2013 •

Greetings Nobles, Ladies

and Friends and welcome to

a just shy of dead-line and

streamlined March 2013 Patrol

News article.

In February The Oasis Patrol

had two (2) regular, scheduled

meetings; one of which

was a dinner meeting (or

meating) for rib-eye steak

dinner at Metrolina Shrine

Club. They do a real good

job and seem to appreciate

hosting our Friday evening

meetings occasionally.

The very pesky and annoying

Black Camel re-emerged

just prior to Valentines Day

taking Patrol Veteran; Nob.

Tommy Kiser to That House

Not Made With Hands, Eternal

in the Heavens. Noble

Tommy had a very active 43

years as an Oasis Shriner,

41 of which as a Patrolman.

Our younger members are

missing out as many of our

well seasoned Patrolmen

and Ladies can well relate

to Nob. Tommy’s more upbeat

than normal demeanor

and ever-present smile. He

leaves behind a Grieving

Widow; Lady Vivian. Though

health issues have kept them

away for the past several

years they have never been

far from our thoughts and

hearts. Please keep Lady

Vivian and the Kiser family

lifted up during their time of

loss and sorrow.

On Saturday February 16th

The Oasis Patrol Unit was

able to assist The Mecklenburg

Shrine Club (MSC) with

a Valentine’s Dinner / Dance.

Club President Buddy Ellis

III and his underling crew

of Officers and Committee

Members have exploded out

of the starting gate this year

and have big plans for turning

MSC into a Social Mecca

for entertaining ourselves

and others. The officers and

members of The Oasis Patrol

are proud to be able to enjoy

MSC hospitality and serve

our Fellow Nobles, Ladies

and Guests.

Looking ahead into March…

It isn’t gang-busters busy just

yet, but you know its coming

as the weather begins to

warm. We’ll have our annual

Past Captain’s Night where

we will honor our Past

Captain’s with a fine steak

supper, hospitality and entertainment.

Noble Captain

Peter is rather tight lipped

about our Patrol protégés in

waiting but assures a good

time as we have a new event;

the Divan Pedicure.

Another shameless plug for

our HillBilly friends. On

Saturday March 9th HillBilly

Day will occupy Oasis Shrine

Center. This is a great time

to become a member of Clan

#13 if you are not already or

just dust off your HillBilly fez

and over-alls to come out if

you already are. They’ll have

a couple of different degrees

and time slots for the Nobles

throughout the day and involve

the Ladies near the end

of the day.

We continue to have many

Members, Ladies, Widows,

Family and Friends with Woe

and Circumstance issues.

Please keep everyone in your

thoughts and prayers. Continue

to inform Captain Peter

Schuetz or any Patrol officer

if you or someone else we

care about is down and out

or experiencing a happiness

event. Continue to let all of

the people that are personally

close and important

know that you care. Caring

is contagious so make someone’s

day and call a long lost

friend or family member.

“Friendship involves many

things but, above all the

power of going outside

oneself and appreciating

what is noble and loving in


- Thomas Huxley

Definition of Noble:

no’bel adj.

having or showing qualities

of high moral character,

such as courage, generosity,

or honor

proceeding from an indicative

of such a character;

showing magnamity

Respectfully Submitted;

Bob Saye,

1st Lieutenant


S Donations S

2013 Hospitality Committee

Appalachian Shrine Club

Brushy Mountain Shrine Club

Cabarrus Shrine Club

Crowders Mountain Shrine Club

East Burke Shrine Club

Elkin-Jonesville Shrine Club

Gaston County Shrine Club

Hendersonville Shrine Club

Lincoln County Shrine Club

Oasis Photography Unit

White Plains Shrine Club

A Andrews Mini Storage, LLC (Western NC Shrine Club)

Allred Sheet Metal Fabrication (Union County Shrine Club)

Angus W Mercer

Becky Van Gorder (Western NC Shrine Club)

Ben Mathis (Union County Shrine Club)

Blue Mountain Coffee Grill (Western NC Shrine Club)

Bobby R Keller

Boyd C Wilson, Jr

Brady Reavis (Rowan Shrine Club)

Brent A Davis (Western NC Shrine Club)

Brookhill Memorial Gardens (Hillbilly Parade Unit)

Bruce D Bumgarner

Bumgarner Oil Tournament

Carl Patterson Carpet Sales (Western NC Shrine Club)

