2012 MBA brochure


2012 MBA brochure

WORLDLY | Integrated | personalized




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We develop leaders

with integrity

What is unique about the Desautels Faculty of

Management is the way in which we provide

students with a rigorous academic education

integrated with the real world of business to

create a meaningful learning experience.

We strive to develop leaders with integrity

who can manage across disciplines, are

socially responsible and culturally sensitive

in order to lead anywhere in the world.

Taking advantage of McGill University’s great

international reputation, our students learn

from classmates and top professors from

across the globe. Every year, the University

attracts some of the brightest students from

over 150 countries, creating an environment

that is truly multilingual and diverse –

a reflection of the city of Montreal itself.

We take enormous pride in having helped

develop numerous highly successful,

responsible leaders and having enabled a

multitude of graduates to achieve their goals.

Peter Todd

Professor & Dean,

Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill


McGill is the #1 university in Canada

and among the top 20 world-wide.

(QS World University Rankings, 2011)


Message from the Dean


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Leaving a Mark on the International Stage 6

International Faculty 8

The Rich Diversity of our Students 11

A Global Network of Exceptional Alumni 12

The Business World Into the Classroom 14

Montreal: An International & Dynamic City 16


What is Integrated Management 18

Our Unique Integrated Approach to Teaching 20

Specializing: Four Concentrations of Choice 24

Gaining Experience 26

Our International Exchange Program 29


Message from Career Services 30

Employment Statistics 32

Our Mentoring Program 33

Student Life 34


Admissions: What We Look for 36

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A worldly MBA

awaits you

The MBA at McGill University’s Desautels

Faculty of Management is considered one of

the world’s most recognized, international and

dynamic MBA programs.

We aim to develop “worldly” leaders -

exceptional individuals with a global

perspective and a holistic approach to problem

solving. This worldly approach is achieved

through multiple ways, including a unique

combination of curriculum and practical

experience created by celebrated professors

and leading industry experts from around

the world, a diverse student body in terms of

education, work experience and geography, as

well as first-hand global experience through our

international study trip. Our graduates combine

strong analytical ability, creativity, teamwork,

and responsible leadership to solve complex

problems and achieve lasting results.

Don Melville, MBA ’00

Director, MBA & Masters Programs


McGill’s Desautels MBA is ranked among

the top in North America for student quality.

(Economist, 2011)

“Becoming worldly means to enter another person’s world –

appreciating their needs and concerns on a deeper level.

In doing so, you better understand your world.”

- Henry Mintzberg

John Cleghorn Professor of Management Studies

(Strategy and Organization)


adj \ˈwər(-ə)ld-lē

Maria Ponomareva (see p.25)

Julie Holland (see p.37)

Mike Ross (see p.12)

Bertrand Cesvet (see p.41)

François Moscovici (see p.13)

Soeren Klatt (see p.27)

Darren Entwistle (see p.13)

Omar Toulan (see p.9)

Steve Maguire (see p.18)

Davide Pisanu (see p.17)

Alain Bellemare

Angela Wiebeck

Alexis Pradié (see p.34)

Tuesday Reitano (see p.13)

Rie Shigemastu-Collett

Robert Dorrance (see p.13)

Lauren Merkel (see p.27)

Hernan Magariños (see p.13)

Ana Cebrian (see p.16)

Tamer Boyaci (see p.8)

Nancy Adler (see p.9)

Francesca Carrieri (see p.9)

Wissam Shaar (see p.24)

Dror Etzion (see p.9)

Toby Abraham (see p.26)

Syed Mahmud

Gabriel Fal

Alain Garcia-Dubus (see p.13)

Alain Kassangana (see p.10)

Andrea Rey de Castro (see p.27)

Lyndsay Webster-Rozon (see p.13)


Leaving a mark on the

international stage

MBA graduates from McGill University’s Desautels

Faculty of Management are recognized as among

the most internationally mobile in the world and

eager to make a positive contribution to their

profession and communities.

An MBA from Desautels and the relationships

formed here will open doors and provide

opportunities for the rest of your career.

Kotaro Watanabe

Soham Thorat (see p.33)

Gordon Yen (see p.13)

Saurabh Mishra (see p.9)

Sujata Madan (see p.42)

Jun Yeo (see p.24)

a sampling of:









The Desautels MBA is among the

top in the world for international

mobility of our graduates and

percentage of international faculty.

(Financial Times, 2011 & Economist, 2011)

Tamer Boyaci


Associate Dean, Masters Programs

Associate Professor, Operations Management

Desautels Faculty Scholar

PhD, Columbia University


Cutting-edge education. It’s what we at the Desautels Faculty

of Management have long been committed to. But we don’t

just stop there. In fact, we like to bring that cutting-edge

innovation onto the international stage.

Our professors come from all over the world, most have

worked on research projects abroad and many continue

to have international collaborations, thereby bringing a

strong global perspective to the classroom. We also enlist

the help of world-wide industry leaders to ensure that our

philosophies and programs remain relevant, both to students

and employers, and in touch with today’s business realities.


Meet some of the members of our leading international faculty

Nancy Adler (USA), Organizational Behaviour | PhD University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

Professor Adler is a leading authority on global leadership and cross-cultural management. She is also an accomplished artist,

and is recognized as a pioneer in the increasingly important integration of art and design with business and societal leadership.

For more than a decade, she has brought artistic approaches into her consulting work with corporate clients. Professor Adler

uses artistic approaches to support managers and executives worldwide to gain perspective and leadership insight, design

options worthy of choosing, and to go beyond the dehydrated language of management.

