hall 5.2 dream with your eyes open - IFA International


hall 5.2 dream with your eyes open - IFA International

Yes, We Did It!

The IncreDIble challenge of counTerIng

The recessIon PaYs off aT Ifa 2009!

Jens Heithecker, IFA Executive Director




HALL 5.2

“Against all odds”, Messe

Berlin and gfu, organisers

of IFA appear to have pulled

off an amazing coup by

making the 2009 edition

more successful in many

ways than the previous

record edition, despite

gloomy economic times.

In the run up to the show,

the Obama catch-cry “yes

we can!” was echoed

by Messe Berlin COO

Dr Christian Göke, who

even back in April, during

the international press

event in Malta described

the show as being “solid as

a rock”. The unmitigated

success of the show is

primarily due to the change

in tack last year by the

organisers, turning IFA into

Home connectivity is no

longer a just a dream. We

have arrived at a time when

your refrigerator can tell your

mobile phone to remind you

to pick up the milk or that

your music can be played

wirelessly in every room

of the household. Indeed

the different advances in

home networking have

finally opened the doors

to true convergence. IFA

has become the cradle

of unlimited connections

"… The stage

is set for an

incredible 50th

edition in 2010."

the “Consumer Lifestyle”

show, encompassing home

appliances, and thus now,

more than ever, becoming

a true reflection of the

marketplace. This success

is also largely due to the

formidable work over

the years by the IFA team

under the direction of

Jens Heithecker (left) and

Dirk Koslowski (IFA Senior

Project Manager). The stage

is set for an incredible 50th

edition in 2010.

… See full article page 4

Creating the Fully

Networked Home

between all the devices in

our daily lives. Connectivity

is thus bringing a new

dimension to the household,

with digital contents no

longer limited to their

primary source.

See special page 10

DaY 6


9 th September


Hall 5.2

Stand 101


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hiroshi sasaoka

CEO Sharp

Electronics Europe

“Sharp is bringing forward the start

of production at what is billed as

"the world's most advanced LCD


See page 7

egon Minar



“We’ve been able to create the

pre-requisites to maintain and even

improve our current market position

in spite of the crisis.…"

See page 25

Ifa 2009: TurnIng The MarKeT arounD

"reTaIlers are becoMIng More oPTIMIsTIc

for The neXT MonThs"

Jens Heithecker, IFA Executive Director

What’s the prognosis?

We are very satisfied. If

we compare our results to

the last show, which was

a record high, we have

not only achieved those

figures, we are above the

prognosis we had made

for this year. We estimate

that we will have had more

trade visitors overall and

more international trade

visitors in particular. That’s

remarkable enough, but

if you look at this within

the framework of the

current crisis, then it’s really

amazing. If you see the

consumer spending in some

European markets is going

down, the mood in some

European markets is not the

best, and despite this, we

achieved a record high and

more than last year. This is

amazing and showcases the

real outstanding position of

IFA on a worldwide scale.

Have you had any

feedback on deals being

signed this year?

I see the gleaming eyes of

the sales people and this

shows how pleased they

are. I heard from the first

days that there have been

very good sales figures and

I expect a higher overall

order volume than last

year. It’s not just thanks to

us… it’s also thanks to the

fact that many retailers are

very low on stock and now

they have to restock their

shelves. We also get the

feeling at this show that

the retailers are becoming

more optimistic for the next

months. The retailers are

close to the consumers and

they appear to be expecting

that consumers will buy

these new products in the

next months, and that’s


Over the past year, the organisers of IFA set what

seemed like an unbelievable goal: to not only continue

the forward momentum created by previous editions,

but to create an event that would counter the negative

market currents and engender a new market dynamic…

helping pull the market out of the doldrums. IFA

International spoke to IFA Executive Director Jens

Heithecker as we entered the last day of the show.

a very good sign. It’s part

of the very, very optimistic

mood we have here.

You made a very bold

move last year to

introduce white goods…

It seems now that the

“consumer lifestyle”

sector is converging from

all different directions,

not only white goods,

but also the vertical

markets such digital

cameras and camcorders,

converging into a more

global market. That must

be a big satisfaction.

Indeed it is. We made

the right step last year:

the right step for the

right main reasons. The

reason to implement home

appliances last year was not

technology, nor lifestyle.

The main reasons were the

retail landscape and the

consumer’s mindset. We

argued last year that the

retailer is not differentiating

or separating Consumer

Electronics and white goods.

It’s the same retailer, it’s

often the same buyer. We

argued that the consumer

is not differentiating if he

wants to buy a fridge, a TV

or a mobile… most people

now choose the same

retailer. There is also the

fact that design and lifestyle

are coming together, we

have the connected home,

connected products, and

white goods and brown

goods are more connected.

This year, we have seen a

continuing convergence

of the technologies. A

good example is the touch

technology from the mobile

phone which is now being

used in a toaster. That’s

unbelievable. When you

have a look inside many of

4 www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Wednesday, 9 th September 2009


these devices, you’ll fi nd a

lot of IT technology or digital

technology inside. But the

same reason is that it’s still

the same retailer we address

with the whole product

range at IFA with home

appliances and consumer

electronics industries.

The IT and CE sectors

seem to be coming closer

together at IFA

Yes, it’s the same trend. In

the past, we often saw that IT

and mobiles were launched

as a fi rst step in professional

markets and then after

6-12 months, they went

into the consumer markets.

This is no longer the way to

bring new products to the

markets. New products on

the IT side, as well as mobile

phones, are now often fi rst

launched into consumer

markets. The best example

is Apple. That’s a consumer

product, but highly used

by professionals. It means

if you have consumer IT

products, they should be

exhibited in a consumer

retail show, not an IT show,

in order to be successful.

From company to company

it’s different of course, as

we have very successful IT

companies in retail, but a

lot of IT companies I see still

have no direct access to the

retail structures, especially in


Next year sees the 50th

edition of IFA, which is

a great landmark. How

do you anticipate this


We are proud that we have

been able to deliver a very

strong show this year as

an excellent basis to give

to the industries one of the

most successful shows next

year as the 50th edition.

Feedback from exhibitors

this year already tells us that

they will come back with at

least the same investment

levels next year. Some want

to enlarge and improve their

stands and presentations.

We already have requests

Tune-In for The 50Th eDITIon …

saMe Ifa-TIMe … saMe Ifa-channel!

IFA International •Wednesday, 9 th September 2009

from new exhibitors who

want to come to IFA next

year. All this is making us

very optimistic that next

year will be a very successful

edition, which it should be

for a 50th edition.

Some stands this year are

even more spectacular

than last year. Companies

appear not to be cutting

costs there… to the


Yes, the reason behind this

is the “global window”

function of IFA, which has

developed in the past three

years. We have made huge

efforts to make this the

leading global show, for

the image of the industry,

and for the image of the

exhibiting companies. We

can see that this is going

to grow even further next

year. I really believe that we

will have a big party here

next year for the industry,

for the European retailers


gfu echoes PosITIVe sPIn

of Ifa 2009

sTaTeMenT bY Dr raIner hecKer

– chaIrMan of The gfu aDVIsorY


“The concept of IFA proved

to be successful this year …

the expansion with home appliances

was not only confi rmed, but almost

20 new small domestic home

appliance exhibitors have created

an attractive enrichment.

All exhibitors are satisfi ed and

looking towards a positive Christmas

sales season. Our expectations

concerning trade visitors are more than confi rmed,

especially we had an increase in foreign trade visitors.

The media presence here was even more international.

The entertainment programme was very well accepted

and liked by the visitors.

I am confi dent heading into the preparations of the 50th

edition of IFA in 2010.”

IFA International, the offi cial international daily (print and video) of this, the world’s biggest consumer lifestyle show, would like to take this opportunity to thank

all those who have helped and encouraged us in our work again this year.

We realise that the time of senior executives of top companies is extremely precious, and therefore thank them and their PR teams sincerely for lending us their

time in order to inform trade and educate the public in our publication. We believe that by highlighting the statements and roadmaps of the visionaries of the

industry, we enable our readers, the world’s top industry and channel professionals as well as the thousands of journalists present at the show, to better understand

and anticipate key trends.

This year, IFA International’s team grew to encompass a greatly improved offi cial video service for IFA, and the publication has equally gone from strength to

strength. We look forward to seeing you again for a FABULOUS 50th edition of IFA!

Contact : Bettina Badon- Project Manager - Tel: +33 (0)4 42 77 46 07 - bettina.badon@ifa-international.org

Left to right: Jooree Cho - Masha Polshinskaya - Jean-Francois Pieri - Valentina Russo - Laurent Masini- Laura Moessner - Laura Howainski - Bettina Badon - Jean-Guy Bienfait

- Gérard Lefebvre - Emmanuel Poidevin - Miss IFA - Richard Barnes - Farouck Bounouara - Gary Smith - Guillaume Kaercher - Jo Stephens - Hélène Beunat - Marc Dezzani -

Benjamin Ras - Neil Crossley


The IFA International

team is refl ected (left)

in a new-generation TV

at the Samsung stand

at IFA. The quality of

many exhibitors’ stands

was higher this year, and

Samsung’s stand was a

breath-taking example of

how top CE companies

are innovating in order to

inspire the public.

Didier Baverel


Sacha Le Coroller


www.ifa-international.org 5




TEChnoLogy By Joanna Stephens

Hiroshi Sasaoka, CEO Sharp Electronics Europe

The economic crisis, the strength of the Japanese yen and the mixed fortunes of

Europe's widely divergent markets have combined to make Hiroshi Sasaoka's first

year as CEO of Sharp Electronics (Europe) a challenging one.

Sasaoka San admitted that

the downturn had resulted

in a considerable "erosion

of expectations" over

the past year. "Volume

has remained stable at

a growth rate of 5%-

7%, but there has been

a decline in value of 5%-

10% ," he added.

Since July, however, Sharp

has seen the first green

shoots of recovery in its

Western European markets,

driven by Germany, the

Benelux and the Nordic

territories. Sasaoka expects

this upward trend to

gather pace through 2010,

but said that Spain would

IFA International •Wednesday, 9 th September 2009

remain tough for the

foreseeable future. And

he believes that it will take

at least another two years

for Russia — with its oildriven

economy and "zero

finance" — and Eastern

Europe to turn the corner.

"It's difficult to predict what

will happen next," Sasaoka

added. "It seems that

everybody at the moment

is looking for a new vision

and direction. But what I

do believe is that we will

see our industry move

increasingly towards more


products and processes,

and a greater emphasis on

lifestyle products."

Sharp intends to be on

the frontline of both of

these trends, as its IFA

2009 slogan — 'High

Technology and Super

Green' — indicates. In

Berlin this week, Sasaoka

announced that Sharp is

bringing forward the start

of production at what

is billed as "the world's

most advanced LCD plant".

