2011 Annual Report - United Memorial Medical Center


2011 Annual Report - United Memorial Medical Center


annual report

This publication is produced by the Community Relations Department of United Memorial Medical Center

and printed locally by Hi-Tek Graphics of Oakfield, N.Y.


annual report


Working together to promote, enhance and restore

health for the people of our community.


To be the first, most trusted, healthcare choice for the

community, medical staff and employees.

Message from the CEO and Board Chair

United Memorial has achieved several significant goals in our mission to

advance locally delivered healthcare. The completion of the surgical

expansion project and the first surgery in January 2011 created a new

identity for our community hospital. The recruitment of board certified

specialists to the medical staff and the addition of new services such as

Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine allow people in our community to

truly receive quality care right at home.

While we often equate advancements in healthcare to tangible innovations

that we can see and touch; the bricks and mortar of new buildings,

state-of –the-art equipment, the latest pharmaceuticals- a significant

improvement to the delivery of care has been happening behind the

scenes in the creation of an Electronic Medical Record.

The way we use and keep our patients’ health information is integrated

into every aspect of care. Through an Electronic Medical Record, care

providers across the continuum of care can share, communicate, track

and catalog important health information in a secure electronic format.

This technology is not only convenient, it promises to improve quality

and patient safety. Improving quality and patient safety are the foundation

for what we do each and every day.

In a rapidly changing healthcare environment, United Memorial

continues to maintain a strong financial health, ensuring that we will be

here for years to come, helping our community be healthy as it can be.

This has been an extraordinary year. On behalf of the Board of Directors,

we want to take this opportunity to thank our employees, medical staff

and volunteers for their continued dedication and compassionate service

to United Memorial. And, we extend our gratitude to our Corporate

Partners, donors, and friends for your unwavering support of our

mission. Together, we are stronger, focused and ready to meet the

healthcare needs of the future.


Mark C. Schoell

President and CEO

Betty P. Lapp

Chair, UMMC Board of Directors

o encourage American healthcare providers

T to implement healthcare information technology,

the Health Information Technology for

Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH),

part of the American Recovery Act of 2009, provides

Medicaid and Medicare incentive payments

to hospitals and healthcare providers that adopt

electronic health record technology and successfully

demonstrate “meaningful use” in ways that

improve quality and patient safety; priority areas

such as electronic prescribing, interoperable electronic

medical record, computerized provider

order entry and reporting quality measures.

Electronic Prescribing (e-Rx) is the electronic,

computer based model of managing medical prescriptions.

This takes the place of traditional paper

and faxed prescriptions. E-prescribing reduces

the risks associated with prescription script

writing related to dosage, allergies and legibility.

An interoperable electronic medical record (EMR)

is the systematic electronic collection of health

information for an individual patient or patient

population. In digital format, it is capable of being

shared across the continuum of care. It can

include demographics, medical history, medication

and allergies, immunization records, diagnostic

test results, personal statistics such as

height and weight and billing information.

Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) creates

standardization across the organization;

however physician orders may be individualized

for each doctor. Orders are communicated electronically

to all involved departments such as

pharmacy, medical imaging, lab, and dietary.

This decreases the number of care delays and

errors related to handwriting and transcription.

CPOE provides error checking; simplifies inventory

and improves accuracy of charges.

Electronic Health Records

Electronic health records improve care by enabling functions that

paper records cannot deliver.

• Makes a patient’s health information available when and

where it is needed; not locked away in an one office or another.

• Brings a patient’s total health information together in one

place, and keeps it current; clinicians have access to information

about the drugs or treatments prescribed by other

providers, so care is better coordinated.

• Supports better follow-up information for patients. For example,

after a clinical visit or hospital stay, instructions and

information for the patient can be provided effortlessly; and

reminders for other follow-up care can be sent easily or even

automatically to the patient.

• Improves patient and provider convenience. Patients can

have their prescriptions ordered and ready before even

leaving the provider’s office; and insurance claims can be

filed immediately from the provider’s office.

• Links information with patient computers to point to additional

resources. Patients can be more informed and involved

as electronic health records are used to help identify

additional web resources.

• Does more than just “contain” or transmit information. Can

also compute with it. For example, certain record systems

can not only contain a list of a patient’s medications or allergies,

they can also automatically check for problems whenever

a new medication is prescribed and then alert the clinician

to potential conflicts.

• Improves safety with the capacity to bring all of a patient’s

information together and to automatically identify potential

safety issues; assists clinicians by providing “decision support”


• Delivers more information in more directions while reducing

“paperwork” time for providers. For example, electronic

health records can be programmed for easy or automatic

delivery of information that needs to be shared with public

health agencies or quality measurement, saving clinician


• Improves privacy and security. With proper training and

effective policies, electronic records can be more secure

than paper.

• Reduces costs through reduced paperwork, improved safety,

reduced duplication of testing, and most of all improved

health through the delivery of more effective health care.

Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

To achieve these goals, an 8 step process for EMR

adoption was established for U.S. hospitals with

the ARRA funds available as an incentive to offset

the cost of implementation. Healthcare providers

must meet strict timelines and criteria established

by CMS to qualify.

In the past four years, United Memorial has invested

over $10.5 million in information technology.

“This aggressive initiative has helped

UMMC reach federally established criteria for

achieving “meaningful use” in order to fully

benefit from the stimulus dollars available,”

stated Mark C. Schoell, President and CEO,

“more importantly, by improving our information

technology we are improving the quality of

care provided to our patients.”

In 2011, UMMC was in the top 5% of hospitals,

nationally, to reach the Stage 6 requirements for

an EMR Adoption Model. Attaining a Stage 6

designation indicates that a hospital has achieved

a high degree of clinical automation that is incorporated

into the patient care services it delivers

and provides the highest levels of patient safety

and quality outcomes. In 2012, UMMC began

working towards completion of Stage 7 objectives

and full adoption of the EMR.

In February and March 2012, United Memorial

received its first installment of electronic medical

record meaningful use funds in the combined

amount of $2.4 million. All funds will be used

towards further enhancements to the organization’s

health information technology.

Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine

ound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine allows

W United Memorial to offer a comprehensive

program to manage chronic or non-healing

wounds caused by diabetes, circulatory problems,

and other conditions. The Wound Care and Hyperbaric

Medicine Center houses two new hyperbaric

oxygen therapy chambers and four treatment

rooms in the 3800 square-foot facility which

opened on September 27, 2011.

The Center is designed to complement the services

offered by patients' primary care physicians. Patients

may call directly for an assessment or seek

referral from their primary care doctor. They receive

professional, and courteous attention and are

returned to the referring physician once the healing

is satisfactory.

In the United States, approximately 7% of the

population is considered to have diabetes, in Genesee

County that number exceeds the national average

at nearly 11%. Although diabetes can ravage

the body in many ways, non-healing ulcers on the

feet and lower legs are common outward manifestations

of the disease. Diabetics often suffer from

nerve damage in their feet and legs, allowing small

wounds or irritations to develop without awareness.

Given the abnormalities of the microvasculature

and other side effects of diabetes, these

wounds take a long time to heal and require a specialized

treatment approach.

As many as 25% of diabetic patients will eventually

develop foot ulcers, and recurrence within five

years is 70%. If not aggressively treated, these

wounds can lead to amputations. Amputation often

triggers a downward spiral of declining quality

of life, frequently leading to disability and death.

In fact, only about one third of diabetic amputees

will live more than five years, a survival rate

equivalent to that of many cancers.

Dr. Ivan Hernandez

Gigi Chen, Brook Eck and Christine Schultz

Many of these lower extremity amputations can be

prevented through an interdisciplinary approach

to treatment involving a variety of therapies and

techniques, including debridement, dressing selection,

special shoes, and patient education. When

wounds persist, a specialized and holistic approach

is required for healing.