Dror Etzion (Israel), Strategy and Organization | PhD IESE Business School, University of Navarra, Spain

An advocate for sustainability and related issues, Professor Etzion not only teaches at the Desautels Faculty of Management,

he is also an associate member of the McGill School of Environment. His previous professional experience has included working

in the software industry and for The Natural Step, an international non-profit research and consultancy organization dedicated to

improving the environmental and social responsibility of businesses.

Francesca Carrieri (Italy), Finance | PhD University of Southern California

International themes run through Professor Carrieri’s academic research. Her projects examine how integration of global capital

markets and industries affect investment decisions. Her doctoral dissertation, written several years before the introduction of

the euro and the European financial crisis, examined currency risk in European financial markets and the consequences

of monetary unification. Apart from her teaching and research, she also has a passion for cooking and holds a degree from

a Cordon Bleu school in Italy.

Saurabh Mishra (India), Marketing | PhD Indiana University

As an expert in marketing research, analytics, and strategy, Professor Mishra’s research focuses on understanding the value

of marketing resources and capabilities in enabling firm innovations and financial performance. He has published a teaching

case study through Harvard Business School Publishing and has received an award for his teaching. Professor Mishra has also

worked in marketing strategy consulting with leading North American companies.

Omar Toulan (USA), Strategy and Organization | PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Professor Toulan brings to the classroom his knowledge of international business and strategic management. His research, which

focuses on the internationalization processes of firms, has been published in numerous academic and practitioner journals. He also

co-founded the McGill Not-for-Profit Consulting Program, in which students work with mentors from leading consulting firms to provide

pro-bono consulting to local not-for-profit organizations. Prior to entering academia, Professor Toulan worked as a consultant for

McKinsey & Company in New York and Washington, D.C., and as an economics researcher at the White House. Professor Toulan

has also performed private consulting and workshops for firms in the US, South America, and Europe.



Top Students from

Around the World

Alain Kassangana


McGill University, Masters in Engineering

Stony Brook University, Bachelor of Engineering

“McGill University’s

international reputation is

impeccable. It attracts top

students from all over the

world and McGill graduates

are among the most

internationally mobile in the

world. I believe this is the

perfect setting to expand

my network.”

- Alain Kassangana


Alain Kassangana’s passport, it seems, has never been far

from his reach. Born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Alain grew up in

New York City, but moved to Tôlanaro, Madagascar, where he

worked as a process engineer with Rio Tinto, before moving

to Montreal to pursue his MBA at McGill University.

Alain joined the Desautels MBA program to complement his

technical training in engineering with a broad set of business

skills, including marketing, finance and strategy. Acquiring an

extensive, international network was also very important to Alain.


In February 2012, Alain was part of The Hot Cities of the

World Tour, a novel course offered by the Desautels Faculty of

Management that brings students out of the classrooms and

into the hotbeds of economics, commerce, culture and national

competitiveness. With 31 other Desautels students of various

backgrounds, Alain travelled to South Africa to experience

first-hand the business challenges and opportunities of that

country, and to help raise money for the Ubuntu Education

Fund in Port Elizabeth. Alain is also the host of our monthly

CEO Speaker Series, interviewing CEOs from multinational

corporations on a range of topics in an open forum.

The rich diversity of our students

Much of the uniqueness and success of the Desautels MBA program stems

from the rich diversity of its student body. Students typically hail from every

corner of the globe, come from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds,

and possess highly diversified educational and work-related experience.

Over the past five years, we have had students come to Desautels from

over 60 countries.

Albania • Argentina • Australia • Austria • Bangladesh • Belgium

Brazil • Bulgaria • Burkina Faso • Cameroon • Canada • Chile • China

Colombia • Congo • Czech Republic • Egypt • El Salvador • Finland

France • Germany • Ghana • India • Iran • Ireland • Israel • Italy

Japan • Jordan • Kenya • Lebanon • Malaysia • Mauritius • Mexico

Morocco • Nigeria • Oman • Pakistan • Peru • Poland • Portugal

Romania • Russia • Rwanda • Saint Vincent • Senegal • Serbia

Singapore • Slovakia • Spain • Sri Lanka • Syria • Taiwan • Tanzania

Trinidad and Tobago • Turkey • Ukraine • United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom • United States • Uruguay • Venezuela


Average Age: 28

International Students: 55%

Female Students: 30%

Average Years of Work Experience: 4.5

First Language: English: 40% Bilingual: 90%

French: 15% Trilingual: 45%

Other: 45%

GMAT (range): 600 - 780

Background: Business: 35% Science: 20%

Engineering: 25% Social Sciences: 20%



Mike Ross, MBA ’11

montreal, canada

Associate, McKinsey & Company


Mike’s international background and

experience made the Desautels MBA a perfect

fit for him. Having worked as a lawyer in five

different countries and as a project manager

for a Middle East peace initiative, the diversity

of the program was a major factor in choosing

McGill. “For me, returning to Montreal to do my

MBA at McGill was both a homecoming and an

opportunity to meet people from around the

world,” he says. “I came back to my native city

after 13 years away, but did so in the context

of a top-rated international program with some

of the best and most interesting students

I have ever encountered.”


A Global

Network of



“Montreal is a great, diverse city and

McGill is a world-class university. My

fellow classmates all came from different

backgrounds, and we were taught by

professors who had different experiences

and perspectives. It was a fantastic

combination that really attracted me to the

Desautels MBA program from the start.”