Located in Sakai City in

Japan, the 'super green'

factory will not only help

Sharp to reduce the cost

of manufacturing bigscreen

LCDs and e-signage

displays, but it will also be

partially powered by solar


Sharp's product range also

reflects its commitment to

"ecological advancement

through high technology",

Sasaoka said. Its best-inclass

range of AQUOS XS1

premium LCD televisions,

with integrated RGB LED

backlight technology, raise

the bar in terms of both the

total TV experience and

the power consumption

needed to deliver it.

“LED technology is a

quantum leap for LCD TVs

and is revolutionising the

future of the television

market," Sasaoka said,

reiterating his message

at Sharp's IFA press

conference last week. "Now

that the technological race

to make larger and thinner

devices is over," he said,

"LED backlight technology

would take image

brilliance, colour contrast

and energy consumption

to new, undreamed-of


"We are striving to make

our backlight technology

more affordable," Sasaoka

said, adding that, with

less than 100W at 52inch,

Sharp's new LCD TV

series, LE700E and LE600E,

boasts "the smallest

power consumption in

the world." This, however,

in no way compromises

performance. The models

boast a 2,000,000:1

dynamic contrast ratio, an

even higher level of colour

reproduction and constant

screen illumination of over


"The market's reaction to

the LE700E and LE600E

has been extremely

encouraging," Sasaoka

added. And he is optimistic

that interest in Sharp's

AQUOS LC TVs will gather

momentum in the next

few months, fuelled by the

festive season, the 2010

football World Cup and

the European market's

continuing recovery.

In the meantime, IFA is the

"best opportunity for us to

introduce our new product

line-up to the world",

Sasaoka concluded. "It's

always a big event for us."

Hall 3.2 / Stand 101

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(Left to Right) DisplaySearch team at IFA 2009: , Shawn Feddeler, Tim Bush, Paul Semenza and Paul Gray.

Paul Semenza is

responsible for managing

the worldwide analyst

teams at DisplaySearch.

Previously Paul served as

Vice President of Display

Research for iSuppli

Corporation from 2000-

2008 and for Stanford

Resources, Inc. from 1997-


How would you describe

general market trends at

the moment?

Over the past year there

have been two different

trends. One is an overall

slowdown in the electronics

market measured by

revenue. In some segments

there has been slower unit

growth, but across the

board, aggressive price

declines. That’s really kept

the revenue picture down.

But in certain segments, like

LCD TV, growth in different

regions and different

market segments are really

maintaining the growth on

a revenue basis.

For the next year, we

expect to see continued

momentum in the transition

towards flat TV, primarily

outside the US and Europe,

because there’s still a large

segment of the market

that is CRT-based. There

has been and we expect

a continued slow-down in

average screen size growth,

which has been one key

IFA International • Wednesday, 9 th September 2009

way of growing the market

for the display industries,

getting consumers to trade

up to larger sizes. That’s

slowed down, so it’s really

about adding more value.

So we expect to see such

things as enhanced picture

quality technologies coming

on much more aggressively.

The other thing that has

been happening in the

Global market is that the

growth in China has been

the strongest of all, and

what that has caused is

somewhat of a tightness

in the supply of panels for

TVs which has actually kept

prices increasing. The panel

is the key cost element and it

has been increasing in price


July 08 June 09 July 09 M/M Y/Y

Notebook PC 12,3 14,7 16,7 14% 36%

Monitor 14,2 18,0 17,9 -1% 26%

TV 8,0 13,1 13,5 3% 69%

Other 0,9 0,9 1,0 11% 11%

L/A Total 35,4 49,7 49,2 5% 39%

Source: DisplaySearch August 2009 Monthly TFT LCD Shipment Database

from the spring through

August and possibly into


There are some big new

factories (fabs) coming

online in the next few

months. That might

change things.

Yes there are two things;

one is the new fabs that are

starting up, and the other is

the fact that Taiwan, was hit

very hard by the slowdown,

basically most of the panel

fabs shut down there.

That was followed by a shut

down of the glass making in

Taiwan, and it takes a long

time to come back up, so

those fabs are there and

we count them as capacity

but several have not been

able to run because of

glass supply. They are now

coming back on line, so we

have this transition period

we are in where we might be

going from this somewhat

tight supply situation to an

oversupply situation, which

would drive down pricing.

Paul, you’ve been in

charge of the team at

DisplaySearch for a year

now. Tell us about what

has been changing since

you have been in your

new role there.

The main transition has been

from the founding team

who, over the past two to

three years, have transitioned

out of the business. Many

new staff came on over

that time period and we’re

reorganising to become

more of a global business

based around key display

categories: television,

PCs, notebooks, digital

signage, mobile devices

and manufacturing and


What are the core values

of DisplaySearch today?

The maintenance of the

core proposition, which

was always to have a

really comprehensive and

deep data collection and

forecasting methodology

throughout the display

industry. But of course, over

time, since the acquisition

by NPD in 2005, it’s also

been about connecting the

DisplaySearch value-chain

information which goes up

until sell-in to the channels,

with the end market

information from NPD. So

it’s really expanding from

raw materials to the retail

view of the market.

In that sense, are you

putting more people out

into the field?

Yes, the mix of the staff

has, over the past two years

gone to about 60% in Asia.

We have large staffs in

Japan, Korea, Taiwan and

a small staff in China, but

that’s probably going to be

the next area of growth.

www.ifa-international.org 9


ThE homE nETwoRk – CE’S nEw FRonTIER


IFA is an incredible platform for the launching and development of technical platforms and ideas, and a buzz over past years has been

developing around “Home Networking”. The problem has stemmed from the fact that systems were difficult for most people to install and

most general electronics retailers didn’t have the know-how to assist and advise clients in this respect. This is changing today largely through

initiatives launched at IFA Berlin. In the following pages, IFA International brings you the latest news on the Home Networking front as well

as spotlighting some excellent new products…

homE nETwoRkIng




PluralMedia Home Network Service, an advanced training initiative, has been

launched at IFA Berlin. The initiative aims to aid the service sector, creating a

link between the manufacturers of appliances and end-users. It provides an

opportunity for them to acquire the latest, application-based knowledge about

convergence, multimedia and home networking. Participating companies will

be able to obtain certification from the technical supervisory organisation TÜV

Rheinland. PluralMedia has been developed by the InfoTip company, a joint IT

service enterprise which has been created by a number of manufacturers of leading

CE brands for the benefit of dealers. The PluralMedia concept is supported by the

industry associations Bundesverband Informationswirtschaft, Telekommunikation

und neue Medien e.V. (BITKOM), Bundesverband Technik des Einzelhandels e.V.

(BVT) and Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikindustrie e.V. (ZVEI).

IFA International had

the chance to meet with

Theo Ubbens, Managing

Director of InfoTip.

Firstly, could you give us

an overview of your press

conference at IFA?

The issue comes from

three directions. We have

telecommunication on the

one hand, we have the

IT industry on the other,

and then we have classical

consumer electronics, and

products are more and

more connected to each

other, but there are far

too few people in the field

who have the know-how

to explain the possibilities

of home networking to the

consumer... to explain the

products and the possibilities

to end consumers. Therefore,

the different sections of the

industry have set up this

project, PluralMedia, for

technical training but also

the training of sales people.

Is this a key to the

industry becoming more


Right, and therefore we need

new services to at least earn

some money, especially on

the trade side. The industry

needs to add value in ways

such as these to earn money.

The whole PluralMedia

initiative started because the

market changed so much.

Old TVs and the new TVs are

completely different, and all

the people working in the

stores right now don’t know

well enough how these new

sets work, so first they need

to understand new technical

innovations or at least the

technical specifications

behind the new TVs. They

need to understand all the

possibilities that there are

in terms of connecting all

these devices, because they

don’t even know what

the possibilities are yet,

otherwise they will be looking

for other work very soon!

And when the products

get more sophisticated,

featuring things like Internet

connections, you need

somebody to install or to

configure them because

the end user is normally not

able to do this by himself.

Telecom companies often

work like this, they send the

ADSL box to the consumer

with a piece of software

and, in principle, it works

on its own, but very often it

does not, then the consumer

is completely frustrated.

He or she spends hours on

the help line…

Yes absolutely. Right now

in Germany, it’s mostly

friends, or friends of friends

who end up sorting these

things out… someone who

is quite “techie” and knows

how these things work. But

everything is on a private

basis, there is nobody who

you can go to in a store, and

for people who don’t know

anyone in their area, there

is no one you can go to

and say please come to my

house and make sure that

my system works.

What is the rollout time

for your new training


We start right now. We have

launched it officially here at

IFA, and the first training

lessons start at the end of


It’s a European problem,

but you’re starting your

initiative in Germany…

leading the way?

Yes, it’s the same problem

everywhere, but the

education is a bit different, if

you go to a German market

or Italian or Spanish market,

because the service business

itself is a bit different in

these countries.

It depends also within the

country which store you

go to…

But the huge trade

organisations are asking

already for that. There

are many European-wide

organisations that are

already asking for it. I’m

convinced that the second

step will be to make a

European roll out.

10 www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Wednesday, 9 th September 2009






What are the main

problems encountered

by consumers when they

want to create a home


The first challenge is

defining the customer’s

needs (What do I want?)

and the equipment, which

will meet his demands. The

next step is interoperability.

How do I make sure that the

components like TV, Set-Top-

Box, Personal Computer etc.

work seamlessly? Then of

course, there’s the challenge

of usability: am I able to

programme the network’s

functionalities, am I able to

set it up, am I able to really

use all its functionalities in

the sense of creating an

added value? And last but

not least is the price. There

still is a kind of prejudice that

home networks are way too

expensive for the average

customer. PluralMedia, the

new concept for advanced

learning launched here at

IFA, offers all those working

in the consumer products

and ITC environment the

possibility to become a

certified home installer, the

PluralMedia Specialist. This is

definitely a benefit for both

sides, retail and customer.

Now you can address an

expert who will assist you

from the first idea over

planning up to installation

and service.

What are the greatest

enabling factors today

in terms of technology

relating to home


Today, nearly every product

– whether it be consumer

electronics, home appliances

or IT and telecommunication

devices – is based on

microcomputers and does

have smart interfaces. Plug

and play networks, WLAN

and Bluetooth will become

standards when it comes to

designing home networks,

because they allow easy


Do you think wireless HD

will take off quickly?

All wireless technologies will

grow faster than cabled.

Many TV-sets are already

equipped with wireless

devices to access the Internet.

Between April and July 2009

around 100,000 flat TVs

with Internet connectivity

have been sold only in

Germany. Wireless HD will

be well accepted because

wireless technologies are

part of our lives and they are


What about cabling?