HBOT is used as an added treatment for problematic,

non-healing wounds that meet specific criteria,

and it is expected that 20% of the wound care

cases will meet those criteria. A typical course of

treatment involves the patient spending about 90

minutes a day in the chamber five days per week

over a four-to-six-week period.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a safe and

evidence-based treatment proven to speed the

healing process in certain types of wounds. During

the treatments, the patient breathes 100 percent

oxygen inside a pressurized chamber, quickly

increasing the concentration of oxygen in the

bloodstream, where it is delivered to a patient's

wound site for faster healing. The therapy helps

heal the wound from the inside out; reducing

swelling, fighting infection, and building new

blood vessels, ultimately producing healthy tissue.

It is also effective in fighting certain types of infections,

improving circulation, and in stimulating

growth of new blood vessels.

For all involved, the Center is a promising endeavor.

Chronic or non-healing wound patients

benefit from an interdisciplinary model of care

and advanced healing modalities. These patients

heal more quickly, have an improved quality of

life, and, in the vast majority of cases, avoid amputation

of limbs. The hospital benefits through the

improved continuum of care and a specialized

outpatient Center exists for physicians to refer

problem wound patients.

Physician Recruitment

aving access to primary and specialty physician

services is an important component of


creating quality healthcare right at home. As the

region’s healthcare resource, United Memorial

owns and manages a number of physician practices,

as well as assists in the recruitment of experienced

healthcare providers to our area.

In 2011, United Memorial provided primary care

services at Batavia Family Care, Byron Family

Care, and Tountas Family Care in LeRoy. Services

at the Tonawanda Seneca Nation are managed by

UMMC through a contractual agreement with

New York State. United Memorial provides convenient

leased office space to a number of physician

specialists and

The completion of the expansion project in 2010

created one of Western New York’s most advanced

surgical centers and assisted in attracting new,

highly experienced general surgeons to United

Memorial. In 2011, Dr. Anthony DiBenedetto and

Dr. Rabie Stephan joined Dr. Anthony Froix in the

Surgical Associates practice as general surgeons.

By working collaboratively with the larger medical

center, Rochester General, United Memorial was

able to provide the residents of our region with

skilled surgeons with broad clinical expertise.

In July, Medina Memorial Hospital in Orleans

County announced that they would no longer provide

maternity services. Through a unique agreement

between the hospitals, United Memorial assumed

management of Women’s Health Services.

Obstetrician and Gynecologists, Dr. Courtenay

Diehl and Dr. Michele Odrobina, and Certified

Nurse Midwife Kim Danser, joined the UMMC

Medical Staff. By the end of the year, Women’s

Health in Medina and United Memorial’s

Women’s Care Center fully merged into one practice

with offices in Batavia and Medina. Women in

Anthony DiBenedetto, MD Rabie Stephan, MD Anupa Seth, MD

Courtenay Diehl, MD

Michele Ordobina, MD

Syed A. Shah, MD

Orleans County continue to have access to OB/

GYN physician services where they live and the

addition of Dr. Odrobina, Dr. Diehl and Ms. Danser

to the Women’s Care Center in Batavia expands

the services available to women in Genesee County

as well. There were 542 births at United Memorial

in 2011, and that number is expected to exceed 625

in 2012.

In December, a respected and longtime member of

the Medical Staff, Cardiologist Dr. Keun Oh retired

from private practice with Internal Medicine physician,

Dr. Abdul Rathor. United Memorial worked

closely with Drs. Oh and Rathor to acquire the

practice and with the help of the Catholic Health

System, recruited Syed A. Shah, MD as a new Cardiologist.

The practice is now known as United

Memorial Cardiology and Internal Medicine and

continues to provide necessary care to established

and new patients.

Board certified in Internal Medicine and Pain Management,

Anupa Seth, MD also recently joined the

Medical Staff. She has worked in the primary care

practice, Batavia Family Care, and in 2012 will

launch United Memorial’s Pain Center to offer assistance

to those suffering with chromic pain.

The Corporate Health Center welcomed Lawrence

Sherman, MD in 2011. Dr. Sherman specializes in

Occupational Medicine services for employers in

our region.

In the Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Center,

Faruque Ahmed, MD and Ivan Hernandez,

MD (2012) joined us as Wound Care Specialists. In

the summer of 2012, a new general surgeon is expected

to come on board as well as a new primary

care physician.

2011 Highlights


The first surgeries were performed in the new operating

rooms of the Surgical Expansion Project. The new entrance

to the Hospital and the UMMC League operated

gift shop, “The Shoppe,” are opened.

Bedside Medication Verification begins and uses bar

code scanning technology prior to administering medications

to confirm patient identity and medication information.


The Coalition for Healthy Children and Families begins

offering a 10-week family-based program to combat and

prevent childhood obesity. The Get Fit! program was

developed by pediatrician Lalit Jain, MD and with help

from United Memorial and several community partners.

The Electronic Recycling program held at the hospital for

employees and volunteers collected 5,700 pounds of

outdated and broken electronics.

Physician Order Management (POM) begins and is a

major step forward in the EHR process.


United Memorial successfully completes a 96- hour sustainability

drill to test our supplies and ability to care for

patients during a major weather event.


CEO Mark Schoell and Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Matt

Landfried appear on the cover of WNY Healthcare, in an

issue focusing on the accomplishments of UMMC.

Batavia Family Care becomes a University of Rochester

clerkship site with Pediatrician, Dr. Yeong Lee.

United Memorial is thrust into the media spotlight and

brings important education about infection prevention to

the forefront of community awareness.


United Memorial receives NICHE (Nurses Improving

Care for Healthsystem Elders) designation. NICHE sites

implement a geriatric patient program associated with

improved outcomes, higher satisfaction rates and better

compliance with Joint Commission standards.

The Landmark Society of Genesee County recognizes

United Memorial for the adaptive reuse of the former St.

Jerome Hospital into senior housing and medical services

while maintaining the downtown building’s façade.

Annual Memorial Day Services are held at the Jerome

Center to honor those from Genesee County who died in

service to their country during wars of the 20 th century

and introduce the concept for a new war memorial.

The Maternity Department receives recognition for their

efforts to prevent the perinatal transmission of the hepatitis

B virus (Hep B) from the New York State Department

of Health.


Medical Records Director, Diane Skelton, is awarded the

2011 NYHIMA Preceptor Award from the New York

Health Information Management Association (NYHIMA).

UMMC receives a certificate of appreciation from the

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Division of

Healthcare Quality Promotion for “Outstanding Contribution

to the Emerging Infections Program Healthcare-

Associated Infections and Antimicrobial Use Prevalence



The former Batavia Elks Lodge is purchased by United

Memorial to use for future development.


The Laboratory receives two year accreditation from the

Joint Commission.

The Jerome Foundation and United Memorial host an

event at the Bank Street campus to honor the Sisters of

Mercy for their 83 year mission of healthcare at the former

St. Jerome Hospital.


The ground floor renovation project began and the new

elevator lobbies opened on each floor.

Several hundred people attend United Memorial’s annual

Health Fair where they received free screenings, important

health information and test their hand-washing skills.


The Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Center


UMMC assists in establishing a Stroke Support Group in

the community.

Wheelchair assists are purchased and installed to help

patients with mobility issues travel through the Community


Employees who have reached milestones in their years

of service are honored at a special dinner.

The annual Pink Hatters event draws over 400 women to

celebrate those who have survived breast cancer.


United Memorial offers flu vaccinations to all employees

for the 2011/2012 flu season and receives the highest

response rate to date with over 80% of the staff receiving

the inoculation.

