Photographer - Wallingford

Photographer - Wallingford

Photographer: M.T. Phillips

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April 2009

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Editorial - Freedom Parade

AT the moment, there are two organisations who have the Freedom of Wallingford – The Rifles

Regiment and RAF Benson. At 10.30 am on Wednesday 1st April, RAF Benson will exercise its

rights under its ‘Freedom’ to march through the town with banners flying and bayonets fixed.

This is an event which happens only rarely, and seldom in times of such demand on our military and

RAF personnel.

We are all very much aware at the moment of the heavy burden faced by our armed forces,

and staff from RAF Benson are working incredibly hard in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The bravery

awards and commendations which some individuals receive reflect the courage and hard work of

everyone at the station. This will, therefore, be a wonderful opportunity for the town to come together

to welcome our ‘Freemen’ and celebrate the continuing very warm relationship between the town and

RAF Benson. Do come along if you can, and join the Town Council in what will be a unique occasion.

Lynda Atkins - Tel: 839120


Editorial/SOMS/Country Market 1

Owed to Johnny Houston 2

Ramblers/New Musical Co. 3

Town Council Notes 4

Save the Honey Bee/Art Club

A thought for Easter 5

St. John’s Centenary 6

April in the Corn Exchange 7

Have you seen my Bike 7

News from our MP 8

Cholsey/Wallingford Railway 8

Finds & Fossils Day 9

Historic guided Walks 9

Meet your local producers 10


SOMS stands for South Oxfordshire Music School,

which is run on Saturday mornings during term

time from 9.30am – 12pm at Wallingford School.

We offer a range of orchestral, choral, band and

chamber ensemble groups giving pupils the

opportunity to explore many different styles of music

as well as learning to play together and make friends

with like-minded musicians. Our current age-range is

from 8-16 years and we invite anyone along who has

been playing for two terms or more. Music can be

arranged for those less advanced and we have access

to the County Music Service library to ensure our more

advanced players also have a challenge! At the end of

each term we give an informal concert to family and

friends; recent performances have included music

from Pirates of the Caribbean, The Pink Panther,

Memory from Cats, Vivaldi’s Seasons, selections from

High School Musical and many more favourites!

During the morning we have three sessions,

when the Juniors and Seniors are split into the various

ensembles. The morning is divided by break-time

when we also offer a well-stocked tuck-shop!

Pupils do not have to be learning through the

Music Service to take part; the activities are open to all

pupils, depending on ability. Please call the Music

Service for further details on 01865 740000 or email

Lorna Waters

Photographic Club/CCTV 11

Green Page 12

Peter Pan/The Fat Ox 13

Royal British Legion 14

Classic Vehicle Rally/Elizabeth 15

Oakley Wood/Police Update 15

Reasons to be proud 16

Wallingford U3A/First Aid Unit16

Walks Against Cancer 17

County Councillor reply 17

Exchange Trading Scheme 18

Rainbow Pre-School/On yer Bike!18

Thameside U3A/Thames Run 19

What’s On 20

Wallingford Country Market

PLEASE note that our Market, during Easter

week, will be held on Maundy Thursday, 9th

April, 2009 instead of Good Friday, when a variety

of Easter Baking, Hand-crafted gifts, Greetings

Cards and seasonal Plants and Flowers will be on

sale in the Regal Centre, Wallingford 8.30 – 11.15.

For further details about your local Country

Market, please telephone 873338. Everything

Home-baked, Home-grown, Home-crafted.

Gwen Strong

Editor’s Note: When extolling the virtues of our

many markets last month, I missed the Country

Market. I am not sure why, other than a concern

that my guests might work out that when I offer a

home made cake, it is a country market home not

mine that it was made in! Do try them for yourself.

Wallingford Town Council

Please mention the window for wallingford if you respond to any of our advertisements

Lynda Atkins

Royal Air Force Benson will be

Exercising their Freedom of



Wednesday, 1st April 2009

Wallingford Bridge and High Street to the Lamb

Crossroads and Castle Street will be closed from

approximately 10.30am-11am and 11.30am-11.50am

The Market Place, St. Mary’s and St. Martin’s Streets

and St. Leonard’s Square will also be closed to traffic

from approximately 10.30am until 11.50am

The Town Clerk



Owed to Johnny Houston, the Pancake Ace

It seemed as if, in year 09,

The pancake race was on the line.

No lions left to run the race,

It could not possibly take place.

Crisis of a serious kind,

A problem here to stretch the mind.

In hour of need, no need to fear,

For forward stepped a volunteer.

To Johnny Houston, boxing trainer,

The state of play could not be plainer.

Organise it, sort it out,

Give the race a bit of clout.

Preparations went ahead,

With teams of helpers ably led.

Incentive here for everyman,

The prize a golden frying-pan.

Crowds streamed in by car and bus

And lined the course with zero fuss.

Of athletes just the very best

Dared enter this endurance test.

Pancakes you will realise,

Must be of regulation size.

They must be tossed into the air

And shouldn’t really fall ‘par terre’.

But if they’re dropped, and down

they splat,

We shouldn’t be surprised at that!

Rotarians stood to see fair play

And hear appeals without delay.

But if there was the slightest doubt,

John Houston’s there to sort them


If common sense has any place,

Don’t argue with a boxing ace.

Costume also played a role,

For some had dress sense rather


Contestants came from near and far,

One from distant Potters Bar.

Chris Bobadilla, brave and true,

Had jetted ‘specially from Peru.

First there came the juniors’ race,

From and to the Market Place,

Won by entrant very cool,

A sprinting ace from Fir Tree School.

Then the serious stuff began,

A challenge here for child and man.

Alec Hayton fired the gun,

Away competitors did run.

Courage none of these did lack,

As they pounded round the track.

Runners drenched in perspiration,

A credit to the British nation.

The pace was hot, the going tough,

Several laps were quite enough.

Even Ivy did not shirk it,

A stately mover round the circuit.

Then with sudden burst of speed,

Jason Parr assumed the lead.

Fit and fast, and standing tall,

He managed thirteen laps in all.

Winning then with loud acclaim,

He entered pancakes’ hall of fame.

The Mayor, of high-speed bikes a fan,

Presented Jason with the pan.

Mid scenes of pan-demon-ium,

Jason took the pan he’d won.

Such skills, such pace, this really


To count as an Olympic sport.

Pam Cake

C. A. HOLTOM Building Contractor


38 Sinodun Road, Wallingford Tel: 01491 837932

Fruit & Vegetables • Newspapers • Magazines

Beers & Wines • Mobile Top-up Vouchers

In-Store Bakery with Freshly Baked Bread & Cakes

plus the National Lottery





Plastering • Building • Drylining • Rendering

Screeding • Pebbledash • Extensions • Tiling

Coving • Alterations • Patios . Drainage


Telephone: Goring (01491) 651141




best value locally

Opening hours: Mon-Sat. 6.00am-8.00pm

Sunday 6.30am-1.00pm









01865 349007 (CHALGROVE)


Best Quality Teas

Direct from Tea Estates

and Freshly Roasted

High Grown Coffees

all Ethically sourced.

Wallingford Tea & Coffee

Company Limited

6a St. Martin’s Street

Wallingford, Oxon. OX10 0AL

Telephone: 01491 836263

2 Please mention the window for wallingford if you respond to any of our advertisements


Didcot & Wallingford

Ramblers Walks

in April

Sun 5th 10:15 SU614915 Moderate 10.5 miles

Meet at Benson. Bus from Benson Marina (X39/40)

leaves 10:18 to Nuneham Courtenay. Walk back to

Benson via Marsh Baldon, Drayton St Leonard. If

joining at Nuneham to walk to Benson and bus

back to Nuneham, meet at Nuneham C bus stop

(nearest Marsh Baldon end of the village) at 10:30.

Bring a packed lunch.