Are there special

considerations to take

into account?

Power line and electrical

installation are definitely

carriers for home networks.

But here we are speaking

of home networks beyond

entertainment and mere

communication. It’s home

network to its fullest

extent, home automation,

in fact the so-called smart

or intelligent house: the air

Example of Home Server – by Loewe

IFA International • Wednesday, 9 th September 2009

conditioning stops when

you open a window, the

shutters close when its

getting dark or the sun is

too bright, display next to

the door informs you about

windows or doors left open

or technical equipment still

using power before you’re

leaving. You may check

your power consumption

on the TV screen or, via

wireless connection on your

smartphone or a handheld

display. All this is possible

today. The technology

is available. And for this

sort of home network

standard-based, futureproof

electrical installation

of houses is crucial. The

standard KNX is the answer

Though, for the last few

meters from the power line

or cable to the device and

between devices, as well

as for multi-room solutions

of entertainment products

wireless will be the choice.

This also counts for e.g.

networked smoke detectors.

The ZVEI-Initiative Intelligent

Living (www.intelligenteswohnen.com)

is promoting

existing products, tools

and technologies for the

connected or intelligent

home and is working

to reduce the existing

prejudices by providing

broad information about the

possibilities already existing


When we focus on CE

products, wireless is the

key to the success of home

entertainment networks –

no cables, easy to install and

direct link to the Internet.

And on the other hand,

the TV will (as we believe)

be the centre for every

home network, where

all information can be


New TVs are coming on

the scene with much

better connectivity. How

is this going to change

the scene?

New TVs with enhanced

connectivity are enabler of

the connected home. They

will speed up the process.

What will the home

network of 2020 look


Looking at IT and CE products

connectivity has become

reality. Home automation

has, to some extent, already

reached visibility beyond

‘high end family ho uses’.

There are many projects

in Germany where a

certain set of automation is

standard when building new

flats. In Asia, for example,

connectivity and automation

are already a crucial factor

in the real estate business.

Health care, security and

energy management

will become even more

important in the future.

Especially the so-called

‘Ambient Assisted Living’

will play a role in designing

the home of the future or

better its functionalities.

Imagine: You arrive at your

house and park the car in

the garage where its battery

is automatically charged.

The door opens so you

don’t have to put down your

shopping bags and search

for the key. The recipe for

your dinner is already shown

on the display next to the

stove. Your favourite music

is played in every room you

enter and the lights turn

on and off as well. You

may watch the news the

moment you want to watch

theme, on any display in the

house. Convenient, easy to

use, supportive – these are

the keys for future home


www.ifa-international.org 11

homE RUn FoR


Loewe has launched a new

audio-video system, which is

being hailed by the company

as “the most comprehensive

audio-video system in

the world”. In addition to

playing CDs and DVDs,

the Reference Mediacenter

can play any music stored

on USB memory sticks, an

integrated hard disk or an

existing home network with

a music server, such as a

NAS hard disk or PC server.

Analogue music sources

can also be connected to

the Reference Mediacenter,

including DAT players, music

mobile phones or cassette

recorders. The system also

features an elegant iPod/

iPhone swing-out docking

station, an FM radio with

RDS station identification

and an internet radio

function for access to

thousands of music stations.

The Mediacenter can also

be connected to a current

Loewe flat-screen TV which

has a cable connection or

satellite dish, and it offers

flexible and individualised

distribution to other

rooms via a home network

(LAN, WLAN or optional


Hall 6.2 / Stand 201

Loewe Reference Mediacenter


ToTAL ConTRoL FRom SonoS

State-of-the-art music

control throughout the

home is what is offered by

the new Sonos Controller

200 (CR200). The wireless,

full-colour controller features

a capacitive touchscreen

for instant access to music

anywhere in the world.

“Finding and playing music

all over the house needs to

be so easy that anyone who

walks into the house can pick

up the Controller and play

DJ,” says John MacFarlane,

CEO, Sonos, Inc. “Sonos

has seven years experience

designing wireless music

systems for hundreds of

thousands of customers in

more than 60 countries. We

have used this experience to

deliver the most innovative,

intuitive and easiest way to

find, play and control music

anywhere in the home.”

The Sonos CR200 features

a 3.5-inch full-colour VGA

display (640x480 pixels) and

the capacitive touchscreen

is ultra-responsive. The

touchscreen keyboard

enables rapid music

searching of multimillion


jukeboxes such as

Napster, as well as

access to more

than 25,000

radio stations

and podcasts.

Hall 1.2 / Stand 130

Hall X.X / Stand XXX

12 www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Wednesday, 9 th September 2009


ToShIBA mAkES homE


Toshiba Europe GmbH

has introduced a new user

interface software, which

makes it easier to share

content across a home

network. The Toshiba

Media Controller software

facilitates file sharing and

content distribution between

connected multimedia

devices, allowing users to

easily stream videos, music

and pictures from a media

library to TV sets, laptops,

smartphones or media

players through a simple

drag-and-drop interface.

The Toshiba Media

Controller can be installed

on servers or controllers

in the home network

to expand multimedia

capabilities to all compatible

connected devices, which

are compliant with DLNA

(Digital Living Network

Alliance) guidelines.

IFA International • Wednesday, 9 th September 2009



The Korean company I DO

IT is present at IFA with a

Wireless Full HD Sender. The

unit solves the problems of

many similar such units as it

enables signals to travel up to

40 metres in Full HD quality.

Various other forms of HD

The software first searches

for these DLNA-compatible

devices on the home

network and then sorts

them into servers, which can

provide content, and devices

used for playback. The

content can then be sent

from one device to another

using drag-and-drop.

Hall 21 / Stand 101

Toshiba Media Controller Software

connectivity are also offered

including PLC modem

connection (via power cable)

and LAN connection (up to

150 metres). The system,

known as “itrio”, will no

doubt be welcomed by

home network installers and

AV professionals alike for its

broad range of uses. The

company’s European sales

office is situated in France.

Hall 25 / Stand 111

www.ifa-international.org 13




Continuous connectivity and

the rapid evolution of digital

technology is transforming

the concept of the smart

home into reality, according

to Scott Burnett, Director

Business Development,

Digital Convergence Group,

IBM Research. IBM has been

taking part in IFA’s TecWatch

to showcase the concepts of

the Smart Home and Smarter

Scott Burnett, Director Business Development,

Digital Convergence Group, IBM Research

TV. According to Burnett,

the time is right for IBM to

provide a solution to how

the plethora of consumer

electronics would connect

in a smart home. “This is

clearly not IBM entering

the consumer marketplace,”

said Burnett. “This is IBM

providing the back-end

of what is now the whole

emergence of connected

consumer electronics

devices. There are 800

million broadband homes

today and there’s going to be

1.4 billion connected or IPenabled

devices in the living

room. So it’s really IBM’s

pedigree of IT and supercomputing

that is coming

in to provide a solution. The

use of cloud technology is

pivotal to IBM’s smart home

solution", said Burnett. By

removing the complexities

of how devices hook up and

transferring that task into

the internet cloud, life will

be made much simpler for

the consumer. “The vision is

that the smart home exists in

the cloud, a big data base in

the sky. One of the examples

we’re showing here is a

Miele washing machine

connected to a smart meter,

which measures when

the cost of energy is the

cheapest,” he said. “Energy

saving is the driver here.

Miele has a smart home

adaptor that connects the

washing machine through

the internet, via the router

in your home. So you can

provision and operate the

washing machine from

wherever you are, and

program with the smart

meter once you’ve identified

the most economical time to

do the wash. In addition to

energy management, other

smart applications would

include pro-active medical

monitoring and remote

security monitoring and

management.” Increased

entertainment choices are

also a major driver of the

smart home. At IFA, IBM

has also been showcasing

the Smart TV, developed

with Philips and due to roll

out in 30 countries and

30 languages. Internet

connection enables

personalised content and

advertising, as well as a

wide range of news services

and applications such as

social networks, games,

VOD and personal media.

The smart function of this

TV removes the complexity

from the set-up process.

“The smart element is that

it automatically connects

to the cloud service,” said

Burnett. “So when I click on

that button I go right to that

service, I don't have to set

anything up to do it. We’re

taking the complexity away

from the consumer in terms

of setting these things up,

and once it's connected, you

now have unlimited number

of services and content

available in the living room.”

Hall 5.3 / Stand 3

Hall X.X / Stand XXX

14 www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Wednesday, 9 th September 2009




YoYoYoYo... Hello, my

electronics-industry friends!

Herman Ze German is here!

OK, name this tune: When

I'm driving in my car, I wish it

was a Jaguar…? Yes, it was

Madness - and you all knew

that, right?

Which brings me nicely to

Kenwood's latest Navitainer.

It combines entertainment

functions with an easynavigation

system - and I

LOVE it! After the 2008

success of the DNX5220 and

DNX 5220BT Navitainers,

Kenwood has just launched

the DNX5240 and

DNX5240BT models - two

new all-in-one machines

that fit like a glove in the

dashboard of your car.

The 2DIN enclosure of the

Japanese company includes

a CD/DVD player, and a

car radio and amplifier,

alongside a high-quality

navigation system. The

monitor is easily mountable

in the interior of your car

and offers both a wide

range of connection options

and intuitive control. The

USB-port allows for the

connection of a USB memory

stick or portable hard drive

in order to play back audio

files (MP3/WMA/AAC)

in excellent audio quality.

Even video data and films in

MPEG 1/2 and Div-X format

can be displayed in brilliant

video quality.

I already told you how important

headphones are to us drummers

- and these babies are really

something else. The PXC

310 and PXC 310 BT, the

new travel headphones

from Sennheiser, offer

top-quality sound even in

noisy environments. Proven

Sennheiser acoustics ensure

a detailed, lifelike sound

image, while the patented

NoiseGard 2.0 technology

reduces the background

noise of trains or planes by

up to 90%.And get this: for

the first time, the PXC 310 BT

combines all the advantages

of travel headphones with

the new apt-X Bluetooth

codec for wireless listening

when you're on the move.

Both models are optimally

designed for use with

portable video and audio

players - and they are also

ideally suited to in-flight

entertainment systems.

IFA International • Wednesday, 9 th September 2009

Hall 6.1 / 101

is bringing out a new

iPod sound system in four

different colours and two

separate models. One is a

pure iPod-driven machine;

the other comes with a builtin

radio. And it's not just a

beautiful-sounding piece of

gear - it looks pretty good,

too, and comes in four

colours: red, white, black

and grey.