The Multidisciplinary Patient Care Team, forms to ensure

our patients are discharged at the right time, to the right

place, and with all the right services in place.


The practice, United Memorial Cardiology and Internal

Medicine is formed when Genesee Cardiology and Internal

Medicine merge with UMMC.

The Ambulatory Surgical Unit is recognized by Press

Ganey for improving their patient satisfaction scores by


Annual Operating Statements

Audited as of December 31, 2011


2011 2010 2009

Net Patient Service Revenue 75,437,000 72,857,000 67,761,000

Other operating revenue 2,037,000 2,095,000 1,944,000

Investment income 259,000 205,000 14,000

Contributions 14,000 262,000 2,000

Net Assets Released from Restrictions

Used in Operations - 463,000 -

TOTAL $77,747,000 $75,882,000 $69,721,000


Salaries & Wages 31,027,000 28,773,000 26,920,000

Employee Benefits 9,991,000 10,224,000 9,148,000

Medical & Professional Fees 6,445,000 5,533,000 4,69,000 5

Supplies 10,603,000 9,831,000 10,051,000

Purchased Services 5,485,000 5,233,000 4,441,000

Depreciation & Ammortization 4,553,000 3,830,000 3,592,000

Interest 941,000 795,000 876,000

Insurance 900,000 891,000 866,000

Bad debt 2,780,000 2,798,000 2,552,000

Other 3,936,000 3,712,000 3,350,000

TOTAL $76,661,000 $71,620,000 $66,491,000

OPERATING INCOME 1,086,000 4,262,000 3,230,000

Other Non-operational Gains or Losses (174,000) (25,000) 344,000

Funds Available for Reinvestment $912,000 $4,237,000 $3,574,000

Key 2011 Service Statistics

Admissions 5,111

Patient Care Days 29,353

Births 542

Ambulatory Surgical Visits 5,949

Laboratory Procedures 472,996

Radiology/Ultrasound/Nuclear Medicine Procedures 38,072

CT Scan Visits 8,450

MRI Visits 2,444

Mammography Visits 2,874

Physical Therapy Visits 33,280

Emergency Department Visits 22,910

Urgent Care Center Visits 5,372

Cardiac Rehabilitation Sessions 4,248

EKG Procedures 10,841

Blood Transfusion Units 215

Surgical Inpatient Procedures 1,040

Family Care Center Visits 20,121

Women's Care Center Visits 12,490

Corporate Occupational Health Visits 6,316

Respiratory Therapy Procedures 43,210

Echo Cardiology Exams 1,482

Cardiac Stress Tests 113

MOMS Program Visits 189

Observation Visits 243

Wound Care Center Visits 380

Patient Meals Served 88,197

Non-Patient Meals Served 161,051

United Memorial Medical Center

Board of Directors

July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012

Betty Lapp, Chair

William Fritts, Vice Chair

Barton Dambra, Treasurer

Mary Raymond, Secretary

Scott Belote, MD

Peter Call

Victor deSa, MD

Anthony Froix, MD

James Fulmer

Thomas Houseknecht

Lalit Jain, MD

Jerry Reinhart

Donna Thompson

Augusta Welsh

Christopher White (ex-officio)

Mark C. Schoell (ex-officio)


Seated L to R: Augusta Welsh, Mary Raymond, Betty Lapp, Donna Thompson. Standing L to R: Lalit Jain MD,

Peter Call, Mark Schoell, Scott Belote MD, Bart Dambra, Chris White, Victor de Sa MD, Anthony Froix MD,

and Jim Fulmer.

Genesee Memorial Hospital

Group Board of Directors

July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012

Genesee Memorial Hospital

Group Members


Thomas Houseknecht, Chair

Betty Lapp, Vice Chair

Robert Baker, Treasurer

Augusta Welsh, Secretary

Susan Blanchard

David Boyce

Robert Boyce

Peter Call

Charles Cook

David Franke

William Fritts

Matthew Landfried, MD

William Kappus

Mary Raymond

Gary Stitch

Mark C. Schoell (ex-officio)

Mr. & Mrs. John Andrews

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Barnes

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Battaglia

Scott Belote

Mr. & Mrs. David Blake

Susan Blanchard

Pamela Boshart Lynch

Mary Beth Bowen

David Boyce

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Boyce

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Boylan

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Call

Peter Call

Kurt Calman

Charles Cook

Martha Munson

& David Franke

Victor DeSa, M.D.

William & Terry Fritts

Mr. & Mrs. James Fulmer

Monica Gibbons

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Glazier

Sonja Gonyea

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Hilbert

Mrs. Shirley Hobin

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Houseknecht

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Ireland

Pauline Jaczynski

William & Nanette Kappus

Mr. & Mrs. Dean Lapp

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Lewis

Mr. & Mrs. Roger Martin

Mr. & Mrs. Max Mason, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Mowry, III

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Partridge

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Phelps

Zepher & Mary Raymond

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Reich

Jerry & Carmela Reinhart

Mark Schoell

Gail Seamans

Henry Starowitz, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Stich

Donna Thompson

Eldoune Thornton

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Welsh

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Yunker

Senior Management

Mark C. Schoell, CPA MBA FHFMA

President and CEO

Managers and Directors


Admissions, Central Scheduling

Ambulatory Surgical Unit

Cardiac Rehab, Healthy Living, Staff Development

Central Supply

Clinical Dietician

Community Relations

Corporate Health and Care Centers

Emergency Department

Environmental Services

Facilities Management

Finance, Controller

Finance, Compliance


Food Service

Hope Haven

Infection Prevention

Intensive Care Unit


Maternity and Pediatrics

Materials Management

Medical Records

New Wing Medical/Surgical Unit


Nursing Supervisors

Patient Financial Services

Patient Accounts/Cashiers


Physical Therapy

Quality Management

Radiology, Urgent Care Services

Respiratory Therapy

Risk Management

Surgical Services

Third Floor Medical/Surgical Unit

Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine

Donna Dwyer

Lori Kurek, RN

Pamela Boshart Lynch, RN

Edward Knapp

Karen Spiegel

Colleen Flynn

Keith Boeheim

Bonnie Bezon, RN

Cindy Bunch

David Hetrick

Gregory Horr

Diana Desautels

Lori Stupp

Michael Pawlik

Nancy Brown, RN

Lorraine Goergen, RN

Judy Clark, RN

Denise Danzi-Rotolo, MS,HSA,MT,CLS(NCA)

Maryann Cogdill, RN

Glenn Simon

Diane Skelton RHIT, CTR

Kevin Aldrich, RN

Marilyn Almeter, RN

Kathy Faltisko, RN

Wendy Galland, RN

Jane Schaal, RN

Jill Pickard, RN

Susan Brown

Cheryl Loverdi

Anthony Fernando, RPh, MBA, PhD

Michelle Spiotta, RPh

Jim Turcer

Wayne Younge

Jackie Davis

JoAnn Konecki, RN

Darren Kazmierczak

Kelly McVay, RT

Rosann Lowder, RN

Janet Bezinque, RN

Eric Bartz, RN

Gigi Chen

Daniel P. Ireland, RN BSN MBA

Vice President of Operations, COO

Robert L. Chiavetta

Vice President of Finance, CFO

Mary Beth Bowen, RN BSM MS

Vice President of Nursing, CNO

Michael D. Merrill, MD MS MJ

Vice President of Medical Affairs

Kurt E. Calman, MBA

Chief Information Officer

Sonja L. Gonyea

Director of Human Resources

Top: Anthony Fernando and Michelle

Spiotta. Bottom: Cheryl Loverdi, Bob

Chiavetta and Sue Brown.

