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Transforming Lives - College of Business - Washington State ...

Transforming Lives

Developing Leaders. Driving Innovation.

“Our vision to transform lives by developing leaders and driving

innovation represents a shared value of purposeful, positive

impact. The partnership of alumni and friends is a fundamental

component of our efforts to create a more rewarding future for

our students, our graduates, and organizations worldwide.”

—Eric R. Spangenberg


Maughmer Freedom Philosophy Chair

College of Business Vision

Enriching the lives of students and alumni while positively impacting the business

and academic communities of Washington state, the region, and the world.

Developing Leaders.

Driving Innovation.

On the cover:

Dr. Joan Giese, assistant professor of marketing and Redmond Fellow, has

received the Academy of Marketing Science Outstanding Marketing Educator

Award, the College of Business Professor of the Year Award, and the Washington

State University Marketing Professor of the Year Award. Dr. Giese is one of the

outstanding faculty members working to carry out the College of Business vision.

“Developing our future leaders is indeed a challenging task, but it is also

wonderfully rewarding. I often ask our people to reach beyond their grasp,

because that is where true innovation lies, waiting for us to realize and

apply it. I want WSU students to have the same opportunity to reach beyond

their grasp, and I salute the College and the University for their commitment

to giving our students the opportunity to reach, to succeed,

to innovate—and to become our future leaders.”

—Scott Carson

Executive Vice President, Sales

Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Chair, CB National Board of Advisors

A Message From the Dean

As a business college at a research university, the College of Business at Washington State

University has the opportunity to positively impact the lives and businesses of people in our

state and around the world. We can enrich lives in many ways: providing an inspiring teacher or

mentor, facilitating a global learning experience, educating your company’s next top employee,

training a future entrepreneur, or advancing knowledge that improves the bottom line for

businesses and nonprofit organizations.

“These opportunities carry great responsibilities, and they capture my vision

for the College: creating enduring success for our students, our state, and our

global business communities.”

As the economic engines of our state and country accelerate, the College of Business is

dedicated to investing in the future of commerce through our commitment to offering worldclass

educational programs, conducting the highest quality research, and providing a forum for

the commercialization of innovation.

Through developing leaders and driving innovation, the College of Business can actualize

Washington State University’s highest goals: providing the best undergraduate education, and

fostering a world-class environment for research, scholarship, graduate education, the arts, and


It is critical that this vision represent a shared plan for our future. The College of Business will

need the support of all of our stakeholders to make the vision a reality, and your participation is

vital. Together, we can transform lives.

We are working to shape the future of business.

Developing tomorrow’s business leaders

with career and leadership development

offerings, a cohort-based MBA program, and

global educational experiences for students.

Continually striving for and achieving

excellence in research to benefit academic

and business communities and improve the

classroom experience.

Facilitating active learning opportunities

such as those available through the WSU

Business Plan Competition.

Teaching students to manage innovation

through our leadership role in the

WSU Initiative for Entrepreneurship

and Innovation.

“Graduates of the College of Business possess the skills and knowledge to

shape our global economy. These traits are founded in innovative courses

taught by outstanding faculty, who combine world-class academics with the

diverse, real-world challenges of corporate America. The future success of our

students depends on the CB’s ability to attract and retain world-class teachers

and researchers.”

—Robert Williams

Vice President, Key Bank

We are on the right track, and we will continue to push forward.

Our success will depend on progress in four critical areas:

Faculty Excellence, Student Success,

Premiere Programs, and World-Class Facilities.

Faculty Excellence

Our ability to attract and retain top faculty and support their research

directly affects the strength and vitality of our College. World-class educational

programs depend on world-class faculty. Prolific researchers help to move

forward the commercialization of innovation and contribute to industry. We must

work to retain and reward the faculty who exemplify excellence and carry out our

vision every day.

Faculty such as Dr. Richard Sias are at the

core of our drive to enrich the lives of

students. Dr. Sias is a professor of finance

and holds the Gary P. Brinson Chair of

Investment Management. Through his

leadership of the Cougar Investment

Fund program, student portfolio

managers invest and manage more

than a million dollars of the University

endowment, beating the market by an

average of 6.4% since the program’s

inception in 2001. Innovative teachers

such as Dr. Sias can profoundly impact

students, shaping their academic careers

and often their lives.