Hall 1.2 / 101

Now this next gizmo, my

friends, is a musician's

dream. The new Olympus

LS-11 Linear PCM Recorder

delivers a combination of

high-tech audio quality,

portability and creative

flexibility. This ensures

that crisp and rich audio

recordings can be captured

anywhere, from the office

to the street, from the dance

floor to the lush soundscapes

of the natural world. The

Olympus LS-11 takes the

style and substance of its

predecessor, the LS-10, to

the next level. Designed to

complement mobile modern

lifestyles, the LS-11 fits

comfortably in your palm

for maximum freedom and

flexibility. I am SOOO having

one of those.

Hall 1.2 / 128 Hall 17 / 106

And there's more… Pioneer

SoundYou is the new

sound system from

AddOn Technology.

It's aimed at demanding

gamers, music and film


The two loudspeakers

and the subwoofer of the

virtual 7.1 sound system

come in black or black/

silver aluminium casing,

with Dolby Digital Live,

Dolby Headphone, Virtual

Speaker, ProLogicIIX

and DTS Neo providing

a clear 3D sound from

either Mac or PC. The two

high-quality loudspeakers

are of 6W each and the

integrated 21.5-inch

Subwoofer has an output

of 12W. The Low Noise

Class-D Amplifier provides

the big, rich sound.

That's all, folks. See you

next year...

Hall 27 / 630

The Olympus LS-11 Linear PCM

Recorder: high-tech audio quality,

portability and creative flexibility

Kenwood's DNX5240BT Navitainer combines entertainment functions with an easynavigation


www.ifa-international.org 15






By Gary Smith

Premium headset

manufacturer Plantronics

has just announced the

new Plantronics Discovery

975 Bluetooth earpiece. The

Discovery 975 is the latest

evolution of the Discovery

925, which was lauded for

its superior audio quality

and innovative lightweight


The earpiece encompasses

AudioIQ2 and WindSmart

technologies, which deliver

natural sounding voice in

harsh noise environments,

coupled with Plantronics’

inbound audio quality,

comfort and durability.

“Consumers expect

great outbound noise

cancellation in a premium

headset but they are tired

of sacrificing usability,

comfort, and quality,” said

Stuart Bradshaw, EMEA

Marketing Manager for the

Plantronics Mobile Division.

“At Plantronics, we have

Plantronics - Discovery 975 Bluetooth

spent nearly five decades

perfecting all aspects

of headset design from

inbound audio quality to fit.

For customers seeking the

perfect blend of innovative

design and advanced audio

technologies, the Discovery

975 is the ingeniously simple


Altec Lansing, a division

of Plantronics, Inc., has

introduced the inMotion

Classic, a digital speaker

system for iPod and iPhone,

with an FM receiver and builtin

rechargeable battery. The

system is keenly engineered

for portability and versatility

of use. Compact and

lightweight, the inMotion

Classic folds flat to the size

of a small book and includes

a multi-function handle.

“Mobility is becoming more

and more important in

everyday life,” said Adrian

Bedggood, Altec Lansing’s

Consumer Marketing

Manager. “With the new

inMotion Classic, anyone

can conveniently share their

personal music experience.

From iPhone shielding,

automatic shut-off when

the handle is in pack mode,

all the way to the remote


control cubby, Altec Lansing

spent a tremendous amount

of time listening to the

demands and needs of

today’s consumers.”

Altec Lansing also announced

the new Expressionist Ultra

(MX6021), a distinctive

and powerful three-piece

home speaker system for

computers and MP3 players.

With 200 continuous

watts (RMS) delivered in

a dramatic design, the

Expressionist Ultra is one

of Altec Lansing’s most

powerful computer audio

systems. Its boom comes

from five digital amplifiers

powering five separate

drivers. Each speaker driver

- the 3-inch midranges, the

1-inch neodymium tweeters

and the 6½-inch long-throw

subwoofer - is individually

fired and powered precisely

as the source demands it.

The result is outstanding

audio detail and earthshaking


“We take pride in

understanding our

customers’ wants and

needs, and in creating

products that fit their

lifestyle,” said Bedggood.

“These days, more people

The Olympus LS-11: an award-winning pocket studio reloaded

The new Olympus LS-11 Linear PCM Recorder delivers an unbeatable combination of hightech

audio quality, portability and creative flexibility. This ensures that crisp and rich audio

recordings can be captured anywhere from the office to thestreet, or from the dance floor to

the lush soundscapes of the natural world.

A new editing feature even allows files to be edited in the device, while Auto Recording

makes sure no important sound is lost by switching on automatically once a certain audio

level has been reached. In addition to extra long battery life, the LS-11 boasts a whopping

8GB of internal memory plus an SD card slot to extend storage options. The high performing,

sleek and compact silver LS-11 will be available from September 2009.

Hall 17, Stand 106

are keeping all of their music

and entertainment on their

computer. So sound quality

is very important to them.

They want an audio system

that sounds great and plays

loud without distorting

their favourite artist, movie

scene or video game.

The Expressionist Ultra

speaker system fits the bill


Another new launch is the

Orbit USB (iML237), an

ultra-portable USB-powered

speaker. The Orbit uses

the convenience of plugand-play

USB connectivity

for netbooks and laptops

to enhance their video,

music and presentation

capabilities. This powerful

little speaker features Altec

Lansing's Audio Alignment

craftsmanship, which

precisely aligns the driver,

the enclosure and the

electronics. The result is

astounding volume, clarity

and depth, and the circular

Altec Lansing - Orbit USB iML237

Altec Lansing - inMotion Classic

shape provides a 360 degree

sound field. Built to survive

tough travel conditions, the

Orbit USB includes a tanglefree

connection with its USB

cord storage.

“There are two broad and

immediate use-cases for the

Orbit USB,” said Bedggood.

“College students rely on

their laptops for much

of their entertainment

and the Orbit USB can be

tossed in a backpack and

provide instant sound at any

time. Business people can

enhance their presentations

with board-room filling

sound from the Orbit USB,

which is small enough to

pack in a briefcase. Whether

you like to listen to music,

watch YouTube or simply

need better audio for

professional situations, the

Orbit USB’s plug-and-play

audio can improve your

mobile lifestyle.”

From Showstoppers


16 www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Wednesday, 9 th September 2009




L-R: Thijs Linthorst, Dinesh Paliwal and David Slump of Harman International

Anyone with a serious

interest in audio will be

familiar with Harman

International, the high-end

audio company, whose

brands include JBL, Becker

and AKG.

At IFA this year, the company

is located in the Berlin

Funkturm (radio tower)

and is unveiling a raft of

inspirational new products.

According to Thijs Linthorst,

General Manager EMEA,

Harman Consumer Division,

the decision to exhibit at the

Funkturm is symbolic of the

company’s ambitions.

“We wanted to use IFA

and the tower as a sign

that we’re rising above the

mass suppliers of consumer

electronics,” said Linthorst.

“We want to be the highend

player and we need to

bring innovation and new

designs, so that people know

if they buy something from

Harman, it’s top notch.”

Earlier this week at IFA 2009,

two such Harman designs

won prestigious awards from

the European Imaging and

Sound Association (EISA).

The Harman Kardon HK990

two channel amplifier was

given the EISA award for

Best European Amplifier in

the category of amplifiers

while the Becker Traffic

Assist Z205, a dynamic GPS

system, won Best Portable

Navigation System in the incar

electronic category.

“It’s always important to

get EISA awards because

people look to them for

assurance of the quality of

the product,” said Linthorst.

Other Harman International

products on display at

IFA include the JBL/Roxy

headphones, funky designs

aimed at the youth market,

IFA International • Wednesday, 9 th September 2009

the JBL Creature III Desktop

Speaker System, the Harman

Kardon GLA-55 2.0 speaker

system and the AKG K316

In-Ear Headphones.

Linthorst stresses that the

company wants to get

away from the “perpetual

downward trend on price”.

So far, he says, all the signs

are that the company’s

trading partners love the

new approach. “We want

to move out of that rat race

of mediocre products,” he

said. “One of our taglines

is 'Professional sound

comes home'. With Harman

International, you’ll always

see unique design and great


Like most CE companies,

Harman International has

acted swiftly to counter

the effects of the economic

downturn. Dinesh Paliwal,

Chairman and Chief

JBL Creature III Desktop

Speaker System

Executive Officer of Harman

International, admits that

the company made a “big

loss” in what has been its

worst year economically. But

Harman International has

responded by launching a

wealth of innovative new

products, an approach that

has induced a new energy

and spirit.

We have launched 100 brand

new products between our

consumer and professional

products over the last fiscal

year. We have done the

same in automotive. If you

pick any luxury car, whether

it’s Porsche, Ferarri, Rolls

Royce, Mercedes, BMW,

Lexus, Maserati, they’re all

with Harman today.

“The economic downturn

affected us in our sales but

we invested more into R&D,”

he said. "If you invest now,

when others are cutting

back, it’s going to help

you. So we are launching.

I’m sure that all these new

products will make the big


Outdoor Exhibition space / 100

Download Podcast

at w w w.ifa-international.org

Download Video

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at w w w.ifa-international.org






By Mark Dezzani

The growth of online radio

listening is set to continue

as new stand-alone sets hit

the market loaded with

additional functionality,

mobility and styling. With

several in-car internet radio

receivers launched this

year and a set of baseline

standards for standalone

sets released at IFA, the

market for internet radio

listening devices is moving

from niche product into

the mainstream.

The popularity of listening

to radio online has been

rising since internet

radio was liberated

from the workstation

with Wi-fi connectivity

and the first dedicated

standalone receivers. More

competitive pricing is also

increasing their appeal.

Pure has just debuted its

most affordable internet radio

to date. The Siesta Flow is a

bed-side set that offers all the

functionality of their popular

Evoke Flow and top-of-therange

Avanti Flow. Siesta

Flow uses a Wi-Fi connection

to access internet radio,

podcasts and library content.

Regular FM and DAB radio

and an input for an iPod/

MP3 player are also included.

Another add-on is a unique

selection of Pure Sounds to

relax you or wake you in a

positive frame of mind.

IFA International • Wednesday, 9 th September 2009

Hall 2.2 / Stand 111

Further proof that internet

radio is future-proof is its

inclusion in state of the

art home music systems.

Sonos, a leading developer

of wireless multi-room music

systems, launched the Sonos

Controller 200 (CR200) with

internet radio capability at IFA.

The new full-colour controller

features an ultra-responsive

touch screen display making it

easy to quickly find and play

all the music you want, in any

room of the house. It rapidly

accesses more than 25,000

radio stations online, allows

the creation of custom radio

stations, podcasts and your

own personal music library.

Taking internet radio on the

road is the final barrier that

separates it from traditional

radio reception.