- Mike Ross

MBA graduates from McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management are recognized as among the most internationally mobile in the world

and eager to make a positive contribution to their profession and communities. With over 20,000 Desautels alumni and more than 160,000 other McGill graduates

present in almost every country on the planet, upon graduation you will become part of an exceptional network that spans the entire globe.

“The top-notch education I received, coupled with the

excellent reputation of McGill University abroad, has been

a key asset to my international career in finance.”

Hernan Magariños, MBA ’05 (New York City, USA)

Portfolio Solutions Group, US Business Head

KPMG Corporate Finance LLC

“At TELUS, we measure success not only by profitable

returns, but also by our social and environmental

contributions. Desautels exposed me to the fundamental

values and strategies that have enabled us to cultivate a

symbiotic relationship between community and business.”

Darren Entwistle, MBA ’88 (Vancouver, Canada)

President and CEO

TELUS Mobility

“The integrated approach of the Desautels MBA is

absolutely unique and has given me a huge advantage

in my role as a manager. It has enabled me to lead

interdisciplinary teams much more effectively and

maximize value for my organization.”

Tuesday Reitano, MBA ’08 (Vienna, Austria)

Programme Manager

UN Office on Drugs and Crime

“As someone who was highly involved in sports and

student life during my MBA, I was able to further hone my

leadership skills and develop close-knit networks, which

have served me well throughout my career.”

Alain Garcia-Dubus, MBA ’01 (Bogotá, Colombia)

Head of Structuring & Execution

Scotiabank Colombia - Global Banking & Markets

“The Desautels MBA gave me a global network of friends

for life. Beyond enjoying sharing news and seeing our

respective children growing up, we still phone each

other to ask for professional advice, no matter what the

distance or time difference.”

François Moscovici, MBA ’87 (London, UK)

Partner & Director

White Water Group

“I really enjoyed McGill’s location in the heart of downtown

Montreal – it creates an amazing atmosphere and

provides easy access to the many activities this vibrant,

multi-cultural city has to offer.”

Lyndsay Webster-Rozon, MBA ’97 (Cape Town, South Africa)

GM Strategic Marketing

Pick n Pay

“Not only did the Desautels MBA provide me with some of

the key foundations for my current managerial roles, but its

international focus has also given me a more global view

that is absolutely necessary in today’s business world.”

Gordon Yen, MBA ’92 (Hong Kong, China)

Executive Director

Fountain Set (Holdings) Ltd.

“I wouldn’t be able to run a global business without

the direct exposure I had at the Desautels Faculty to

international professors, students and industry leaders.”

Robert Dorrance, MBA ’77 (Toronto, Canada)

President and CEO

TD Securities




Sir Richard Branson


Carole Teitelbaum



It is our focus to integrate real-world thinking and approaches throughout the learning experience by bringing the world’s best to our students. We draw on the expertise of

world leaders to give our students the once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn from the wisdom and experiences of top executives from across the globe and interact with these

leaders in many different ways. These relationships also lead to mentorship, internship and job opportunities for our students.


Richard Evans, Paul Tellier

& Raymond Royer


Nobel Laureate

Dr. Muhammad Yunus



in Residence

CEOs and former CEOs of Fortune

500 companies share their vast

industry and leadership experience.

Executives in Residence participate

in multiple ways including teaching

courses to our MBA students,

judging our Case Competition,

giving presentations and

guest lecturing in courses.



Desautels taps into its vast

network of alumni and expert

panel members to bring in

innumerable guest lecturers

who share their experience,

innovations and challenges

with students.

CEO Speakers

Regular Q&A events are held

with CEOs and industry leaders

on a wide range of topics. MBA

students also have the chance

to attend lunches in a small

group setting with the various

CEO speakers to discuss

a variety of topics.






Advisory Board

These highly successful industry

leaders from around the globe

provide regular support and

recommendations to our Dean

and Faculty.


of Practice

These senior business leaders

and top professors provide

our students with the latest

business practices and reallife

examples by sharing their

experiences in the classroom.

Expert Panels

Expert Panels are comprised of 30 to 50

leading professionals in each of the four

main concentration areas (Marketing,

Finance, Global Strategy & Leadership,

Technology & Innovation Management).

These top executives from around the

world help our students gain valuable

industry exposure by bringing their

experience into the classroom through

lectures, live cases and projects.



A Global Reputation

Montreal is the best city

in Canada for student life.

(According to a survey of university

students in Canada, The Globe & Mail

Canadian University Report, 2012)

Ana Cebrian Del Pino


Universidad Pontificia Comillas,

Bachelor in Business Administration


I chose McGill for its renowned reputation

around the globe. I plan to have an

international career and it was important for

me to study in a well-known university. As I

am doing a concentration in Finance, I find it

a privilege to study in Canada, a country that

has shown in the last crisis what a strong and

healthy financial system it has.

The MBA program is like a big family! The fact

that the class is not large makes it easier to

get to know everyone quite fast. The MBA

staff and the professors are very nice and

friendly and take their jobs very seriously.

Finally, there are a lot of different classes to

choose from and different ways of making

your own program with great choices such as

pursuing an internship or going abroad as an

exchange student.


