Primers, UV Printing & Top Coatings -

Primers, UV Printing & Top Coatings -


Nicholas Hellmuth and Jose Melgar August 2009

Printing on Glass, Acrylic, MDF,

Faux Ceramic, ABS+PC

Primers, UV Printing

& Top Coatings


This FLAAR Report on digital printing on glass, acrylic, ABS and other

comparable materials was issued last year. There have been so many new

developments in ink chemistry for printing on glass that we have decided to

update all our reports on digital printing on glass. Two of us from FLAAR spent

three days at Glasstec 2010 gathering information.

The updated versions the lists of reports on this subject are being maintained

for the distributors, printshop owners and managers, and manufacturers who

write us for either a Subscription or for Consulting Services.

If you wish a Subscription, please look at and then contact us at FrontDesk “at” If

you wish consulting services, download the consulting PDFs on any Consulting

page on any FLAAR web site, or write us at FrontDesk “at”

The reports that will be updated are those on WP Digital (Polytype), GRAPO,

and others. The reports on Drytac (coater) have already been issued (the

Drytac reports are automatic downloads; click and it downloads).

The earlier reports on Durst Rho printers are being replaced by newer and

different reports. But many of the old reports are still available in reserve.

These are not auto-downloads.

Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth evaluating the printheads at

VUTEk factory.

Because no web site has control over which pages

or reports are picked up by search engines, and

because we need to move older reports off the

automatic free download system into the Survey-

Inquiry form system, as a courtesy to our readers,

rather than have a “dead link” because we removed

an earlier report, we provide this notice with a new

link to www.wide-format-printers.NET

Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth at Durst factory.

Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth at Gerber factory.

Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth evaluating a sample printed on with the WP

Digital Virtu RS35/48


Here is Nicholas at Glasstec, three days, taking notes on every wide-format inkjet printer in every expo hall.

Here is Nicholas at practica industrial printers


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