Medical Staff


Jin-Yol Chang MD


Keun Oh MD

Syed Shah MD

Jagdish Mishra MD Associate


Brian Karam DDS


Jessica Severson MD


Scott Belote MD

Don Collure MD

Sara Connolly MD

Craig Cooley MD

Gregory DiFrancesco MD

Laurie Kilbury-Taylor DO

Michael Manka MD

Lori Michael MD

Michael Mineo MD

Danielle Notebaert MD



Gerald Ginsberg MD Associate

Family Practice

Stanley Ambis MD

Alan Barcomb MD

Rajinder Basra MD

Nayan Das MD

Omar Khokhar MD

Raja Kolisetti MD

Anna Lamb DO

Michael Maggiulli MD

Brittany Morse, MD

Mary Obear MD

Shanthi Rajendran MD

Nashiha Shahid MD

Lily Snyder MD


Jeffrey Goldstein, MD

George Kunze MD

Cezina Rocha MD

General Surgery

Bernard Asher MD

Anthony DiBenedetto MD

Anthony Froix MD

Rabie Stephan MD

Hope Haven

Bruce Baker MD


Anshu Bais MD

Ahmed Bayoumi MD

Rania Bayoumi MD

John Brach MD

Peter Janes MD

Michael Merrill MD

Reuven Moser MD

Debra Omiatek MD

Arun Raman MD

Alan Smith MD

Infectious Disease

Anja Bottler MD Associate

Internal Medicine

Thomas Ball, MD

Javeed Mir MD

Suwarna Naik MD

Rozy Nelofar MD

Deniz Pirincci MD

Abdul Rathor MD

Gary Smith MD

Internal Medicine/Pulmonary

Mohammad Rumi MD

Medical Review Officer

Lawrence Sherman, MD


Andrew Hilburger MD


Gary DiNezza Ph.D.


Webster Pilcher MD Associate

Leo Hopkins MD TeleMedicine

Elad Levy MD TeleMedicine

Adnan Siddiqui TeleMedicine


Courtenay Diehl MD

Richard Edwards MD

John Jaeger MD

Ashok Naik MD

Michele Odrobina MD

Nina Strollo MD


Shoukri Wisa MD


John Crofts, MD - Associate

Reginald Ishman MD

Ik-Sung Kwon MD

Peter Paulus MD

Jamison Ridgeley, MD

William White MD

Eric Wu MD


Richard Hoy MD

Matthew Landfried MD

Joseph Otten MD


Srinivas Kaza MD

Roger Sequeira MD

Jay Yates MD


Enzo Fallone MD

William Fricke MD

Fadi Hatem MD

Dawn Riedy MD

Lucy Shiels MD

JulieAnn Warner MD

Pediatric Cardiology

Glenn Leonard MD Associate

Joseph Orie MD Associate

Pediatric Dentistry

Tobias Corcoran DDS

Bradley Ecker, DDS

Lindsey Keck, DDS

Pediatric Psychology

Choon Yeon MD Associate


Colette Barczys MD

Irene Burns, MD - Associate

Muhammad Idrees MD

Lalit Jain MD

Yeung Lee MD

Emily Tenney MD


Sean Buoye DPM

Joseph Canzoneri DPM

Dawn Dryden DPM

Ross Fanara DPM

Gina Teresi DPM


Kevin Mudd MD

Jan Dombrowski MD Associate


David Ludwig MD

Jasbeer Makhija MD

Anthony Notino MD

Mark Perry MD

James Rinaldi MD

Barry Rosenberg MD

Gregory Shields MD

Michael Bloss, MD - TeleRadiology

Daniel Chang, MD – TeleRadiology

Amir Fassihi, MD - TeleRadiology

Paul Guisler, MD – TeleRadiology-

Jimmy Huang, MD – TeleRadiology

Robert Lufkin, MD - TeleRadiology

Kim Nguyen, MD – TeleRadiology

Niosha Razi, MD - TeleRadiology

Mark Wall, MD – TeleRadiology


Hosnay-Ara Rumi MD Associate

Sleep Medicine

Eric TenBrock MD Associate


William Guthinger MD

Ralph Madeb MD Urology

Vascular Surgery

Malur Balaji MD

Audwin Pangilinan MD

Jerry Svoboda MD

Allied Health Professionals

Joseph Besl PA

Patricia Beverly CNM

John Bielinski, PA

Gregory Branche PA

Deborah Conrad PA

Tatyana Coryell PA

Crystal Crossett PA

Jason Donovan PA

Lisa Feitshans NP

Janet Graves CRNA

Christine Howard PA

Valerie Huck PA

Amy Ireland FNP

Peter Kelley FNP

Laurie Kotowski PA

Michael Lamparelli CRNA

Elaine Lemley PA

Lee Lieberman FNP

Kurt Lucas PA

S. Blake Lyons PA

Charles Mack CRNA

Marsha Matey CRNA

Edward McHugh CRNA

Laura Miner PA

Henry Moscicki FNP

Elizabeth Munson PA

Kristen Murchison PA

Eric Nachreiner PA

Theodore Nadelen FNP

Thomas Olejniczak CRNA

Nicholas Osborne PA

Lisa Phillians PA

John Polechetti CRNA

Tonya Previglian CRNA

Lucille Ranalli FNP

Susan Riner ANP

Christopher Rutledge CRNA

Krysten Schmidt FNP

Jeanine Schnell ANP

Jessica Simpson PA

Christina Sobczak PNP

Cecilia Stearns CNM

Brian Stendts PA

Mary Traxler GNP

Carol Vanderberg RSA

Frederick Wagner PA

Barbara Worthington GNP

Rachel Zickl FNP

Don Collure, MD

Marilyn Almeter and Dr. Anthony DiBenedetto

Cindy Pestlin and Ed McHugh

Medical Staff Officers, Chairpersons and Division Chiefs 2012-2014


Vice President


Anna Lamb, DO

Ashok Naik, MD

Scott Belote, MD

Surgery Chair

Matthew Landfried, MD

Surgery Vice Chair

Anthony DiBenedetto, MD

Chief of Anesthesiology Jin Yol Chang, MD

Chief of Cardiology

Jagdish Mishra, MD

Chief of Emergency Medicine Scott Belote, MD

Chief of Family Practice Lily Snyder, MD

Chief of General Surgery Anthony DiBenedetto, MD

Chief of Internal Medicine Mohammad Rumi, MD

Chief of Obstetrics/Gynecology Ashok Naik, MD

Chief of Ophthalmology Peter Paulus, MD

Chief of Orthopedics Matthew Landfried, MD

Chief of Pathology

Enzo Fallone, MD

Chief of Pediatrics

Yeong Lee, MD

Chief of Podiatry

Gina Teresi, DPM

Chief of Radiology

Barry Rosenberg, MD

Chief of Urology

William Guthinger, MD

Foundation Board of Directors


Christopher White, President

Joseph Forsyth, Vice President

David Mancuso, Secretary

Donald Bausch, Treasurer

Susie Boyce

Peter M. Casey

David Cuirzynski

Phillip DiMartino

Thomas Felton

Christine Fix

Richard Henry

Julie Holman

Abha Jain

Francis Marchese

Julie A. Smith

Mark E. Woodward

Mark C. Schoell, ex-officio

Loretta Boylan, Director Emeritus

The United Memorial Medical Center


(Seated L-R) : Philip DiMartino, Julie Holman, David Cuirzynski, and Julie Smith. (Standing L-R): Peter Casey,

Donald Bausch, Thomas Felton, Abha Jain, David Mancuso, Francis Marchese. Susie Boyce and Chris White.

