Download 4-page color brochure - Ussco.com

Download 4-page color brochure - Ussco.com

Download 4-page color brochure - Ussco.com


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• Increase eCommerce adoption.

• Reduce order-processing costs.

• Decrease returns due to

increased order accuracy.

• Increase customer loyalty.

• Get more return from your

direct marketing efforts.

United’s pre-printed Jump 2500 catalog.

The JumpCart System

Ever wonder why more of your

customers aren’t using your

eCommerce site to place their

orders Maybe they are intimidated

by it. Does it take them too much

time, too many clicks, too much

unnecessary navigation to get the

job done What if you could offer

them a way to order online that

would eliminate keystrokes, increase

order accuracy and save time

United Stationers has joined forces

with Jump Technologies to provide

you with a solution that will have

customers jumping right into the

palm of your hand – and onto

your site!

United’s PageXpress program

with Jump codes.

eCommerce Web sites that sell

thousands of routinely ordered

business products aren’t living up

to expectations. In fact, only a

small percentage of business

customers order online. Why

Because it’s just not easy enough.

Customers like the idea of ordering

online, but sometimes it feels like

too much of a hassle to actually do

it. The JumpCart System puts an

end to complicated, online ordering

and makes it as easy as three

simple steps: Scan, Dock and Buy.

It allows your customers to shop

the way they want to shop while

encouraging them to order the way you

want - online, where operational costs are

lower and order accuracy is greater.

System, allows you to create custom product

lists and/or labels on your own printer that

your customers can scan when they are

ready to place their orders. This is a

No more writing down product numbers,

filling out and faxing in forms, or calling

sales representatives. With JumpCart,

customers simply scan, dock and buy.

Using a small, handheld scanner, customers

powerful tool that will allow you to

personalize your direct marketing efforts on a

per customer basis, as well as build

promotions around the JumpCart System for

use by all of your customers.

scan product barcodes from either

marketing pieces such as catalogs, or from

the product packaging itself. When they’re

Beat the Competition

ready to order, they dock the scanner into

their PC. Within seconds, a shopping cart

from your site appears in front of the

customer ready to be verified. The

JumpCart System makes your customer’s

The JumpCart System is an innovative

technology that will differentiate your

business from the competition, while

supplying your customers with a simplified

shopping experience faster and more

convenient than it’s ever been before.

JumpEdit TM

In addition to scanning pre-printed

marketing materials from United and

product packaging, your customers can

also scan codes from custom contract

lists that you create for them. JumpEdit, a

tool that is included with the JumpCart

Custom product lists created with JumpEdit.

ordering process. Give your

customers a tool that will

drastically reduce the amount of

work it takes for them to place an

order. Increase their efficiency and

accuracy and put your

competitors back on their heels!

United Stationers is the exclusive

distributor of the JumpCart System

in the office products industry.

Contact your United

Representative today for more

details on how to get started.

Jump Codes can be directly scanned from product packaging.

2200 East Golf Road • Des Plaines, IL 60016-1267

Phone: 847-699-5000


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