Barry Cowlard 838707

Fri 10th 10:30 SU647913 Moderate 8

miles Meet at Ewelme Recreation Ground car park.

A circular walk via Swyncombe Church. Bring a

packed lunch.

Sue White 834370

Sun 12th 14:00 SU526882 Moderate 7

miles Meet at East Hagbourne at Upper Cross, near

the church. This is a monthly village ramble that

varies from 5 to 7 miles.

John Jones 01235 813326

Tues 14th 10:00 SU605986 Moderate 6

miles Meet at Stadhampton. Park on the green.

Walk via Chalgrove and Newington.

John Rust 836563

Keith Tibbs

Sue White


Companion and Sitting Service for the Elderly

Are you looking after an elderly relative with mental health

needs Do you need a break Kind, caring, sympathetic lady

with ten years care experience available to sit with and

befriend the elderly. Trips out to places of interest, drives in

the countryside, hobbies or just a chat, game of dominoes,

cards, chess etc. in your own home. Non mental health needs

also accepted. References available. Fully insured.

Please do not hesitate to call Sue on 07782187866 to

discuss your requirements.

A New Musical Drama Company

MUSICAL Theatre Company is a new, exciting

drama company which has been set up

specifically to bring musical drama to Wallingford

and its surrounding villages and towns. We are

running music/drama workshops around the area

(look out for our posters in your schools and

workplaces!) and also producing one or more

major musical shows each year.

Our first major production will be ‘The

Railway Children’ which will be on stage at the

Corn Exchange Theatre, Wallingford, from Tuesday

20 to Saturday 24 October 2009. We need one set

of adults to play a variety of characters and two

sets of children (Year 6 and above in October

2009) to play the railway children themselves and

also the local village children.

Please note the following audition dates and times:

Saturday 25 April 2009 at Crowmarsh Gifford

Village Hall from 2.00 till 4.00 pm (mainly for

adults, but children welcome)

Thursday 30 April 2009 at St John’s School,

Wallingford from 6.30 till 8.30 pm (mainly for

children, but adults welcome)

Sunday 3 May 2009 at Crowmarsh Gifford Village

Hall from 2.00 till 5.00. (This is a call back session

from the previous auditions.)

We recommend that you read the novel by E

Nesbit or watch the film if you are really interested

in taking part. It is a lovely, heart-warming story.

Please e-mail

for further information. We are looking forward to

hearing from you.

Marilyn Johnstone and Sue Ledger


Available to hire for Badminton and Table Tennis

Badminton – £5.40 a court per hour

Table Tennis – £4.30 a table per hour

Also Club Nights for –

Monday: Table Tennis – contact (01491) 835122

Wednesday: Capoeira – contact 07974 697746

Thursday: Line Dancing – contact (01491) 825910

Friday: Short Mat Bowls – contact (01491) 201227



The Town Hall is situated in the centre of

Wallingford and is registered for Civil Marriages.

There are also rooms available for hiring during

the day and evening at very competitive rates.




COUNCIL – 01491 835373.

Please mention the window for wallingford if you respond to any of our advertisements







2nd February 2009


Oakley Wood Recycling Centre: Improvement

works will take place at this facility from 23rd of

March for about 3 months. During this time the

facility will be closed. Improvement work will

include better access, reduced waiting times,

more parking, more bins and so on.

Parents and Children Together (PACT): PACT has

secured the contract to run a children’s centre in

Wallingford and the surrounding areas. A range

of services for families with children from 0-5 will

be provided.


The Town Council resolved to confirm the action

of the Town Clerk in paying the bills for

December which amounted to £33,694.06.


New bus stops are going up in various locations

around the town. The Town Council

understands that this has become necessary

because the existing ones are on telegraph poles

and the owners want to make a charge!!


The Town Council agreed to send a copy of this

excellent film to our twin towns and also to other

Wallingfords around the world.


This is aimed at promoting tourism and

awareness of attractions in the county. The

Town Council will participate.


Events Forum (Fresher’s Fair). This event attracted

over 400 people to the Town Hall and resulted in

some 60 people registering as volunteers for

various organisations. Important events in the

town such as Pancake Day Race and The Raft

Race now have a future. If you want to join one

of the town’s many and excellent organisations it

is not too late please contact the town office Tel

835373. It is hoped to organise a Fresher’s Fair

for the students at Wallingford school.

Oxfordshire District Council (SODC) to prepare

terms of reference. In short common sense has

prevailed and Wallingford should be one ward

for Town Council elections.


The Town Council has set up a working party to

prepare a case for changing the town

boundaries to include land within the by-pass

and properties in Winterbrook. With the

expected expansion of the town it is felt that

new homes and existing homes that look to

Wallingford for their facilities should pay their

Council Tax to the town and be truly

Wallingfordians. In addition they will receive a

very warm welcome from the town.





Miss Jackie Bryan: The Mayor announced the

recent death of Jackie Bryan who had been

employed in the Town Information Centre. Jackie

will be sadly missed.


The St Mirren Group who recently gained a

planning permission for a Care Home on this site

sent Mr Bhag Mahie to speak to the Town

Council about their new application to revert to

apartments. The speaker tried to explain how the

new proposed development for 14 flats is the

same as the previous development for 10 flats!!!

The application will be considered at a future



SODC is holding a series of meetings for

councillors to attend on the subject of new

waste services. The Town Council is still

concerned about the practicalities of the new



Concerns have been raised about the condition

and use of this building and the Town Clerk is to

investigate and report back.

Councillor Andrew Lock


A task group has been appointed by South

4 Please mention the window for wallingford if you respond to any of our advertisements


Help Rowse Save The

Honey Bee

DURING 2008 Rowse Honey supported the

British Bee Keepers’ Association campaign

requesting urgent funding for bee research from

Defra, in order to halt the serious decline in the

UK's honeybee population. We held meetings with

the BBKA, BFA and NFU ; we committed £100,000

to honeybee research at Sussex University; to

highlight the unfolding crisis we ran an

advertising campaign last November/December

and carry the message on our best selling Rowse

Blossom honeys.

We are delighted that on 21st January 2009,

Defra announced a £4.3 million increase in bee

health funding. Of this £2.3m would be spent

supporting the National Bee Unit over the next

two years to help England’s beekeepers deal with

the problems facing their bee colonies. In

addition, Defra will increase bee health research

funding by £400,000 p.a. for the next 5 years.

On 28th January the Co-operative said it was

donating £150,000 for research into why

honeybee numbers are falling, and would be

trialling a wild flower mix to be planted alongside

crops on its farms to support bees. The Cooperative

– the UK's biggest farmer with 25,000

hectares – also announced it was banning any

foods grown using pesticides from their own

range of fresh products. Rowse Honey already

works closely with the Co-op in liaising with UK

beekeepers to establish hives on its land and then

packing the honey produced for the Co-op. The

Co-operative are also making a documentary

about the honeybee crisis which will feature the

campaign by Rowse Honey.

Stuart Bailey

Wallingford and District Art Club

ON the 21st of April we have a demonstration by

Jonathan Newey who will be painting architecture

in line and watercolour wash,this should be a very

interesting evening. It is free to members and nonmembers

are very welcome at a cost of £6.The

evening starts prompt at 7.30.

There are the usual workshops on the

7th,14th and 28th of April which non members are

welcome at a cost of £3 to come and join us with

the medium of their choice to paint with a friendly

group of all ages and abilities. Refreshments and

parking are free and access is easy.

For further details of any of our events please

contact me on 825355 or visit our website

Doreen Smith

A thought for Easter

FOR the forty days of Lent we have been

preparing for Easter. It is a time when

we seemed to hold our breath. But now

there is a great shout of Joy. He is risen!