As we reflect on 2011 and what was a very successful year by many measures, the fulfillment of our mission, to raise

and manage funds in support of United Memorial Medical Center, is foremost with the completion of the Surgical

Expansion Project. The Foundation was successful in raising $3.5 million dollars from donors within our community

for a project that will continue to provide benefits for all of us for years to come. Our special events were very successful,

not only financially, but also by record turnouts increasing our “Friends of the Hospital”. With your generosity,

the Foundation gave an additional $48,000 to various departments within UMMC.

The Foundation could not do all of this without the support of a dedicated group of volunteers, as well as our office

staff, who help plan and execute our events, and you, our donors who, tirelessly ensure our mission continues. I

thank each and every one of you for your time and your commitment .

We are looking forward to 2012, and your continued support in making quality healthcare right at home, a reality.

Christopher White

President, UMMC Foundation

The United Memorial Medical Center Foundation exclusively

operates for the purpose of raising and managing

funds to support the mission of United Memorial

Medical Center. Each year, individuals, organizations

and corporations generously support the Foundation

through a variety fundraising events, the annual

appeal, memorials and planned gifts. Every gift

makes a difference to the patients, families, physicians

and staff of United Memorial Medical Center.

Terry Hills Golf Course served as the lush backdrop

for an elegant evening of fine dining at the annual

black tie spring event, Gala on the Green. A wonderful

crowd joined event co-chairs, United Memorial Medical

Center Board Member Bill Fritts and his wife Terry,

for music and good cheer to help celebrate the completion

of the Surgical Project.

Live Auction items that included a “Special Appeal”

for guests to purchase bed alarms for the Hospital.

Dorothy M. Baker was recognized by The Jerome

Foundation and United Memorial Medical Center

Foundation with the 27th Annual Health & Humanitarian

Award. The award recognizes volunteer men

and woman of Genesee County who have helped promote

emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of

area residents. In naming Dorothy Baker for the award

the Foundations recognized her volunteer efforts and

leadership at The Jerome Center Gift Shop & Kiosk,

Genesee County Tourism Information Booth, The Office

for the Aging and St. Joseph’s Church.

In August, golf carts, tennis racquets and bocce balls

were all needed for the 22nd Annual Golf, Tennis

&Bocce Classic. Even the weather forecast could not

deter more than 180 participants who came out to support

our local hospital. Leading the successful event

was a talented team of co-chairs; Jim Smith and Donald

Bausch for Golf, Ray Shirtz and Peggy Lamb with

Tennis and Donna Condello for Bocce. Thank you to

the major sponsors Lawley Genesee/Lawley Benefits

Group/Bill & Terry Fritts, Manning Squires Hennig,

Inc. and The Bank of Castile/Tompkins Insurance

Agencies, Inc.

Enthusiastic attendees bid on hundreds of wonderful

items in the Silent Auction at the Annual Autumn

Auction that was held October 7th at the Clarion Hotel.

The sold out crowd had opportunities to try their

luck with the Deep Blue Pool & Spa Duck Pluck and

Television Raffle. Wonderful desserts were on display

for the Grease Lighting Dessert Dash which made for

great fun. Bids were flying on the amazing selection of

Top: Basket raffle at the October Auction. Bottom Left: Terry and Bill

Fritts at the Gala. At right, Dorothy Baker, the Health and Humanitarian

Award recipient.

Every contribution given

unselfishly, is an

act of philanthropy.

Whether large or small,

every gift matters, and

every gift will make a

difference in the lives of our

patients and the community

in which we live.

Annual Appeal

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Amedick

In honor of children & grandchildren

In memory of Gertrude Stumm


In memory of Kay Houseknecht

Ms. Lorraine J. Arnold

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Barber

Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Barcomb

Mr. and Mrs. Lester Barnard

Batavia Tailors and Cleaners

In memory of Vincent Gautieri

Ms. Marcy Bedette

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Berardini

Mr. Patrick P. Best

Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Bezon

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Bradley

Mr. and Mrs. George E. Brady II

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brenkus

Mr. Tom Brown

Mr. Gerald G. Call

In memory of Susan R. Call, RN

Ms. Loretta P. Cappelli

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Caton

Dr. and Mrs. Jin Y. Chang

Ms. Linda Cianci

In memory of Rino Cianci

Ms. Annette Cinotti

Mr. and Mrs. Carlo Ciuffetelli

Mrs. Charlotte Conable

Dr. and Mrs. Magdi E. Credi

Mrs. Lorraine A. Curry

In memory of Robert J. Curry

Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Daviau

Dr. and Mrs. Anthony DiBenedetto

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Diehl

Ms. Rosemary Domes

Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Dow

Ms. Fannie Dutch

In memory of Andrew Dutch

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dwyer

Mr. Robert R. Eckenbrecht

Mr. and Mrs. Francis H. Eldred

Ms. JoAnn Elliott

Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Emmans

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Felton

Ms. Annette A. Forsyth

Mr. David L. Franke

& Ms. Martha Munson

Mr. Russell M. Gaiser

In memory of Elly Gaiser

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Gerace

In memory of Margaret Wagner

Ms. Jane Gillett

Miss Marguerite Giordano

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. Glair

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Groth

Mr. and Mrs. Mahlon Hamilton

Mr. Richard M. Heye

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Heywood

Dr. Larene Hoelcle

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Holland

Ms. Pauline Jaczynski

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Justinger

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kilpatrick

Mr. Henry P. Kujawski, Sr.

In memory of Dorothy Kujawski

Mr. and Mrs. Rudolf Kunze

Mr. and Mrs. Chad LaCivita

In memory of Angelina Pellegrino

Lakeside ENT & Allergy

Lambert's Design Jewelers

Ms. L. Janet Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Leyden

Dr. Sandra Licata

Mr. Frederic R. Lupi, P.E.

In memory of Beverly Lupi

Mr. and Mrs. Gary T. Maha

Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Mahler

Mr. and Ms. Gerald E. Maier

Miss Shirley M. Maloney

Mrs. Mary N. Mancuso

In memory of deceased Mancuso

and Neubert family members

Mr. and Mrs. Max W. Mason, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Mastin

Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Meier, Jr.

Mrs. Shirley Mowers

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis D. Mowry, III

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Mullen

In memory of M. Wagner

Ms. Verna Neibel

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Nesbitt

Mr. and Mrs. James N. Nielsen

Mr. and Mrs. David J. O'Geen

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Otten

Mrs. Della A. Page

Mrs. Edith Paladino

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Platt

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Plawinski

Ms. Barbara J. Plock

In memory of the Pelton Family

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Post

Dr. and Mrs. Raymond S. Pray

Mr. and Mrs. Vito Pricola

Ms. Margaret Prince

In memory of Rosemary Siegel

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Radley

In honor of Rebecca E. Radley

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Reisdorf

Mrs. Joan Rotenberg

In memory of Paul A. Rotenberg

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Rowbottom

Mr. Charles Sage

In memory of the Sage Family

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Scafetta, Jr.

Ms. Maureen F. Scoville

In memory of Lewis M. Scoville

Mr. Myron A. Seward

Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Smith

Mrs. Louise L. Sovocool

In memory of Bill Sovocool

Dr. Stuart Steiner

Mr. John Swartz, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Szulist

Mrs. Dorothy S. Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Teresi

Mr. and Mrs. Stacey R. Thompson

Mrs. Mary W. Torrey

Ms. Patricia Townsend

Mr. Steven P. Tufts

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vitagliano, Jr.

Mrs. June C. Vukman

Mr. and Mrs. David Wakeman

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Walker, III

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Weaver

Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Wight

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Wilcox

Ms. Suzanne Winkelman

Ms. June P. Wright

In memory of Lester A. Wright

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Yunker

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Yunker

In memory of son Robert

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Zola


Mrs. Dorothy Baker

In memory of Lt. Col. John Baker

Dr. and Mrs. Alan J. Barcomb

Batavia Radio Amateurs

Boshart Enterprises

& Aircraft Services

Mrs. Margaret Bowen

C. B. Beach & Son Mortuary

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Casey, Esq.