Hall 1.2 / Stand 130

Already the iPhone and

other mobile devices can

play internet radio anywhere

within range of 3G and WiFi

networks and now Loewe

has released an internet

radio application for both

the iPhone and iPod Touch

available from the AppStore

for just €4.99. This is a mobile

extension of Loewe’s Connect

Media for their home cinema

system and multi-room

receivers that also stream

internet radio. Their internet

radio applications can tune

in to over 7,000 editorially

approved radio stations from

around the world.

Hall 6.2 / Stand 201

Back in the home arena,

Logitech's Squeezebox range

continues to grow. The new

Squeezebox Radio is a Wi-Fi

equipped internet radio which

will also stream music from

your network. If you prefer

wired networking there's

a 10/100 Ethernet port as

well. A battery can be added

for mobility, while another

option is an infrared remote

to control it all.

Hall 3.2 / Stand 113

The Sonos family of internet radio enabled kit and devices.

Pure’s Siesta Flow bed-side internet radio.

Another sign of internet

radio’s growing maturity

is that standalone internet

radios will now have to be

certified under a plan to

future-proof them with a

unified baseline standard.

The Internet Media Device

Alliance (IMDA) announced

new certification at IFA this

week. “The industry needs to

harmonise the technologies

used by device designers and

webcasters to ensure neither

they nor the end user lose out,”

IMDA steering committee

chairman and president of

vTuner, Harry Johnson said.

“The shift in internet radio

listening habits to dedicated

devices needs one standard

to be implemented across the

entire ecosystem. Otherwise,

manufacturers will face a

technology war, broadcasters

will face rising costs and

consumers will face owning

obsolete products.”

www.ifa-international.org 19





Home cinema is

increasingly being seen

as a way of 'cocooning'.

It is also true that, to

fully experience a movie,

nothing beats a video

projector. Added to this,

in today's turbulent

economic climate,

consumers are tending to

seek the reassurance of

well-known brands. One

such name is Mitsubishi

Electric, which comes

to IFA with its nextgeneration

range of

home-cinema projectors.

Richard Barnes asks

Akihiko (Spike) Odakura,

Manager of Visual

Information Systems

at Mitsubishi Electric

Corporation's overseas

marketing and sales

department, to identify

the major trends in the

home-cinema market.

The fast-moving trend in the

flat-screen TV market is that

the consumer is shifting to

Full HD 1080p from the HD-

Ready 720p and I can see

the same trend happening

in the home-cinema frontprojector

market. It's not

easy to predict the market

these days, but I believe that

Full HD will account for the

major part of home-cinema

projector sales by Christmas.

What are your projections

for the next year?

We believe the market for

1080p will grow and that

we will continue to sell more

projectors in this category.

It's encouraging that the

market for projectors in

general is growing – and it

seems it will continue to do


What differentiates

Mitsubishi's projectors

from the rest of the field?

Our mantra has not changed

for decades: to provide

superb image quality

and high reliability at an

affordable price.

Are sales channel

changing in the European


Yes, the channel portfolio

is changing constantly.

When a market is expanding

rapidly, demand is generated

through the easy-to-access

channels, namely the big

consumer retailers and the

internet. And the cheaper

the product, the faster the

'box-shifting' movement

– and this will be the main

driver when it comes to

increasing demand.

So it's important to have

suitable products for the

mass market, such as the

720p, which has been

priced between €699-€799.

But while Mitsubishi has

always offered a range of

entry products, our main

focus remains on the higher

quality market. However, we

will continue to differentiate

our product range to satisfy

the two ends of the market.

So you will not be seeing any

quality Mitsubishi projectors

being sold in the mainstream

retail market any time soon.

What advantages do the

specialist retailers offer


Our customers are looking

for quality products, so we

offer training and a lot of

back-up material to our

retailers. While our training

is not deeply technical, we

are very conscientious of

the need to give retailers

the knowledge they need

to deal with customers


How is your after-sales

service set up in Europe?

Rather than having a

centralised European office,

we think it's better to have

an office in each country,

which means we can deal

IFA International • Wednesday, 9 th September 2009

with repairs etc. very quickly.

We pride ourselves on

having a fast turnaround.

Tell us about your product

line-up for IFA 2009...

Our IFA stand is completely

dedicated to home-cinema

projectors. It consists of one

serious theatre, where we

can demonstrate the latest

movie content, supported

by Paramount. But our stand

is not just a product demo

area – we also want to

give our visitors something

different. So we always have

some popular movie stars

to attract the public. Last

year, our line-up included

Spider-Man and Superman.

And this year's star turns will

be equally impressive – but

you'll have to come to our

stand to find out more. As

for the product, we have

upgraded the HC6500

to HC6800, enhancing

brightness without

compromising contrast level.

The trend among 'ordinary'

home-cinema fans is

towards more brightness,

since most do not have a

dark-room theatre. With the

entry-level range, we are

introducing the HC3800,

which is based on singlechip

DMD technology. Our

flagship HC7000 model

will remain as it is, since it

is well designed enough to

satisfy even the most serious

home-cinema freaks.

Frequent changes are not

always the best way to

satisfy customers.

Why are you changing

to DLPs (digital light


Our 720p product range

was all based on DLP

technology. We have long

been looking for the 1080p

DMD chip – and the latest

generation chip has enabled

us to develop an entry-level

1080p projector. I would like

to emphasise, however, that

Mitsubishi is one of the few

manufacturers that has a

strong product range based

on various technologies:

LCD, DLP and LED. As for the

new DLP-based HC3800,

we are not only targeting

movie buffs but also gamers

and the home-party market,

where a table-top product is

easier and more convenient.

We are not looking to be

the cheapest, but to offer

the best performance and

quality in the price range.

We see the home-cinema

market as a combination

of emotion and cuttingedge

technology. But all

the emotion appears on

the screen. Once you have

installed a projector, you

don't want to be bothered

by it.

Hall 7.2A / Stand 101

www.ifa-international.org 21



Making lots of noise in

the Taiwan pavilion was

Krator's Orpheus WG-07

guitar controller for PC and

PS3, which will work with

the Guitar Hero and Rock

Band music video games.

Down on the Krator stand,

Maite Ho, the company's

Brand Manager for global

marketing, reported strong

interest in the wireless

product, which promises to

liberate your inner rock star

– and was doing exactly that

HANNspree's new

animal range of Novelty

televisions has been a big

hit with children – of all

ages, according to Kateryna

Kreft Manzhurina from the

company's European sales


The fun and furry series of

19-inch digital LCD television

combines the 'wow factor'

with dynamic technology.

Aimed at children – "or

anybody who is fun loving

and young at heart" – the

FaceVsion comes to IFA

with a mass-market solution

to the challenge of powering

up standard PCs for two-way

HD video communication

and sharing over open

broadband networks.

"We believe the industry is in

a period of transition, from

voice to text to multimedia,"

said Derek Chim, the

company's Vice-President

of Product Marketing and

BD. He added that, to date,

poor quality has been the

major problem with HD

video conferencing. "And

if the quality is good, then

the price is far too expensive

to make it a mass-market

proposition," he added.

FaceVsion's technology

aims to change that. The

company's FVexpress

upgrade kit for desktops

and laptops come in two

for a steady stream of IFA


Krator is also showing its

Neso NB-16220 Classic

collection of premium

speakers. "It's our most

advanced multimedia sound

system," Ho said. "You can

feel the ground shaking

when you play music

through it."

Positioned as a new-age

audio product, Neso NB-

16220 combines acoustic

science with bold aesthetics

range comes in a variety

of animal incarnations,

including zebra, polar bear,

giraffe, camel and crab. The

models also feature oversized,

child-friendly control


"All the Novelty televisions

can also be used as

monitors, which is

increasingly important for

today's computer-savvy

children," Kreft Manzhurina

said. "And the screens can

also be removed from their

versions: Standard and PRO.

While both options have a

dedicated chipset optimised

for two-way HD-video

encoding and decoding, the

PRO version allows users to

turn mainstream camcorders

into professional-quality

PTZ cameras for Full-HD


Meanwhile, FaceVsion has

developed a range of

stylish webcams, targeting

different screens and

viewing distances. “Working

as a standard USB webcam

for leading IM applications,

the camera can deliver

image-perfect detail and

clarity,” Chim said. The final

plank of FaceVsion's solution

is the reference software

QuLives Manager.

So how has FaceVsion's

affordable upgrade kit been

received by the market?

IFA International • Wednesday, 9 th September 2009

to deliver a home theatrequality

sound. The model

features an independent

8-inch driver subwoofer,

wooden bookshelf-style

speaker casings and an

innovative stand, which

reduces surface contact

to eliminate unwanted

resonance. The resultant

acoustic fidelity, Ho said,

"provides an experience of

audiophile quality".

Hall 27 / Stand 710


animal casings for ease of

cleaning, which means that

parents don't have to worry

about hygiene."

The company's Novelty

range also includes the 28inch

HANNSapple LCD TV in

the shape of a bold, bright,

shiny red apple.

"Set to retail at around the

€400 market, the Novelty

models are also affordable,"

Kreft Manzhurina added.

Hall 27 / Stand 430


"Incredibly well," Chim

said. "In fact, when we first

tell people what we have

achieved, they don't believe

it's possible. But when

they see it is, they are very


Hall 27 / Stand 611

FaceVsion's Derek Chim: HD video

communication at affordable prices

Everyone's a guitar hero with Krator's Orpheus WG-07 guitar controller

Download Podcast

at w w w.ifa-international.org

Download Video

at w w w.ifa-international.org

HANNspree's Zebra Novelty TV: for the young at heart

www.ifa-international.org 23




Home entertainment

company Toshiba has

underscored its commitment

to high definition

entertainment with the

launch of the Toshiba Blu-ray

Disc player. The BDX2000

provides Full HD 1080p

digital output which offers

consumers the superior

quality of high-definition

audio and video content.

Supporting BD-Live

(Profile 2.0), the BDX2000

also allows users to take

advantage of interactive

features through an Ethernet

connection. From interactive

content enabled on select

Blu-ray Discs and Bonus

View support for picture-inpicture

capability, Toshiba’s

“Blu-ray technology has

matured and has established

itself on the market. Our

extensive experience in the

DVD and home cinema

sector has helped us offer

a player that we can be

proud of and has convinced

us that we can hold our

ground in the fast-growing

Blu-ray Disc market,”

explained Frank Eschholz,

Business Development

Manager at Toshiba Europe

GmbH. “Using the Regza-

Link function, the new

BDX2000 can connect

with a Regza LCD TV via

an HDMI cable and display

full high definition content

with a single remote control.

For added convenience,

the BDX2000 features an

SD card slot, making it an

entertainment hub in the

home by allowing consumers

to showcase photos and

videos with ease.”