Alleluia! God has kept his promise. He has

raised his Son from the dead. Paradise

regained. The Gates of Heaven are thrown

open and an invitation of salvation offered to

all. Christ has gone down into the valley of

death and has trampled death underfoot. A

thrilling joy breaks out. For those who might

ask why this day is so special, we must have

our reply. As disciples of the Risen Lord we

must have his Good News firmly on our lips

proclaiming from the rooftops “He is risen


Our Saviour Jesus Christ, this extraordinary

person, the Son of God our redeemer who

was nailed to a cross, died, was buried under

stone, put death completely into reverse and

rose to new life. Death, that old enemy, has

been conquered and we, like St Paul, can

now cry out “Death where is your victory,

Death where is your sting”. We can laugh at

death because it has been beaten.

And it’s not just some random historical fact

either. It’s an experience for us all for He is

risen now, and where two or three are

gathered he is here among us. His

resurrection is also ours. It’s not just a

personal achievement of Jesus. It is a great

mystery that we all share. And according to

him the cost of a share is faith in him. Even a

simple, basic faltering faith is what he asks of

us. “I am the resurrection and the life.

Whoever believes in me, even though he

dies, he will live”.

There is, however, the great challenge of the

Gospel too. Resurrection is not a far off

dream, not a future reality alone.

Resurrection means that we should be

improving things now. It cannot be for the

privacy of the pews, locked in the church.

Each Easter is an invitation to build a better

world, a better community, a more just

society, a risen world. At Easter people can

never be complacent in the face of poverty

and injustice. At Easter people protest against

the finality of violence and refuse to genuflect

to the powers of darkness. The resurrection

proves that God is active in our world. If we

become the disciples who profess the great

joy of Easter, perhaps our world will be that

better place!

Please mention the window for wallingford if you respond to any of our advertisements

Fr David O’Sullivan



St. John’s Centenary

ST John’s Primary School celebrates the

school centenary in 2010. Over the next

year we would like to share some extracts

from log books that the school holds.

St John’s School was built in 1910. Prior to

that there was a Wallingford Church of England

School for Boys in the town, but not on this site.

We have the log book for this school dating back

to May 4th 1863 which describes some

interesting happenings in the school and town!

Here are a few for your amusement.

May 18th 1863

“A circus containing Herman the American Prize

Fighter came into the town today – 20 boys

away in the afternoon.”

May 19th “The above 20 boys were “kept in”

one hour today.”

March 1st 1870

“A very satisfactory amount of work done this

morning. Today being Shrove Tuesday the boys

have a half holiday.”

27th April 1870

“Mr Broadway came down at dinner time and

complained that his boy had been punished too

severely; But, after hearing full explanation, said

it was not enough.”

June 15th 1870

“Police inspector from Henley came and enquired

for three boys. The youngest of whom had set

fire to a blacksmith’s shop in Crowmarsh. After

talking with the three boys outside the school for

half an hour he took his departure. From 2.30 till

4, School almost unbearable – so hot.”

June 21st 1870

“Tuesday. Ordinary Progress. One boy admitted.

Punished 15 boys for playing with the goat after

the bell had rung – Present 164”

July 1st 1870

“General holiday in the Town on account of

H.R.H. Prince of Wales laying Foundation Stone

of the Grammar School at Reading.

School closed from 29th July to 29th August for

the “Harvest Holiday”

Not as long as our summer holidays now!

If you want any more information about our

celebrations or have any memories to share,

please contact Claire Satchwell on 07770

456050 or e-mail

and visit our website at

Jenny Forder


6 Please mention the window for wallingford if you respond to any of our advertisements


The Corn Exchange

in April

ARE you feeling a bit weary of winter and

the credit crunch Well, if you haven’t got

your tickets yet it’s not too late to let the

Sinodun Players’ Spring Production of Funny

Money put a spring into your step. We can

promise a hilarious evening with Ray Cooney’s

hilarious farce, which continues until Saturday 4th

April on stage each evening at 7.45.

At the end of the month we have an exciting

theatrical tour-de-force, when one of the country’s

top repertory actors, Guy Masterson (who,

incidentally, is Richard Burton’s great-nephew)

performs Dylan Thomas’ Fern Hill and his two

stories, A visit to Grandma’s and Holiday Memory.

This will be followed by American Poodle, a

comedy given 5 star rating at the Edinburgh

Fringe Festival, a two-part take on the Anglo-

American “special relationship” consisting of

Snowball, written by Guy himself and Splayfoot

written by Brian Parks. This is a one-night-only

performance at 7.45 on Saturday 25th April (all

tickets £12.00).

In addition there is an excellent cinema

programme this month, starting with Tom Cruise

and an all-star cast in Valkyrie on Sunday and

Monday 5th & 6th April, followed by He’s Just Not

That Into You starring Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett

Johansson among others on Tuesday 7th April.

Kate Winslet gives another highly praised

performance in Revolutionary Road, coupled with

Leonardo di Caprio for the first time since the

memorable Titanic in a very different film,

showing on Wednesday and Thursday 7th & 8th


For Easter weekend (Saturday, Sunday and

Monday, 11-13th April) we have a “U” certificate

film for all the family, The Secret of Moonacre.

Back to a very adult film for the next three days,

Doubt centres on a nun who makes unfounded

accusations against a priest; please be aware that

this film has a theme of implied child sexual


The Young Victoria, featuring Emily Blount

and Rupert Friend, which has been described as

“surprisingly racy” starts on Friday 17th April and

continues until Thursday 23rd April, including

Sunday. Woody Allen’s latest comedy drama,

Vicky Cristina Barcelona, which deals with themes

of impulsive romance, has a single showing on

Friday 24th April and Duplicity, a tale of

clandestine double-dealing, is next (Sunday 26th

to Tuesday 28th April).

Our final offering (Wednesday and Thursday

29th & 30th April) is Gran Torino, starring and

directed by the ageless Clint Eastwood. Once

again there is something on at the Corn

exchange every single evening this month.

All films start at 7.30, ticket prices are £6 for

adults and £4 for under 15s. You can also find the

finishing times in our leaflet and in our advert in

Window for Wallingford.

Sheila Davies

Henley Philatelic Society

8 April – Philatelic Easter – members bring up to 9

sheets depicting Easter.

22 April – Derek Harwood shows some Postal

History of London - and Pam Harwood brings her

display on Lighthouses.

Wednesday May 27th – A date for your Diary

–Club Auction – open to non-members. The

catalogue is available on the website with

additional lots continually being added.

Details 681739 or on our website: -

Penelope Black

Have you seen my Bike

MY bike was stolen from outside 6, Mill Lane on

Thursday, 26th February at around 10.20am. It is

a three-quarter size Lady’s shopping bike, red in

colour (plus some rust, as I have had it for a very

long time!). It did have a white basket, but the

basket was found discarded on the high path at

the back of the Kinecroft. If anyone should see this

bike or knows where it is, please ring 835122 or

just return it to 6 Mill Lane. This bike has been in

my possession for about 35 years and I use it

constantly. I am very sad to lose it and would be

so pleased if someone could get it back to me.

Lucy Quinn

17 Old Moor Close,Wallingford

Please mention the window for wallingford if you respond to any of our advertisements



News from our MP


have been concentrating my mind on two

important community services this month – the

local pub and the local library. I was chastened to

learn that 17 pubs have closed in the constituency

in the last two years, leaving just 141. The reasons

are many and complex. Fewer people will drink

and drive, a good thing. The ban on smoking in

pubs. Cheaper alcohol from supermarkets. One

issue that a lot of people have contacted me about

is the tax on beer, which is too high. We have a

fine tradition of local brewing in this area, and I am

keen to support a reduction in the tax on beer, paid

for by increasing the tax on alcopops. While this

will not save every pub, it could at least provide

some help to a very put-upon industry.

I am my party’s spokesman on libraries. We

have a pretty good service in Oxfordshire, but that

is not true in other parts of the country. People

often predict the death of the library, but it is still a

£billion a year service with more than 4000

libraries up and down the country. I regard the

local library as a vital service for people of all ages,

to access books, information, newspapers, the

internet. But libraries could and should be much

better, with council information points, and

perhaps even GP surgeries and other useful local

services co-located with them. They need to be

loved and cherished more by local councils, which

should see them as a real asset rather than a

burden that they have to provide.

