Fume Hoods


Fume Hoods

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Fume Hood Technology

How a Fume Hood Works (continued)

Located across the inside rear of the fume hood, baffles control airflow patterns through the fume hood. Baffle panels are located in a

position determined to be most effective for the application. A remote adjustment option allows the user to reposition the baffles according to

characteristics of effluents generated in the fume hood.

Remote baffle adjustment located on the outside of the fume hood corner post complies with OSHA Lab Standard recommendations.

Baffle Positions

For lighter-than-air gases and high heat

generation, maximum airflow is provided

at the top of the fume hood. The top slot is

adjusted to wide open, center and side slots

remain at normal position, and the bottom

slot is reduced.

For heavier-than-air gases and fumes

generated at the work surface, maximum air

flow is provided at the bottom of the fume

hood, near the work surface. The top slot is

closed, and the center, side and bottom slots

are open.

Concept and Pioneer fume hoods only

have a fixed baffle for lower face velocity


Sash Positions

Sash operating position while work is being

performed in the fume hood is a maximum 18”

opening for vertical rising sashes.

Sash setup position is defined as an opening

greater than the operating position for loading

materials with which to perform work. Work

should not be performed in the setup position.


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