the fund factsheet -

the fund factsheet -


LGlobal Funds - Asia High Dividend Equity

The Fund aims to provide long term capital growth by investing primarily in equities or equity-linked securities (including, but not

limited to, preference shares, real estate investment trusts, depository receipts) of companies in the Asia Pacific (ex Japan) region

that offer attractive dividend yields and sustainable dividend payments.

The Fund may employ financial derivative instruments for hedging and efficient portfolio management purposes. Financial derivative

instruments can be used for instance to create market exposures through equity, currency, volatility or index related financial

derivative instruments and include over-the-counter and/or exchange traded options, futures, forward contracts and/or a combination

of the above.

Fund Manager’s Commentary

• Asian equity markets in February recovered strongly after January’s decline. Trading volumes

however remained low and we continued to see fund outflows in the region. The rally was mainly led

by Indonesia and the Philippines as investors’ concerns regarding deteriorating fundamentals on the

back of the Fed tapering eased somewhat.

• All countries performed positively with the Philippines (+8.1%) leading the outperformance followed

by Indonesia (+4.8%) and Hong Kong (+4.7%) while the weakest market, Taiwan, registered a gain

of 1.7%. All sectors performed extremely well with healthcare emerging as the top performer with

6.1% return followed by information technology (5.5%) and utilities (4.9%). The only

underperformance came from the materials sector which was flat at -0.5%.

• In February, the Fund returned 3.2% 1 while the benchmark returned 3.6% in SGD terms. In terms of

country allocation, the fund's overweight in Australia, Philippines, and underweight China

contributed positively while the overweight in Singapore, Taiwan and underweight in Indonesia

contributed negatively. In terms of sector allocation, the underweight in financials and overweight in

consumer staples and discretionary contributed positively while the overweight in telecoms and

underweight in information technology contributed negatively. Stock selection was positive in

Taiwan, Australia offset by negative stock selection effect in Singapore and Hong Kong.

• The lack of investor conviction is likely to persist into March and recent events surrounding Ukraine

are likely to heighten uncertainties. China’s National People’s Congress will be closely watched for

evidence that the government remains committed to reforms and also signs of economic

rebalancing taking place. We continue to be defensively positioned and to focus on those

companies where we have a strong comfort level concerning earnings sustainability and cash flow



Class I SGD QDist 1 Class A SGD Dist 1

Returns % NAV NAV 2 Benchmark # Returns % NAV NAV 2 Benchmark #

Year-to-Date -0.2 -1.2 -0.5 Year-to-Date -0.3 -5.3 -0.5

1 Month 3.2 2.2 3.6 1 Month 3.2 -2.0 3.6

3 Months -1.9 -2.8 -1.0 3 Months -2.0 -6.9 -1.0

6 Months 1.6 0.6 5.8 6 Months 1.3 -3.7 5.8

1 Year 0.2 -0.8 1.5 1 Year -0.3 -5.3 1.5

Since Inception


10.1 9.6 7.6 Since Inception p.a. 12.5 9.2 9.6






Jan 12 Apr 12 Jul 12 Oct 12 Jan 13 Apr 13 Jul 13 Oct 13 Jan 14

Source: Lion Global Investors Ltd / Morningstar

LGlobal Fds Asia High Div Eq I SGD QDis (SGD Terms)1

MSCI AC Asia Pacific ex-Japan Index (SGD Terms)#

Fund Facts

Fund Inception Date:

Class I SGD QDist

Class A SGD Dist

Subscription Mode:

Minimum Investment:

Class I

Class A

Initial Charge:

Class I

Class A

Management Fee:

Class I

Class A

Valuation Dealing:

NAV Price:

Class I SGD QDist

Class A SGD Dist

Fund Size:

ISIN Codes

Class A USD Acc:

Class A USD QDist:

Class A SGD Acc:

Class A SGD Dist:

Class I USD Acc:

Class I SGD QDist:

Class I USD QDist:

Class A SGD QDist:

*Class I USD Dist:

*Class A USD Dist:

*Class I SGD Acc:

*Class I SGD Dist:

3 January 2012

4 June 2012


SGD / USD 1 million

SGD / USD 1,000

Up to 1%

Up to 5%

1.0% p.a

1.5% p.a.


S$ 11.257

S$ 11.237

US$ 69.5 million













© Lion Global Investors Limited. Company Registration Number 198601745D.

A member of the OCBC Group. All rights reserved.

LGlobal Funds - Asia High Dividend Equity

Country Allocation (% of NAV)

Top 10 Holdings ( % of NAV)

Woolworths Ltd 4.3

Cash Equivalent

Korea, South







Jiangsu Expressway Co Ltd 4.2

Comfortdelgro Corp Ltd 3.9

QBE Insurance Group Ltd 3.8









Starhub Ltd 3.4

Synnex Technology Intl Corp 3.3

Petrochina Co Ltd-H 3.3







Singapore Telecom Ltd 3.2

Charoen Pokphand Foods-NVDR 3.1

ASX Ltd 3.1

Sector Allocation ( % of NAV)

Financial, 21.6%

Industrial, 15.8%

Communications, 15.2%

Consumer, Cyclical, 13.3%

Consumer, Non-cyclical, 10.2%

Technology, 9.8%

Energy, 5.6%

Basic Materials, 2.8%

Utilities, 2.6%

Cash equivalent, 3.1%

# Benchmark:

Inception to 30 September 2013: MSCI AC Asia Pacific ex

Japan Index (Ex-Ante portfolio Beta Adjusted).

From 1 October 2013: MSCI AC Asia Pacific ex

Japan Index

1 Returns based on single pricing. Dividends are reinvested

net of all charges payable upon reinvestment and in SGD


2 Figures include the applicable initial charges for the

respective classes.

*Share Class currently not incepted yet.

For further information or to

obtain a copy of the prospectus:

Funds Hotline | +65 6417 6900

Facsimile | +65 6417 6806

Lion Global Investors Limited

65 Chulia Street #18-01

OCBC Centre

Singapore 049513

Lion Global Investors is the Singapore Representative for LGlobal Funds.

This publication is for information only. It is not an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any securities/investments and does not have regard to your specific

investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs. All applications for units in our funds must be made on application forms accompanying the prospectus.

You should read the prospectus, available from Lion Global Investors Limited (“LGI”) or any of its approved distributors, before deciding whether to subscribe for or

purchase units of the Fund. Investments in the Fund are not obligations of, deposits in, guaranteed or insured by LGI or any of its affiliates and are subject to

investment risks including the possible loss of the principal amount invested. The value of units in the Fund and the income accruing to the units, if any, may rise or

fall. Past performance, as well as any prediction, projection, or forecast on the economy, securities market, or the economic trends of the markets are not necessarily

indicative of the future or likely performance of the funds. Any opinion or view presented is subject to change without notice. Accordingly, no warranty is given and no

liability is accepted for any loss arising directly or indirectly as a result of you acting on any information, opinion, forecast, or estimate contained herein. You may wish

to seek advice from a financial adviser before making a commitment to purchase the Fund. In the event that you choose not to seek advice from a financial adviser,

you should consider carefully whether the Fund is suitable for you.

The above is based on information available as of 28 February 2014, unless otherwise stated. The Manager reserves the right to make any amendments to the

information at any time, without notice.

© Lion Global Investors Limited. Company Registration Number 198601745D.

A member of the OCBC Group. All rights reserved.

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