As usual, I can be contacted at the House of

Commons, London SW1A 0AA, 020 7219 6350,

April surgeries are Faringdon, 3rd April, and

Shrivenham, 24th April, both at 5.30pm.

Ed Vaizey

Cholsey and Wallingford Railway in April

April 11, 12, 13 Ivor the Engine, Featuring a full

sized working Ivor the Engine locomotive, who will

be hauling trains throughout the weekend.

Saturday 11 April at 11.30am will also see the

official opening of our run round loop at Cholsey.

April 26 St. George’s Day Trains. Celebrate St.

George’s Day with a ride aboard a train built in

England, and locally brewed beer available in the

Brake Coach Bar.

Contact details and timetable are

e-mail: Tel (24hrs) 835 067

Trains depart from Wallingford at 11.10 and then

hourly until 16.10

Trains depart from Cholsey at 11.35 and then

hourly until 16.35

Susan Harrington


Panasonic TEAC®





Plasma & LCD Specialists

Panasonic & Sony Experts

Please call in for a demonstration

WALLINGFORD (01491) 839305/834349

St Leonard’s Square

Thursdays 10-30-12.00

8 Please mention the window for wallingford if you respond to any of our advertisements





• DVDs



Call in for coffee and a chat

For details of other activities, including mid-week prayer & house

groups, please contact our minister, Rev. Helen White

Telephone: 01235 813242

Patricia Newman Practice


3D colour plans of your

project for Planning,

Building Regulations &

Project Management.

Call for a no obligation

fee quote

Party Wall Surveyors

Planning Appeals


9 St. Mary’s Street, Wallingford 01491 833373


Finds and Fossils Day

HAVE you ever unearthed a treasure and

wondered what it was Well, take it along to

Wallingford Museum and find out. Here’s another

chance to help uncover the past by bringing

archaeological objects and fossils to a FREE 'Finds

and Fossils Day' on Saturday 11th April from 10am

to 1pm at Wallingford Museum. Experts will be on

hand to help identify items found by local people.

There’s no charge for admission to this event,

but you could combine it with a visit to the

Museum itself where there are a number of

interesting exhibitions related to Wallingford’s

fascinating role in the country’s history, together

with the new “Raising the Roof” and updated

"Burh to Borough" exhibitions. Just come along or

contact Colin Clarke for details tel 837720

Historic guided walks

BY popular demand on Saturday 11th April to

coincide with 'Finds and Fossils Day', two

historic guided walks have been arranged, which

will be led by Judy Dewey (local historian and

Museum curator). At 11am there will be a Castle

history walk, followed by a Town history walk at

2.30pm. Both walks, lasting just over 2 hours, start

at the Museum with a charge of £3 for each walk

[unsuitable for dogs!]. So, why not immerse

yourself in the town's fascinating local history for

the whole day and also visit the 'Wallingford Story'

exhibition at the Museum.

Just come along or contact Judy Dewey for

details tel 651127

Stu Darby

Wallingford Reservist Commended by

Rear Admiral

FLIGHT Sergeant Derek Vokins, from

Wallingford, has been presented with

Commander Joint Helicopter Command’s, Rear-

Admiral Tony Johnstone-Burt, personal

commendation at RAF Benson. Commendations

are presented to personnel who have been truly

outstanding in the performance of their duties,

often over a considerable length of time. They are

not given lightly and are an appreciation of the

meritorious service rendered.

Flight Sergeant Vokins is a part time reservist

and serves as Flight Sergeant Operations within

the Operations Flight of 606 (Chiltern) Squadron

Royal Auxiliary Air Force (RAuxAF). He has been

deployed out of area on two occasions in the past

but has recently directed his efforts towards

training others for operations, providing great

value from his experience.

Nikki Hamilton, RAF Benson


–––––CINEMA –––––

Sunday 5th April & Monday 6th April


Tuesday 7th April for 1 night only


Wednesday 8th April to Thursday 9th April


Saturday 11th April to Monday 13th April


Friday 17th April to Thursday 23rd April


Friday 24th April for 1 night only


Sunday 26th April to Thursday 30 April


Wednesday 29th April & Thursday 30 April


––––– LIVE THEATRE –––––

Wednesday 1st April to Saturday 4th April at 7.45pm

Sinodun Players Spring Production of Ray Cooney’s

FUNNY MONEY - Tickets £8

Saturday 25th April at 7.45pm Double Bill -


Tickets £12


The Churches of St. Mary-le-More and St. Leonard


8 a.m. St. Leonard - Holy Communion

10 a.m. St. Mary-le-More -

Parish Communion and Sunday School

or All-Age Worship

6.30 p.m. St. Leonard - Evensong

Other Services and Activities as announced

Team Rector: The Revd. David Rice

Telephone: 01491 - 202188

Please mention the window for wallingford if you respond to any of our advertisements



Meet your local


DUE to last year’s amazing success, I am

organising our second "Meet your Local

Producers and Small Businesses" on Saturday

18th April. You will have the opportunity to

meet many of our very interesting local

producers and traders who you may not

have known are on our doorstep.

We have coming to the event: Sandra

Ross - aromatheripist who makes her own

lovely creams and lotions; Letitia Gibbens

who creates her own style of jewellery;

Brightwell Vineyard - taste and chat to Carol

about their wonderful local wines; Derek

Dellar a much in demand gardener; Sinfully

Sweet, a confectioner who makes delicious

home made fudge; Viv Moll who keeps all

her hives in our area and produces fabulous

local honey; a bird box maker; Claire

Saunders a pilates instructor - find out more

about Pilates and how good it is for you;

Bags of Fun - party bags for every Occasion;

a garden designer; local butcher Ray Park;

The Bun House - did you know we had a

baker in Long Wittenham We are still

searching for a local candlestick maker.

Luckily we found a local potter instead! All

very local producers which is the essence of

the whole day - buy local and save petrol,

supporting the local economy.

A host of lovely prizes are donated by

all the producers for our raffle and all the

profits will go to Wallingford’s MIND, who are

going to be serving teas, coffees and cakes

all day.

On Saturday 18th April and Sunday

19th April there will also be free talks and

ideas on how to get the very best from

growing your own vegetables, whether it’s

in a vegetable patch, containers, grow bags

or tubs. Can you share your garden with

someone else and help each other to grow

your own vegetables Beginners and

experienced gardeners very welcome, with

Q & A sessions. Remember growing your

own is tastier, healthier, cheaper and

altogether fresher! Talks will be at 11.00am

and 2.30pm both days.

Donations will go to MIND as well. Call

07721 018765 or 833831 for more details.

Susie Bond

Scotland’s Ash Garage

• MoT MOT Testing TESTING from 6am FROM 6am

• Servicing to all to types all types of Vehicles of vehicles including Vans

Air including Conditioning vans Specialists and brand new vehicles

• Tyres, Air Conditioning Exhausts Specialists

• Body Tyres, Repairs clutches and exhausts

Selection of Courtesy Cars

• Body Repairs

Specialist in Japanese Cars (incl. imports)

• Selection of Free Courtesy Cars

Landrover Specialists

O1235 01235 85O7O7 850707

Main Street, West Hagbourne

Didcot, Oxon OX11 ONA


EST. JAN. 1987



Diagnostic Fault Finding

& Rectification for any

make of car




18 Winterbrook, Wallingford

Tel. 01491 833922/0118 9668845

Fax. 01491 836166/0118 9351862




10 Year Guaranteed Retractable

Aluminium Ladder New Loft Door Hinged

and Primed Safe Instant Access

Floor boarding and shelving if required



Tel. 01235 848681 Mob. 07780 600818

Countywide Caring Limted

At home in Oxfordshire

Providing help and support to people at home.