Hall 21 / Stand 101

A whoLE LoT oF m-BoXES



Hyundai Corporation, a

well-established name in the

fields of motors, construction

and semiconductor have

been pushing into the

CE market, producing a

multitude of products

such as mobile phones,

small home appliances,

TVs and many other

product fields. According

to Ho-Min Kwak, Brand

Business Team Manager,

the company distinguishes

itself by offering products

that deliver true value and

many innovative features

to the consumer, while

offeringunique value for


They have launched a range

of media player/recorders

including two M-Box

Lights, the HMB-L100 and

HMB-L110 which are USB

media players with powerful

codec support. They support

h.264, MKV, AVC 1080p

codec with Dolby Digital and

DTS audio decoding. The

M-Box HMB-P500

and P550

players have a


(Single bay :


Dual Bay :


which stores

up to 2Tb of AV

content in HDD

with high def

1080p playback

of most AV files

including H.264,


RMVB video codec

with Dolby and DTS Audio

decoding plus most of audio

and photo files. They also

have network functions for

the Samba client, Samba

server and FTP Servers.

Alongside these Hyundai has

also just launched the

HMB-R500/550 with AV

input for recording and time

shift and the HMB-R600/650

with built in MPEG2/4 tuner.

Hall 7.2B / Stand 101

24 www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Wednesday, 9 th September 2009





At this year’s IFA,

Navigon has showcased its

latest navigation systems

and software, including

premium models Navigon

8410 and Navigon 8450

Live, as well as high-end

products such as Navigon

6310 and Navigon 6350


The company has also

introduced new features

in its premium devices,

such as photo-realistic

navigation in European

cities and a capacitive

touchscreen, real glass

display. Here, Navigon

CEO, Egon Minar,

discusses the company’s

objectives and the future

of navigation devices.

How is Navigon

‘navigating’ the stormy

economic times?

It goes without saying

that the difficult economic

situation at present, which

makes the competition even

tougher, is affecting us too.

However, we were very well

prepared for it, and so still

see growth potential for

Navigon, both nationally

and internationally, as we

offer customers premiumquality

products in all price

categories at very fair terms.

And with innovations and

new collaborations, we

create interest in new devices

and services even for those

customers who already use

mobile navigation but who

want to be at the cutting

edge of technology.

An example of that could

be navigation via the use

of a mobile phone or

smartphone, or upgrades

of existing navigation

devices. So owing to our

large number of innovative

products, new services and

our strategic partnership

with T-Mobile, we’ve been

able to create the prerequisites

to maintain and

IFA International • Wednesday, 9 th September 2009

Navigon CEO, Egon Minar

even improve our current

market position in spite of

the crisis.

What is your ‘roadmap’?

Initially, we will be remaining

loyal to our highly successful

product line. All our new

devices, from our premium

models Navigon 8410 and

Navigon 8450 Live, the highend

products Navigon 6310

and Navigon 6350 Live, and

our new, entry-level devices

Navigon 2410 and 1410,

are equipped with the very

latest navigation technology,

at a very competitive price–

performance ratio. We

combine flexible modular

technology with low-cost

basic devices for which

customers can purchase

additional individual

functions as required.

We also have new technical

solutions such as Real

City3D, the new feature

highlight of our premium

model range, and the new

Navigon LiveServices, with

dynamic and personalised

real-time content.

Orientation and navigation

are increasingly becoming a

fundamental human need,

and we address this with

our pedestrian navigation,

developed specially for

PNAs (Personnal Navigation


Mobile phone and

smartphone navigation is

also a very important area.

Use of our MobileNavigator

software on many T-Mobile

mobiles and smartphones,

such as the iPhone or Google

G1 and G2 touch mobiles,

is enabling us to open up

entirely new possibilities for

access to mobile navigation

and mobile services.

How is distribution of

your devices evolving?

Are channels changing?

We continue to rely on the

classic, tried-and-tested

distribution channels, on

specialist retail in particular.

Specialist retail is of great

importance to us, since

many customers want a

personal consultation. Our

collaboration with T-Mobile

has also led to the opening

up of many new sales

channels, such as T-Punkt

shops, of which there are

over 800.

Our MobileNavigator

software has been a great

success there, as it is ideally

positioned for our target

group. The App Store, which

stocks our MobileNavigator

software for the iPhone,

is another important new

platform for us. These

distribution channels make

it possible for us to adapt

to the various needs of our


Where do you see the

future of navigation


The market for navigation

remains an exciting one.

In the future, Navigon will

continue to provide flexible

solutions for intuitive

navigation with many

connecting services. This is

due to our collaborations

with first-class OEM partners

or strategic partnerships,

such as with T-Mobile

Deutschland GmbH.

Despite the process of

concentration that can be

observed in the navigation

market, we assume that

tough competition and very

short product cycles will

continue to be the norm. The

market demands constant

innovation, which requires

a great deal of knowledge

from the companies


For this reason, only

specialists will win through

in the long-term. Navigon

today is one of the world’s

leading companies in mobile

navigation, and we are

constantly and intensively

working to ensure that this

remains so.

How important is IFA for


The IFA in Berlin is of great

importance for us, as it

provides us with both a

national and international

communication platform of

the highest order. All the

important companies in the

CE sector will be presenting

their new products and

innovations there.

Besides this, the trade fair

offers a unique opportunity

to meet with industry

representatives, and to

make contact with potential

partners. The IFA is also

of particular importance

with regard to our own

customers, many of whom

will be there to find out more

and to be inspired – often

deciding to make a purchase

there and then, too.

Hall 9 / Stand 209

www.ifa-international.org 25





The new W5810 and

Z5800 Bravia TVs have

freesat built in, offering

over 140 free TV and radio

channels. The package

includes over 70 hours a

week of free HDTV, with no

subscription costs.

"The new freesat Bravia

TVs have an integrated

DVB-S2 tuner, so there's

no need for a set-top box

or cables cluttering up your

living room," said Hiroshi

Sakamoto, Sony's Vice-

President of TV Marketing




JVC has announced the

introduction of its second

XIVIEW brand monitor, the


With a thin and lightweight

design — 6.4mm and 5.7kg

respectively — LT-32WX50 is

a 32-inch LCD monitor that

can be installed anywhere

in the home by integrating

itself into walls, ceilings and


In addition to the Full-HD

panel with LED edge-lighting

system, the LT-32WX50

features JVC's original

picture engine, the New

DynaPix HD. The latter's

4000:1 native contrast

ratio and wide colour

gamut provide 90% Adobe

RGB coverage, ensuring

image reproduction

with exceptionally high


JVC first developed its nextgeneration

super-thin LCD

technology for its 32-inch

display monitors in January

2009. The technology not

only opens up a range of

highly original and aesthetic

installation possibilities for

any kind of interior, but it

also ensures that the monitor

uses fewer resources to

reduce its impact on the


IFA International • Wednesday, 9 th September 2009

Hall 5.2 / Stand 104

Europe. "The Bravia W5810

Z5800 series also has a

superb Full-HD 1920 x 1080

pixel resolution and is packed

with the latest picture and

motion technology from

Sony. Now, for the first time,

you can really watch free

satellite HDTV as it's meant

to be. Freesat also gives you

quick and easy access to a

whole range of TV channels

— and there's a handy EPG

[electronic programming

guide] too."

"As freesat is a satellite

service, there is capacity

for any future expansion of

HD services, meaning that

consumers will be able to

receive more HD channels

as they become available,"

Sakamoto added.

Freesat covers 98% all

homes in the UK, so it is an

easy way to switch to digital

TV and radio, especially in

out-of-coverage areas.

"The BRAVIA W5810 and

Z5800 TVs provide an

amazing, immersive HD

viewing experience for TV,

sports, movies and games,"

Sakamoto said.

"And now, with an integrated

freesat receiver, viewers can

easily access a huge choice

of free HD content to watch

in incredible HD detail."

He added that Bravia also

includes Motionflow 100Hz

technology with imageblur

reduction for sharper,

smoother images with fastmoving


Hall 4.2 / Stand 101

www.ifa-international.org 27




Jean Dufour, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, BSHG

Recently you

announced that turnover

in your fiscal year of

2008 was approximately

€8.76 billion, which is

0.7 percent down from

the previous year (2007:

€8.8 billion). Considering

the financial climate,

BSHG seems to have fared

better than most other

companies. How has your

marketing strategy (if at

all) changed during this


This is partly because we

have an extensive portfolio

of energy-efficient products

and, therefore, we benefit

more than others from the

trend towards more energy


are renowned for their

stylish designs and Karim

Rashid is the latest prolific

designer to create a brand

new collection for them,

‘Gorenje designed by Karim

Rashid’ that is unveiled at

IFA. “Design is critical to our

environments, to our daily

experiences, our products,

efficiency. Also for last

year’s IFA we developed

and launched many

innovations. They all turned

into great successes, and we

enjoyed some impressive

growth from which we

profit today. At the same

time BSHG improved its

position significantly in the

growth markets of Eastern

Europe and Asia and aims

to consolidate and further

strengthen its business


How important is

branding during a period

like this?

In times of crisis and

uncertainty, consumers

our everything,” said Rashid

who has designed products

ranging from vacuum

cleaners to furniture,

television and lighting. To

evoke the appearance of

colourful elegance, Karim

Rashid and Gorenje decided

to employ futuristic LED

technology. “Gorenje is

the first home appliance

manufacturer to offer a

solution that allows the

IFA International • Wednesday, 9 th September 2009

tend to choose strong and

highly reliable brands. And

this is reflected in a clear

trend towards our premium

brands so clearly right now

maintaining this confidence

is a priority for all of us

throughout the value chain,

especially in sales and

customer service. Reliability

is important, along with

clear benefit orientation and

superior energy.

What do you anticipate

for the future of BSHG in

terms of marketing and


BSHG has excellent brands

and products and is wellpositioned

strategically. Our

long-term, value-driven

management strategy will

remain unchanged and we

will maintain our brands

premium approach in order

to achieve a profitable

business. Happily BSHG has

the means to uphold that

strategy even in times of

crisis. Although we have

adapted our investments, we

do not postpone strategic

investments such as R&D,

product innovations, energy

efficiency, and expansion of



Gorenje oven

designed by

Karim Rashid

Award winning industrial

designer Karim Rashid

unveiled Gorenje collection

at IFA.

users to change the colour

of their oven or refrigerator

exterior,” said Mr. Sandi

Uranc, Gorenje marketing

director. "The vertical LED

light stripe allows several

colour versions, providing

the option to adjust the

appearance of the appliance

to one’s current mood, or

indeed one’s lifestyle".

Hall 1.1 / Stand 201

our refrigerator production

line in St. Petersburg.