In the heart

of the city

Montreal - a remarkable, dynamic metropolis

McGill’s Desautels Faculty of Management is

located in the heart of downtown Montreal, a

culturally-vibrant city recognized world-wide as

one of North America’s most dynamic business

communities. The Greater Montreal Region is a

beautiful, diverse, multi-ethnic and multilingual

metropolis with a population of more than three

million people. Montreal is a very affordable city,

and downtown housing for students can always

be found at very reasonable rates. The city is only

45 minutes away from great ski resorts and the

U.S. border. Montreal is one the world’s few fully

bilingual cities where public services are readily

available in both English and French.


“Montreal remains a unique

and cultural city! I have

lived in Paris, New York

City and London, and yet

Montreal is amazing and

I now call it my home.”

- Davide Pisanu (Canada)

Four reasons to fall in love with Montreal...

1. Montreal is festivals.

Come summer or winter, if you live

in Montreal, you can rest assured

that there will be a festival in a

neighbourhood near you. Montreal

bustles with festivals for every reason

during every season, including Les

Francofolies de Montréal, Montreal

International Jazz Festival, Just for

Laughs Festival, Montreal Fashion

& Design Festival, Osheaga Music

and Arts Festival, Igloofest, Montreal

Highlights Festival, just to name a few.

2. Montreal is known for its

restaurants and nightlife.

Celebrated American chef and TV

personality Anthony Bourdain boasts

that Montreal is one of the world’s

top destinations when it comes to

eating in style. The city has over

5,000 restaurants to suit all styles

and budgets. McGill is within walking

distance of some of the city’s great

downtown eateries, pubs, restaurants,

and its multitude of great clubs and

late-night venues.

3. Montreal is a sports capital.

The National Hockey League’s

Montreal Canadiens, 24-time winners

of the Stanley Cup | The Montreal

Impact professional soccer club of the

Major League Soccer (MLS) league |

The Montreal Alouettes, winners

of the Canadian Football League’s

2010 Grey Cup Championship |

Grand Prix du Canada | Rogers Cup

international men’s and women’s

tennis championship | NASCAR |

Tour de l’Île de Montréal

4. Montreal is culture.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts |

McCord Museum of Canadian History

| Museum of Contemporary Art |

Canadian Centre for Architecture |

Place des Arts, Places des Spectacles

| Les Grands Ballets Canadiens |

Montreal Symphony Orchestra



What is Integrated


It’s all about reconciliation.

Integrated management constructively reconciles the

tensions of different perspectives on value in order to

formulate and implement strategies that transcend

rather than accept trade-offs.

What is important is that managers can reconcile

these different perspectives, often resulting in more

innovative solutions both inside and outside

the organization.

Why is Integrated Management important

As the world becomes ever more interconnected and

complex, leaders who are able to recognize these

intricate links and provide integrated solutions for their

organizations will be the ones most sought after by

employers and the ones most likely to succeed and

deliver true, sustainable value. This is why the Desautels

Faculty of Management has become a world leader in

integrated management education and research.


“Our MBA program was redesigned with the core

courses organized around cross-cutting themes. Each

of these courses is delivered by a team of up to four

different faculty members, each from different areas,

which encourages integrated problem-solving.”

- Steve Maguire (Canada)

Executive Director, Marcel Desautels

Institute for Integrated Management

Associate Professor of Strategy and Organization

To enable you to lead effectively and responsibly in this

increasingly complex and interconnected world, we have

created a truly innovative integrated MBA curriculum that

breaks down the barriers between traditional disciplines.

Our curriculum also integrates industry expertise, soft and

hard skills, real-world experience and practice throughout.

Most importantly, we encourage you to incorporate your

personal and professional goals,

values and aspirations to create

an MBA experience that will help

guide you for the rest of your life.


adj \ ‘in-ti-grey-tid

Our Innovative



to Teaching

Laying the Foundations

A summer Base Camp allows you to brush up on fundamental quantitative methods, such as Business Statistics,

Financial Accounting and Math for Finance. This is followed by orientation week activities where students get to

know each other better and are introduced to key members of the faculty and administration, as well as guest

speakers from various industries.

Integrating Disciplines

The Core curriculum in the first semester is made up of five key interdisciplinary modules:














Markets &


Helps you reflect on

what success means

for you, what goals

and responsibilities

(personal, organizational

and societal) you would

like to assume in the

business world and what

you personally would

like to achieve during

your MBA.

- Leadership

Covers the analytical

skills you will need to

make decisions in an


- Financial


- Business Statistics

Teaches you

how to manage

human, financial

and technological


- Information


- Organizational


- Finance

Addresses how to

use these resources

to create marketable

value through the

operations of the


- Marketing

- Information


- Operations


- Corporate Social


- Micro-economics

Provides an

understanding of the

global environment

in which a company

operates and

how sustainable


advantage is


- Marketing

- Macro-economics

- Entrepreneurship

- Strategy

- Sustainable



Building Key Skills

Throughout the year, a number of key workshops cover career development, presentation skills and case analyses

in order to integrate hard and soft skills, as well as academic and professional experiences. We also highly

encourage you to be involved in the multitude of student-led activities, intramural sports teams and groups.


After the first semester, you will have the opportunity

to specialize in at least one of four concentrations:

Global Strategy and Leadership, Finance, Marketing,

Technology and Innovation Management.

Concentrations allow students to tailor their studies

to their specific career goals and interests.

A concentration comprises five courses (15 credits)

in one area. Each concentration is supported by

leading professors and executives from around the

world, who help shape the curriculum to best reflect

the latest trends and current business needs.