We provide personal care, shopping, escorting to hospital/GP

appointments, ensuring people have support to maintain

hobbies and interests.

A professional service that focuses on maintaining

independence and choice.

For a FREE assessment contact us on:

Tel: 01491 651373






07862 721698

10 Please mention the window for wallingford if you respond to any of our advertisements


Wallingford Photographic Club

Thursday 2nd April –

Discussion Evening –

members bring a couple of their

favourite images to talk about

or to discuss for friendly help or

to give information to help


Thursday 9th April – Maundy Thursday – Easter


Thursday 16th April – Portfolio Competition – 4

images (digital or prints – black and white or

colour) on ‘Local Villages’.

Thursday 23rd April - visiting Oxford

photographer Frank Newhofer with his

presentation ‘Windows on the World’

Thursday 30th April – Speaker to be confirmed.

We are always pleased to see new members and

visitors, from beginners to advanced


For further details see our website

Len Long

CCTV helps with 15 arrests in


SODC has reported good results for Wallingford’s

CCTV, which helped support over 72 incidents

in the town in October, November and December

last year. The CCTV operators also produced 13

evidence packs for court proceedings, carried out

15 searches of CCTV footage and supported 15


Operators also alerted police officers to a

group of about 10 people sat on benches in the

town centre who were initially well behaved but

then started kicking bottles and cans around and

leaving litter. Officers made sure that all the

rubbish was picked up by the group and a

warning was given about their behaviour.

SODC, Wallingford Town Council and Thames

Valley Police fund the running of the CCTV


Imran Lokhon

To enquire about placing an

advertisement in this Magazine please

Telephone 836282



* Large selection of all types of

carpeting on display

* Free Estimates & Fitting

* Also vinyl, cork,

wood & industrial floors.


Tel: 01491 833701

Richard J Douglas

WMSCh. MInst. ChP

HPC Registered: Ch 24779


2b Honey Lane, Cholsey, Oxon.

OX10 9NP

To book an appointment please telephone

01491 652574



Poor Reception Solved - For Analogue and Digital TV

TV and Radio Aerials - Repair and Installation

Extra TV Points - For Aerial and Sky

Sky TV - Also Foreign Language Satellite

Call Shaun Guard 01491 833282

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With summer on the way, what better way to

enjoy the local countryside than by bicycle

And now there’s absolutely no excuse not to do

so, with the publication of a great new leaflet,

Cycle rides into the Chiltern Hills. Produced by

Sustainable Wallingford, it gives details of

three local rides into the Chilterns, taking in

some well-loved landmarks along the way. The

rides all start from Wallingford Town Centre

and vary in distance and level of

strenuousness. The leaflet also helpfully

includes details of pubs and cafés where you

can stop for refreshment en route. You can pick

up a copy in the Town Information Centre or

take a look on the Sustainable Wallingford

website (address at the foot of the page).


So successful were the business Green

Breakfasts organised last year by Blake

Lapthorn that the Oxford law firm has decided

to organise another series. There are three

taking place on Wednesdays this month: on 8

April, Paul Cooper, managing director of Best

Foot Forward will talk about how and why

businesses should measure their ecological

footprint; on 15 April, Henry Gordon Lennox, a

barrister and senior solicitor in Blake

Lapthorn’s planning department, will talk

about the impact of climate change on

planning; and on 29 April, Sarah Darby of the

Environmental Change Institute and Jo

Hamilton of Oxfordshire ClimateXchange will

talk about workplace sustainability plans and

how to implement them. All the workshops

start at 7.30am with a free breakfast. For more

information, contact Jonathan Lloyd-Jones or 01865



If you’ve never seen an Oxfordshire Touring

Theatre Company production, you don’t know

what you’re missing. One of the county’s bestkept

secrets, the company brings top-quality

theatre to non-theatrical venues, especially in

rural areas. Their latest production, which

opened in March to enthusiastic review, has an

environmental theme. River’s Up, by Alex

Jones, was written nine years ago in response to

early reports about the impact of global

warming. And of course it’s even more relevant

today. The play, a tragi-comedy, concerns Sally

and Tom, a married couple, who, when their

local river floods, find themselves cast adrift in

an open boat. You can see River’s Up at Lains

Barn, near Wantage on 2 April and at Upton

Village Hall on 8 April. Information on other

venues and how to buy tickets is available on

the OTTC website (see below for more

information) or by calling 01865 249444.


There’s still more environmentally based drama

on its way. Plans are afoot to bring the climate

change film The Age of Stupid, to Wallingford.

The film stars Pete Postlethwaite as a man

living alone in the devastated world of 2055,

looking at old footage from 2008 and

wondering why we didn’t stop climate change

while we had the chance. You can read more

about the film on the website (see address

below. Sustainable Wallingford hopes to bring

the film to Wallingford in May or June. Keep an

eye on the SW website for more details.


On this page, we regularly feature ideas and

tips for more sustainable living. So if you run a

‘green business’, have an eco tip you’d like to

share with readers or you’ve recently read a

great book or found a useful website – please

get in touch, either via the Editor or by email to Though

please note that we cannot enter into individual


More information

Sustainable Wallingford

Oxfordshire Touring Theatre Company

The Age of Stupid

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Peter Pan

JOIN Peter Pan & Wendy,

along with the lost boys as

they embark on another

adventure fighting Pirates in

Neverland. Especially written

and adapted for the Sinodun

Players tickets go on sale on

Friday 17th April from the

Corn Exchange box office.

Thurs 2nd July- Sat 4th July (including Sat


Tues 7th - July - Sat 11th July (including Sat

matinee). Adults £10, Children £6.

Audience members are invited to dress as

their favourite character as we are hoping to fill the

auditorium with Lost boys, Pirates and Tinker Bells.

Be sure to book tickets early to avoid


In 1929 JM Barrie, the creator of Peter Pan,

gifted the copyright in the play to Great Ormond

Street Hospital for Sick Children. The Sinodun

Players are proud to be supporting the hospital

through the royalties paid for performing this


The Fat Ox

Polly Gibson

THE Fat Ox on the corner of Wood Street and

Hart Street was a Wells Brewery pub. As a

lodging house it attracted a shifting population of

often dubious characters who feature from time to

time in the local newspapers. Perhaps the roughest

times were under landlords Joseph Mott (c1866-

1874) and Caleb Bosley (1890-1910+), who had

previously been landlord of the French Horn in

Church Lane.

Even in the 1920’s, when the Beasley family

were landlords, a man could still pay a small sum

to ‘hang on the line’ – propping an arm over an

extended rope to support a drunken sleep in an

upright position in a back room of the pub. The Fat

Ox closed in 1940 and the old beer house became

a home, as it is today.

This is one illustration of the wealth of social

history that is contained within Wallingford

Museum’s latest exhibition Raising the Roof –

Wallingford’s Homes and their Families.


Charities Bazaar in Town Hall

on 28th November 2009

Stu Darby



Chartered Certified Accountants

Financial Advisers & Mortgage Brokers

Accountancy, Audit, Taxation

Individuals & Corporate

Life, Protection, Mortgages, Pensions, Investments

Inheritance Tax, Wills, Trusts

Tel: 01491 824600 Fax: 01491 837753

Authorised to conduct investment business by the Financial Services Authority



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Sky Sports


Wallingford Sports Park, Hithercroft Road, Wallingford,

Oxon. • Tel. 01491 835044

Monday-Friday 11.30 a.m.-2.30 p.m. & weekend opening




• Open to all

howbery park


Howbery Park, Crowmarsh, Wallingford

• Short term / 100 sq ft upwards

• Fully serviced inclusive competitive rates

• Parkland setting next to River Thames

• Meeting rooms available in Manor House

• Excellent connectivity and broadband

• Catering, shop, services, crèche all on site

Please contact us to arrange a viewing

Tel: Angela Andrews on 01491 822305


Do you want to grow and develop your business or

looking to re-locate

Howbery Park is owned by HR Wallingford and has a variety of office

space available to suit all tastes from modern offices to character

grade II listed with planning permission for new builds. From short

license to long term lease. Set in a mature landscaped environment

next to the River Thames, Howbery Park has been designed in

keeping with natural surroundings, and offers a tranquil and secure

working environment. On-site friendly management staff to assist

wherever they can. Strong working network groups with other




Royal British Legion



now back at home after

spending a further three weeks in

the John Radcliffe Hotel. I think if I

spend any more time in there, they will

start charging me council tax.