Last year was IFA’s first

foray into the white goods

sector. From a marketing

point of view, has IFA

been successful for BSHG?

And what are you looking

forward to this year?

Our first participation

at the IFA exceeded our

expectations. Thanks to the

positive response of our

dealers, a great number of

visitors, and an important

quantity of orders. Overall

IFA was an absolutely

appropriate platform for

presenting our innovations

to a broad audience and

thanks to great media

attention, IFA 2008 was

a big success for us with

millions of media contacts

for our Bosch and Siemens

brands. So this year our IFA

presence will be comparable

to last year’s, plus we have

improved the dealer area

in terms of quantity and

quality. The Bosch and

Siemens brands will attempt

to stand out once again

with remarkable user-driven

innovations and with even

more energy-efficient and

sustainable products.

Hall 3.1 / Stand 106

Hall 1.1 / Stand 101

Hall X.X / Stand XXX

www.ifa-international.org 29





Jeesung Park

Senior Vice-President

Samsung Digital Appliance Division

For Korean-based appliance companies, the European

market has been a particularly hard nut to crack due to

the entrenched high-profile local manufacturers. This

said, we are seeing Korean giant Samsung push ever

harder for market share. We asked Samsung Digital

Appliance Division’s Senior Vice-President, Jeesung

Park how he saw the market progressing…

It’s both the toughest

and the largest market in

the world so we have to be

in there and be competitive.

Also, given that Samsung

is a late entrant into this

market we have adopted a

marketing policy of moving

step by step.

But we are already seeing real

success in certain categories

such as refrigeration,

especially amongst our sideby-side

models. Last year we

were no. 1 in that premium

category with around 35%

of the market. In microwave

ovens we are no. 2. So we

have a competitive edge in

some areas and now we are

starting to introduce other

products such as washing

machines, vacuum cleaners

and built-in products. In

certain European territories

we are doing very well and

we are confident that we

will be successful across all

Europe’s markets eventually.

IFA International • Wednesday, 9 th September 2009

Which European territories

are you strongest in at the


We are relatively strong in the

UK, France, Italy, and more

recently we have seen good

growth in the Benelux where

in the first 5 months of this

year we were no. 1 in freestanding

refrigeration. Our

strategy is that we cannot

do everything at once so we

aim to be more successful:

product by product and

country by country. Looking

at the trends for the last

5 years, we have made

progress every year. The

results show that we have

been gaining market share

every year. Even this year,

which is a tough one, we

have grown our share for

most of our products.

Is energy consumption

one of the most important

areas for Samsung?

I think it is the most

important. Of course there

are other Green issues but

energy efficiency is the key

one and consequently a lot

of our R&D is focussed on


How important is IFA in

terms of promoting new

products and engaging

with the sales channels?

It is hugely important. Such

a lot of home appliance

customers go there and we

get lots of visitors on the


Previously our appliance

range was limited, but now

we have a much wider range

and it is the ideal place to

showcase and demonstrate

that. Alongside that it is a

good place to communicate

with customers on a more

general level and to get their

feedback. Plus there are

plenty of opportunities for

business meetings in order

to look after Samsung’s

future needs in the home

appliance market. We have

to try to utilise IFA to boost

our sales. We invite a lot of

our customers to Berlin…

it’s a good opportunity to

meet with them and discuss

their needs.

How do you see the

market developing over

the next couple of years?

Do you think it will pick


This year some Asian markets

are already getting better

and we are also seeing some

signs of recovery in some

European markets, so we

are very optimistic that 2010

will be a good year.

Hall 20 / Stand 101

www.ifa-international.org 31

Discover the Consumer Lifestyle World!

Daily, starting at 10 a.m., trade visitors will be able to obtain background information on industry

trends and product debuts relating to key topics at IFA 2009. Morning daily tours for trade visitors

will begin at 10 a.m. at the Trade Visitor Reception in Hall 1.1 / 2.1 at the South Entrance. Afternoon

tours will begin daily at 1.30 p.m. in Hall 24. Eight theme tours are scheduled, with visits to 3 to 4

leading brand manufacturers respectively.



home cinema (TV and audio)

Home Cinema represents a genuine home movie

experience and conjures a desire for higher quality sets for

listening and viewing.

IpTV / web TV

With IPTV, viewers are able to receive TV programmes via an internet

connection. As well as allowing telephone and internet access

a telephone connection also makes it possible to watch television.

Web TV enables broadband transmission of television programmes

and movies over the internet. The only difference is in the quality of

the transmissions.

Wireless hDTV

The first wireless television sets in full high-definition

quality are one of the highlights at IFA. All connections are

wired into an external media box which transmits wireless

audio and video signals to the television set with no loss in


Entertainment centres /

media servers

Media centres represent a collection of numerous multimedia

programmes on a common graphical user interface

(media servers). They combine devices which store mp3 or

mpeg files and play them back over a television set or hifi



IFA 2009


3D television is a hot topic at IFA. 3D television captures

numerous different viewing angles and employs a 3D

screen to realistically reproduce TV programmes in three


Large home appliances –


The manufacturers of domestic appliances have long been aiming

to employ modern concepts to improve energy efficiency and

increase resource savings. Thus from 1997 to 2007, a 30 per cent

increase in energy savings was achieved for washing machines,

40 per cent for dishwashers, and even around 45 per cent for


Digital imaging (photos / videos)

Digital imaging describes all stages of electronic image processing.

Source materials are digital images and videos produced by digital

cameras, but also slides and negatives digitalised using scanners.

Digital imaging consists of processing, editing, archiving and

presenting these media using computers, as well as printing and

duplicating photos.

Small home appliances –


The latest domestic appliances not only make life better and easier,

but are also pioneering lifestyle trends with easy-to-use, stylish

control panels, intelligent technology, outstanding design and

efficient energy usage.

Please note: the guided tours are all in German, there are no English ones.

The Long Road To a BeTTeR WoRLd

dR RaineR heckeR – chaiRman, gfu SupeRviSoRy BoaRd

Dr Rainer Hecker, Chairman

of the gfu supervisory board

IFA International • Wednesday, 9 thv September 2009

Sustainability is one of the

most important subjects in

the markets and I think it

will become more important

than technical features. This

is important both for the

industry and the retailers,

because customers are asking

more and are prepared to pay

more for products that support

sustainable development.


This goes hand in hand

with changes in consumers’

awareness. Preserving the

environment has become an

important matter… in day-today

life… in education, and

people can see how useful it is

in saving money as well.

There has been a lot of

“green-washing” over the

past years. When people

talk about a “green”

company or a “green”

product, what SHOULD this


I believe much more effort

is needed in marketing

and communication and in

education to explain what a

green company or product

means. We are making

a WaTeR-poWeRed BaTTeRy?

yeS iT’S poSSiBLe!

The TRuLy “gReen” BaTTeRy SoLuTion

By Jean-François Pieri

IFA is definitively the place

where innovation happens

and where sustainability is

a reality. The Aqua Power

System is a perfect example.

The Japanese company has

just launched a revolutionary

“water power” technology.

Let’s begin with a historical

background. Japan has always

had to deal with seismic

problems for which one

precaution is the presence of

a “Panic Room” with a list of

items including batteries. The

only problem with the battery

is its overall life expectancy.

So the inventors of the Aqua

Power (NoPoPo AA battery)

System had the clever idea to

create a battery, which only

requires ANY aqueous-based

liquid as a basic component.

Today, Aqua Power System

has decided to launch this

water-powered battery at IFA.

Niels Bakker, head of Aqua

Power System International

With sustainable development becoming an increasingly pertinent subject in the

market, customers are increasingly paying attention to the “green” factor. We

asked Dr Rainer Hecker, Chairman of the gfu supervisory board what importance

he feels this criterion has for buyers and retailers today…

(based in Hong Kong)

emphasizes the fact that

the demand for electricity

and the pollution created

in its production is another

motivating factor for the

creation of a more ecological

battery system. Aqua Power

System also unveiled the

Download Podcast

entirely new ASYL POWER

110/220V water powered

generator which opens the

door for a massive use of this

technology in the not too

distant future.

at w w w.ifa-international.org

progress and IFA is an attractive

platform for companies to

explain what they are really

doing. Developing sustainable

products has a long tradition.

We are already able to trace

major progress in energy and

water savings and so on. This

should go right down through

the supply chain, including

packing and transport. For

example, LCD TVs today use

on average 20% less power

than those made 4 years ago.

White goods are using 30-

50% less energy than those

made a few years ago. The

main decision maker is the

consumer, who decides if he is

prepared to pay a little extra.

The EU is looking at

strengthening its WEEE

(Waste from Electric and

Electronic Equipment)

guidelines. Where are they

up to in this respect and

what do you think about


We have to look on both

sides. On one side it is

necessary to have guidelines,

to have comparable chances

in the market and real fair


Download Video

at w w w.ifa-international.org

Firms are becoming aware of

the effects of complying with

these guidelines not only on

their image but also on their

business. They must keep

sustainability in mind, and for

most this has been the case

for some time. But there are

some black sheep, and they

should be punished directly,

but this should not mean

placing heavy restrictions on

those who are making real


What is the consumer’s

viewpoint on greener

products? Have you seen a

significant rise in sales?

The willingness to buy green

products is well developed. If

you ask customers whether

it is important for them

to buy green products (1

not important to 10 very

important) or not, you will see

the following scale: Germany

9,0; Italy 8,8; Poland 8,5; USA

7,5 and The Netherlands 6,7.

Article published in "NDS/

SDI Sustainable Development

Initiatives" – a Cleverdis


www.ifa-international.org 33


“we Have a CHanCe tO

Present a sHOwrOOM tHat

Is an exaCt COPY Of One Of

Our stOres.”

In this section, every

day we will field the

thoughts and opinions

of key buyers at IFA. In

this year last edition,

we are very happy

to welcome Michael

Rolf, Market Manager

– ElectronicPartner


IFA International: What

are your main reasons for

coming to IFA?

The main reason is to

meet our current partners,

like Miele and Philips, our

members and to show our

customers and partners the

way we will present products

on the store level. We have

high end quality products in

high end stores.

Are your company's

supply strategies changing

at the moment?

As our strategy all along has

been to focus on long term

partnerships with the best in

class brands and we have not

deviated from this strategy…

How have issues of

sustainable development

been affecting your

purchasing decisions?

We have been pushing hard

educating at the POS level,

informing our clients with

a special focus on energy

savings and environmental


How important is IFA

for you as a forum for

learning more and

"networking" and why?

IFA is very important to EP

because we have a chance

to present a showroom that

is an exact copy of one our

stores. This year we have

a 400 sq m were we can

show all of our products:

home appliances, consumer

electronics, multimedia and

mobile phones.

tIMe tO tHInK

Pixmania, the pan-

European e-tailer, is at

IFA for the sixth year.