Developing a

Worldly Perspective

Following the Core, you will have the unique

opportunity to learn first-hand about business in

a foreign country during a 10-day international

study trip. You will visit leading executives and

companies in that country, interact with locals and

learn to understand the key economic, social and

environmental drivers of that particular country.

In addition to the trip, students are able to

experience the world of business through regular

interaction with industry CEOs, speakers and

mentors throughout the program.



Integration of disciplines is achieved through a unique set of Core modules during the first semester,

each taught by a team of professors from different disciplines. No other MBA program in the world

offers this distinctive collaborative approach.



markets &









international trip





Gaining Experience

You will also complete an Experiential Component,

which can be in the form of a paid internship,

guided research study (“practicum”) or you may

choose to participate in an international exchange,

experiencing the socioeconomic and cultural

contexts of another country, while studying at leading

universities in Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa, the Middle

East or the Americas.











year 1

august fall winter



Integrating Disciplines

•Business Statistics

•Financial Accounting


Applied to Finance

•Orientation Week


Global Leadership

Sets the stage for what

you personally would like

to achieve during the

MBA beginning with…


Business Tools

…an introduction to the

toolkit of information you

will have to help you make

business decisions in…


Managing Resources

…managing human,

financial and

technological resources…


Value Creation

…so as to create value

through the operations

of the organization...


Markets &


…and bring this value to

the global marketplace.

Building Key Skills

Career Preparation and Development • Case Analysis and Competition • Presentation Skills


year 2

spring summer fall winter spring



Global Strategy & Leadership • Finance • Marketing • Technology & Innovation Management

Developing a

Worldly Perspective

International Trip: 10-day trip

to one of the world’s leading cities

Gaining Experience


Internship • International Exchange • Practicum



SPECIALIZING: Four Concentrations of Choice

Global Strategy & Leadership

Drawing on a variety of cross-disciplinary courses, including strategy,

organizational behaviour, entrepreneurship and international business, this

concentration provides students with an integrated perspective on leading

business issues. Students are prepared for the challenges posed by a globalizing

marketplace and develop the skills valued by employers in the consulting,

business development, project management, and related fields. Among the

issues covered are how to take a firm international, how to manage a multicultural

workforce, how to launch a new venture, and how to promote sustainable

development. Students will develop skills valued by employers in many areas, such

as consulting, business development, project management, and related fields.

“This concentration covers many fields and will prepare me well for a

leadership role in any organization and any industry.”

- Wissam Shaar (Lebanon)

Finance Strategy & Leadership

Emphasizes on how firms raise capital and on the optimal allocation

of capital for investments. Students gain expertise in three subfields

of finance - banking, corporate finance and investments. They

gain an understanding of the functions related to corporate fund

management and investment decision-making. This concentration

prepares students for multiple careers, including investment

banking, corporate finance, corporate treasury, asset management

or risk management, among others.


“Coming from a business development background in the

entertainment industry, I knew that choosing the Finance

concentration would make me a more well-rounded work

professional in areas of strategy and business analysis, and

give me an edge in finding a fulfilling post-MBA career.”

- Jun Yeo (Singapore)


This concentration focuses on the development of skills in understanding

customers and markets, creating value through products and services, evaluating

the effectiveness of marketing programs, and managing customer relationships.

It emphasizes understanding the market and stresses the formulation of successful

marketing strategies in all types of environments. Just as consumer product

companies market their goods, government agencies, non-profit institutions and

other public organizations provide services which have to be marketed. Marketers

must carefully define the product, inform consumers about it, present it in the best

manner and decide on a price. The manner in which these activities are carried out

is at the heart of an organization’s strategy. This concentration prepares students

for multiple careers, including brand and product management, advertising, market

research, project management or marketing and general consulting.

“I already had a marketing background before starting the MBA but I was

impressed with how much more I learned about the wider business and

financial contexts, as well as about strategic planning of marketing

activities for businesses which pursue high profitability while respecting

the environment and communities.”

- Maria Ponomareva (Russia)

Technology & Innovation Management

This concentration provides tools, frameworks, and integration of all aspects of

organizational operations, supply chain, IT processes and innovation management.

As technology reshapes the globe and innovations transform markets and

organizations, the 21st century manager will be deeply immersed in Technology

and Innovation Management. A unique aspect of the concentration is the capstone

project course where students work on solving a real-life technology innovation

problem. Students following this concentration will be uniquely qualified to take jobs

in areas including new product development, IT strategy, operations and supply chain

management, and technology consulting.

“Here is a concentration that covered all the bases I was looking for. I

gained a solid foundation in new product development, operations, and

supply chain management. I now have the confidence to kick-start my

dream of starting my own food and beverage company after graduation.”

- Gregory Illson (USA)



Fulfillment of

a Lifelong Dream

Toby Abraham

India/Saudi Arabia

Manipal University, Computer Science & Engineering


With a Global Strategy & Leadership concentration, I feel I

can extract the most from the program to gain insights into

how organizations work in a macroeconomic environment

as well as the right strategies to use, particularly when

it comes to working on matters of public interest. My

internship is with the United Nations, in the Office of

Human Resources Management [OHRM]. I am based in

New York City, and have the pleasure of working in the

historic United Nations headquarters.

“How do you know if a

peacekeeper or a policy builder

is doing a good job At the United

Nations, I build and analyze the

reports that aid under-secretary

generals, directors and project

managers in all decisions

pertaining to promotion,

bonuses and termination.