Dr. and Mrs. Jin Y. Chang

Mr. and Mrs. David Ciurzynski

Mrs. Shirley Ciurzynski

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Condello

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Dambra

Dr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Davies, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Fritts, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Glazier

Ms. Lynne L. Hopkins

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kabel

Kelly for Kids

KeyBank Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Kubiniec

Liberty Pumps

Mr. Glenn Litzenberger

Manning Squires Hennig Co. Inc.

Mr. Francis G. Marchese

Mr. and Mrs. Donald N. Mills

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Mullen

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Perry

In memory of Chester

Quota International of Batavia, Inc.

Ms. Marion Ransom

Ms. Monica D. Raphael

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Reinhart

Mrs. Joan Rotenberg

Mrs. Marie Rouse

In memory of Edward C. Rouse

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schoell

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Schuler

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Shaffer

Mrs. Louise Sovocool

Ricky Palermo

Spinal Injury Tournament

Mr. and Mrs. William Wakeman

Mr. Glen Wohlschael

In memory of Irmgard

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Woodward

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Zeliff


Expansion Project

Mr. Kevin G. Aldrich

Mrs. Gail Almeter

Ms. Marilyn Almeter

Mr. and Mrs. Clair C. Anderson

Ms. Ann Andrews

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Andrews

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Antinoro

Ms. Ann Arent

Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Arras

Dr. Bernard W. Asher and

Dr. Lilian Orba

Ms. Susan Augrom

Mr. Epi Badami

Dr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Baker

Ms. Cathy Baker

Mrs. Dorothy Baker

In memory of Lt. Col. John Baker

Bank of America

Dr. and Mrs. Alan J. Barcomb

Ms. Bernadette Barnes

Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Barnes

Ms. Darcia Barone

Mr. Robert J. Bartz

Mr. and Mrs. Adolph C. Bassanello

Mrs. Jeanne K. Bates

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Battaglia

Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Bausch

Ms. Rebecca Beach

Ms. Patricia Beardsley

Mr. Loren Bechtel

Ms. Lorene Beckmann

Ms. Katie Beverly

Mrs. Bonnie Bezon

Mrs. Mary V. Bibler

Ms. Kathleen Blackburn

Mr. and Mrs. David G. Blake

Mrs. Christine M. Blasioli

Ms. Barbara Blew

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Boeheim

Ms. June Boldt

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin J. Bonarigo

Ms. Jacqueline E. Bontrager

Mrs. Joyce M. Booher

Ms. Janet Borkholder

Ms. Susan Borkholder

Ms. Mary Beth Bowen

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Boyce

Ms. Susie Boyce

Boyles Motor Sales, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Donn E. Branton

Ms. Diana Briatico

Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Britt

Ms. Jean A. Brooks

Ms. Nancy Brown

Ms. Susan Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Brown

Ms. Linda Buckel

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Burns

Mr. Chad Caccamise

Mr. Angelo Caffo

Mr. and Mrs. Justin D. Calarco-Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan F. Call

Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Call

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip R. Call

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Call

Mr. Kurt Calman

Mrs. Maria Capozzolo

Carolina Eastern-Crocker LLC

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Carr

Mrs. Mary C. Carragher

Mrs. Sharon Carter

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Casey, Esq.

Mr. Robert L. Chiavetta,Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Churchill

Ms. Judith Clark

Ms. Rebecca Coles Casac

Mrs. Charlotte Conable

Ms. Sandra Copeland

Mrs. Katie Cosimeno

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Costanzo

Ms. Susan Cramer

Ms. Laura Crater

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Cutcliffe

Mrs. Mary Czapeczka

Mr. and Mrs. Barton P. Dambra

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Dambra

Dr. and Mrs. Nayan K. Das

Mr. Reid L. Daum

Ms. Meggan Davies

Dr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Davis, Jr

Mr. and Mrs. James Davis

Ms. Darla D. Dawson-Decker

Mr. and Mrs. Bruno De Fazio

Del Mar Farms Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl DeLuca

Dr. and Mrs. Victor J. deSa

Ms. Dianna L. Desautels

Dewey Produce Inc.

Dr. Courtenay Diehl

Ms. L S. Dombrowski

Ms. Dolores A. Donaghue

Ms. Grace A. Donahue

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Dwyer

Edward Sharp & Sons, Inc.

Mr. Steve Eggert

Mr. and Mrs. Lynn E. Eick

Mrs. Irene Elliott

In memory of Dr. Siegel

Ms. Mary A. Ells

Mr. and Mrs. David Elmore

Ms. Elaine Engle

Ms. Kathy Faltisko

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Fanara

Farm Credit East

Farm Family Insurance

FDR Medical Services

Mr. Thomas E. Finn

Ms. Bernadette Fiorito

First United Methodist Church

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Fix

Ms. Louise A. Fleming

Ms. Annette Forgnone

Mr. Clayton G. Found

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest M. Found

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Francis

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Franclemont

Ms. Michelle Freeman

Dr. Anthony Froix

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Fulmer

Miss Margaret F. Gallagher

Mrs. Wendy S. Galland

Gary Swede Farms

Ms. Karen Gaylord

GCASA Foundation Inc.

Mrs. Marlies Geitner

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Genagon

Genesee Coating

Genesee County Town Highway

Superintendents’ Association

Genesee Hospitalist

Genesee Patrons Cooperative

Insurance Co.

Mr. and Mrs. Harley L. George

Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. George

Ms. Mary A. Gerych

Ms. Monica A. Gibbons

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Gillard

Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Gillard

Mr. Robert E. Gillmor

Ms. Adeline Gioia

Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Glazier

Ms. Lorraine G. Goergen

Mrs. Brenda Goff

Mrs. Sonja Gonyea

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Grammatico

Mrs. Helen V. Grapka

Mrs. Anna S. Green

Ms. Naomi F. Grice

Ms. Paula Gross

Ms. Maxine Gubb

Mrs. Anthony J. Gugino, Sr.

Miss Barbara Guppenberger

Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Guppenberger

Ms. Michele Hagle

Mrs. Christine Hall

Ms. Anne Hardie

Ms. Catherine A. B. Hartley

Mr. and Mrs. R. Stephen Hawley

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Haynes

Ms. Sheryl M. Hazlett

Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Herring

Mr. and Mrs. Wolcott T. Hinchey

Mr. and Mrs. Howard W. Hobin

Mrs. Ayden Hohn

Mr. and Mrs. John Holder

Mrs. Julie Holman

Mr. Earl Horn, Jr.

Mr. Gregory Horr

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Houseknecht

Ms. Karen Howard

Mr. and Mrs. James Hume, Jr.

Ms. Kathleen M. Hume

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Humphrey

Mr. and Mrs. Alan A. Hyde

Ms. Immaculata Iannello

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Ireland

Dr. and Mrs. Lalit K. Jain

Ms. Cindy Janes

John J. Forsyth, CPA, P.C.

John W. Danforth

Ms. Deborah Johnson

Mr. James C. Johnson

Mr. Kenneth Jonmaire II

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kabel

Mr. Edward J. Kauffman

Mr. Darren Kazmierczak

Ms. Wendy Keaton

Mrs. Julie Kelsey

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Kent

Rev. Richard Keppeler

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kershenski

KeyBank Foundation

Dr. Laurie Kilbury

Dr. Richard King

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Klapper

Ms. Diane M. Kujawski

Dr. George Y. Kunze

Mrs. Loretta Kurek

Dr. Anna Lamb

Mr. and Mrs. Evan C. Lamb

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Lamb

Dr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Landfried

Mr. and Mrs. Dean S. Lapp

Ms. Ashley LaShure

Mr. and Mrs. James Laskey

Ms. Rebecca LaWall

L-Brooke Farms, Inc.