Charles D Millson

Charles L Smith

Charles W Elmore

Charles W Northcutt

Charlotte International Auto Show (Oasis Clowns)

Chuck Van Gorder (Western NC Shrine Club)

Cliff Cloninger (Oasis Wagoneers)

Daniel F Pierce

Daniel Simpson

Danny W Everhart

David E Wulfhorst

David H Bramigk

David Schronce (Hillbilly Parade Unit)

David W Drum (Gaston County Shrine Club)

Donald & Marilyn Haynes

Donald G Ritchie

Edmund B Cook

Edward E Roberson

Ernest Mathis (Union County Shrine Club)

Everette E Richardson

Fatback’s Convenience (Western NC Shrine Club)

Frankie N Julian

Garland L Painter, Jr

Gary P Melin (Union County Shrine Club)

Gary W Norwood

Gary W Wood

Gateway Cowboy Church (Gaston County Shrine Club)

George B Shaver, Jr

Gerold R Elliott

Haldex Services

Harley P Affeldt

Harlow E Weeks, Jr

Harold & Ethelda Wilkinson (Western NC Shrine Club)

Harold R Brown

Interstate Welding & Steel Supply (Western NC Shrine Club)

James C Fisher

James Helton (Western NC Shrine Club)

James K Shearon

James R Anderson

James R Moose

Jason D Cloninger

Jeffrey C Allen

Jerry W Fogle

Joe E Simmerson (Rowan Shrine Club)

Joe E Terrell

John A Schwab (Union County Shrine Club)

John Allen, Sr

John D Moorefield, Jr

John E Stickney

John M Marsh, Jr

Johnny & Theresa King (Union County Shrine Club)

Johnny B Clement

Johnston Memorial Presbyterian Church

Kayren S. Brantley (Oasis Clowns)

Kenneth B Steen

Kevin P Wood

Koren C King

Larry & Eilleen Sparkman (Smoky Mountain Shrine Club)

Larry E King

Larry W Deal

Lawrence D Roberts

Lloyd G Phillips

Lonnie D Hinson

Loy W Cannon

Luther M Murphy

Mark A Smith

Mark E Mauney

Mark Farmers Garage (Western NC Shrine Club)

Mary Jane Voeltner

Mary Jane Voeltner

Max & Judy Kennedy

Max L Gouge, Jr

McDonalds Shoe Repair & Shoes (Western NC Shrine Club)

Merritt & Helen Fouts (Smoky Mountain Shrine Club)

Michael E Bell

Mountain Creek Baptist Church (Robbinsville Shrine Club)

Mountain Creek Baptist Church (Robbinsville Shrine Club)

Mr & Mrs Charles H Hill, Jr (Smoky Mountain Shrine Club)

Neil A Marcum (Rowan Shrine Club)

Parker & Reichman, Inc (Western NC Shrine Club)

Patricia Bonanno (Western NC Shrine Club)

Patrick & Marian Hogan (Oasis Nascarts)

Peter V Vanstory

Phillip & Sue Lackey (Hillbillies)

R Labuda

Randy S Deberry

Reids Lawn Care (Gaston County Shrine Club)

Renato L Agustin

Richard Bowers, Jr (Tri-County Shrine Club)

Robert H Waddell (Rowan Shrine Club)

Robert J Moore

Rodney Cozart (Rowan Shrine Club)

Roger W Walters

Roger West (Western NC Shrine Club)

Rolla & Mary Rogers

Ronnie E Bailey

Salem Grand Shrine Temple

Scott D Lowder

Steel-n-the Island

Stephen E Smith

Steve & Kathy Davis

Steven D Roberts

Teddy D Joyner

Tedman H Myers

Tench F Dula

Terry B Moore

The Maedeanne Moss Mull Private Foundation

Thomas & Glorine Luper, Sr (Greensboro Shrine Club)

Thomas A Jenkins

Thomas A Jenkins

Thomas A Walton

Timothy S Gosey

Tom D Taylor

Tony & Rita White (Catawba Shrine Club)

Turner Discount Medicine Shoppe, Inc (Western NC Shrine Club)

Tusquitee Land Company, Inc (Western NC Shrine Club)

W C Helms (Union County Shrine Club)

W David Sumpter III, PC (Western NC Shrine Club)

Wade & Jo Ann Burnett

Waxhaw Insurance Agency, Inc (Union County Shrine Club)