To me, the internship is not

only the fulfillment of a lifelong

dream, but also applies to my

professional aspirations in more

ways than one.”

- Toby Abraham

I work with the team that oversees the performance

evaluation (appraisal) of the employees of the UN and

its child entities. Essentially, we are the team that builds

reports about how well the employees are doing their

job, based on the observations of supervisors and other

metrics of judgement.






Working with you

to give you the best

Building a career calls for both theoretical training and hands-on practice,

not to mention developing a wide professional network. The Desautels Faculty

of Management offers MBA students the opportunity to gain valuable industry

experience through a comprehensive internship program. We will work

closely with you to help select the field and organization that best suits your

interest and goals.

gain valuable industry experience through paid internships at leading

organizations in Montreal and around the world.

Andrea Rey de Castro Pastor (Peru)

Internship at Puma

Lauren Merkel (United States)

Internship at Bombardier Aerospace

Soeren Klatt (Germany)

Internship at Rio Tinto

Davide Pisanu (Canada)

Internship at McKinsey & Company

Practicum: opening doors of opportunity

Instead of an internship or exchange, you may also opt to analyze a specific facet of an existing organization, industry or your own professional experience through

a practicum. Working under the guidance of a faculty member, you will develop a thorough report exploring an area of graduate-level management theory with an

industry client or using your own work experience as the subject.



Leshan, China

Seville, Spain

An international

exchange program

that brings


Through the Partnership in International Management (PIM), McGill

students have the opportunity to take part in a range of exchange options

around the world. Each member institution of more than 30 universities

(located in Asia/Pacific, Europe, Middle East and the Americas) represents

the highest degree of excellence in the fields of business administration

and management. They are also educational leaders in their geographic

region, delivering an MBA or graduate-equivalent degree in management

that is globally competitive.

Teaming up with the world’s top

business schools (a sampling)

ESADE Business School (Barcelona)

Fundacao Getulio Vargas (Sao Paulo)

HEC Paris (Paris)

Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (Ahmedabad)

Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)

Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester (Manchester)

McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin (Austin)

Melbourne Business School, The University of Melbourne (Melbourne)

Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

NUS Business School, National University of Singapore (Singapore)

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (Rotterdam)

School of Management, Fudan University (Shanghai)

SDA Bocconi School of Management, Bocconi University (Milan)

Stern School of Business, New York University (New York City)

The St.Gallen MBA, University of St.Gallen (St.Gallen)



Supporting you

to achieve your dreams

Marie-José Beaudin

Executive Director, Career Services


At the Desautels Faculty of Management, we adopt a very personalized

approach in our MBA program through small class sizes, an array of career

services and student-led groups and activities.

Our Career Services offers a fully integrated career preparation program

that is tailored to the needs of every student. We offer industry-specialized

career advising, targeted workshops and a mentoring program, where we

match each student with an external business leader in the field of interest

to the student. We also organize numerous company information sessions

and career events so that students can obtain more in-depth knowledge

about different jobs and industries and, most importantly, build a wide

professional network.

Our graduates’ placement success is developed through a strong

partnership between our students and Career Services. Our students

own their career path and Career Services helps support them through

placement opportunities as well as imparting key skills that not only have

an impact on students’ short term careers but also in order to build longterm


At Desautels, you will not only be prepared for a great job right after graduation,

but also longer-term for rapid advancement throughout your career.


McGill grads have one of the highest placement rates in the world

(98%) and the highest post-MBA compensation in Canada.

(Financial Time & Canadian Business, 2011)

We offer a learning experience

designed to meet the needs

of each student through:

• An emphasis on your individual needs, goals and

aspirations during and after the MBA

• An exclusive cohort of 60-70 students per year,

allowing for a more personalized approach to

teaching and career development

• A comprehensive suite of tailored career services

including industry specialized advising, mentorship,

internships, a multitude of networking events and

recruiting opportunities with the world’s leading


• Countless opportunities to participate in student-led

sports, clubs, and activities that match your particular

interests and allow you to tailor your learning

experience outside of the classroom to complement

your classroom learning and past work experience


verb \ˈpərs-nə-ˌlīz



McGill is among the top 20 universities in the world from which

global company CEOs prefer to hire.

(International Herald Tribune-Trendance Research Campus 360 Partner Report-CEO Survey)

98% placement within 3 months (based on 100% reporting)

Highest in Canada and one of the highest in the World

functional AREA



Consulting 21%

Average Total Compensation

$112,000 (#1 in Canada**)

Finance 37%

> Investment Banking & Trading 33%

> Investment Management & Corporate Credit 22%

> Corporate Finance 17%

> Financial Services 28%

Marketing/Sales 17%

Information Technology 5%

Average Starting Base Salary $90,000

Average Signing Bonus

& Other Compensation


Total Compensation Range $70,000 - $251,000

% Increase in Total Compensation 129% (#1 in Canada**)

*All compensation information is quoted in CDN$ **As per Canadian Business (October 2011)

Other (General Management, HR, Operations, Entrepreneurship) 20%

based on 2010-2011 final results

Leading Recruiters

Aldo • Autodesk • Bell Canada • BMO Capital Markets • CGI • CIBC • CN Investments • Deloitte Consulting • Desjardins •

Deutsche Post DHL Consulting • Export Development Corporation • GlaxoSmithKline • Google • IBM • Imperial Oil •

McKinsey & Company • Mercer/Oliver Wyman • Merrill Lynch • National Bank Financial • Novartis • Pfizer • Procter & Gamble •

PWC • RBC Bank • Reebok • Rio Tinto • Scotiabank • SECOR Consulting • TD Bank Financial • United Nations (UN)



Leveraging the Experience

of Business Leaders

Our MBA Mentorship Program provides an amazing opportunity for students to engage in

important dialogue with leading executives. One-on-one relationships provide invaluable

insight into your specialized field, while creating multiple networking opportunities with

successful business professionals.