Dr. Yeong H. Lee

Mr. Charles J. Lenhard

Ms. Christine Leonard

LeRoy Rotary

Mrs. Shirley LeSeur

Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Lewis

Ms. Doris A. Lindebauer

Mr. Robert S. Long

Ms. Jacqueline Lotz

Ms. Cheryl A. LoVerdi

Mr. and Mrs. David Lowder

Mrs. Pamela B. Lynch

Mr. and Mrs. Keith W. Lyons

Mr. Francis G. Marchese

Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Marchese

Ms. Sheila Marchese

Mr. and Mrs. Carmen Martino

Max Pies Furniture Co., Inc.

M-B Farms Inc.

Mrs. Beverly McCabe

Mr. Philip R. McCarthy

Ms. Cynthia McDonald

Mrs. Elizabeth McGee

Ms. Bethany A. McIntyre

Mr. and Mrs. Gary McKeirnan

Mrs. Geraldine McMillan

Med Ex Billing Inc.

Ms. Debra K. Mehlenbacher

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Merrill

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Metz

Ms. Joan Meyer

Mr. Rexford Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Donald N. Mills

Mrs. Toni Mills

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Mingle

Mr. and Mrs. Travis Minor

Dr. Jagdish Mishra

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Monachino

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Morith

Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Mudd

Ms. Josephine Mudrzynski

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Mulcahy

Ms. Martha L. Munson and

Mr. David Franke

Mrs. Averyl Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Neff

Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Nesbitt

Ms. Frances Neth

Ms. Mary Catherine Neth

Mr. and Mrs. Willis J. Neth,Jr.

Mrs. Julie Nichols

Mr. and Mrs. James N. Nielsen

Ms. Mary Niland

Mrs. Elizabeth R. Norton

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin O'Connor

Offhaus Farms, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Keun C. Oh

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey K. Olson

Ms. Debra Osborn

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Oshlag

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Otten

Ms. Mary Pacino

Mr. William Pagels

Mr. and Mrs. James Palermo

Ms. Dorothy H. Papke

Mr. Wayne Papke

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Partridge

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Partridge

Ms. Jessica Patnode

Dr. Peter Paulus

Mr. Michael R. Pawlik

Mrs. Joseph M. Pedro

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Penman

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Penn

Ms. Cindy Pestlin

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Phelps

Ms. Jill Pickard

Ms. Katelin Pickard

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Platt

Polish Falcons Nest #494

Ms. Denise Polovick

Ms. Kathleen Prine

Mr. Donald R. Priolo

R & J Enterprises, LLC

Mrs. Katherine Raduns

Ramar Steel Sales, Inc.

Mrs. Doris R. Ransom

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Ransom

Ms. Marian Ransom

Ms. Monica D. Raphael

Dr. and Mrs. Abdul Rathor

Mrs. Elizabeth Raymond

Mr. and Mrs. Zepher G. Raymond

Red Osier Landmark Restaurant,


Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Reinhart

Mr. Murray Richburg

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Riner

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Riter

Mrs. Christine A. Rodgers, PA

Mr. and Mrs. Russ Romano

Dr. Barry I. Rosenberg

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Ross

Rotary Club of Batavia

Mrs. Marie Rouse

Dr. Mohammad Rumi

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Sabato

Mr. Noboru Sakaguchi

Mr. David L. Salway

Ms. Glenna E. Say

Mrs. Jane Schaal

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schoell

Schoenenberger Associates

Certification, Inc.

Mrs. Bonnie Schoenthal

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Schorer

Ms. Amber D. Scott

Ms. Dixie Scouten

Mr. Carlton W. Seaburg

Mr. Gail Seamans

Mrs. Kim Sescil

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Seward

Mrs. Gwendolyn Seweryniak

Mr. Clayton Sharp

Mrs. Annmarie Sheelar

Mrs. Shari Sheron

Mr. and Mrs. John Siebert

Dr. and Mrs. Alan L. Siegel

Mr. and Mrs. Lucian Signore

Mr. Glenn Simon

Mrs. Kati Sisson

Ms. Diane Skelton

Ms. Allene Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Smith

Ms. Rebecca Smith

Mrs. Ronald A. Smith

In memory of Joan Marchese

Ms. Shirley A. Smith

Ms. Jacqueline Space

Ricky Palermo,

Spinal Injury Tournament

Ms. Michelle Spiotta

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Spring

Ms. Rose M. Squires

St. Jerome Guild, Inc.

Ms. Valarie Starowitz

Mr. and Mrs. Gary C. Stich

Mr. Paul Stiglmeier

Mrs. Loraine B. Stipp

Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Stokes

Ms. Diane Storch

Mr. Michael Chopico and Dr. Nina


Ms. Lori Stupp

Dr. and Mrs. David Swartz

Miss Joanne Szydlowski

Ms. Karen M. Tennity

Mrs. Tonya Terol

Ms. Beverly Thayer

Mr. Lewis A. Thayer

The Jerome Foundation

Miss Esther Thom

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Thompson

Mr. Eldoune Thornton, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Torcello

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Torrey

In Memory of Charles E.Torrey

& John W. Gillard

Ms. Marylou Townsend

Dr. and Mrs. Roger W. Triftshauser

UMMC League

University Eye Specialists, PC

Mr. and Mrs. Hollis D. Upson

Valle Jewelers & Silversmiths Inc.

Mr. Daniel Varnell

Ms. Annette Velletta

Mrs. June C. Vukman

Mr. and Mrs. William Wakeman

Mrs. Susan Walf, RNFA

Ms. Wendy Walker

Ms. Teresa Warner

Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Warner

Ms. Sheryl M. Watkins

Rev. and Mrs. Walter Wenhold

Mrs. Eileen Wenzka

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. White

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wicks

Dr. John B. Wilder

William Kent Inc.

Kent, William R.

Ms. Kathlyn Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Williams

Mr. Matthew Woitaszek

Mrs. Judith E. Wood

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Woodward

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Woodward

Ms. Grace S. Woodworth

Wortzman Furniture, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry N. Wortzman

Mr. Bryan Wright

Ms. Deborah Wright

Mrs. Judy L. Yager

Mrs. Carolyn P. Young

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Yunker

Ms. Cindy A. Zarcone

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Zinni

In spite of our diligent efforts to be

accurate, there is the possibility of

human error. If we misspelled or

omitted your name, please accept

our apologies and notify the

Foundation at (585) 344-5300.

Thank you.

Corporate Leaders

Boylan Law Office

Clark Patterson Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Byron DeWitt

Freed Maxick & Battaglia, CPAs, P.C./RSM McGladrey, Inc.

Harris Beach, PLLC

Lawley Genesee/Lawley Benefits/Bill & Terry Fritts

Liberty Pumps

Manning Squires Hennig, Inc.

Pepsi Beverages Company

Sodexo Services, Inc.

The Bank of Castile/Tompkins Insurance Agencies, Inc.

Upstate Niagara Cooperative, Inc./O-AT-KA Milk Products Cooperative, Inc.


In memory of Carol Boryczka


Mr. and Mrs. John E. Roach

In memory of Robert Call

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Bibler

In memory of Charles P. "Skip" Charvella

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Barone

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Perrone

Ms. Ruth Perrone

Mr. James Schmitt and Ms. Nancy Wise

Ms. Shirley J. Williams

In memory of Edith Chaya

The Honorable and Mrs. Robert J. Balbick

Ms. Susie Boyce

Ms. Leuza E. Dunn

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Fischer

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Fritts, Jr.