After three whiz kids sorted the computer out at

our last meeting, we were able to enjoy the

wonderful film of the Ancient Town of Wallingford

and what an informative evening it turned out to

be. I understand that there is another film relating

to Wallingford at War and I will do my best to find

a copy for viewing in the future.

The Branch Members drank a toast to Bob

Russell to celebrate his 90th birthday and he had

baked some rock cakes for the members in order to

soak up the wine.

During my lazy days recuperating from my

operation, I have spent a few hours watching The

World at War on day time television. What an eye

opener! The generation of young men who went

off to war well knowing that their chance of

survival was only 60% is incredible. It puts into

perspective how much our generation owes to

these men and their families and the relevance of

the work we as members of the Royal British

Legion are constantly undertaking to ensure they

and their families continue to receive the care due

to them.

On a lighter note, we have a couple of speakers

lined up for our meetings. The first is Maureen

Bone who will give a talk regarding evacuees who

came to Wallingford and either stayed or returned

at the end of the war. Another presentation yet to

be confirmed is a film and talk regarding the work

of the War Graves Commission.

Our presentation of awards to the Cadet of the

Year will take place at our May meeting when we

hope to have many cadets and their parents join

us to share in our appreciation of the fine work

these young people do for the town of


Frank Hames

Branch Chairman 01865-858393


There’s a place for you at



Come and join us for worship

every Sunday, 10.30am

Other groups & activities meet during the week

Thames Street, Wallingford

Revd. Douglas Harbour, tel 01491 839904




Telephone / Fax: 01491 834383


We offer friendly informed assistance and an excellent

range of books, audios and fine art stationery.

Many titles not stocked can be obtained

within 24 hours

alison lock holistictherapist

M.A.R. - Dip Couns - Bach Practitioner

Clinical Reflexology, Counselling,

TFT/EFT (tapping) Bach Flower Remedies,

Indian Head Massage, Hopi Ear Candles and Aqua Detox


Call: 01491 839229



Stevie’s Security Systems

Supplying All Your Security Needs

07892 486811

Intruder Alarms, CCTV, Access Control, Fire Alarms,

Automatic Gates and Barriers, Intercoms

Emergency and Warning Systems

Security Lighting

Support the Window for Wallingford

Do you know a local business which

could benefit from more customers

Why not encourage them to advertise

in the Window for Wallingford

They can get the message out and

support us too!



For all your fencing needs

Phone for a free


Phone 01491 824629

Mobile 07801567777

E mail.

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The Historic Wallingford Classic

Vehicle Rally

THE fifth Wallingford Classic Vehicle Rally on

Sunday May 10th is well on its way to being

the most successful event yet. Registrations for

cars are already up on last year, and special

features for all the family are planned.

The main event takes place in the Kinecroft

from 11.30am to 4.30pm, and entry is free, but

the highlight of the day is the parade of cars

through the town centre, at 11am. At least 100

classic vehicles, including cars, buses, fire engines

and motorbikes will be led by the Mayor of

Wallingford on his own Harley Davidson

motorcycle. The route travels from the Sports

Centre, down St Johns Road, round the Market

Place, and back out of the town via the by-pass, to

Wantage Road and Station Road, arriving at the

Kinecroft at 11.30. Come along to wave on the


The main charity for this year is again the

Elizabeth Coach for the disabled.

If you can offer help on the day, or want to

enter your car, contact: Geoff Wooldridge, Event

Coordinator Tel: 07976 556338

Emrhys Barrell 07703 218906

Success for Elizabeth!

ON 14th March, there was an opportunity for

people to see the new Elizabeth Coach for

the disabled. We had a very successful day. There

were many compliments about the new coach,

and a good number of people wanted to see

inside. We also had a collection and a cake stall to

raise funds. The cake stall w raised £141.49, the

street collection raised £478.70, thus a total of


Bearing in mind there is a recession I think

this was a tremendous response.

Our thanks to the people of Wallingford.

Alan Dawe

Support the Window for Wallingford

Do you know a local business which

could benefit from more customers

Why not encourage them to advertise

in the Window for Wallingford

They can get the message out and

support us too!

Getting New Houses Right

Ajoint event between Sustainable Wallingford

and CPRE has been organised to look at the

environmental aspects of SODC's new Core

Strategy. There will be an open meeting exploring

the issue at 7.30 on Tuesday 21st April at the

Methodist Hall, St Leonard's Square. Do come

along if you can

Mark Grey

Oakley Wood Temporary Closure

THE Oakley Wood Waste Recycling site is to be

closed for 3 months from 23rd March to be

improved. The improved site will have:

• better access

• improved traffic flow

• reduced waiting times

• double the number of parking spaces

• double the number of bins

• clearer signage

• improved containment of waste

• improved layout, making it easier for

residents to recycle their waste

So it should be a lot easier to use than it is at the

moment. The County Council has plans for a wide

range of publicity, and signs are already up at the

site to warn users of the planned closure, but

please do let friends and neighbours know too. It

may just save some people a wasted journey while

the site is closed! In order to help local residents,

OCC is also providing funding for the waste skip

lorry to be in the Old Waitrose Car Park every

Saturday while Oakley Wood is closed, so there will

be a local way to dispose of waste.

Lynda Atkins

County Councillor

Local Police Update


have been experiencing anti social

behaviour in and around the town and

Schools. We have put in to place numerous foot

and cycle patrols and have been working with the

NAG (neighbourhood action group) to eradicate

these problems. This work will be continued

thorough out April. The tools used to tackle antisocial

behaviour are dependent upon the

circumstances of the offending behaviour and the


Can I take this opportunity to ask if you are

experiencing any problems linking to anti social

behaviour then please call the Wallingford

Neighbourhood team on 0845 8 505 505.

PCSO Sam Greenough

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Reasons to be Proud of Wallingford

IN what is fast becoming a remarkable season for

Wallingford Rugby Club, it was the turn of the

Wallingford juniors to give the whole club yet

more reasons to smile. Not only did the under 14’s

give local rivals Henley a 41-7 routing to secure a

place in the Oxfordshire Plate final but the under

13’s went one stage further with an emphatic 36-

0 victory over Grove being rewarded with a finalist

place for the Oxfordshire Cup itself.

The Oxfordshire Cup competition is an

annual event and is a knockout competition

between all the clubs in the County. This is the first

time since the inception of the competition in the

90’s that the club will have been represented at

this age group in a final.

Gina Overton


WALLINGFORD U3A meets at Crowmarsh

Village Hall on the first Wednesday of the

month at 2. There is plenty of parking available.

Every month there is the opportunity to chat to

members over a cup of tea/coffee and to listen to

a very good speaker. In April, the speaker is Paul

Richards and his subject is The Descent of Man.

There is also the opportunity to join a varied

selection of study groups. U3As are self-help, selfmanaged

learning co-operatives for older people

no longer in full time work and provide

opportunities for their members to share learning

experiences in a wide range of interest groups and

to pursue learning not for qualifications but for

fun! Interesting and enjoyable outings are also

organised and vary from visits to theatres, castles

and great houses. Short three or four day holidays

are also arranged and in 2010 it is planned to visit

the Dutch Bulbfields and nearby cities such as

Amsterdam and Bruges. These visits are very

enjoyable and great fun. Come along on the first

Wednesday of the month to Crowmarsh Village

Hall and see for yourself!