“The Mentoring Program is a great way to

have a friend in the corporate world. To know

and to learn about my mentor’s experiences

when she was at the same crossroads I am

at right now is really enriching. My mentor’s

experience, vision and knowledge helped me

connect the dots about my background, my

strengths and my aspirations. It is really great

and encouraging when somebody genuinely

takes interest in your goals and helps you to

achieve them.”

- Soham Thorat (India)



Alexis Pradié


Embry-Riddle University,

Bachelor in Business Administration


Soccer was more than just kicks for Alexis Pradié, even at a

young age. He was born in Lyon, France, and started playing

football as a young toddler. By the age of 13, he joined the

Olympique de Marseille soccer club, and was drafted to the

First Team at 18. Alexis had the chance to train with famous

French international soccer players such as Fabien Barthez,

Samir Nasri, Franck Ribéry and Djibril Cissé. His first appearance

in the French Premier League took place in 2006, where he

played against Paris Saint-Germain. Alexis would remain with

the Olympique de Marseille until 2007. At that time, however,

an injury would keep him off the field for six months –

a time when he decided to take stock of his future and look

at different options. After completing his Bachelor in Business

Administration at Embry-Riddle University, Alexis decided to

apply for an MBA and chose the Desautels MBA program at

McGill based on the quality and reputation of the university and

the MBA program. Studying didn’t keep him away from his first

love, as Alexis had the opportunity to play varsity soccer with

the McGill Redmen team, one of the 28 different varsity sports

teams at McGill. In 2011, Alexis earned first-team All-Canadian

honours at the CIS men’s soccer awards gala, and was voted by

coaches as All Canadian, Best Defender in Canada.


“I am confident that this chapter of my life will

allow me to leverage my leadership skills and,

combined with my business acumen, make a

significant impact in the sports business world.”

- Alexis Pradié (France)

“I was busy at Desautels! I was involved with the Entrepreneurship

Club, the Marketing Club, I was Editor of the MBA Yearbook Club,

and a few weeks into my MBA program, I was involved in a 90-person

‘Lipdub’. I also went to India on The Hot Cities of the World Tour and

helped raise funds to send underprivileged Indian girls to school.

I have had such a great time!”

- Jun Yeo (Singapore)


Students at Desautels like to maintain an active and

enriching series of extracurricular activities – and

there is much to choose from when you’re studying

at McGill. Beyond the classroom experience, you

will have an incomparable opportunity to meet

new people, develop your talents and learn new

skills. You can gain important hands-on knowledge

through our student-run groups and maximize your

experience by participating in one of the many

intramural sports and clubs.



A Program

for Future


Jonathan Khayat

Associate Director,

MBA Recruitment


Choosing the right MBA


The decision to enrol in an MBA will be one

of the most important choices you make in

your career. That’s why it’s important that

you choose the right program for you. This

degree is designed to give you the ability to

develop and improve your career to its fullest

potential. An MBA also offers access to a

network of MBA students, alumni, faculty,

and business leaders. This network is both

important during your MBA career and

after you graduate. You only do your MBA

once, so make sure you choose the right

program for you – one where you can grow

not only during the program, but also after



Antoinette Molino

Associate Director,

MBA Admissions


What are we looking for in a student

At the Desautels Faculty of Management,

we are not looking for students to fit a

mould, as there is not just a single type of

student we look for. We look at multiple

qualities, including academic credentials,

work experience, leadership abilities

and extracurricular involvement... most

importantly, we look for applicants who

demonstrate the potential to become the

responsible leaders of tomorrow.

Julie Holland

Canada / USA

Michigan State University,

Bachelor of Arts (Management)


“I chose McGill because of its prestigious

international rankings and it fully exceeded

any expectations I had thought about

grad school. It was not only a learning

experience but a life experience. It pushed

me to my outer limits in which I competed,

collaborated, made new friends and new

connections. It opened up new doors for

me, and I plan to stay in Montreal and work

in my chosen field -- the sports industry.”

A learning

and life



adj \ik-ˈsep-shnəl


Some key facts

about admissions:

• The program begins in August and lasts 20 months

(four semesters)

• The language of instruction is English

• The final deadline for admission is March 15 for

international students and May 1 for Canadian citizens and

permanent residents. Please see our website for additional

dates and details

• Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Applicants are

advised to submit their completed application as early as

possible because the class may be filled prior to the final

application deadlines listed above

• Admission decisions are usually made within four weeks

upon receipt of a completed application (including all

supporting documents)

Admission Requirements

The Desautels MBA program is designed for high

achievers who show strong managerial and leadership


Application requirements include:

• Transcripts from undergraduate and other graduate degrees

• Graduate Management Admissions Test scores (GMAT)

Completion of the TOEFL, when applicable

• Minimum of two years of relevant full-time work experience

after completion of an undergraduate degree

• A detailed curriculum vitae

• Two letters of reference

• Interview with a Desautels MBA representative

“Being a part of such a small class

means I have regular and direct access

to the professors and industry leaders.