IFA International talks

to the French company's

Co-founder and Codirector,


Rosenblum, about his IFA


How important is IFA for


It's becoming more and

more important, thanks

to the addition of home

appliances to its line-up.

We expect the contacts and

products that we find here

at IFA to be responsible for

generating around 40%-

45% of our turnover in the

coming year.

What are your

expectations of IFA 2009?

Our main ambition is to

finalise our product line-up

for Christmas. This needs

to be finished as soon as

possible, because goods

take 12 weeks to come in

from Asia.

Tell us what are you

looking for at IFA?

My team has been looking

at home-appliance products

from the big suppliers. And

we are also on the look

out for new and innovative

products - things that we

have never seen before. I

also try to meet up with

the top executives in the

European home-appliance

market. IFA's geographic

spread is perfect for us,

since 70% of our customers

are from outside of France.

In fact, we operate in 25

countries in total. We are

now the second largest

e-tailer in Europe and, in

terms of electronic products

in general, we are the

number one.

The white-goods industry

remains unconvinced that

consumers will buy large

products, such as fridges

and ovens, online. What

are your thoughts?

A lot of home-appliance

products are too big for

people to take home there

and then from the shop.

Most of them have to be

delivered anyway. What

I think e-tailers can give

to consumers is a better

quality of service than their

brick-and-mortar rivals. If

you go into a big shop on

a Saturday, the chances are

that you will end up waiting

to be served. At Pixmania,

we can serve 1,000 people

at the same time.

You have been developing

a lot of online services

and tools. Can you tell us


A few months ago, we

launched something called

PixExperts, which helps

consumers to make betterinformed

choices. So, for

example, if you go to buy

a television in a shop, you

are confronted by so many

models offering so many

functions that it can be

difficult to make the right

decision. What PixExperts

does is help you to narrow

down your choices. I

believe that's the next step

for e-commerce - helping

customers to choose.

trade news


PIxManIa Can serve 1,000 PeOPLe

at tHe saMe tIMe By Emmanuel Poidevin and Jooree Cho

Jean-Emile Rosenblum, Co-Founder and Co-Director, Pixmania

Describe your relationship

with the manufacturers

and brands?

More and more consumers

are buying from e-tailers,

which is making life much

easier for us. However,

some manufacturers are still

trying to hide their high-end

products from us because

of their fears about price

erosion. This can be difficult,

because we now have

many high-end customers

and we don't like having to

tell them that we cannot

supply certain products. So

there is still a problem to be

resolved with the high-end

manufacturers. But we are

working to reassure them

that they have nothing to


What about end-user

behaviour? In the last

year, you have spent a lot

of time attracting a new

audience online…

Since we launched our

marketplace, PixPlace, 18

months ago, we have seen

our product offer expand

significantly. We also have

more women coming to our

site now. Three years ago,

85% of our buyers were

men. Now, the figure has

fallen to 65%. So women

are becoming much more

important target group.

How about sales trends?

What has been the impact

of the economic crisis?

We were hit last year by

the fluctuations in the

currency exchange rate. But

while we have seen a small

decrease in the size of the

average basket, it has been

more than compensated

by Pixmania's 30%-plus

growth in volume.

34 www.ifa-international.org IFA International • Wednesday, 9 th September 2009

trade news

HaIer deveLOPs strOnger MarKetIng

strategY fOr eurOPean MarKet

The Chinese electronics giant

Haier continues its successful

push into the European

market, announcing a sport

sponsorship deal that is set

to underline the company’s

dedication to creating brand

awareness on the continent.

An executive team from

TV Grosswallstadt has

welcomed a delegation

from Haier for an official

contract signing ceremony.

The three-year deal between

the diversified Chinese

company and the Bavarian

club will cover a wide variety

of endorsements, ranging

from jersey and hoarding

advertising through to

customer care and “below

the line” activities.

William Cantara, Sales

and Marketing Director

of Haier Deutschland

GmbH, commented on the

sponsorship deal with TVG

saying, “I am very pleased

to have found a partner

such as TV Grosswallstadt

which has such a long

tradition in Germany.

TVG is a national treasure

and is synonymous with

high standards. We have

great expectations of

this partnership and are

looking forward to our

future together.

Haier is continuing its

successful push through

retailers such as Expert,

Carrefour, MediaMarkt

and KESA. Haier is known

for its white goods, as

well as it televisions in

cooperation with Philips

and the German company


IFA International • Wednesday, 9 th September 2009

Hall 4.1 / Stand 106

Hall 25 / Stand 130

www.ifa-international.org 35

gOIng Out


Arcotel John F

A modern palace to work


In spring 2009, the ARCOTEL

John F - the second hotel of the

ARCOTEL group in Berlin - opened

its doors.

The 190 rooms, suites and

apartments were exclusively

designed by Viennese industrial

designer, artist and architect

Professor Harald Schreiber.

The three business suites - City

Suite, Park Suite and Presidential

Suite- are with separate living

rooms and bedroom areas. With an

area of 80 sq. m., the Presidential

Suite offers the pleasure of a

Jacuzzi tub in the bathroom.

The ARCOTEL John F conference

rooms are top of the line with its

modern technical equipment on a

total area of 242 sq. m. The four

seminar rooms all have natural

light and air-conditioning. Lighting

and conferencing equipment can

be individually controlled for each

room via touch screens.

Their first-class restaurant Foreign

Affairs with its menu of selected

international specialties and the

stylish Town Bar invite you to

indulge and relax. The hotel’s

public area includes a restaurant, a

bar and two meeting rooms that

can be combined. A generous spa

IFA International • Wednesday, 9 th September 2009

Where to go



and fitness area on the top floor

offers a marvelous view of the

newly created park and across the

rooftops of Berlin, a perfect way to

end a long day at IFA.

Werderscher Markt 11

10117 Berlin

Tel: +49 30 40 50 46 0

Metro: U-Hausvogteiplatz



The restaurant of Michael


The Margaux restaurant right on

the bustling Unter den Linden is

a wine-lover’s mecca. Named for

its top-tiered wine list, Margaux

cellars holds thirty vintages.

Menus include the Voyage de

Cuisine with many options

for substitutions, and daily


Dishes include marinated turbot

with cream of sea urchin with

watercress salad with passion fruit

vinaigrette, a parfait of Gillardeau

oysters with Beaumes de Venise

and roasted pancetta, stewed

lobster with black Perigord truffles

and braised celery in veal jus. A

unique seven course vegetarian

menu Voyage de Legumes is

available as well.

The restaurant is luxuriously

decorated, with onyx-clad walls,

lovely woods, warm velvet

upholstery, imported antique

mirrors, all styled to modern tastes.

Unter den Linden 78

10117 Berlin

Tel: +49 30 22 65 26 11

Metro : S-Unter den Linden



Vox BAr

Live Jazz and whisky


With more than 260 different

kinds of whiskies available, Vox Bar

offers one of the largest selections

of this spirit in Germany. On

long illuminated rows of shelves,

which differentiate the bar from

the restaurant of the same name,

bottles glimmer in various shades

of gold, from the simple to the

copiously decorated.

At the inside of the Bar the dark

parquet flooring and elegant

lounge seating create a warm

atmosphere. A collage of oversize

black-and-white photos of famous

jazz legends offers an atmospheric

backdrop for top international jazz

and blues performers, who play

from Monday to Saturday from

10:00pm onwards.

With music ranging from soul and

jazz to blues, and changing daily,

Vox Terrace is a favourite venue

for aperitifs, after-work drinks or


The Vox Bar is a popular meeting

place for stars and starlets, jazz

fans and whisky-lovers. The bar is

open daily, from 6:00pm until …

well, until late.

Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 2

10785 Berlin

Tel : +49 30 2553 1234

Metro : S-Potsdamer Platz



Berlin´s Finest House Club.

Located in the heart of Berlin the

Maxxim opened its doors in March

2007 and meets all needs of a high

class ambiance for special events. It

can welcome a maximum of 1400

people and has enough space for

groups up to 500 persons.

The Maxxim brings the

international Jet-Set-Party style

to the capital, offers what the

heart desires, quality for music

and lifestyle victims and fire for

the senses. The result is a small,

exclusive party location for those

with exceptional taste in music.

Joachimstaler Straße 15

10719 Berlin

Tel: +49 30 41 76 62 40

Metro: U-Uhlandstrasse

> SurreAlISM For All

Dali - Die Ausstellung

Matching the 20th anniversary

of this great Spanish surrealist’s

death, the exhibition ‘Dalí - Die

Ausstellung’ opened at Potsdamer

Platz in February 2009. The

exhibition team headed by Carsten

Kollmeier, the curator and initiator,

has selected exceptional works of

Salvador Dalí from a collection of

more than 3,000 exhibits. 400 of

them are being shown on an area

of 1,400 sqm, several of them for

the first time in Berlin. In order

to help the public understand

the eccentric surrealist’s oeuvre,

Dalí Scouts can guide the visitor

through the exhibition and help

to see the world with Dalí’s eyes.

In addition‚ Dalí - Die Ausstellung’

offers a new and extravagant event

location in the capital city of Berlin.

The premises cover two storeys

and may be used for private or

company events, presentations

and receptions. The museum is

open from Monday to Saturday

12-20 h, on Sundays and holidays

from 10-20 h. The entrance fee is

11 Euro, reduced 9 Euro.

Leipziger Platz 7

10117 Berlin

Tel: +49 30 20 67 35 86

Metro : S-Potsdamer Platz /

U-Potsdamer Platz


BAr Jeder VernunFt

The “Bar jeder Vernunft“

The Bar jeder Vernunft opened

in June 1992 and established

itself very quickly as a location

of extraordinary entertainment

art in an extraordinary ambience.

Housed in an old dancing tent

from the turn of the last century,

the cabaret theatre entertains

everyday of the week with

programmes ranging from show,

comedy, cabaret, literature,

theatre, often ignoring all

traditional genre borders. You can

even order a meal or some finger


Come and see a sophisticated

and innovative programme, which

makes you forget a stressful day

at IFA!

Schaperstraße 24

10719 Berlin

Tel: +49 30 8831582

Metro: U-Uhlandstrasse /

U-Augsburger Strasse

gOIng Out

Berlin is the city of diversity.

And we know all about it!

Hotels. Tickets. Infos.

+49 (0)30 - 25 00 25


or locally in our BERLIN infostores

(Berlin Main Station, Brandenburg Gate,

Neues Kranzler Eck, ALEXA Shopping Center)

38 www.trendset.biz IFA International • Wednesday, 9 th September 2009

Vox Bar

Bar Jeder Vernunft

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