St George’s Day

Marilyn Dyer-Lynch

THIS year, our St George’s Day celebrations will

take place on Saturday 25th April. Following

last year’s inaugural event, we will have lots of

music and dancing around the Town Centre,

including the excellent Wallingford School Fun

Band. The Market Place will be closed to traffic

between 10 and 4, with events taking place

between 11 and 3. There will be something for

everyone, including younger children, with free

face painting in Pettits store, morris dancers, more

music and lots of local groups getting involved.

Do come along on the day, and enjoy our

quintessentially English town at its best.

Lynda Atkins

First Aid Unit Well there was

another F.A.U.

THE Society of Friends, otherwise The

Quakers, has a long history of providing

relief to those in distress. The first time that I

am aware that this was done was in 1890

during the Franco¬Prussian War. Again in

1914 the French, and this time Britain, were

at war with Germany. Quakers and other

conscientious objectors, though unwilling to

fight, were concerned to relieve suffering as

best they could. This lead to the formation

of the Friends Ambulance Unit. The First

World War being largely static, ambulance

trains were developed to evacuate casualties

from the western Front to base hospitals.

Some 1000 members of the FAU were

involved in this. Although having the name

'Friends' the organisation was not specifically

a Quaker one, being open to those who

were pacifists and were committed to serve

in this way.

The organisation ceased to exist between

the wars but in 1939 was swiftly reactivated.

Surprisingly it first went overseas following

the invasion of Finland by the Soviet Union

on 1st December 1939. The Second World

War was by no means static and the FAU

worked throughout Europe, North Africa

and elsewhere. When cut off in Burma a

large group moving north, called the 'China

Convoy' became largely responsible for the

distribution of medical supplies throughout


There was some controversy amongst

Quakers because; to enable the FAU to work

in the field it was necessary for the members

to wear army uniforms. This was a

compromise too far for some and as a result

another organisation emerged called the

Friends Relief Service which devoted its time

to civilian relief.

Some members of FAU were killed and a

few taken prisoner, in spite of working under

the authority of the Red Cross. Conscription

continued for some years after 1944 and it

was decided to provide an opportunity for

service for conscientious objectors, the

numbers of which increased following the

dropping of the Atomic Bomb.

With the ending of conscription the FAU

was finally wound up. However Quaker

involvement continued in many parts where

there was need.

Patrick Oakley

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Wallingford Walk Against Cancer -

February Update

THE Walk, supported by the Town Council but

organised by an independent committee, will

take place on Sunday 5th July, anytime at your

convenience between 10am and 3pm. Mr Willis,

the Headteacher of Wallingford School, has kindly

made available the school site for use. The school

playing fields will be the focus for the walk but for

those who would like to stretch their legs further,

there will be marshalls waiting to see you safely

across the road to the Castle Meadows. This is a

non-competitive walk, to which all the community

is invited including the elderly and families. You

choose your distance, from a few dozen yards to

several miles, and, if you wish, bring a picnic! The

School Fun-Band will be playing and there will be

soft drinks and tea available to purchase. Our MP

Ed Vaizey will launch the day at 10am, and we are

hoping other local dignitaries will attend, and

perhaps participate. Sponsorship forms will be

available soon and donations will be welcomed on

the day, with or without a form. There is no need

to enter in advance.

Remember the two objectives for the day are

- to raise funds for our new Cancer Unit at the

Churchill Hospital, and to give everyone in the

community of Wallingford, including the

surrounding villages, the opportunity to take part.

Theresa Jordan

Have you written to your County

Councillor, and not had a reply

On 12th November, I received a letter from a local

person – possibly called John! I cannot be sure

because only the second page of the letter arrived

– the first page has gone missing. This means that

I have not been able to reply or to sort out the

problem being raised. I think the letter is about the

state of our roads – not an uncommon concern.

Legal advice for your family & your business

Family Law - including Divorce & Financial Settlements

Collaborative Lawyers

Wills & Probate - Conveyancing

Wallingford Reading Wokingham

01491 834400 0118 9574291 0118 978 3681





01491 835 002

Unit 3, Atalanta House, Beggarsbush Hill, Benson, Oxon. OX10 6PL

T: 01491 835 002 M: 07881 817 260 E:

I had hoped that the writer might get in

touch again, but this hasn’t happened. If this

sounds like something you wrote, and you have

not received a reply, could you get in touch again

please I’d hate anyone to think I was ignoring


Lynda Atkins

County Councillor 839120

To enquire about placing an

advertisement in this Magazine please

Telephone 836282

The NEW Butchers & Fishmongers in

St. Martin’s Street, Wallingford

We are a Traditional Butcher offering:

• Free Range Local Pork & Lamb

• Matured Scotch beef

• Award winning Home made Sausages

• Daily Fresh Fish from Billingsgate

• and a fine selection of Cheeses

For further information please

Tel: 01491 838330

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Wallingford Local Exchange

Trading Scheme - LETS

WANT to beat the credit crunch and at the

same time give and receive a helping hand

within a friendly sociable local group by trading

your time and skills Then give yourself a treat and

join LETS. What a wonderful way to get help for

that job you are struggling to sort out, especially as

household costs soar. Or maybe you just need

another pair of hands to help with moving

furniture. Some of us can’t put up shelves or sort

out computer problems. Other members offer lifts

to the airport or make cakes and marmalade, grow

plants or offer surplus home grown vegetables.

That is where LETS comes in as it works by trading

jobs and favours without paying any money. The

real ethos behind the scheme is that everyone has

something to offer and people don't feel they are

asking for a favour because everyone gets

something in return. You do not have to arrange

a direct swap. Each LETS scheme has 'currency'

and our scheme's currency is called 'Castles,' so if

you have earned some Castles from one member,

you can use them to ‘pay’ for a service provided by

any other member. And you don’t have to be in

credit to trade! We have great social events too.

Members are drawn from Wallingford and

surrounding towns and villages. If you would like

to find out more you may wish to visit our website or contact Val

Woodings (Membership Co-ordinator) on 834519

or who will be pleased to send you

a pack of information.

Ann Truesdale

What's going on at Rainbow


THIS term the theme is ‘Traditional Stories and

Rhymes’ with a traditional story being chosen

for each week along with nursery rhymes that

share some elements of these stories. I’m sure that

the children will enjoy this theme with the fun and

enthusiasm that the staff put into every day at


In the Easter Holidays, Rainbow will be

running an April Playscheme for children aged 3 to

9 years old from Monday 6th to Thursday 9th

April. There may still be places available so if you

would like your child to go please give them a call

on 826209, or see our website You can

download brochures, add children to the waiting

list and book places for the playscheme on the

web site so it is well worth taking a look!

Lastly, I would like to say a big thank you to

all the people who gave their green tokens to

Rainbow Preschool in Waitrose – your support is

invaluable and much appreciated.

Julie Bywater

On your bike!

SUSTAINABLE Wallingford has produced a free

leaflet showing three on-road circular cycle

routes from Wallingford into the Chilterns. The

routes follow quiet roads and are suitable for

families. The leaflet includes a map, detailed route

directions, points of interest and essential

information such as where to find pubs, shops and

cafes! Leaflets are available from the Town

Information Office, the library, ‘Just Trading’ and

‘Rides on Air’ and can be downloaded from our

web-site at

We are planning a ‘Big Bike Ride’ along the

shortest route (11 miles) for the afternoon of

Sunday 3rd May. This will take us up into the

Chilterns and back through Ewelme and Benson

on quiet roads. There is one hill near the

beginning, but it is quite short and walking will be

allowed! Put the date in your diaries now and look

out for more information in the May issue of

‘Window for Wallingford’.


Alison Smart

Kevin Currill has opened Kev's Toy Shop in St Mary’s

Street. He was born in Wallingford and opened his

toy shop on March 2nd.