The administrative staff, career services

advisors and professors really care about

me as an individual and are there to help

me achieve my goals.”

- Jean-Philip Provencher (Canada)


Bursaries, Awards

& Exclusive Financing

We offer more funding per students than virtually any MBA in Canada.

Desautels has a large number of substantial MBA fellowships and awards

available based on many different criteria, including academics, work experience,

extracurricular activities and other leadership areas. Information on exclusive

low-interest credit-line options and other financing information can also be found

on our website. A small sampling of our awards are listed below.

Desautels MBA Entrance Awards

These merit-based awards are granted upon

acceptance to the program; you need not apply

separately, and they are renewable providing

you maintain good academic standing in your

MBA studies.

Value: $4,000 to 50% tuition

Rio Tinto - Richard Evans Graduate Fellowships

Awarded to any Masters student in a

management degree program that may be

applicable to the mining and metals industry.

Value: Up to $20,000

Scotiabank Fellowships

Established in 2010 by Scotiabank in order

to support outstanding MBA students in

the Desautels Faculty of Management.

Awarded on the basis of academic merit.

Value: Up to $10,000

Timothy Thompson Fellowship

Established in 2010 by Timothy Thompson,

MBA ’90. Awarded to outstanding Canadian

MBA students on the basis of academic merit

and demonstrated community involvement

and leadership.

Value: Up to $10,000

Guizzetti Gendron MBA Leadership Award

Established in 2010 by Liana Guizzetti and Louis

Gendron, both MBA ’88. Awarded to a graduate

student enrolled in the MBA program who

demonstrates strong leadership qualities.

Value: Up to $14,000

eXplorance MBA Leadership Award

Established in 2010 by Samer Bekai-Saab,

BEng ’93, MBA ’96, for a graduate student

who demonstrates strong leadership.

Value: Up to $10,000


Exclusive Financing

Our exclusive partnership with Desjardins Financial

Group allows future students who are Canadian

citizens or permanent residents access to a line

of credit of up to $90,000 at the lowest financing

rate in the country (prime).

Program Tuition

CDN$36,250 per year

(CDN$72,500 total)

Includes Base Camp seminars and a one-week international

study trip. Many students are able to reduce their costs

substantially through scholarships, bursaries or awards.

Estimated living expenses for a single student studying full time

and residing in downtown Montreal for a 12-month period are

approximately CDN$19,500.





Professional Part-time MBA

The Professional MBA is a unique part-time program for working professionals

from different fields. Individuals ready to make an investment in their future

without interrupting their existing career will find the PMBA to be a great option.


Interdisciplinary Programs

MBA-Law and MD-MBA options provide students with a specialized knowledge

base while preparing them for management and leadership roles. The

Desautels Faculty of Management also collaborates closely with many other

faculties, including Music and Engineering.



Accelerated Study

Qualified candidates who have completed a Bachelor of Commerce or Business

Administration degree from a recognized North American university may apply

for the accelerated study option. If accepted for this option, you will not be

required to complete the experiential part of the curriculum.


- Samuel Waserman, MD-MBA (Canada)





Bertrand Cesvet, MBA ’88

montreal, canada

Partner, Sid Lee


Bertrand Cesvet is the chairman and third principal partner

of award-winning creative agency Sid Lee. Bertrand provides

creative and strategic leadership for top-tier clients that

include adidas, Dell, Cirque du Soleil, Red Bull and MGM

Grand. He is also co-author of the best-selling business

book, Conversational Capital: How to Create Stuff People

Love to Talk About.

Bertrand takes pride in Sid Lee, and knows that the success

of the agency is dependent on its employees. It is for this

reason that he employs McGill University graduates. “When

we recruit at the Desautels Faculty of Management, what we

find is an incredible diversity of candidates,” he says. “I think

the school is doing a very good job of attracting talented

people. We find that these people fit right into the very

diverse and outwardly focused company that we’re trying

to create. There’s a great connection with the culture, and

a great deal of relevance, because these McGill graduates

come here fully equipped with the rigor that we expect.”



You will love it here!

Sujata Madan


Academic Director, MBA Program

Professor of Practice in Finance


I have been teaching at the Desautels Faculty for

seven years. What I can say with near certainty is that

if you are accepted to McGill and choose to join our

MBA program, you will not regret it. In fact, you will

love it here!

Every year, I have the pleasure of teaching and

interacting with bright and passionate MBA students

from all over the world. We stay in touch with many of

them after graduation.

The intimate class size, the co-teaching, and the

integrated curriculum structure create a sense of

community and camaraderie that is unparalleled.

Each MBA student here is treated as a truly unique

individual, not just a number - I promise.

And, of course, the amazing vibe of both McGill

University and the city of Montreal is unbeatable. So

make the life-changing leap to join us. Apply!

Professor Madan has received multiple

awards for her teaching excellence and

her passionate dedication to students,

including the Principal’s Prize for

Excellence in Teaching, the Desautels

Distinguished Teaching Award and

Teacher of the Year.


MBA program


Jonathan Khayat

Associate Director, MBA Recruitment

Tel.: + 1 (514) 398-4051


If you are in Montreal, we invite you to contact us

to arrange a tour of the faculty or a class visit.

General information

Masters Programs Office

Desautels Faculty of Management

McGill University

1001 Sherbrooke Street West, Room 302

Montreal, Quebec H3A 1G5, Canada

Tel.: + 1 (514) 398-4066

Fax: + 1 (514) 398-2499









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