WD Goldston, Jr

Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

Wesley C McIntyre, Jr

West Contracting Inc (Western NC Shrine Club)

Willene P Conner (Smoky Mountain Shrine Club)

William A Sides (Rowan Shrine Club)

William N Rigsbee, Jr

William P Styles

William R Stiles

Wood Farm LLC (Western NC Shrine Club)



Ray Willis

Rodney & Rita Morgan

Benny & Sue Goodman

Larry & Ginger Black

Sam & Barbara Morris

Rodney & Rita Morgan

East Burke Shrine Club

Rowan Shrine Club

Carl & Marlene Wheelhouse

Clara W Brown

John Craig Hendrix

Judith R Weiss

Robert & Teresa Gibson

Tessa W Murphy

Rodney & Rita Morgan

East Burke Shrine Club

Larry R Lowdermilk

Ed Wilkerson

Frank Godbee

Jimmy Barney

Lexington Shrine Club

Lamar Seagraves

Fred & Mary Lee Myers

Order of the Eastern Star,

Statesville Chapter No 214

Linville Lodge No 489

Merilyn & Sammy Coulthard

Susan & Joe Ramseur

East Burke Shrine Club

Royard Order of Jesters

Rodney & Rita Morgan

Cary & Gail Diggs

Gary & Sylvia Holbrook

Stan Tyson of Tyson Bros, Inc

Rodney & Rita Morgan

Order of the Eastern Star,

Statesville Chapter No 214

Rowan Shrine Club

Rodney & Rita Morgan

S Memorials S

S Holland’s Hope S

Allen & Marie Hardy

Ashe Shrine Club

Brandon Lee Penley

Dickie Smith

Fred & Judy Medlin

Richard Ellenburg

Shirley T Harris

in honor of Cordell & Shirley Harris,

on their Anniversary

Shea & Sandra Fadel

in honor of David & Gail Bumgarner,

Awesome servers at Fred & Rhonda’s installation

David & Tammy Johnson

in honor of Fleming Crissman, on his Birthday

Friends & Family

in honor of Fleming Crissman, on his Birthday

Jim Turner / Shriners Hot Rod Expo

(Oasis Oriental Band)

in honor of Holland Laxton

Payton, Decan, Kennedy Johnson & Cierra,

& Brianna McClough

in honor of Holland Laxton

In Memory of:

Anthony Rex Willis

Arthur Frick

Barney Lee Gardner

Barney Lee Gardner

Bill Monday

Carrie Boles

Charles Duckworth

Charles Teague

Clarence W Quate

Clarence W Quate

Clarence W Quate

Clarence W Quate

Clarence W Quate

Clarence W Quate

David Bell

Dennis Allen Massagee

Dennis Allen Massagee

Donald C Frank

Donald C Frank

Donald C Frank

Donald C Frank

Donald Wayne Dockery

Doris Shaffer

Dorothy B Atkinson

Earl Labarbera

Earl Labarbera

Earl Labarbera

Edward P (Eddie) Triplett, III

Emory Stephens

Estelle Barbee

Fred Lovelace

Fred Lovelace

Fred Lovelace

Fred Sides

Geraldine B Bush

H T Smith

Hayley Stiller


John & Wanda Redden

John T & Dorothy Rogers

Robbinsville Shrine Club

Rodney & Rita Morgan

Labella Associates, PC

John & Donna Park

William C Hicks

Sam & Barbara Morris

William M Harris

East Burke Shrine Club

Oasis Oriental Band

Rodney & Rita Morgan

Carolyn Summerville

Order of Eastern Star,

Newton Chapter #187

Rodney & Rita Morgan

Charlie G Pritchard

Sam & Barbara Morris

Rodney & Rita Morgan

William L Maine

Rodney & Rita Morgan

Jean Brown Davis & Family

Martha B Major

Rodney & Rita Morgan

Rodney & Rita Morgan

Bruce & Jeanne Messing

Clown Ladies Auxiliary

Harold & Susan Davis

R Mark & Margaret Rose

Ray & Paula Wingate

E L & Sandra Cooke, III

International Mission Board

Southern Baptist Convention

James Bullock, Jr

Robert & Fern Mays, Jr

Oasis Oriental Band

Rodney & Rita Morgan

Charlie & Colene Russell

Margaret C Everhart

Sticky Burch

in honor of Holland Laxton

Patii T Matthias

in honor of Holland Laxton, Service to others

Dave & Betsy Wallace

in honor of Mary Ham, on her Birthday

Fred & Rhonda Laxton

in honor of Mary Ham, on her Birthday

Judy W Valentine

in honor of Ron Valentine, on Valentine’s Day

Hal & Margie Kluttz

in honor of Ruth C Kluttz, Just because

in memory of Harold L Kluttz, Sr

Juanita T Bolick

in honor of Sue Laxton

Lloyd & Cathy Golding

in memory of Doris E Shaffer

Deforest Maness

in memory of Doris Shaffer

Sticky Burch

in memory of Doris Shaffer

Sticky Burch

in memory of Emory D Stephens

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Henry Benjamin Burrell

James Kelly Hooper

James Kelly Hooper

Janice Smith

Jimmy Edward Page, Sr

Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page, Sr

Joe McSwain

John Charles McAllister Moyle

John Ellis Zimmerman, Jr

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Todd Clegg

Todd Clegg

Todd Clegg

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Todd O’Neal Clegg

Todd O’Neal Clegg

Todd O’Neal Clegg

WB “Bill” Langley

William “Dutchie” Ward

William Greene

Wilson Bryce Everhart

Mario & Denise Albano

in memory of Forrest W Laxton

Ron & Judy Valentine

in memory of Hardy Sullivan

(Brother of John Sullivan, PP)

Bill Carter

in memory of Herbert L Carter, Sr “Noble”

Deforest Maness

in memory of James B Frye

Howard & Shirley Keyes

in memory of Noble Forrest Laxton

Oasis Scooter Patrol

in memory of Rudy Barrington

Deforest Maness

in memory of Thomas Maute

Johnny & Theresa

in memory of Todd Clegg

Oasis Scooter Patrol

in memory of Todd Clegg

Sticky Burch

in memory of Virginia Ruth Rogers


S Honors S

Charles C Elliott

George Cannon

In Honor of:



MARCH 2013

Imperial Chaplin John Stanley

Oasis Band

Member # Name City, State CreaTED Died

19767 Marvin W Sisk Gastonia, NC 10/21/67 2/3/12

37045 James M Musolf Phoenixville, PA 5/24/75 9/5/12

19616 Jacob R Abernathy Catawba, NC 10/21/67 11/21/12

38515 Richard T Sneed, Jr. Greensboro, NC 11/6/04 11/28/12

34247 Tommie S Simpson, Jr. Hickory, NC 6/10/89 12/23/12

19970 Edwin J Eccles Jr. Mount Holly, NC 5/25/68 12/26/12

32832 Joseph M Busby Greensboro, NC 6/7/86 12/30/12

20767 Jesse C Temple Winston Salem, NC 5/24/69 1/1/13

38117 Gary T Osborne Colfax, NC 6/8/02 1/2/13

15929 John C Moyle Charlotte, NC 10/17/59 1/4/13

19390 Elton Edwards Greensboro, NC 5/27/67 1/5/13

21245 Robert M Stafford Charlotte, NC 3/10/56 1/5/13

14194 Charles A Stewart Raleigh, NC 1/27/55 1/6/13

39659 Edward Y Given Hendersonville, NC 4/8/09 1/7/13

14843 James K Hooper Robbinsville, NC 10/20/56 1/8/13

37737 Dennis A Massagee Hudson, NC 11/4/00 1/11/13

29254 Richard B McCuiston Greensboro, NC 5/31/80 1/15/13

37895 Anthony J Warta, Jr. Taylorsville, NC 11/14/81 1/16/13

40013 Howard G Lightfoot Hendersonville, NC 8/20/11 1/16/13

19950 Ralph K Chitwood Gastonia, NC 5/25/68 1/18/13

21752 John E Zimmerman, Jr. Valdese, NC 9/19/70 1/22/13

13931 Graham C Greene State Rd, NC 5/22/54 1/24/13

35086 Charles F Bailey Hickory, NC 11/2/91 1/24/13

20614 Jimmy F Flowers Charlotte, NC 5/24/69 1/27/13

30036 Don G Angell Clemmons, NC 11/14/81 1/31/13

34801 Donald C Frank Lexington, NC 8/24/90 1/31/13

24729 C P Kincaid Lenoir, NC 4/27/74 2/2/13

15826 Emory D Stephens Mooresville, NC 5/23/59 2/3/13

35843 William A Greene Hendersonville, NC 8/21/93 2/4/13

26625 Hugh T Smith Sailsbury, NC 5/22/76 2/5/13

26066 Fred R Lovelace, Jr. Bessemer City, NC 11/1/75 2/6/13

28078 John F Waller, Jr. Sailsbury, NC 5/13/78 2/6/13

39529 William R Miller Edneyville, NC 11/8/08 2/8/13

23494 Thomas C Kiser Charlotte, NC 10/28/72 2/11/13

34912 Bennet Stansell Brevard, NC 8/24/90 2/11/13

35780 Harvey W Bodi Tryon, NC 11/20/82 2/11/13


“I always thought that I was the only one with burn scars. I never saw anyone else like

me in my school or anywhere I went,” laments a young teenaged girl who is a patient at

Shriners Hospitals for Children ® – Cincinnati. “I felt alone and insecure. Since everyone told

me I was ugly, I believed that it was true.” That was before she attended the Angel Faces

Retreat last summer in California. “From then on (after Angel Faces) I felt more confident

about how I looked. The change was huge… I started seeing myself as a beautiful young

lady instead of that ugly little child.”

Angel Faces Retreat was founded by Lesia Cartelli in 2003 to transform the lives of

adolescent girls with severe, permanent facial burns and disfigurements. Lesia herself

was burned over more than 50% of her body in a natural gas explosion when she was nine.

She knew what it was like to grow up with burns on her face and decided to create a retreat

for other young girls with facial burns and teach them the tools that it took her 20 years to

discover. The annual retreat is located in Cordova, California, about two and one-half hours

north of San Diego. Over the course of the week, the girls attend sessions to learn about

positive methods to respond to stares, teasing, bullying, unwanted questions and coping

with uncomfortable situations. Therapeutic touch using facials, massage, hair and makeup

lessons are also some of the activities the girls participate in, along with daily journaling

and exercise. The attendees work in group settings to tell their stories, role play, and work

together to learn how to answer and react to the uncomfortable stares and questions.

Adriana Ramirez is another Cincinnati patient who

benefitted from attending an Angel Faces Retreat.

She was burned in a hot oil fryer accident when she

was 16 months old and was severely burned on her

face, scalp, neck, chest and back. She learned about

the retreat from Cincinnati employee Tracy Gaboury

OTR/L, a licensed occupational therapist at the

hospital. “Before I arrived at the retreat, I was very

nervous. After I arrived, all that changed. I felt a sense

of belonging as I walked through those doors. By

the end of the first three hours, the whole group had

bonded and become very close,” Adriana said.

Conditions Treated at

the Cincinnati Hospital


• Burn injuries

• Inhalation injuries

• Burn reconstruction & rehabilitation



• Congenital ear deformities

• Congenital hairy nevus (large birthmarks)

• Cleft lip and palate

• Brachial plexus injuries

(nerve damage affecting upper extremities)

• Congenital hand malformations

• Gynecomastia

(abnormal breast development in teenage boys)

• Congenital breast deformities

• Hidradenitis (chronic sweat gland disorder)

• Post trauma deformities

(treadmill injuries, dog bites, lawnmower accidents)



• Purpura Fulminans

• Necrotizing skin infections &

Necrotizing Fasciitis

• Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

• Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis

• Port wine stains

All Services Provided Regardless of

the Families’ Ability to Pay

“This is a retreat, not a camp. This retreat focuses on

situations what we girls face every day: Stares, teasing

and questions. The girls focus on helping each other through the pain. We find our way how to answer questions and respond,” she said.

Before she went to the retreat, Adriana said that she really didn’t like herself and avoided looking at herself. Adriana’s parents also noticed

a big change when she returned from the retreat. “Oh she was so interested in makeup and hair all the time,” said her mother. “She had

so much more confidence and smiled all of the time.” “When I came back, everything was just different. Everything happens for a reason.

Be- fore, I never looked into the mirror, and now when I look in a mirror, I see the beauty that is there.” Ongoing contact with the people from

Angel Faces Retreat remains long after the girls return home. The girls and counselors use Skype once a month to continue learning and

bonding. “When I need an energy boost or need help, I can call or text Lesia and she’s there.”

To learn more about how to support a Shriners patient desiring to attend Angel Faces Retreat, call Tracy Gaboury at Shriners Hospitals for

Children – Cincinnati at 513-872-6216.

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