“As the pace of change accelerates throughout the world, the study of

business becomes increasingly important and more complex. If Washington

State University is to deliver on the promise of providing a world-class

education, practical and real exposure to the practices and principles of

business must be an integral part of the education experience. By providing

students with the opportunity to understand the principles and challenges of

the business world, the College of Business is ensuring that its graduates are

poised to contribute positively to society, to the economy, and to the world.”

—Bettie Steiger

President, Steiger and Associates

“The Boeing Scholarship not only

provided financial support for

my education—it also provided

me with real-world experience.

As a Boeing Scholar, I was able

to participate in a Boeingsponsored

project that gave me the

opportunity to help create solutions

for the company’s real challenges.

I developed critical skills including

problem solving, networking, and working across different

disciplines. My scholarship opened many doors for me, and had

a tremendous impact on my education and my future career.”

—Heather Hall

B.A. Business Administration/Finance, May 2005

Boeing Scholarship recipient

Consultant, Protiviti

Student Success

The College of Business goes beyond educating students—

we develop future leaders and prepare them for success.

We do this by providing students with scholarships, professional

development, career and internship opportunities, and global


The cost of higher education continues to rise and is supported

by shrinking state funding. Undergraduate resident tuition at

WSU has increased more than 80% since 1995–96, making higher

education out of reach for many. Scholarships enable qualified

students to transform their lives and futures through education.

Premiere Programs

Outstanding programs can transform the lives and careers of

students. The College of Business is home to programs recognized

worldwide for excellence, including highly-ranked programs in

International Business, Hospitality Business Management, and

Entrepreneurship. Exceptional programs are created and sustained

through investments in world-class faculty and facilities.

Entrepreneur magazine ranked the Washington State University entrepreneurship

major as the top entrepreneurship emphasis program in Washington state.

The program focuses on hands-on enterprise development, critical problem solving,

essential technical skills, and leadership, giving students the tools to generate desired

results in their own ventures. New courses highlight interdisciplinary training, joining

business students with those in biotechnology, engineering, and other fields of

study. Here, the director of the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, Dr. Jerman Rose,

counsels a student team preparing for the WSU Business Plan Competition.

“Achieving Dean Spangenberg’s vision for Washington State University’s

College of Business will require strong, engaged volunteer leaders. As the

College strives to positively impact the lives and careers of students, alumni,

and members of the business community, this dedicated network can help

provide essential connections to industry and invaluable opportunities

for students.”

—George Hubman

Founding partner and retired Vice President, WRQ

Vice Chair, CB National Board of Advisors

World-Class Facilities

The modern classroom is evolving, and the College of Business must keep

pace to meet the needs of today’s students and employers. Outstanding

facilities are essential to cutting-edge business education. World-class learning

environments support the delivery of innovative teaching and enable active,

team-based learning.

Facilities begin with a vision.

In the case of the Scott and Linda

Carson Center for Professional

Development, it was a drive to develop

leaders with the skills and knowledge to

thrive in the workplace and contribute

to their organizations. Scott and Linda

Carson envisioned a center where

students could learn about careers

in business, interact with visiting

employers, practice interview and

presentation skills, and attend seminars

on leadership and managerial skills.

Today, the Carson Center is a place and

philosophy wherein students in business

and engineering work toward their

professional goals.

The College of Business possesses the essential components of an excellent business school: extraordinary

teachers, researchers, and mentors; outstanding programs; and motivated, talented students. Building upon

this foundation will require the support and partnership of the alumni and friends who share our vision.

The College’s mission to enrich lives translates into a better future for our graduates, their families, and the

world we share. Please join us—our work to transform the future begins today.

Best regards,

Eric R. Spangenberg

Dean and Maughmer Freedom Philosophy Chair

Developing Leaders.

Driving Innovation.

12/05 111210

College of Business


The College of Business is ranked among the top 10 business programs at public universities

in the western United States (US News and World Report 2005).

n The College of Business is among 10

percent of business schools in the country

to achieve AACSB accreditation at the

bachelor, master, and doctorate levels.

n US News and World Report ranked

International Business among the top 25

specialty business programs (2003–2005).

n Entrepreneur magazine rated the

CB Entrepreneurship major as the

top entrepreneurship emphasis

program in Washington (2005).

n Management and Operations ranked

18 in research productivity.

n School of Hospitality Business Management

ranked as the top provider of career

services to its students (Journal of Hospitality

and Tourism Education, 2002).


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