Ms. Lina Lamattina

Mr. Todd Masters

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Metz

Ms. Aida Nogueira

Ms. Julie Pacatte

Ms. Laurentina Rosa

Rotary Club of Batavia

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Thomas

In memory of Marie Clarke

Markin Tubing

In memory of Rose Dibble

St. Jerome Guild, Inc.

In memory of Dorothy M. Hilchey

Mrs. Anna S. Green

Ms. Sheila Maloney

Ms. Frances Matla

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Matla

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Matla

Ms. Patricia Monroe

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Yunker

In memory of Barbara Hillabush

Ms. Karen Tennity

In memory of L. Dexter Hinton

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Fritts, Jr.

Manor Pitch Players

In memory of Lynne M. Johnson

Ms. Nancy J. Kustas

Ms. Pamela A. Smith

In memory of Nicoleeta Valle Labbruzzo

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Fritts, Jr.

In memory of Dean H. Lapp

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Antonucci

In memory of Theresa M. Lawrence

St. Jerome Guild, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Ross

In memory of Paul Monachino

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Fritts, Jr.

St. Jerome Guild, Inc.

In memory of Oliver Morrisseau

Ms. Mary Beth Bowen

In memory of Santa O'Geen

Mr. and Mrs. Jae Choi

Ms. Sandra Davis-Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. John Ferrara

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Fritts, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. William Harris, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Jandrew

Ms. Pearl Lovria

Ms. Dorothy O'Geen

Ms. Kathleen O'Geen

Mr. John L. Rizzo, Esq.

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Siegel

Mr. and Mrs. John Steele

Mr. David Tabone

Mrs. Joseph Tabone

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Weaver

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Yaskulski

In memory of Josephine Paladino

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Pulvino

In memory of Lena Palmer

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Andrews

Batavia High School

Batavia Teachers Association

Irene A. Burns, M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Condello

Freed Maxick & Battaglia, PC

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Fritts, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Fulmer

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Gerace

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Houseknecht

Mr. John Kowalik

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Leyden

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Moag

Mrs. Lloyd Mowers

Mrs. Ann Orlowski

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rosica

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Shirtz, Jr.

Stafford Country Club Inc.

Mrs. Carolyn P. Young

In memory of Margaret Pillo

St. Jerome Guild, Inc.

In memory of Wanda Pulvino

Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Landfried

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Lapp

Mr. and Mrs. Max W. Mason, Jr.

In memory of Helen Roach

St. Jerome Guild, Inc.

In memory of Alice J. Spink

Ms. Nancy Battaglia

Mr. and Mrs. John Haber

Mr. and Mrs. Willis Hess

Ms. Joan Linsey

Ms. Nancy Medwid

Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Mitzel

Mrs. Marie Rouse

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Schmidt

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Spink

Mrs. Joan Waite

In memory of Joseph Rotondo

Mr. and Mrs. William Fritts, Jr.

In memory of Patsy Strollo

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Almeter

Ms. Carey Boethel

Mrs. Vincent J. Bucciferro

Mrs. Mary Donofrio

Mrs. Mary F. Gugino

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Guppenberger

Mrs. David J. Heale

Mr. and Mrs. John Huenemoerder

Ms. Nancy Macalpine

Mrs. Marilyn Menn

Ms. Linda Neumeister

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Slaiman

Mr. and Mrs. William Wade

Ms. Judy Watson

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Zinni

In memory of Kristine Suttell

Mrs. Gail Almeter

Ms. Kathryn F. Baltz

Ms. Mary Beth Bowen

Mr. and Mrs. George Crocker

Mrs. Wendy S. Galland

Ms. Lorraine G. Goergen

Mrs. Anna Green

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Houseknecht

Ms. Mary T. Kane

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Shirtz, Jr.

Ms. Karen M. Tennity

In memory of Ralph F. Torcello

St. Jerome Guild, Inc.

In memory of Ida Zipkin

United Memorial Medical Center League


The Estate of Ruth M. Keeney

Volunteers Debbie Pellegrino and Donna Condello work at the Jerome Center Gift Shop.

nited Memorial is fortunate to have many

U supportive individuals who dedicate their

time in service to our organization. Volunteers

assist in the Surgical Waiting Area, Medical Records

Office, Human Resources, Spiritual Care,

the Foundation Office and on the Maternity Unit.

They also serve as patient menu aides and help in

the gift shop and kiosk areas.

The Guild and the League operate a gift shop at

each campus, volunteer and provide philanthropic

support to United Memorial.

St. Jerome Guild , Inc.

Board of Directors 2011

Annette LaBarbera, President

Donna Condello, Vice President

Marilyn Dickinson, Secretary

Cheryl Kowalik, Treasurer

Lucy Voltura

Shirley Buckley

Ginnie Bibler

Gloria Cipollone

Carmela Gaultieri

Rosemarie Monachino

Debbie Pellegrino

Marge Rimmer

UMMC League

Board of Directors 2011

Kay Benton, Co-President

Mary Smith, Co-President

Diane Buchholtz, Vice President

Kathy Bender, Secretary

Lynn Houseknecht, Treasurer

Sharon Andrews

Nancy Arras

Carol Balaz

Jacquie Dwyer

Diane Fraser

Carol Smith

Karen Tennity

Pat Vincent

Pam Whitcombe

In 2011, there were 103 adult and junior volunteers

who served 15,267 hours.


United Memorial Medical Center

127 North Street

Batavia, New York 14020

(585) 343-6030

Batavia Family and Pediatric Care Center

The Jerome Center:

16 Bank Street

Batavia, New York 14020


Surgical Associates

The Jerome Center:

16 Bank Street

Batavia, New York 14020


Tountas Family Care

3 Tountas Avenue

LeRoy, New York 14482


Cardiology and Internal Medicine

229 Summit Street

Batavia, New York 14020

(585) 344-4440

Urgent Care

3 Tountas Avenue

LeRoy, NY 14482


The Corporate Health Center

The Jerome Center:

16 Bank Street

Batavia, New York 14020


Hope Haven

The Jerome Center:

16 Bank Street

Batavia, New York 14020


Jerome Center Outpatient Medical

Imaging and Laboratory Services

The Jerome Center:

16 Bank Street

Batavia, New York 14020


Women’s Care Center

33 Chandler Avenue

Batavia, New York 14020

(585) 344-4700

Women’s Care Center

100 Ohio Street

Medina, NY 14103


Wound Care and Hyperbaric

Medicine Center

127 North Street

Batavia, NY 14020

(585) 344-5372

Le Roy Diagnostic Center

3 Tountas Avenue

LeRoy, New York 14482

(585) 768-4220

Pembroke Diagnostics Center

860 West Main Street Road

Corfu, New York 14036


Sleep Center

229 Summit Street, suite 6

Batavia, New York 14020


Opening Summer 2012:

Pain Center

229 Summit Street

Batavia, New York 14020


Urgent Care

The Jerome Center

16 Bank Street

Batavia, New York 14020


On the web: www.ummc.org

Summit Physical & Occupational

Therapy Center

99 Medtech Park

Batavia, NY 14020


United Memorial has achieved:

Gold Seal of Approval, the Joint Commission

NICHE Designation, Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders

Accreditation for MRI, CT, Nuclear Medicine & Mammography from the American College of Radiology

Accreditation for Mammography, U.S. Food and Drug Administration Mammography Quality Standards Act

Accreditation for Laboratory Services, New York State Department of Health and the Joint Commission

Accredited Sleep Disorders Center, American Academy of Sleep Medicine

.United Memorial Medical Center is a member of:

The American Hospital Association

Healthcare Association of New York State

Western New York Healthcare Association

Genesee County Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

and is licensed by the State of New York.

United Memorial is a general acute care, not-for-profit community hospital

that admits and treats all patients without regard to race, color, religion,

sex, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or source of payment.

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