It is always good to see new businesses in the town,

especially in times like these, so please do go along

and say hello.

Lynda Atkins

18 Please mention Window for Wallingford if you respond to any of our advertisements


Thameside (Wallingford) U3A

THE April coffee morning will take place on

Friday, April 3rd in Centre 70. Audrey Maple

has a list of friendly volunteers who enjoy

helping from time to time, but she is always

pleased to hear from others who might be

prepared to lend a hand in a month that suits

them best. Our April lecturer is David Smith. The

title of his talk is The History of Shepherding. The

venue is the Baptist Church, the date April 15th,

and the starting time 2 pm. The April outing is to

the Cotswold Falconry Centre and Batsford

Arboretum (Moreton-in-Marsh) on Friday, April

24th. The tour leader is Sylvia South (tel 833859).

There is an additional outing to the Watermill

Theatre, Newbury, on Thursday, April 20th to see

The Merchant of Venice, with tour leader Valerie

Rodden (tel 825268). The closing date for

bookings may already have passed, but tour

leaders are able to advise on last-minute vacancies

due to withdrawals.

Mention was made in the January issue of

events away from Wallingford, organised by our

regional (or network) committee. One of the four

planned study days, entitled Music Matters, has

already taken place. For the remaining three, we

do not yet have the exact dates, only the month:

Art History and Appreciation in June,

Infrastructure Construction in September, and

Creative Writing in November. The summer school

will definitely take place from 21st-23rd September

in Jesus College, Oxford. It should appeal to those

wishing to know more about the city and

university of Oxford and will consist of talks, visits,

demonstrations and discussions. The cost for day

attendance is £200 and for residential

participation £360. Further information can be

obtained from Mike Price, 25 Elm Trees, Long

Crendon, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP18 9DG (tel. 01844

208637, e-mail The

flyer makes this event look most interesting.

According to psychologists and some of the

media, the third Monday in January is the

gloomiest and most depressing day of the year.

Whether the arrival of the U3A News and its

educational companion, Sources, on the same day

alleviated the problem or exacerbated it, depends

no doubt on the receptiveness of each reader!

Whilst the U3A News lived up to its name, Sources

devoted the majority of its pages to environmental

issues. It addressed such problems as pollution,

population expansion, rising sea levels, climate

change and wind power with some balanced and

well researched articles. Sources is published three

times a year, and its policy is to focus on one

particular theme in each issue. The themes in the

next two editions are to be Literature and Drama

(June) and Languages (October), and members

are invited to contribute articles to the editorial

panel at Gelt Mill House, Castle Carrock,

Brampton, CA8 9NQ or

Who will be the first member of Thameside

(Wallingford) U3A to have an article published He

or she will be the toast of the town and receive a

bottle of champagne from our committee!

Thameside (Wallingford) U3A is always

pleased to welcome new members. Anyone

interested should contact Milli Eaton on 835689.

Mark Phillips

The Thames will be running again - can you help

ON the 31st May 2009 Wallingford’s streets

and river banks will again resound to the

steps of 500 runners as they compete in the

10k multi-terrain course that is the ‘Wallingford

Thames Run’.

Organised in conjunction with Howbery Park

and Cancer Research UK, this annual event is now

a well respected feature of the running calendar

attracting runners and their families from all over

the UK and overseas. Starting and finishing in the

beautiful surroundings of Howbery Park, on the

day the run will start at 10:30 and finishes around

12:30. There will be children’s activities and food

available at this very attractive riverside location.

The event has raised over £10,000 for Cancer

Research UK and selected local charities, so if you

fancy a challenge and can donate either money or

time we would love to hear from you. We would

like to hear from:

• Runners,

• Running clubs,

• Organisations who want to enter a team,

• Sponsors

• Anyone who would like to beat cancer

• Volunteer marshals and general helpers on

the day.

If you want more details why not visit our web

site at Please call Tony

Merrill on 651344 or write to the Committee

Secretary at PO Box 249, Wallingford, OX10 9XE.

Runners wishing to participate can register online


Tony Merrill

Please mention Window for Wallingford if you respond to any of our advertisements



WHAT’S ON April 2009

Every Monday Optimists over 50 Badminton, Regal

Centre 2.15 – 4

Every Tuesday Lunches at Methodist Church Centre

12.30 pm

Every Tuesday Wallingford and District Art Club,

Centre 70 at 7.30

2nd/4th Tuesdays, Rotoract meet at the Shillingford

Bridge Hotel at 8pm- 651894

2nd/4th Wednesdays Henley Philatelic Society Bix

Village Hall at 7.45

Every Thursday Coffee Morning, Methodist Church

Centre 10.30 to 12

Every Thursday Wallingford Photographic Club 7.45

Crowmarsh Pavilion

Every Friday Wallingford Country Market 8.30 –

11.15 in the Regal Centre

Every Friday and Saturday, coffee at the Corn

Exchange, 10 – 2 with soup from 11am

Every Saturday WAGS Store open at Centre 70, 10

– 12

Every Saturday Coffee in the Gallery Room, St

Mary's Church 10.30 - 12.30 CDs on sale.

Most Saturdays

Centre 10 – 1

Local Producers’ Market, Regal

Wallingford First Aid Unit is open 8.30am to 6.30pm

Monday to Friday at the Community Hospital. Use It

or Lose It

1st RAF Benson Freedom Parade, 11am – look out

for notices!

3rd TWHAS History of Toys and Games, Town Hall

7.45 for 8, visitors welcome

4th Toy Library for special needs children at the

Community Hospital, 10.30 -12.30 Easter


4th Sound of Music with the von Potts family, St


7th Friendship Group 2.30 at the Methodist Hall,

Stainers Crucifixion sing in contact 835074

9th Last day for copy for The Window for



Wallingford Country Market in the Regal Centre

9th Wallingford Gardening Club, 7.30 Town Hall. A

Demonstration in Flower Arranging, Visitors

Welcome, £2

11th Community Waste Skip in Goldsmiths

Lane/Regal Car Park morning

11th Finds and Fossils Day. 10 to 1pm at Museum.

Free. Contact Colin Clarke for details tel. 837720.

11th Castle history walk 11, Town history walk. 2.30.

Meet at the Museum £3 per walk. Contact Judy

Dewey for details tel 651127.

11th St Leonard's Churchyard Conservation Group,

Annual General Meeting at St. Mary's Gallery Room.

7.30 All Welcome

18th Meet your local producers at Busy Baskets

21st Farmers’ Market

21st Friendship Group 2.30 at the Methodist Hall

Slides: Costa Rica (Slides), contact 835074

21st "Getting New Houses Right" An open meeting

exploring the environmental aspects of SODC's new

Core Strategy. 7.30pm at the Methodist Hall. A joint

event between Sustainable Wallingford and CPRE.

25th St George’s Day Celebrations, Market Place 11 –


27th Church Women’s Fellowship, 7pm Gallery Room

at St Mary’s contact Val Woodings 834519 or Jenny

Harden 837688

29th Collection and Distribution day for The Window

for Wallingford

WINDOW FOR WALLINGFORD is published on a

non-profit making basis and is compiled and

distributed entirely by volunteers.

All material published is copyright and may not be

copied, stored, reproduced or transmitted in whole

or in part by any means whatsoever without the

written consent of the Editor.

The opinions expressed in this magazine are not

necessarily those of the Editor. The Editor is pleased

to receive material for publication, but reserves the

right to amend or reject it at her discretion.

Editor Lynda Atkins

39 Station Road, Wallingford, Oxon, OX10 0JX

Telephone: 01491 - 839120

Sustainability Editor Rachel Viney

Distribution Manager: Alan Holmes,

6 Chalmore Gardens, Wallingford, OX10 9EP

Telephone: 01491 - 837286

For adverts/inserts, contact

Albry Printing Co. Ltd.

Telephone: 01491 - 836282

20 Please mention the window for wallingford if you respond to any of our advertisements

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